A Slice Of Cheesecake

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“Mmm, this is almost as good as sex,” I think to myself, digging a manicured nail into the large slice of chocolate cheesecake.

The oven clock glows 2:43 as I suck the dense creaminess off my finger, tongue probing under my nail for crumbs. I sit back on the wooden chair, legs drawn up on the seat as I scoop out another mound of dark chocolate. The rain is falling gently while I relax in the darkness, enjoying my midnight snack.


The kitchen is flooded with harsh light as you walk in. I squint back at you, my eyes adjusting to the brightness as you sit down at the table. You look at me with a grin.

“What are you doing sitting in the dark, Sweetheart?” you ask, head propped in your hands.

“Having more cheesecake,” I reply, licking my fingers.

You laugh as you look at the gutted remains on my plate, “Would you like a fork, my love?”

“No thanks,” I say, “it’s much more fun this way.”

“I swear Alexis, I don’t know where you put it all, ” you tell me as you shake your head.

A sly grin spreads across my face as I slowly slide the strap of my negligee down, revealing my ample breast, nipple tightening in the cool air.

“Right here, Chris, this is where it goes,” I tease, my hand cupping the warm weight.

“Want some cheesecake baby?” I offer as I coat the fat nipple in chocolate.

“Jesus Alexis,” you breathe, your chair sliding towards me.

I hold my tit, offering it to you as your lips nuzzle at the sweetness. I feel the wetness of your tongue, your teeth biting lightly. yenibosna escort Gouging out another clump of chocolate, I suck at my finger as you suck at my breast.

“More lover?” I smile, smearing the heavy paste across the other breast, my hard nipple becoming a deep rich brown.

Squeezing, kneading, you feast on my breast as I feel a warm wetness begin between the soft lips of my pussy. I look down to see a small circle of moisture where your erection presses against your boxers. Groaning, I place my hands on your bare shoulders.

“Chris, stand up,” I whisper.

You look up at me, your tongue running circles around my aching tit. I gaze back at you, blue eyes dark with desire.

You stand up slowly, gripping the arms of my chair. I slide my fingers underneath the waistband of your shorts and gently tug downwards. Your cock jerks free, swollen and rigid, the head dark red with lust.

I shove two fingers into the cheesecake, covering them completely. Delicately I begin to paint your cock. You gasp at the slight chill, your ass tightening in reflex.

“S’ok baby, be warm again soon,” I murmur as I drag my fingers down your shaft, rubbing the rich cream into your hardness.

My tongue flits across the base of your prick, reveling in the lush flavor of the cake as it mingles with the delicious taste of you.

Gradually I work my way up, taking my time, as you wrap your fingers in my soft curls. Slowly I wash you with my tongue as my hand fondles your firm balls, yeşilköy escort your pubic hair between my fingers.

I rub the tip of your cock across my face, pre cum and chocolate staining my lips. Your hips push forward as your cock slides into the heat of my mouth. Running my tongue over your head I lick off the last of the dessert. Your fingers dig greedily into my tits as I suck you in deeper and deeper, loving the taste of you.

Your cock throbs urgently, thick veins pulsing as I fuck you with my tongue …

“Alexis, honey, that’s it, that’s it, take it all Angel,” you pant as my head moves faster. I grab your sweaty ass, pulling you in further, your cock filling my hot throat.

I squeeze your hard balls, milking you as your cock hammers against the back of my throat.

“Yes Alexis, yes, all for you baby, just for you, cumming, oh God, I’m cumming,” you cry as your cock explodes, spasm after spasm of hot jizz flowing down my throat.

You collapse between my thighs, head coming to rest on my belly. I brush the hair back from your handsome face as your breath slows.

“Good Sweetie?” I ask, as you lovingly stroke the inside of my thigh.

“It could have been better Alexis,” you sigh, disappointed.

“Chris, what the hell,” I snap, “how the fuck could I have done better?”

“You could have offered me some of this as well,” you answer. Deliberately you rub the flowing silk of my nightie against my pussy.

“Oh .. umm …” I groan, sliding down further zeytinburnu escort in the chair, spreading my legs.

Your strong hands push aside the silk, exposing my cunt. Your fingers stroke my velvety lips, playfully tugging at my curls. I feel you spread me apart, your breath against my skin as your tongue finds my clit. Waves of pleasure roll through me as you tantalize me with your mouth.

“Fingers baby, I need your fingers inside me,” I whisper, lifting my hips, craving your touch.

You slip first one, then two long fingers easily into me, so wet, so goddamn horny …

I pull hard at my nipples as you caress me. Straining against your hand, you slide in further, pressing my spot.

“God Chris,” I gasp, “that’s it, right there baby, touch me.”

You pull at my clit with your lips as you rub me faster, your hand bathed in my cum. I close my eyes, lost in the intense pleasure, my hips beginning to move against your face.

“C’mon Alexis, let me see you cum baby, give it to me baby,” you moan, jamming your fingers in all the way.

Frantically I push my tit up, grabbing my nipple with my lips, sucking hard.

“Oh honey,” you groan, watching me taste myself, your fingers working furiously.

“Close Chris, so close,” I moan, my ass smacking against the seat of the hard chair as I fuck myself on your fingers.

You feel my cunt clench your fingers as the muscles spasm, cumming hard, hot juice squirting over your hand.

“Alexis yeah, good girl Alexis, cum on me,” you smile as your tongue licks up my sweet cream. My head falls back and I breathe a small sigh of relief as your lips brush over my belly.

I lay down beside you on the cold tile floor as you wrap your arms around me.

“Chris,” I ask quietly, dragging my tongue across your nipple.

“Yes Alexis?”

“Is there any more cheesecake?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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