A Song Without Lyrics

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I loved the atmosphere of this coffee house, though some had criticized it for being too trendy. It had been converted from an old warehouse and had old brick walls and a high ceiling with open industrial style air ducts.

Green railroad style lamps hung down from the pressed tin ceiling on long cords and all of the tables were purposely mismatched, each one having it’s own personality. I was a regular here and would usually stop in with a good book and enjoy their great coffee.

I came in late one Wednesday night about an hour before closing and was happy to see my favorite table was open. I liked to sit in front of the wall that was one huge picture window so I could look out once in a while and watch the world go by.

I sat down and placed my order before looking around to see who was here. Being so late there were just a few tables occupied, and the people that were here looked familiar.

My gaze was abruptly halted by the sight at the table against the wall directly across from me. She was no regular here to be sure. In fact I could imagine no one who could look more out of place. She had a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe physique and wore a black strapless dress that came down to mid thigh and hugged her curves in all the right places. Blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders framed a classically beautiful face and her smooth alabaster skin stood in stark contrast to her scarlet lips with nails to match.

My mind started to play a game of trying to imagine what her story was and what would have brought her to this place. There are many big businesses in the area. Maybe she was an executive type, burning the midnight oil and then stopping off to relax before going home. Oh wait, I know! She’s a high powered attorney that is doing research into the coffee house where her client was accused of a heinous murder. Or…maybe she is here to rendezvous with a forbidden lover at a place no one would suspect.

She had just opened her book and as she raised her first sip of coffee to her lips, she gazed in my direction over the top of her cup. I suddenly felt as though I had been caught staring at her, which of course I had. Her look was at once casual and intense, as though she would have expected nothing less of me. My eyes returned quickly to my table, but mere seconds later I was compelled to look in her direction once again.

I had often wondered to myself if a woman this sexy knows what she does to men? Does she really just go about her business, naive to the sexual power she exudes? I didn’t believe it for a second, no matter how cool her demeanor appeared to be.

While appearing to be focused on her book, she uncrossed her legs while modestly holding them side by side. Without raising her head, she slowly looked up until her eyes were locked onto mine. I made no attempt to avert my gaze this time. Her piercing kartal escort blue eyes held me in a trance and as the faintest hint of a smile appeared on her face, she slowly started to open her legs, but not so wide as to attract anyone’s attention but mine.

My face felt warm as I squirmed a bit in my chair, sensing my cock starting to swell with the realization that this show was for me. Her hand moved casually under the table as she placed it on her knee. Fanning her fingers out she slowly moved it up her leg and over her thigh, catching the hem of her dress along the way and lifting it back past the top of her dark stocking, revealing a garter laying atop smooth porcelain skin.

At that moment a car turned in the parking lot, it’s headlights shining through the plate glass window, sweeping across the far wall. As it passed her table it illuminated the darkness between her legs for just an instant like the flash from a camera, burning the image onto my retinas.

Between her stockings was her pussy in full naked view, her smooth bare slit topped by a closely groomed landing strip. My trance was suddenly broken when the squeal of chair legs against the hardwood floor echoed through the room. She stood and started walking toward the hallway that led only to a unisex restroom.

My head turned slowly as I followed her with my gaze, her eyes on her destination until the last moment before disappearing down the hallway at which time she turned to me, making eye contact one last time.

Holy shit! Was I seeing what I thought I was seeing? Was I crazy to think this was actually an invitation? There was only one way to find out. Either the door would be locked or it wouldn’t be. My legs felt weak as I stood to walk down the same hallway.

I came to the door and reached out to slowly turn the handle. My heart started racing as I now stood with the door open a few inches. I took a deep breath and walked into the restroom. As the door closed behind me I saw her standing, motionless, her arms down to her side in front of the sink. Her face was beautifully illuminated by the room’s only light, a dim incandescent lamp that hung over the mirror. I just stood there as we stared at each other through our reflections.

I walked slowly to her, our eyes continuing to be fixed on one another in the mirror, stopping as closely as possible behind her without actually touching. Looking at our faces side by side, I raised my arms and tentatively brought my hands down onto her delicate bare shoulders. She drew a breath sharply at my initial contact.

I leaned in and brought my lips down oh so softly on her neck, my face caressed by her thick blonde mane as she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side. My hands gently flowed over her shoulders and down her arms until her soft hands clasped mine, squeezing kurtköy escort anxiously, our fingers intertwined.

As our arousal quickly grew in sync I leaned into her, my hardness easily detected through the black fabric that fit tightly over her ass. I took my hand and placed it on her smooth thigh and started to slide it upward, the cool smoothness of her stocking transitioning to warm firm skin as I lifted her dress up over her hips.

