A Special Business Trip

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Bryan had been working at his job for three years when he got the call. He had been expecting it, these last several weeks, and now here it was. He went into the meeting, and there Chris explained what they wanted.

He was to take three other people with him to Detroit to look at a bank, analyze it, pour over the books, and come back and make a recommendation as to whether his company should buy it or not. Cool. He was there. He had been waiting for this opportunity for quite a while.

And, besides: Detroit. There was someone he knew, someone he talked with on the internet, and now he would be able to meet her.

Bryan got to his hotel room, finally. He took a shower and walked around his room naked. He turned on the TV, and switched it to a music channel. He was debating on whether to stay naked or put some clothes on and get something to eat. Or, he mused, I could stay naked and get something to eat. He wondered how far through the lobby and into the hotel restaurant he could get before being stopped. If he brought cash with him, he could bribe his way to a table before—

There was a knock on the door.

He wasn’t expecting anyone. Well, not really. He had chatted with Kim online, through their blogs and eventually, through email. They had threatened to get together when he found he was going to her city, but it was a playful flirtation. Besides, they were both married. And how would she find him anyway?

Another knock. He tried to think. How much information did he give her? He dismissed this as wishful thinking. Probably someone in his company travel group, he thought. He approached the door, looking around for the clothing he would have to grab. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Kim.”

Holy shit. That was her name, and that was her greeting. He wanted to make sure he handled this right, he wanted to impress her with his intelligence. “Who?”

He heard a sigh from the other side of the door. “It’s Kim. Come on, Bryan. Let me in.”

“Hold on a second.” How dressed should he get? He grabbed his sweatpants out of his open suitcase and pulled them on quickly, grabbed a t-shirt and slipped it on. He opened the door.

There stood this woman he had talked to but never met. She was pretty, and smartly dressed. She looked like she was dressed for a job interview. Reddish-brown hair? He could never tell hair color. Very light makeup, almost a natural look. Older woman? Well, compared to what? She was his age, in her 40’s. Her brown eyes seemed to twinkle, her mouth in a nervous smile. He tried to take in the shape of her body. A little plump, but aren’t we all, he reminded himself. She was shaped nicely, although he imagined that, like most women, she was self-conscious about her body.

All of this in an instant as he opened the door, looked at her, and motioned her in. She quickly stepped in, stood and looked around nervously. “Uhm—are we—are you alone?” She looked up with searching eyes.

He had to make a decision, right then and there. “No, I’m not alone.” Her face dropped, the smile faded, she backed up a step. He stepped up to her, and lifted her chin, looked into her eyes. “You’re here with me.”

She looked at him and smiled, and her entire demeanor changed. He stepped closer, and she dropped her large purse and went into his arms. They kissed. She seemed to melt into him, and her breasts grew warm against his chest as they kissed. A first kiss, the first one, yet filled with passion and knowing. They had known each other for two years, they had just never met. They each moaned as they kissed. Kim’s hands moved down his back to a more comfortable place, on his butt. She held his butt cheeks, squeezed them, she could almost feel them through the thin material of the sweatpants.

Bryan’s hands moved as well. From her face and neck to her back, and down her back to her ass. One hand played from her ass to her side, and his hand was big enough that he was able to keep a hand on her side as his thumb brushed the side of her breast. He moved forward with it, and put his fingers on the top of her breast, right near her nipple, and caressed it.

She shivered and moaned into his mouth as they kissed. Her tongue was warm and wet, and all over in his mouth. Her breath was sweet and hot. Bryan was glad he had just brushed his teeth before she arrived. As her tongue tangled with his, he could feel his cock beginning to grow, and it pressed against her belly. She had had her eyes closed while they were kissing, but upon feeling this, she opened her eyes.

Eventually he did to, to find her looking at him. One of her hands traveled from the back to the front and touched him through his clothes. It sent a shockwave of pleasure through his body, just to be touched.

Kim guided him to the bed, and he began to speak, saying, “I’m so glad you’re here. I don’t know how—”

She cut him off as she directed him to put his back to the bed. “No talking now. We can talk anytime. Now is the time for action.” She grabbed the top of his sweatpants, worked her pendik escort fingers inside them casually as she added, “I remember what we discussed online, but I think I’m going to start with you. That way—” she pulled his pants down—”that way, you will have time to recuperate.” She added, “You’re going to need it.”

