Afternoon Delight

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After coming in, putting the groceries down on the counter. At the end of the hall, the sound of tapping of keys.

Piece by piece, can by can, each finding its’ spot. All the time, listening, hearing the clicks and soft murmurs.

Quietly I trod, reaching the doorway, half open, and the sounds grown louder and more frequent. Peering in, not making a sound, I spy my baby clad in one of my shirts, at my desk, fingers busy on the keyboard.

Enjoying my view, not sure if she knows I’m here or not. One foot on the floor, the other on the chair, knee pointing up. Her body movement shifting every so often, unaware that it allows me to see the shirt isn’t quite buttoned all the way.

One hand now typing, the other resting in her lap. Moving the mouse over, clicking on the files. Pulling up the list of stories I have written. Most she has read some she hasn’t. Watching her scroll down the ones she knows, pausing every so often at a passage, taking the time to reread something she liked.

Leaning now against the door jam. Seeing her click on some of the new stuff, things I had yet to present to her. As her eyes followed the lines on the screen, one after another, I began to blush, knowing the content. The only movement in the room was one hand on the mouse, scrolling, the other, fingers pressed against, with determination, her powder blue panties.

As they glide, back and forth, back and forth, her eyes pursuing each word. A gasp. At first I know not if it was the story or her touch, but I come to realize it was both.

Moaning again as she leans back further, her eyes half closed. Her hand leaves the mouse to take hold of the edge of the table. Her smile changes, looking as someone going from pleasure to bliss. Noting how hard she is stroking, seeing the spot she is touching, a slightly darker shade of blue.

Part of me wonders. Wonders if she knows, knows that I’m here. Knows that I am watching, and knows how turned on I am by her actions.

Lazily her head rolls towards me. The smile leaves that perfect mouth for a moment, as our eyes meet, then her lips pucker to a kiss, never slowing her fingers.

Assuming that this is an invitation, I cross the room, loving her body, the way pendik escort she moves. Walking behind, peering at her progress over her shoulders.

She watches me, aware where my eyes are fixed by my expression. Her own eyes sparkling and glittering, her lips moist and full, down the neckline, plunging to the open shirt, her breasts shaking from the motion of her hand, still atop of the blue cotton, down her long luscious legs to toes outstretched and spread.

Realizing it’s more fun to be a participant than a voyeur. Leaning, hands over the shoulder, down the front of the shirt, careful not to actually reach inside. Caressing the roundness, the fullness in my palms. Gently squeezing. Loving how she looks up at me, how she gasps at my forwardness, loving that now she moves her hand faster and harder. Kneeling now, behind her, she tilts her head against the rest.

With one hand still cupping, nurturing budding nipples, tugging and teasing through the material. The other slips beneath her very busy fingers. Whispering in her ear” ….I like to play too…” she purrs back at me like a big cat wanting her fur stroked.

Deft fingertips push over the panty, and the texture of the neatly trimmed soft hair beneath reveals itself through touch. Pressing down further, the heat, the soaked cotton. Searching carefully, following the contours, the lines. Finding out what she likes and what she really likes.

Tips going along the edges of the cloth, sliding over the silky smoothness spilling out. Gliding now, feeling through the fabric, over the lips, to the tiny hood and then finally the clit. Hearing her yelp, not even trying to think of my own excitement as I play with her.

Stroking again and again over the swelling. Letting go of her bosom, only to grip the edge the top brim of the panty. Pulling back slowly, she moans softly. Knowing she loves this, then sharply yanking back, the tautness actually lifting her back a bit, as she cries, “YES!”. Rubbing her sex now easily outlined by her underwear pressed. Drawing the tip of my middle finger over her button. Pressing circles in, over, and around. All the while my other hand continues to pull tightly then release silivri escort only to tug again.

Between her cries and gasps I can actually hear the saturated cloth, sopping with her excitement. Loving the heat, licking her ear before whispering “ …want more?” My answer was more of a grunt than a word, but I got the point.

I tell her to get up .As she stands, I pull away the chair and a hand on the small of her back bends her over. She rests the side of her face, flat on the desk, as her hands take hold of the outer end. Legs fully extended, standing on the balls of her feet.

Taking the opportunity while I have it, I grab the top edge of the soaked garment, balling the excess material in my fist, pulling it up, revealing the exact contour of her essence, covered by the thin fabric.

I don’t hesitate for a second before my mouth is against her sweetness, only the blue barrier between us. Knowing she can feel my tongue, by the way her knees buckle and her cry. Stiffening it, using the tip to prod and poke, pressing between the lips, so tempted to move that cloth aside and taste the fire. Covering her with my mouth, letting the edge of my teeth drag over the softness. Hearing her whimpers and whines. Her bottom shaking as her knees lowers a bit more.

Reaching up with my other hand, grasping the front of her panties, alternating the direction the moist cotton moves. Pulling back, watching intently as the darker blue spot, sopping with her excitement, rides back and forth, over and over her clit. Hearing her panting and moaning. The slapping of her palm against the desktop again and again. The panties now buried deeply, as a single strip, between her lips.

She can’t even form words, just sounds, as I let go of the front and stand between the outstretched legs, focusing my attention on the rear grip.

Pulling tightly, lifting her enough to take her feet off the ground. She bends her knees. Suspended by the cloth digging in her most intimate. A crescendo of “Oh Yes!” follow as my arm drops an inch or two only to yank it back up, again and again and again.

I can feel the panties start to rip. I know she is close, loving how her hands are şirinevler escort in a death grip on the table, nails scraping the wood, how her bottom bounces. Gritting her teeth, the sounds like an animal growling, wild and untamed. Turning to shrieks as her release begins her body shaking, and shuttering, writhing, crying out…. Crying out for me.

Tearing the blue panties away as hard as I can to increase the explosion that seizes her. Catching her legs as they drop. Her hips bucking wildly up and down, her essence bare, glistening with excitement, dripping. She cries my name, like a soft mantra again and again.

My god how I want her. Letting one leg down, using my free hand to strip away my pants and boxers, unable to stop, slamming the tip between the poised lips, throwing my body in to the thrust, pulling back only to return with greater exuberance than the first.

Surprised as she by my actions, but neither of us disappointed, I continued, over and over. She hooks her leg back, taking hold of my waist wanting the pleasure, driving in, while still bent over. Faster and faster, my loins drenched in her excitement, hips a frenzy. Feeling the fire building in me so quickly, not realizing how aroused she has made me.

Telling her of my approaching released, moaning her approval, calling again for me.

All at once, bursting forth in a deep thrust, selfishly taking my pleasure in her body. Feeling the searing grip of her contracting walls over me again and again, milking me. Both of us shaking, and quivering.

A few moments later, when we are both a little steadier, she looks over her shoulder back at me. Sharing a smile, our labored breaths slowing. Strong hands ease her up, then bringing the chair back. I sit with her in my lap. Twisting and turning, now to face me, her legs around me as well as the chair. I enwrap her in my arms. Holding her to me, my head resting upon her bosom, feeling so safe, so content, sighing happily. Her hands lovingly stroke the back of my head and neck.

With a light laugh she asks, “…what has gotten in to you?”

Shyly I admitted, “I missed you.”

“Missed me? You only went for groceries. ”A moment passes of just the two of us sitting there in each other’s arms, two sitting as one. Her soft voice” You know that I am going to have to send you to the store again.”

Looking quite puzzled I asked “Really?….what do you need?”

Dazzling eyes. Wide and bright, peering into mine with innocence, replying “Nothing…I just want you to come home again.” Followed by and wicked grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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