A Strip Club Visit to Remember

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On one particular night, I had grown bored. I had just moved to a new area for work. Having freshly moved there, I didn’t know the area and didn’t have anyone to waste my Saturday night with.

So, as I tend to do when I get bored, I started becoming a bit horny. I was never good at being able to pick up women at clubs or bars. I’ve been told I’m quite a handsome guy, but I never had the ability to charm anyone for a one night stand. I suppose I can be a bit awkward with conversation.

But I had a plan to sate my boredom: going to a strip club. Firstly, I love watching the female form in its naked beauty. I also enjoy that everyone knows the deal – it’s a place where men go to ogle women…therefore, it can be done without judgement. Finally, I enjoy the lap dances. My favorite dances are the ones that the ladies themselves enjoy. Nothing is sexier than a woman caught in the throes of her own arousal.

Being in a new area, I did a quick internet search to find the nearest club and started driving on over. Upon arriving, I noticed the outside of the club was…less than impressive. It was a bit run down. “Whatever, I’ll give it a shot”, I thought.

Stepping in, I paid the front cashier an entrance fee and swiped aside a curtain to enter the main lobby. The familiar sights and smells of a strip club greeted me. As usual, the club smelled of too much perfume. Walking through a series of chairs placed in front of the main stage was a good mix of women, all wearing varying forms of lingerie or bikinis.

I couldn’t help but notice that the women were quite diverse. Among the ladies working that night I counted asian, black, white, and latina ethnicities. Some women were short, some were fit, some were curvier. But all of them were quite beautiful.

In particular, I noticed the woman working the stage. As I walked in, she was gyrating on the stage’s only pole, playfully pulling at the strings of her bikini bottom. I also couldn’t help but notice she had already taken her top off before I walked in. She was a black woman probably around 30 – she was very sexy. She was fit, too, with ebony abs sporting muscles illuminated more clearly in the club’s dim light. Even her breasts were muscular, proudly displaying dark nipples.

Drinking her in, I sat down in a nearby chair. Almost as soon as I did, one of the strippers plopped down in the chair next to mine. I hadn’t even noticed her until she sat down because I was so intently watching the lady on the stage. During the walk to my chair, the dancer on stage let her bottom slip off to show off a cleanly-shaved kitty.

“Hey handsome. I’m Amber.” the stripper seated next to me said, as she crossed her legs and leaned forward towards me. She was wearing blue pantie bottoms and a matching top. She was a white girl in her 20’s, with dark hair. Even sitting down, I noted that she was short (which I love). Even so, she was curvy with an ample ass. I also couldn’t help but notice the smell of her as she leaned in – her perfume was intoxicating.

“Why hello, I’m Steve. You are a beautiful woman, by the way. I’m sure you hear it a lot here…but I mean it.”

“Why thank you! So, is this your first time here?”


“Well, that’s exciting. I hope that you like it so far.” Before I could respond, she darted a hand to my thigh and started stroking my cock. With her hand slowly stroking me, I uncomfortably realized that I had grown stiff without even noticing.

Noting the great sensation of her warm hand stroking me through my pants, I replied with a grin “I’m liking it so far.”

“Good. You’re very handsome, you know. So would you like to have a dance? I’ve been told I give the the best dances of all the ladies here.”

“What’s the deal with the dances here?”

With a squeeze of my cock, she leaned in even further and whispered “They’re really good. I’d love to show you. So we can do regular dances for $20. Those are boring..or we could do a topless VIP dance at $30 per dance. Or, best yet, we can do a fully-nude VIP dance at $40.”

Before I could respond, she leaned in yet farther and purred “My favorites are the nude dances… I love grinding my bare clit on a man’s stiff cock.”

I needed no further encouragement. With a purposefully-shy grin, I replied “Well that does sound like fun. Since you enjoy the $40, let’s do that.”

She smiled a wicked smile, stood up, grabbed me by the hand…and began leading me to the VIP room. With her hand holding mine and leading the way, I was free to ogle her from behind. She was a beautiful woman – short and curvy. An ample ass cheek bounced with each step, and her already-thick calves bulged even more courtesy of the heels she was wearing.

Walking to the VIP room, I reflected that I had never gotten a fully-nude dance before. Part me of hoped that it was as fun as I thought it might be, but another part of me hoped that it didn’t go too far. If it did, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to tell this woman “No.”