She knelt down and pulled his pants all the way off in one quick movement, then guided him to sit on the edge of the bed. He leaned back. She had been eyeing his cock ever since she pulled his pants down to reveal it. And now she grabbed it. It was not a humongous, porn-size cock, but it was more than adequate. And it was very thick. She could not close her fingers around the base. And right up close, at eye level, it seemed big. The head was smooth and glistening, some pre-cum already dribbling out. It was rock hard.

Each touch, each movement she made with it elicited a moan or a noise of some sort from Bryan. He leaned back, but his head was up, watching her. He wanted to see it. Alright, he wants to see it—

She put her head close and stuck her tongue out, and tongued the head like an ice cream cone. She didn’t bring it into her mouth yet, just tongued it, top side, and edge where the head meets the shaft. She felt his cock quivering and jumping in her hand, throbbing under her tongue. She knew instinctively that he both wanted to cum right away, and wanted it to last. She would make it last. This was a special time for them. She wanted him to never forget how good this was. She wanted to give him the best blowjob he ever had in his life.

She turned her head sideways and ran her open mouth up and down his shaft as she pressed her tongue against it. She did this several times, on all sides, top and bottom. Bryan was moaning louder and louder, too. He alternately watched and bent his head back in ecstasy. He wanted to watch, to see her mouth and tongue at work, but the pleasure was to much for him, and all he could do was lay his head back and writhe in pleasure.

Kim was licking the bottom his cock, and the base where his balls met. Wow, she thought, these are some gigantic nuts! She put her lips on them, and realized she would never get them both in her mouth at the same time. But one at a time she could. She first took one, then the other, gently into her mouth. She knew from experience that these were delicate and vulnerable. She took one into her mouth, hair and all, and gently sucked as she ran her tongue around it. She used her tongue to move it around in her mouth. She did the other next, the same way, and then spread his legs apart slightly and licked the sensitive underside of his balls, the taint.

All of this had been going on for many minutes—Bryan could not keep track of time, and Kim was in no hurry—and all of this time, his cock had still not entered her mouth. He was dying for it, begging for it, but no words would come out. When she raised up from under his nuts, his cock was right there, full, hard, throbbing, jumping, with even more fluid dribbling from the top. She grasped it in her hand and felt it pulse. She put her mouth near it, and gently blew on it, and looked up at Bryan, and waited.

Bryan’s head cleared out of the fog, and realized something was different. He felt the hand on his cock, and the gentle, warm blowing. He raised his head to see that Kim was looking at him, and waiting as she gently blew air at the top of his cock head. She was waiting for him to look. So that he could watch as she slowly licked her lips, wetting them, and then opened her mouth a little bit, and put her lips on his cockhead. Then she pushed her mouth onto it slowly like a Popsicle, letting the cock open her mouth for her. Bryan’s entire body shook, and he moaned loudly. Kim thought he was cumming at first, but nothing came out, and his cock was not doing a spasmodic jump like it did when guys came. He was just enjoying it very, very much. He was in the complete throes of ecstasy.

As she continued to slide her mouth up and down his shaft, she alternated with some head licking, and shaft licking, and then would go back to the full mouth treatment. She would start slow, and then pick up the pace gradually, and pump his cock with her mouth. She could feel the cum rising in him, feel his balls tighten and pull up to his body, and his breathing pattern would change, and he would begin rocking his hips into her mouth.

Then she would back off. She let go completely, pulled her head back and stretched her neck and waited. His cock was straight up and down, and jumping. A tiny drop of fluid seemed to jump off of his head, and landed on her arm. She licked it off. His breathing would return to normal, or at least slow down, and he wasn’t moaning as much, and then she would do the same thing all over again.

It was more pleasure than he could take. Bryan was delirious, moaning and bucking; he couldn’t form a coherent thought. The electricity running through his body was immeasurable. He had never experienced this much of this kind suadiye escort of pleasure. Any blowjob he had experienced in his past was just that: in the past. He remembered his first one, quick and clumsy. But it was still good.

