After the Club

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We return to the apartment after a night on the town, having engaged in great conversation, shameless flirtation, and passionate dancing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other on the dance floor, our bodies grinding to the beat of the music, anticipating the fireworks soon to come. We barely make it through the door before you rub your ass on my ever hardening cock. Your hands slide down my thighs and then return to my chest as you slither up against my body. I grab your throat and forcefully pull you to me, kissing your neck and biting your earlobes. My other hand rubs and squeezes your breast, deftly pinching your nipple. Your hands slide between our bodies, rubbing my cock through my pants. Deep moans and gasps of pleasure escape your mouth as I inhale your intoxicating scent. I aggressively pick you up by the hips and throw you over my shoulder, carrying you upstairs. I spank that amazing peach of an ass, grabbing a sumptuous handful for a big squeeze. You squeal with delight. Once in the bedroom, I throw you on the bed, bringing a look of surprise and excitement to your face. You cause my primal urges etiler escort to burn like a wildfire inside me. I want you now!

I rip off your dress and throw it aside, pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your honey is already soaking through your panties as I pull them aside and start devouring your pussy. Your juices cover my lips and mouth as you moan and gasp for breath. My cock is straining through my pants, aching to be inside you. My tongue swirls around your clit as I slip two fingers inside you, massaging your g-spot. Your thighs clasp my head like a vice grip. I gaze up to see your face contorting with pleasure. I inhale your musky sex, overcome with lust for you. Your nectar coats my fingers as I suck your clit between my lips. Your pleasure ignites and fuels my desire, burning down into my loins. Your fingers grasp the bedspread as you explode in orgasm with your heavenly body shuddering and quivering. You keep cumming all over my face, making me thirst and hunger for you even more!

I shed my pants and boxers and grab you by the ankles, fatih escort throwing them over my shoulders. I lift your ass up while gazing at your swollen pussy. I slowly slide my penis back and forth over your swollen vulva. I rub your clit with the head of my cock as we’re gasping in pleasure. My shaft is coated in your juices. I surprise you by suddenly thrusting forcefully into you, plunging deep. My cock is enveloped by your velvety warmth. I thrust so deep my balls are slapping your ass. I lean down over your grabbing you by the throat, clenching tightly. Your eyes roll back in bliss. I push you further into the bed while my other hand grabs your wrist, pinning it forcefully to the bed. The sound of our hot, glistening bodies slapping together, flesh on flesh, amplifies our passion. I am grunting now, so turned on by your pleasure. I stare into your lust-filled eyes as I tighten my grip on your neck. Your gasps and breaths get shorter and more urgent. My sweat drips down onto your glistening, heaving breasts. I growl in your ear,

“I’m gonna fuck fındıkzade escort you like there’s no tomorrow!”

You scream out in excitement. We kiss passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I take both my hands and squeeze your neck even tighter as your juices gush over my pounding shaft.

I flip you on your hands and knees and plunge back inside you. I love this view of your ass cheeks bouncing off my thighs. I gently rub your pretty little rosebud. I grab your hair, pulling your head back as your ass slaps against my thighs. Your back glistens with our combined sweat. You gasp and pant from the animalistic pounding I am giving your pussy. I grab your wrists and pin them to the small of your back. The air is filled with our grunts and groans and the musky scent of our passion. I spank your ass hard, leaving a red hand print that marks my territory. You are creaming on my cock as I feel the inevitable buildup forthcoming. You scream and grunt in pleasure, cumming all over my pounding cock. I pull you up by the hair and bite your shoulder, unable to hold back any longer. I erupt, emptying my seed inside you, spasming uncontrollably. I shudder and twitch in exquisite release. I encircle your waist with my arm and tilt your head back, kissing you deeply. I squeeze your heaving breasts and massage your nipples as i feel your heart pound inside you. We collapse on the bed in a writhing, heaving, sweaty mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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