Swiping çağlayan escort aside a series of curtains in what was presumably a room within the VIP room, she motioned to a couch. “Sit here honey. Make yourself comfortable.”

I did as instructed, lounging back in the surprisingly-comfortable couch. As I sat down I admired her. Short, curvy…beautiful. Her dark hair flowed to her shoulders, and her matching blue bottom and top accentuated a classically-beautiful form.

“Please remove your belt if you’re wearing one. The buckle can be a bit painful… ” she flashed a wicked smile before finishing with “…I like to really grind.”

Again, I did as I was instructed. As I unfastened the belt, I watched her lift a foot to slip off one heel, and then the next. Then – without an ounce of shyness – she slipped off both her top and bottom, smiling at me as she did so.

“You’re very sexy” I croaked, feeling my mouth begin to dry from desire. She was sexy in her lingerie, but entirely naked…she was a goddess. Her ample breasts were just as curvy as the rest of her. They were topped by delicious, erect, pink nipples. While not necessarily athletic, she was was still relatively-fit. Any extra weight on her only accentuated her curves.

And of course, I looked down to between her legs to notice a completely-shaved kitty. I got the feeling that she was watching me drink her in, and that she was amused by it. I also got the impression that she was a very sexual being, and that she enjoyed her job a lot more than the other ladies.

“You’re very sexy, too. I literally can’t wait to start dancing on you. So you know what? This first dance is on the house.”

And with that, she slid down from standing to a bent-over position (giving me full sight of her breasts – which was erotic enough.) She began to tug at my pant legs, presumably to position me to make her dance more comfortable. I shifted my hips as instructed by her tugs. Finally, with a flick of her hair, she placed her hands on my shoulders and sat on my lap. Tempted as I was to do otherwise, my hands rested listlessly by my side.

She immediately started grinding her hips into mine. With an audible groan of pleasure, I thought to myself “Wow. I’ve been missing out on these fully nude dances…”. I was surprised by the sensations and intensity of it. She was not shy by any measure, and the weight of her naked body as it ground into me was acute.

Her hips bucked into mine – and powerfully, too. I could feel her bare kitty sliding up and down my erection through my pants. It was an amazing sensation. Even as powerful as her grinding already was, she began picking up the pace. It was as if she was trying to feel the shaft of my cock as deep inside of her as my pants would allow. Indeed, on many pumps of her hips it almost felt as if my shaft was inside of her. On occasion, she would breathlessly moan. Once or twice, I even caught her biting her lip in an oh-so-sexy way.

With a lusty chuckle, she asked “Are you enjoying this as much as I am?”

I barely managed to croak out a simple “Yes” in reply.

By now, she was beginning to moan – loudly – with each grind of her hips. I began to become aware of a warm sensation on my cock, even through my pants. “She’s already wet and soaking my pants” I realized. As if she knew what I was thinking, she told me “My clit is right on your cock…unnnh, you’re getting wet…”

This woman was a goddess. Nothing was sexier than when a woman was enjoying herself sexually…and this woman was already soaking the crotch of my pants with her arousal. It was an amazing lap dance – even if somewhat borderline. Part of me wanted it to cross that border, but the other part of me didn’t want any trouble if we got caught.

Without any warning, Amber got up from her cowgirl position, and slithered down my body. She made a point of letting her breasts and then hair brush my raging erection as she did so. When we she finished her slide, she looked up at me and smiled a devious smile. She then – again – stroked my cock through my pants before placing her mouth over it and blowing warm, hot air through the fabric.

“Uggghhh…holy fuck.” I had never had a lap dance this intense. This was almost as good as sex. Almost…

I knew I was leaking precum through my pants, as I’m sure Amber did as well. Regardless, she continued to blow warm air through my pants. Worse, she was looking up at me with a lusty twinkle as she did so. She knew she was driving me wild, and she loved every second of it.

She only did this a while before she sat up again into my lap; this time reverse-cowgirl. For extra grip, her bare feet rested on the floor. She bucked her hips back into me and I could feel again the shaft of my cock push deep into her pussy. This time, the sensation was different. I could not feel the muscles of her pussy beckoning my cock to slip inside. Rather, I could feel the entirety of her labia lips fold çapa escort and slide with each motion. My eyes fixated on her soft ass as each such sliding motion ended by showing my erection pushing up through my pants between her ass crack… before she reversed direction.