He remembered “training” his previous girlfriend to give head. She was willing, but had no idea how. He would work his shaft with his own hand, while her mouth kept a firm grip on his cock head. Gradually, he got her to use her own hands, and also to slide it deeper into her mouth.

She got pretty good at it. But the important thing was, she was willing to do it and did it often. He could stop by her work in the middle of the day and get a blowjob. Some days she worked alone in the office, and no one was there. She would lock the door, he would pull it out, and she would suck it. He would cum in her mouth, zip up and then leave to go to his job. That night, he would fuck her.

He remembered the ones his wife gave him before they got married, how great they were, and how that well seemed to dry up. He would still get some head on occasion, but never as much as he wanted, and never to completion. Except one time, he got up early on a Saturday morning, the kids were staying over somewhere, and his wife was up already, sitting at the kitchen table, working on a project, He walked around in his underwear, opening cabinets, opening the fridge, looking around.

She said to him, “What are you looking for?”

Then and there it occurred to him. He came over to her, and the bulge in his underwear started to grow. “Just looking for a little action,” he said, and flipped down the front of his underwear. She just looked at him.

“What do you think you’re going to do with that?” she asked.

“Not ‘what I’m going to do with it,’ what you’re going to do with it.” His cock was now staring her in the face. She took hold of it and gingerly placed her lips on it, then just began to suck on it, in a very natural fashion. After just a couple of minutes, the excitement of getting some surprise head right there in the kitchen got to be too much for him, and he unexpectedly (to her) came in her mouth. She quickly jerked her mouth away, and got some cum in her mouth, on her mouth, and from her nose to her chin dripped a thick creamy bead of cum.

Bryan was pretty happy with himself. He had been wanting to cum in her mouth for years—and it had been years since she last allowed this. It felt really good. She stood up, hacking, and said, “What did you do that for?”

As she went to the sink to wash her face and rinse her mouth out, he answered, “Hon, that’s the whole purpose.”

And now he was back again. He floated back and forth through time and space, anchored by his cock in this woman’s talented mouth and hands. Again she stopped right as he was on the brink. He had no idea how much more he could take, and what he would do about it if he couldn’t take it? Cum? Yes. He had no idea how long it had been going on, but a long time, to be sure. By the clock it was almost half an hour. Kim had stalled again, and was giving her neck a break, turning her head, popping it, stretching it. She shook out her hands. He was lying there with his cock hopping and throbbing, wishing for release. The entire head and shaft were glistening wet from her mouth.

Bryan felt at once like he had come, and also like he still very much needed to. He was ready to grab it with his hands and finish it. He just wanted to come now. His arms jerked at his sides and raised, then dropped back down.

Kim said to him from between his legs, “Are you ready now? Are you ready to cum? I want you to cum in my mouth. I want you to shoot the biggest load you’ve ever shot, straight down my throat. Are you ready?”

Bryan just looked at her with a delirious look on his face. He thought he smiled, he thought he said yes, but in fact he said nothing, just looked at her. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes.'”

While he lay there with his head back, she reached into her purse and pulled out a small dildo. She stuck it in her mouth and got it wet without Bryan seeing it. This, she thought, is going to do more than put him over the edge. This will throw him over. And then I’ll have him right where I want him.

She had the little dildo lubricated with her own saliva, and then, as she engulfed his cock in her mouth, with one smooth motion she pushed it firmly into his ass. He went from moaning with pleasure to yelping in surprise. “Oh—Hey! Hey! What the—Hey! What are you doing? Hey!”

She smacked her lips as she released his cock for a second and said, “Relax and enjoy it. And shut up and concentrate on filling my mouth with cum.”

And he did, as well as he could. He still couldn’t believe all the pleasure he was experiencing from her mouth, but this new sensation in his ass puzzled him. His approaching orgasm made him tense his legs and butt, and when he did, he could feel his ass squeezing it. It felt . . . Good.

He decided to enjoy it. He trusted Kim, and acıbadem escort would let her do anything she wanted, and he knew she was doing this for him. She occasionally pushed or pulled on the dildo as she sucked his cock, or lifted it up and down. But mostly she paid attention to the sucking, as her hands were around the base of his cock and also his nuts.

