A Night Lost

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Janet and I had been friends for years. As we’re each 25 years old, we’ve been friends for roughly a decade. In that entire span of time we never dated or even let our respective lusts get the better of us. Instead, we’ve remained the closest of friends and let fairly regular flirtation weave its way in and out of the majority of our conversations and interactions. Nothing especially overt, but the occasional silly sexuality or interlude of semi-romantic moments seemed to pepper our daily lives.

They stretched a fairly wide gambit, from a stare and running commentary on drool-worthy cleavage on a night at the bar to a nod to the sparkle in her eyes when we were out for dinner. Not to highlight my own indulgences alone, Janet had no problem pursuing her own moments of heart-felt spontaneity and lust. Be it a playful squeeze of a jean-clad hard-on during a sexual scene in a movie, or stealing a quick kiss on the cheek and pausing a moment too long after a long night on the town.

In short, we both had our moments of desire and intrigue, but over the years we always managed to either stay at least a few steps away from action or find the timing wrong to act on any particular urges. However, things always have a way of changing. I suppose I should describe Janet and myself at this point. I’m fairly common in my appearance. 5’10, mid-length light brown hair, blue eyes, and average build. Nothing terribly exceptional. Janet, on the other hand, was a vision at any given moment. She’s Asian, about 5’4, has long dark hair reaching to the small of her back, and eyes that are as soulful as they are flirtatious. Her curves were just about perfect for her illegal bahis size, a moderate B-cup and the slightest curve of her ass both fit her frame perfectly.

The night in question was…at least slightly remarkable. Janet had taken the night away from her current boyfriend to drown her sorrows with me. Or, to be a bit more honest, I had recently discovered that my girlfriend of the past two years had been cheating on me for some time. That relationship seemed shattered beyond repair, and Janet was joining me in a night of drinking as I attempted to move forward. Our escapes as we bar-hopped were of less interest for this particular story and on this particular site than what happened as the night ended. So, after that lengthy introduction, let me begin-

I stumbled drunkenly into Janet as we headed toward the curb. My hands were clumsily finding her shoulders in an attempt to keep balance, and she was focusing on hailing a cab to get us both home for the night. As she attempted to flag down the few cabs readily available, my hands slid down her lithe frame. They rested briefly, and happily, or the curves of her breasts. She half-heartedly shrugged them off, but as they remained and stole a gentle squeeze or two, she paid no more attention. Within moments she found a cab, and we were on our way to her apartment. The drive was uneventful as I rested my head on her shoulder and tried desperately to maintain some loose grasp on where the blurs of reality ended and the blurs of my intoxication began. I vaguely remember being guided with few words up to her apartment, and stumbling to her bedroom. There wasn’t a particular plan on her part, as illegal bahis siteleri her primary concern seemed to be getting my hopelessly intoxicated ass into bed to sleep off the night. However, it wasn’t a plan on my part either. Years of lingering desire and affection had taken their toll, and with enough alcohol in my system I couldn’t help but act.

As she helped me take off my shirt, I acted. I let my hands rest on either side of her waist and pulled her down to where I sat, on the edge of her bed. I kissed her, our first real kiss. Even in the cloud of alcohol I expected her to stop me, push me away, or insist that we stop. But…she didn’t. Maybe it was the remnant of the many drinks of the night, but her kiss tasted slightly of strawberry. Her tongue responded to mine with vigor and desire I wouldn’t have imagined possible. As I guided her now slightly limp frame onto the bed, her hands found their way to my bare back. Her fingers, so gentle and delicate, were now raking their fingernails roughly down my back. The pain was negligible, enough that blood may have been drawn — but only barely so. Our lips separated for a moment or two, and her top was being pulled off by both our hands. I barely noticed the black lace of her bra before she had the hooks unclasped and was ripping it off.

I’ve always been a breast man. Great legs or a luscious ass are mesmerizing, but a perfect pair of tits can put both to shame. If Janet’s assets in this department weren’t perfect, they were something close. Again, they were solid B’s. Maybe small by some standards, but they matched her frame well. Her hands rested behind my head for a moment canlı bahis siteleri before guiding it to her breasts. I didn’t need more of an invitation than this to act. My mouth fell readily to one of her dark brown nipples. I licked and suckled upon them briefly, before more roughly toying with them with my teeth. The lightest of grazing and bites, all the while letting my hands fondle.

It wasn’t long before her jeans were slipping down her hips, her legs, and being tossed to the floor carelessly. Her matching black, lace thong joined it quickly. In my still somewhat drunken stupor, I fumbled to take my pants off as well. Janet, apparently, didn’t have the patience to wait for that. She pushed me back, yanked my pants and boxers off with a couple quick motions, and mounted me. Her eyes locked on mine as she guided my hard eight inch cock into her wet, ready pussy. My hands explored her body readily for the first time as she rode me slowly. I held her sides while trying to guide her to a quicker pace, caressed her breasts lovingly (and occasionally squeezed them more roughly), and held her close while thrusting as deeply as I could. She kept herself busy as well, and seemed to enjoy the control of riding me as slowly or as quickly as she desired. Her fingernails continued to dig further into my back, and her eyes seemed to sparkle at the mixture of nearly silent gasps of pain and, almost immediately afterwards, deep moans of desire.

But, alas, all good things must find their ends. Seeming to sense that our night of pleasure was nearing its end, Janet leaned down to my neck and bit a good deal harder than I had expected. I managed one last thrust into her warmth before cumming like never before. Her deep, throaty moans seemed to mimic a similar end to our night. And, while I woke up with one hell of a hangover the next night, I can honestly say that was the best night out I’ve had in my life.

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