With a moan, she grabbed her breasts with both hands and rocked her head back, covering my own head in her dark hair. Her hair smelled intoxicating, and I breathed of it deeply. As she leaned back even farther, her head turned and brought her lips ever-so-close to mine. Close enough to kiss… I dared not, and yet part of me suspected she would have enjoyed a kiss. Without the kiss, I could feel her sharp, urgent breaths against my neck and cheek. Somehow, the threat of a kiss – and the warm breaths in lieu of it – were more erotic than a true kiss.

With her lips close enough to kiss, she began to pinch and tug at her nipples, giving me full view of the show. As she did, her hips ceased their back-and-forth motion, and instead began a circular gyration. It didn’t last too long, though, because she was apparently not satisfied with grabbing her own breasts. After some time, she grabbed one of my hands and placed it over one of her breasts.

“Don’t be shy” she purred, “I won’t be.”

The word “Won’t” promised me worlds of pleasure. As erotic and edgy as this dance was, she was hinting that it was only beginning. I needed no more encouragement to feel up her tits.

Before, I had kept my hands by my side like a gentleman. My hands never wandered, as much as I would have liked to explore her body. But with her placing my hand over a soft, perky tit, I was emboldened. After softly cupping the breast, I pinched its soft, pink nipple between thumb and forefinger and felt it stiffen in response. The sound of “Oooh, that’s more like it…” was the gratification I had hoped for.

Not satisfied with exploring her breasts, my hands began to explore the rest of her body. Facing away from me in her reverse-cowgirl position, my hands were free to explore her waist and ass. I did not grope unduly – I wanted my embraces to turn her on even more. And so, my hands softly slid from her breasts down to her waist then to her ass.

With both hands, I grabbed ample handfuls of her ass. I massaged it, and worshiped it. And then, after some time, I trailed my hands down her outer thighs. They were soft and smooth. I could have worshiped her body all night, but I wanted her to enjoy these dances. And so, my hands then trailed back up her inner thighs. Starting from her knee to her waist, I softly trailed my fingers over the flesh of her inner thighs. I also made a point of softly raking her inner-most thighs with my fingernails. As I did that, she responded soft “uuugggh” and rolled her head back even farther.

As my hands eventually found her waist, they grabbed her strongly-yet-gently. Her waist seemed tailor-made for grabbing as my hands matched her grinding. This apparently was encouragement for her, because she picked up the pace of her grinds. They became even deeper; even stronger – more urgent. My hands had once been bystanders, but now they were guiding her hips. Admittedly, they were encouraging her to grind even deeper and harder than she already was. The stronger her grinds, the deeper I could feel my shaft penetrate her through my pants.

If her increasingly-loud moans were any indication, she was getting more and more turned on. Maybe it was too much for her, or maybe she had other plans…but either way, she broke off the deep grinding, stood up, grabbed an ottoman stool I had not even noticed before, and slid it next to the couch. She then placed her hands palm-down on the stool and her feet next to my thighs.

She was giving me a spread-eagle view of her pussy, and what a sight it was. It was red and engorged from arousal, it’s scent wafting up to me. But it was the glistening juices beginning to accrue around it that really turned me on.

With a lusty smile before playfully biting a lip, she began pushing her pussy up into my face, almost daring me to lick it. As much as she told me to not be shy, I assumed that she didn’t really want my tongue in her, so I somehow resisted the urge to dart my tongue out and begin flicking her swollen clitoris.

As if reading my thoughts, she pushed her pussy even closer to my face. It was so close that I could feel the warmth emanating from it. If only to drive me even crazier, she used a hand to spread the lips of her pussy to fully-expose her clitoris to me.

“Oh, fuck…” I muttered.

“You like it?” She inquired.

“You’re so fucking sexy…” I replied breathily.

With a lusty chuckle, she stood up. Her feet were still next to my thighs, but they were now supporting her weight as she stood on the couch. She again brought her pussy mere centimeters from my face. I yet again somehow resisted the urge to dart out my tongue and taste her.

I looked up and noticed that cennet mahallesi escort she was supporting herself by placing one hand on the wall. I also noted that I had never seen a naked woman at this angle before: from below, with full sight of her under-breasts and pussy in my face. Life was good in that moment.

