Afternoon Workout

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All characters portrayed in this story are 18 years or older, any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental and in the mind of the author. I wish this had happened to me but it is just a story that I felt you might enjoy.


Pulling the scarf from her hair she allowed it to fall around her shoulders. It had been keeping her hair out of her eyes as she worked the heavy bag. She was sweating hard from the workout but a shower would certainly take care of that. She blew a stray hair out of her eyes as she moved to the large studio window and looked out onto the street below.

It was late afternoon and the sun was streaming into the studio, warming her skin.

The small studio apartment was on the third floor and she had an excellent view as she leaned against the sill of the floor to ceiling window and took a drink from a bottle of water. She moved across the floor to the short hallway that leads to the office and her bedroom.

The studio had been an excellent investment and it allowed her to practice without having to leave her house to go to a gym.

She pulled her t-shirt off over her head as she passed the heavy punching bag, her bare feet moving easily along the sun-warmed hard wood floor. Turning on the light in the bathroom she began to unwrap the tape from her fists. She sat down on the edge of the tub and she turned on the tap with her foot letting the water get hot. The last of the knuckle tape ended up on the ground next to her hakima-style pants, as she undid the drawstring and let them slide to the floor. She was lean but not stick thin and proud of her body.

She piled her hair up on her head with an expert twist and a hair clip was about to step into the shower when she heard her studio’s buzzer. Cursing, she quickly pulled on her pants and quickly wrapped a towel around her breasts. Leaving the water running she trotted to the door and looked through the peephole. She smiled.

Opening the door a crack, she smiled again. The man outside the door was wearing a dark button down collar dress shirt with a white tee underneath and a pair of khakis.

“Can I help you?” she asked, looking out, the security chain holding the door closed.

“Hi, just moved into the building and I was wondering if I could borrow your phone? I am supposed to be meeting the super today. He has my keys but he hasn’t shown up yet.” he said.

“Sure. Help yourself.” she said, unloosing the chain. He entered the room and she directed him to the phone on the counter across the room. She watched him move across the room, his balance was good and he moved easily. He was in pretty good shape. As he made his call, he smiled at her, almost shyly. She could tell he wanted to stare but seemed to be trying to play the gentleman. She found herself imagining what it would be like to fuck him. She resolved to give herself an orgasm in the shower when…

“Shit!” she exclaimed, realizing she had left the water on in the bathroom. She ran down the hall.

She turned off the water and then put on her t-shirt for good measure. No sense tempting the boy too much. She almost giggled.

Going back out into the studio space she saw he had completed his call and had moved over to the punching bag and was half-heartedly poking at it with his fists.

“Go ahead…” she said. He grinned and nodded at her. He undid the buttons on his dress shirt and shrugging out of it draped it over the counter next to the phone. Moving back to the bag he moved up to the balls of his feet and faded in and back a few times before hitting the bag once. He was slightly off target and the bag spun helplessly in place. He sheepishly looked at her.

“I’m out of practice. Haven’t done any training in quite some time.” He launched into a series of much faster strikes. Moving easily from upper to lower targets his blows moved the bag and his footwork allowed him to follow its movements with ease. He obviously had some training but she noticed a hitch to his swing. He was allowing the strikes to flutter a bit at the end of each extension. He was throwing punches but if he just reined them in a bit using the bicep more he could bring his hips to bear gaining more power.

She moved up close to him, intensely conscious that with his shirt off he was in pretty good shape. Not big, just muscular. The tee was cotton and off the rack, it stretched nicely across his back and arms. She was actually getting aroused. She barely knew this man but watching him she was thinking some pretty impure thoughts. She definitely was going bakırköy escort to take care of herself when he left.

“You have good balance but your swing is like a run-on sentence, it lacks a period.” she said haughtily, moving to hold the bag for him. “When you hit try to use the bicep and turn into the strike more.”

He blushed. “I told you I was out of practice.”