She was still amazed at how large his nuts were, and even when they were pulled up to him and tight, they were big. She held them and rubbed them as she went up and down on his cock, now with an increasing pace.

Bryan spread his legs out, it just felt more natural that way, and gave Kim more room between his legs. She was bent over, lying on one leg now for support, as she continued to go up and down his shaft. Her hand was gripped around the base, squeezing and, her other hand was slowly kneading his balls.

He could feel the sensation rise in him, like it had twice before already when she had stopped. But now she didn’t stop. She had increased the speed of her head moving up and down earlier, and now, now that it was close, she was careful not to increase it any more, but kept it at this steady pace. The pressure mounted within him and just built and built. He could feel the waves begin to flow over him, slowly, like no other orgasm he had ever had. Suddenly, finally, he had reached the point of no return, and his legs began to thrash and his hips bucked up and back, and his head went from side to side. His moaning became louder, more of a scream. He held onto the headboard and his toes curled as if reaching for something to wrap around.

With Kim’s mouth firmly attached to his cock, she struggled to keep hold of him, and as wave after wave of ultimate pleasure and release rolled over him, his cock released its prize: wave after wave of cum squirted with (what felt like to him) tremendous force and pressure. He bucked a few times and it pushed his cock deep into her throat. Cum filled Kim’s mouth, and she began to swallow it hungrily, even as drops of it dripped out the side of her mouth. She still had her lips around his cock, and was licking it like a melting ice cream, anxious to catch every drop. Some of it had shot straight to the back of her throat, but she had been ready for it, and swallowed it.

Bryan was still in the throes of orgasm, thrashing had calmed down a bit, but he was still bucking and yelling. The yell quieted to a loud moan and continued. Since Kim still had her mouth on him, and he was still hard, she continued to suck as she had before, except more gently, and concentrating on licking up all of the cum. She noticed that his balls had started to relax, and relaxed her grip on them, but still gently massaged them. She licked the sides of his shaft just as she had in the beginning, and then attached her mouth to his head and kept it there while she gently licked it with her tongue and sucked every drop of cum from him. She used her hand to squeeze upward on his shaft like a tube of toothpaste, forcing every last bit to come out.

She marveled at the fact that he seemed to still be coming. It had been a couple of minutes now since he had first started to squirt cum down her throat, and here he was, still moaning and thrashing and delirious with ecstasy.

She decided to help him along.

She grabbed the little dildo that was in his ass and pumped it in and out of him a little bit. Each movement brought new noise from him. And, she noticed, more cum started dripping out of him. She continued to do this, pumping the dildo and sucking his cock, for several minutes as he felt the final waves of his orgasm finally ebb. His legs relaxed, his butt relaxed, he fell back onto the bed, to the extent that he had been levitating. His cock, which had been so hard and throbbing for all of this time, finally relaxed and turned soft, and Kim let it slip out of her mouth and flop onto his belly.

He was moaning softly, and breathing heavily, still not a part of this world yet. She rolled to the edge of the bed and stood up, and deftly removed the dildo from his ass and walked to the bathroom.

He was going to be incapacitated for a little while, she thought. Might as well let him enjoy it, she thought. She wanted to take a shower, anyway, before he did anything to her. From what they had discussed online, she was in for a treat. .. She hoped. Plus, after what she just did for him? He better be good. He better be damn good.

As she was in the shower, she thought about all the conversations they had had online in the last two years. He could make her wet with a single sentence. She was washing herself off, and her hand wandered to her pussy. It was ready. She played with it a little as she thought about all the times she had masturbated thinking about him. She heaved a sigh as she realized that was the closest thing to real sex she had had in several years. How many? Three? And when was the last time she had it good?

She couldn’t remember. But doing herself and thinking about him was better than any she ever had with her husband, the fucker. She stopped fingering herself, thinking, I don’t want to cum now—I want Bryan to make it happen. For real, this time. I want to feel his tongue on me and in me, I want him to suck my clit, I want him to fuck me, I want him to make me scream!

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