But, Amber promised she wasn’t going to be shy…and she meant it. Her free hand reached down to place her fingers on her clitoris and start rubbing it in a circular motion. As she did, her body bucked and writhed. Occasionally, these gyrations would bring her clitoris directly to my lips. I could literally feel its softness brushing my lips…yet I still resisted the urge to dart out my tongue and pleasure it.

Her moans suddenly changed. Where they had once been constantly growing louder, there now was a sudden, sharp urgency to them. She was going to cum. And she did cum, if the shaking of her legs and squelched moan were any indication. In the throes of her orgasm, she was pushing her pussy up against my face. I didn’t think she even realized she was doing it, so I again resisted the urge to use my tongue.

With one of her signature lusty chuckles, she slid back down to sit down on my lap. Her face was blushed now – she was truly enjoying this.

“That was fucking HOT, by the way.” I notified her – just in case she thought it might have been too edgy.

“Mmmmm, yes it was.”

With that, she began pawing at my pants to pull them down enough to expose my boxer briefs underneath. “Just to make it more comfortable on my swollen clit” she assured me. After the show she just gave me, she could’ve done anything and I would’ve let her.

As good as her bare pussy felt grinding on me through my pants, I couldn’t imagine how it would feel with only my boxer briefs. Fortunately, I didn’t need to wait long to find out.

No sooner than she had removed my pants, Amber resumed her deep, hard grinds in a cowgirl position. Sure enough, they felt even more sensational with only my boxer briefs between my raging cock and her wet pussy. And it was wet – the remnants of her orgasm were soaking my boxer briefs. Through the wetness, I could more easily feel the warmth of her pussy sliding over my cock.

“Holy fuck…” I moaned.

A moan of “Mmmmmm…” was her only reply.

Unlike before, my hands explored fearlessly. The very first thing my hands went to were her delicious breasts. After watching her basically masturbate in front of me, I figured there were few lines left to cross…so I even edged my head forward and placed a nipple between my lips. Given that she moaned in response, I then began to kiss and suck her breast.

After what seemed like a an eternity of bliss, my hands then grabbed handfuls of her ass. As she pumped into me, my hands – now grabbing as much of her ass as I could – matched her rhythm by pushing and pulling her in unison with her own motions. But my hands also made time to explore her soft, supple legs and thighs.

This time, though, the grinding was much more animalistic. It was primal. Her hips were rocking into with a passion hard to describe – and I was meeting her with my own powerful thrusts. Every time she would grind into me, my hands would pull her ass and hips into me…and every time she would pull back to ready for another grind, I would thrust my hips into her.

At some point in this blissful time, she took a hand of mine and placed it farther down her ass. My hand had been on the outside of the ass. Now, it was resting more-underneath her body. My fingers were now very close to her pussy. Completely lost in the lustful moment, I daringly began to edge my fingers closer to her pussy with each grind.

In the heat of the moment, I don’t think she even noticed – she was razor-focused on her pussy grinding on me. “Oh my GOD. It feels so good – my clit on your cock. You’re making me so wet.” As if to prove her point, her legs moved and writhed as she leaned back, reached a hand between her leg, and proudly spread the lips covering a raging clitoris. When I looked down to see what she was showing me, I also saw that my boxer briefs were indeed darker where she had been grinding on than the surrounding areas. In that moment, I was tempted to reach a finger down between her legs – if only to feel how wet she was. Instead, I decided to move my hands off of her ass and again explore her body.

Even as she writhed around, caught in the primal throes of lust, I kept exploring her body – this time gently, subtly. She was soft. All of her. Her thighs that I brushed lightly, her calves…and her feet. But I also made sure to occasionally cup a soft breast in my hand. Having done so before, I now felt completely at home to lean forward and place my lips over her nipples. When I felt them grow erect in response, I began to kiss them and let my tongue glide over the soft pink nipples. She gave no indication to do otherwise, so I continued this pattern for some time.

By now, I truly could feel that my boxer briefs were soaked. It was as if someone had dumped a warn glass of water on them. It was fucking hot. I wanted to see if it was even possible for her to get wetter, so I placed a hand on her pelvis such that my thumb was pressed lightly onto her clit. As I placed it there, I immediately began moving it a circular motion.

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