She hoped she hadn’t hurt his ego. Many men couldn’t take instruction from a woman.

As he put some thought into his strikes she realized he was a quick learner. His footwork was excellent and he took her instruction to heart as each strike became more powerful. He then started to mix up the strikes, changing hand positions to simulate various body targets, soft and hard. Ridge hands, palm strikes, hammer blows. He was obviously beginning to enjoy himself and so was she. Belatedly she realized she was staring at him as he stood there, panting slightly from the exertion.

“Well, um…I really should be going. Thanks for the advice and the use of the…facilities.” His eyes flicked to her body and then back to her face.

He moved over to the counter and gathered his dress shirt, putting it over his shoulder.

He then started for the door.

She realized this was too good an opportunity to pass up and intercepted him half way to the door. She grabbed hold of his dress shirt and pulled it from his shoulder. He turned with a surprised sound. She just held the shirt out to the side and dropped it to the ground with a sly look. He looked to the shirt and then back to her beautiful face. She just took a step forward until she was face to face with him; he was just an inch taller than her she realized.

“Sure you don’t want to work out some more?” she said brazenly in a low voice as she placed her face close to his neck and breathed in his scent. He smelled very good, light cologne and soap. She wasn’t touching him but she could feel his body heat against her skin. She stepped back again and crossed her arms and in one smooth motion pulled off her sweaty t-shirt. Standing there in just a pair of martial arts pants, her arms across her breasts she knew she was taking a terrible gamble.

He was a quick study. He took a step forward, a studied look in his eye as he took her in. He reached out a hand watching her eyes closely for approval. His hand stroked her forearm where it covered her breast and moved to the swell of her chest and up to her neck and then to her cheek. Mirroring his motion, she reached up behind his neck and then pulled him in for a kiss. His lips found hers and for the few first seconds it was an awkward high-school moment then they both settled into it like old lovers.

Her hand was at his neck stroking the soft skin and his went around her and to the small of her back.

Breaking the kiss, she tugged at the waistband of his khakis and fiercely pulled the t-shirt off over his head. He laughed and pulled her in to kiss her on the neck, biting gently. She returned the favor, biting hard on the muscle of his shoulder and reaching down, grabbed his belt.

She bodily pulled him down the hallway to the bathroom by his belt but he wasn’t complaining. There was a comic moment where he tried to kiss her at the same time as taking off his shoes but then she forced him back against the counter, knocking her toiletries into the sink and onto the floor as she knelt down in front of him.

She kissed him along the belly and put both her hands on his belt looking up at him with an impish grin. Undoing the belt she slid it from the loops and threw it out the bathroom door. Leaving the button done up, she undid his zipper and put her hand inside to feel his growing cock.

He looked down on her, his eyes bright with excitement and he then leaned down and took her face in his hands, kissed her passionately. His hand undid the tie in her hair allowing it to fall down around her beautiful shoulders. Her naked breasts were pressed against his legs and her hard nipples announced her arousal.

Squeezing his cock through his underwear she ran her hand up and down his length.

Undoing the button on his slacks she pulled his pants around his knees and did the same to his underwear. His penis sprang outwards and she looked at it before putting both hands on it and giving it a solid pull. He moaned and a drop of pre-cum glistened on the head. She couldn’t resist and leaned in to lick it away. She pulled again, starting from the base with both hands and he moaned again. bostancı escort She liked this game. His moans drew her onward.

With the next pull she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her wet mouth moved smoothly up and down on its hard length and she used one hand to stroke his shaft. On each stroke she flickered her tongue along the underside. She enjoyed his taste.

Unable to keep his balance very well with his pants and underwear around his knees he pushed her back and off him gaining a stern look for his troubles but after a moment’s struggle removed his pants and stood naked before her.

