A Short Recess

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“Man, he is so gross.”

Kerry grinned as her friend Trina whispered this to her.


Trina nudged her head towards Cris.

She was right. At the moment, he was looking down at his paper, but she saw clearly the bulge in his jeans.

It’s not the first time that they had witnessed this either.

Cris was a normal looking guy, but he was far from normal.

He was considered a bad ass, behind in school.

He was supposed to graduate last year, but he failed. That made him almost twenty.

Kerry was eighteen herself, and just those two years between them made it awkward.

She watched as his hand drifted to his lap, and rubbed softly.

He didn’t know they were watching him.

It didn’t matter, he was turning her on, and that should have disgusted her, but it didn’t.

Trina went back to her work, and hadn’t caught on the her friend Kerry was watching intently on the masturbating boy across from them.

Damn, she was getting wet. Wetter than she normally did.

She was sexually active, but her boyfriend wasn’t exactly the most experienced in pleasing her. He took his own, and had never gave her an orgasm, not once.

Her eyes widened as she watched Cris stiffen, let out a small groan, and shudder.

She knew he had came.

The bell rang, and the first classes were dismissed.

As everyone filed out of class, she watched Cris go down the hall and into the men’s bathroom.

Was he scooping his come and washing it away?

She wanted to taste him.

Trina left her in the hallway, and once they were cleared, she kept her eyes on the bathroom, and when he came out, maltepe escort she followed him.

He noticed.

“Can I help you?”

She nodded.

She took him by the arm, and led him into the janitor’s closet, that locked from the inside.

She hoped that the janitor didn’t need to come in here.

“What the fuck?”

“I watched you in class.”

He looked at her like she was stupid.

“I watched you come.”

Cris cleared his throat.

She giggled, and unbuckled his pants.

He flinched, and tried to remove her hands, but no such luck.

She had them down to his ankles already.

Kerry could see his cock in his boxers, pleased at the size of it.

He must have been nine inches. A thing of beauty.

She lifted him out of he boxers, the contact making him breathe a moan.

She jerked him a few times, the popped his head into her mouth.

He wound his hands into her hair, and waited for her to suck him.

She complied, and soon was giving him a sloppy blowjob, the wetness getting all over her shirt.

Kerry paused and took it off, showing her yellow lace bra.

She loved to feel his eyes on her.

Here she was, sucking the school’s nasty bad boy off in a closet.

She was so horny.

Cris pumped his hips, faster and faster and she felt him swell.

“Uh, ugh, oh, yeah, I’m coming baby!” he whispered, and began to orgasm in her mouth.

His head threw back as she swallowed his come.

He tasted so good, and she easily ate it all.

Cris stood her up, and unclasped her bra.

Her large breasts came out maslak escort and he took one nipple into her mouth, and fondled the other.

She was on fire, and didn’t notice that had had taken her pants down until her laid her on the work table, spreading her legs.

She felt his breath on her pubic hair, and her clit throbbed madly.

Kerry had never felt this, and when he spread her lips and licked at her clit, she buckled.

“Fuck…fuck…oh!” she yelped out as an orgasm hit her immediately.

She felt him smile on her lips as he licked her juices up.

He slipped his tongue inside of her, swirling it around, and then replaced it with his finger when he latched onto her over-sexed clit.

She was on the verge of another orgasm.

“Oh, please, please!”

Cris groaned and mounted her, touching the head of his cock to her swollen labia.

She shivered, and wanted him to plunge right in, but she stopped him.

“A condom.” She whispered in the dark.

She felt him withdraw.

“In Matt’s locker. He has some.”

She moved to go, but he blocked the exit.

“I’ll go. If they catch you, you will be in bigger trouble than me.”

She told him the numbers.

She blushed as he kissed her hard on the lips, pulled up his pants and rushed out.

Kerry laid back on the table, circling her clit slowly while she waited.

All she could think about was how good this felt, not how wrong it was.

She was beginning to think that he had indeed gotten caught, and when she heard the jiggle of the door knob she hesitated, but then she heard his voice telling mecidiyeköy escort her to open the door.

She did, and he shut it behind him.

He lifted her up and she felt his muscles under his shirt.

God, how she wanted this.

“Fuck me.” She breathed into his ear, and he sat her on the table, unzipped his pants, and rolled the condom on.

Kerry knew she would feel something this time, some sort of pleasure when he went inside of her, but she was unprepared for what she felt.

He went into her deep, and he was hitting her in places that had never been reached, and she arched up into him.

“Oh, yes!”

He went slowly at first, but with Kerry winding and grinding underneath him, that didn’t last long.

Soon, he was fucking her fast and hard, hitting her G-spot each time he went deep in.

“God, you’re so wet!”

She could barely hear him, her ears were ringing so much.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she began to whimper as she felt her orgasm approaching.

Cris was almost there too, she could tell, by the way he swelled.

She never felt that with Matt, her walls barely sensitized by his cock.

Suddenly, a wall of bricks hit her as she bucked underneath him, coming on his hardness.

He felt her come, letting her squeeze him before he continued, and within a moment he was shaking with his own orgasm, buried deep inside her pussy. He groaned on top of her, his sweat leaving an impression on her breast.

They laid there for a few minutes, but it felt like forever.

Cris stood finally, and pulled his dick out of her slowly, and rolled the used condom back into the wrapper.

Kerry sat up, fixing her hair, and pulling her clothes on as he did.

“What made you want to fuck me?” he asked her as they waited for the bell to ring, signaling the end of the day.

She shrugged.

“I don’t know. But…thanks. I had never felt so good in my life.”

He nodded at her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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