Her arm shot across her body as her hand grabbed my wrist firmly in a vain gesture of modesty. I brought my other hand down on her wrist and lifted firmly, my strength overpowering her as she opened her hand. With the muscles in her arm still resisting, I firmly pinned it against her chest, removing from her any responsibility for what might happen next.

I put my other hand under her dress and grabbed her firm round ass, squeezing and kneading her tight cheeks before sliding my fingers through her legs and into the sticky dampness I knew would be there.

She gasped, inhaling sharply as she moved her legs further apart. My fingers easily found their way to her slick warm opening as I slid them up into her tight pussy. I placed firm anxious kisses down her neck and across her shoulder as a face filled with intense abandon stared back at me from the mirror.

It was time. I removed my hands, grabbed her waist and spun her around sharply to face me. Her chest heaved as she stared into my eyes, her mouth open and her face void of expression. I reached down and firmly grabbed the hem of her dress in both fists and pulled it up to her waist.

With my hands under her arms, I lifted her sharply and sat her down on the edge of the counter. She leaned back, placing her arms behind her on the sink. Spreading her legs wide, she watched me unzip my pants to pull my hard anxious shaft out through the opening. I moved the head through her soft shiny lips that by now were dripping with anticipation.

My moist tip moved down to her warm tunnel as I moved my hips in to penetrate her and drive my cock in deep, her breath catching as her back arched. With her head thrown back she moaned through tightly pursed lips, trying not to attract attention.

As I watched her face lost in ecstasy, I settled into a rhythm of long purposeful strokes, thrusting hard, my hips spanking her thighs. I reached out and grabbed the top of her dress and pulled down roughly, releasing her breasts, her puckered pink areolas and tight protruding nipples danced wildly in time with my forceful thrusts.

As her breathing became faster and deeper she suddenly lunged forward, throwing her torso against mine, her arms hungrily encircling me. Thrown slightly off balance, I stepped back, turning slightly as she wrapped her legs around my hips, one shoe dropping to the floor unnoticed. maltepe escort Taking one step forward, her back slammed into the thin metal privacy wall of the stall with a loud bang.

With her pinned against it I continued to fuck her hard, turning my hips upward, lifting her up the wall and grinding my pubic bone against her clit with each stroke. Her hands moved under my shirt and up my back before gripping hard with desperate abandon, her nails digging deep into my flesh. A single drop of blood slowly trickled down my back, the sensation sending a shock wave of pleasure though my groin and entire body.

As I continued to pound her with spasmed thrusts, her moans rose in pitch and her legs trembled as she orgasmed, burying her face in my shoulder to muffle her cries. I moved my cock in and lifted her once more and held her there as her pussy squeezed my shaft hard, her whole body shaking now, her breath stuttered and heaving. As the contractions subsided, the tension left her body and I lowered her back to the floor.

She immediately dropped to her knees and quickly took my cock into her mouth, devouring it with great zeal, licking and sucking her own juices from it. Between the incredible sensations and the sight of my cock passing through those gorgeous flaming red lips, I was nearing the point of no return.

My balls were tight and swollen and ready to erupt as I grabbed the top of the stall, leaning forward. I let out a quick succession of moans that told her my cum was already on it’s way. She moved the head of my cock to just beyond her lips. With her mouth wide open, she quickly flicked the underside with her tongue as my dick exploded. Heavy streams of jizz shot into her mouth, splattering against the back of her throat, filling her mouth and drenching her tongue. After wringing out the last drops, she closed her lips and swallowed my load, still looking into my eyes.

I took her hand and pulled her to her feet to take her into my arms and kiss her deeply. My tongue entered her mouth to clean the last remaining traces of our creamy juices from her, tasting us both.

She walked over to the door and opened it, keeping herself behind it and concealed from the hallway. She leaned against the door with her cheek against it in a pose that was vaguely intimate. She smiled once more as it was time for me to go. I paused on my way out as I leaned in for one last tender kiss, then walked out and down the hallway.

I would not create an awkward scene by waiting for her to come out. The encounter was a gift, perfect and complete. I walked straight out the door and to my car.

That night as I laid awake in bed, my head was still swimming as I relived the moment over and over. I grabbed my note pad and scratched out a short poem. I reread it once and smiled, then tossed it up onto the nightstand before turning over to drift off to sleep.

A moment in time that stood alone

Passion through silence intensified

Speaking only through the language of touch

An encounter that was like an unforgettable melody

A beautiful tune that needed no words

A song without lyrics

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