After Work Delight

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Rose was at work. She was unable to concentrate as she felt her body shiver with just the thought of him. It was Friday and she knew that soon she would be in the arms of the love of her life.

Rose was a teacher at a nearby college. She always dreamed of meeting someone that could fascinate her mind. She stood about 5 feet 2 inches, she was a big girl, but with curves. She had beautiful breast, size 40D, more than a handful. Her ass was amazing as well. Big and round, perfect for grabbing onto.

She struggled to get through her daily lectures as just the thought of his arms wrapped around her and his hand running through her hair simply took her breath away. She would pause occasionally only to softly whisper the name of her one true love…”Brian”.

Brian was an average guy, but a cowboy at heart. He was a man that wasn’t afraid of hard work and knew what he wanted. He was 5 feet 10 inches, broad shoulders and strong arms. He was as confident as he was romantic.

Rose and Brian met online just a few months earlier. They hit it off really well and continue to talk with each other everyday. As their friendship grew into a relationship, they each knew there was something special happening between them.

Brian would write Rose poems, seducing her heart as well as her mind. As days turned into weeks, their connection grew into something unexpected. They shared the same thoughts maltepe escort and the same interest. They connected emotionally and spiritually. They both knew that now they needed to have each other sexually.

Finally Rose’s day was done and she started to return home. On her way she could feel her desire start to rise in her. She felt her nipples begin to stiffen and her pussy begin to swell as she got closer to home.

Once home, Rose knew she had very little time before Brian would be there. She hurried to her room to slip into something a little more comfortable. As she starts to undress she cant help to imagine Brian telling her to remove her clothes.

Lost in her lustful daydream, Rose is suddenly snapped back to reality as she hears Brian pulling up. Standing there, naked, she quickly grabs her silk nightgown, tying it as she make her way to the door.

Rose answered the door, wearing only her nightgown. It was satin black with pink trim and a silk pink belt to tie everything closed. Brian stood there, studying her, admiring all of her curves. He knew what he wanted to do as he stepped through the doorway, walking up to Rose.

He grabs her by the lapel and pulls her close to him, kissing her deeply as she melts into his arms. With one had still hiding her lapel, Brian takes his other hand and grabs her hair, pulling maslak escort her head to one side and starts to nibble on her ear lobe, continuing down to her neck.

Brian releases her and takes a step back. With one quick tug, her unties her pink belt, pulling it through the loops. Rose’s nightgown falls to the floor, leaving her vulnerable and completely exposed.

He takes a moment to admire her beauty. He as seen her naked mind, now he desires her naked body.

With the belt in his hands, he looks to Rose, “put your arm out in front of you”. Rose does so without question. She never felt this comfortable, this trusting before…not even with her own husband.

Brian takes the silk belt and wraps it around her wrist, tying them securely together. Rose has never been tied up before, but it has always fascinated her.

Brian leads her over to the door, lifts her hands above her head and pushes her up against the glass door. He presses his body up against hers, her breast pressed up against the glass, in full view of whoever might be passing by.

Rose was unsure how to feel. She never been in this situation before. With the weight of his body pressed against her and her hands bound together above her head, she feels Brian lean in and whisper “you are mine”. With those words, Rose never felt safer and knew that things would never mecidiyeköy escort be the same.

Brian reaches down and can feel the heat coming from her pussy. The wetness soaks his fingers and he starts massaging her clit. As Rose begins to moan, he knows she is ready.

Rose starts to get excited as she hears Brian undoing his belt. She bites her lip with anticipation as she hears his clothes falling to the floor. She now can feel his naked flesh pressing up against her. Her pussing dripping as she feels his throbbing cock rubbing against her ass, teasing her swollen lips.

Without out warning, Brian grabs Rose by the hair and leads her over to the nearest chair and bends her over the back. “Yes…”, Rose cries out…”I am yours, my king. I submit myself to you”, she barely gets the words out before he thrust is cock into her.

“You are mine, you belong to me”, he grunts as he thrust deeper and harder, claiming what it his.

He can feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock, he knows she is close to cumming. With her moans of ecstasy, he is almost there himself. Brian reaches up and grabs her hair, pulling her head back and he pulls her hips closer to him, together they move in unison.

Rose cries out “I gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…I’m cumming”. Just then as she is cumming on his cock, Brian cums, filling her pussy with his seed. Each shot filling her more and more.

Without hesitation, Rose turns around and drops to her knees. Her hands still bound she takes his cock into her mouth and starts sucking his cock, licking him clean.

Once finished, Rose stands to her feet and looks up at Brian, “I am yours” she said. “You are mine” he replied, embracing her as she starts to cry into his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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