A Stuffy Doctors’ Conference Ch. 01

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I thought I was over you. I thought you had faded from my memories. I thought I had moved on. But it snuck up on me in such a strange way.

I was out of town for work, presenting at a conference, and yes, in your home town. OK, this is a major metropolitan city: lots of things to do here; interesting places to go; important colleagues to see. We had been “broken up” for 4 months. When I accepted the speaking engagement, we were just starting up. I thought it would be fun to go together. I brought it up, but you kind of let it slide, like going to a conference together would be unheard of. Come on, we’re both in the same field. You could just as easily have been here for work, and accompanying me wouldn’t even look obvious. Sharing a room might not be a good idea, but if we stayed in a hotel down the street and not at the conference center, no one would have been the wiser.

Now none of that matters as we are no longer “together,” although I’m not so sure we ever were “together.” Yes, we had a whole lot of great sex. Yes, we took some fun weekend trips. But as you so often reminded me, we were never really “together.”

So here I am at a medical conference in your home town, and you are back where we live. We don’t see each other anymore. We don’t even speak. Luckily after your residency we ended up at different hospitals, in different departments, and specializing in different things. There is some overlap, and some of your colleagues are here, but you aren’t. Don’t worry, Jake, they still don’t know we were together.

I decided to drive as I wanted the freedom to get out and about. A couple of our colleagues took the train, and one actually flew. Four day professional conferences are about two days too cevizli escort long as far as I am concerned. But when someone offers to pay you, host you, and give you continuing medical education credits for free, you take it.

I drove up after my shift on Tuesday. I hit rush hour on the way out of town, and on the way into the event. It took 5 hours. I might as well have flown. By the time I got to the hotel, it was well after midnight. I checked in, went to the complimentary room with the big king size bed, and the huge Jacuzzi tub, and just couldn’t unwind. Finally, around 130, I went to the bar for last call. Most folks seemed to be on the way out, but one guy was at the bar. I took a spot a couple of seats down. When I checked him out from the side, I vaguely recognized him, but couldn’t place him. After we talked for awhile, I realized he was your roommate from the first two years of medical school. I didn’t let on that I knew this, or that I had seen the two of you talking at a conference last year. Suddenly, I felt the need to be with someone. The loneliness of you and me being over just washed over me. I kind of lost track of the conversation. Joshua asked me if I was ok. I told him I was just tired, but reached over and took his hand when I said it. I asked him to walk me to my room. When we got to the door, I asked him in for a nightcap. This was kind of a ridiculous proposition as we had just shut the bar down, and I wasn’t even sure if I had any booze in my room, but he is a man, and understood completely what I meant. Suddenly I could communicate with a man again, even if was only about sex.

As soon as we got into the room, he grabbed me hard and pulled cihangir escort me close. I gasped aloud. He began biting my neck, nibbling at first right under my earlobe, and getting more aggressive as he traveled down. By the time he reached my sternum, he bit right into my blouse and pulled back. He popped the buttons right off. I dug my fingers into his hair, and twisted hard. Joshua just kept going, biting into my bra, and ripping it right off. There I stood in my room in the Hilton, clothes ripped through by a biting maniac. This fired me up. I took a hold of his collar and pulled as hard as I could, ripping the buttons right off his shirt, leaving his tie hanging loosely. I grabbed it and pulled it apart, and he was bare-chested and ripped right in front of me. Thoughts of you floated right out of my head.

Joshua reached down and scooped me up, carrying me to the big bed, and tossing me into the air where I landed in the middle of that wide bedspread. He pounced onto me, ripping my skirt right down over my hips, shredding the zipper as he pulled it over my voluptuous rump and curvy hips. His mouth was on my silk panties, chewing right through them. With a couple of pulls and bites, they were shredded as well, and lying in a twisted little clump next to us.

I propped myself up on my elbows, cocked one eyebrow, and then grabbed for his belt buckle, breaking his pants zipper as well. His slacks slid down over his slim hips, cock bulging against his boxers. In a show of bravado, he grabbed the waist band of his shorts, and ripped them off himself. Within a second or two, he had plunged into my dripping cunt.

I remembered you telling me that Joshua was erenköy escort quite the ladies’ man in med school, and that you spent many sleepless nights listening to him having his way with most of your female classmates. I wish you were in the next room right now, listening to Joshua keeping me sleepless.

There is one thing I can say about doctors, we understand the human body. And even though Joshua didn’t specialize in gynecology, he knows all about the pussy. He plunged into me in a frenzy, then suddenly pulled up short to a complete stop. I seemed to come back from another planet, and stared up at him. “What are you doing?” He just grinned. I tried to thrust, but he kept my hips pinned to the bed with his strong hands. “Come on, what’s up?” He just kept grinning. I guess he wanted me to beg. I reached up and twisted my hands into his hair, pulled his mouth to mine, and bit his bottom lip as hard as I could. And the thrusting started right back up. On and on we humped, biting, scratching, and moaning. A couple of times I thought about what you would have been hearing in med school, and wishing I had gone to school with you two.

I have to say there was more scratching and biting in the next 4 hours than in the entire 4 months we were together. We bit, gnawed, sucked, scratched, scraped, ripped, and fucked until it was time to get ready for the conference. Around 615, Joshua gathered up his clothes, and tried to get presentable for his dash down the hall to his own room. His shirt buttons were scattered all over the floor. His zipper was trashed. He kissed me softly on the forehead, and bit my bottom lip one last time. He stuffed his shirttails into his pants, buckled the belt, and half dashed, half skipped to his room.

A couple of hours later, I was starched and prim at the conference, glad I didn’t have to present until later. Joshua kept coming into my vision, but I just behaved as if I didn’t know him. I glanced at his schedule while registering, and made sure I wasn’t in any of the same presentations as he was for the rest of the week.

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