She stood up for another kiss, this one slow and deep as her hands moved over his naked body. She liked being half-clothed with him completely naked. It gave her a sense of power. She pushed him roughly back against the bathroom counter again and with a smile began to run her hands over her own body. Her breasts were small and natural and she enjoyed his looking at them. Sitting back on the rim of the tub she began moving her hands lower to the drawstring of her hakima and pulled it out with an exaggerated care, prolonging the teasing.

As her fingers moved into the waistband to move them down over her hips he moved forward quickly and took hold of both of her arms, holding them to her sides as he pulled her up and into him. Her arms were trapped at her sides now and his tongue moved against hers. He kissed her for a long time it seemed as he moved his hands slowly together and eventually left both of her arms trapped in his one hand between them. She could easily break free at any time but she wanted to see where he was going with this.

He brought her hands up along their bodies until they passed her stomach and he was holding them against their chests. Breaking the kiss for a moment he pulled her hands up over her head and stood her up fully, pressing her back against the bathroom door, the door handle in her back for a moment. They both laughed as they moved a bit, his strong hand still holding her arms above her head. He then pressed hard against her, his hips rubbing between her thighs. His hard cock rubbed against her warmth as he began to kiss her neck and chest. Turning slightly to allow access, his hand went up between her thighs and cupped her mound through the fabric of her pants. He rubbed softly and she gasped at the sensation. Nibbling at her lips and then down to her nipples he slipped his hand inside the waistband and his fingers quickly found her wetness.

She moaned into his neck as he rubbed his fingers along the lips of her vagina and probed at the soft flesh. He avoided her clitoris at first, working gently to increase her wetness and it seemed that he wanted to repay her for making him moan earlier. After a few moments he slid a finger into her. It moved in smoothly and then back out and she brought her mouth to his again, moaning into him as he worked his finger in and out of her. Her breathing was starting to come faster and she really wanted to feel him in her mouth again.

Breaking his hold with an expert twist of her wrists she stepped back, slightly breathless and made a “no no no” gesture with her finger, a smile broad across her face. She leaned back against the bathroom counter now and finish the job she started earlier by pulling her hakima off, her eyes never leaving his.

Her hand moved slowly back up her leg after removing the pants and stopped at the juncture of her thighs. She spread her legs slightly and ran a finger up the crease, shivering as she touched herself while he watched. Her own fingers soon went where his had been a few moments earlier and she closed her eyes as she pressed her palm against her clitoris. She heard him move but her eyes remained closed until she felt his lips kiss her hand and his hands were moving up and her legs, stroking her soft skin.

She continued moving two fingers in and out of her as he licked and kissed her inner thighs. Taking her fingers from her pussy she pressed his face into her and welcomed his wet tongue against her clitoris. She almost fell off the countertop when he sucked it gently into his mouth. He lashed it lightly and then inserted a finger into her, forcing her legs open even wider as he worked. After a few minutes of these ministrations she was growing lightheaded and gave out a sharp cry as an orgasm washed over her. She ground her lower lips against his mouth and finger and he moaned into her as she came.

“Oh my god. That was amazing!” she said, shuddering çekmeköy escort slightly with the after shocks. His finger continued to move gently in and out of her as he worked her down from the orgasm. She reached up and pushed her hair out of her eyes with a sharp intake of breath and then fanned herself with her hand, chuckling.

“Now it’s your turn I think…” she said sliding down off the counter and pressing his back against the bathroom door, just as he had done to her. She went to her knees again but this time leaned back against the opposing wall and then crooked her finger at him.

“Come over here.” she said huskily as she invited him to fuck her mouth. He put his hands up on the wall as he stepped towards her, pressing his hard cock forward. Her lips engulfed him again and she put one hand on his ass to control his thrusts and another went down between her wet thighs. Slowly he began to move the first few inches in and out of her mouth. Bringing her wet hand up from between her legs she used the added lubrication to stroke the base of his cock as his rhythm grew. Her other hand then moved back down to touch herself.

His hands turned to fists on the wall above her as she worked to bring him to orgasm. She felt his swelling and knew that he was close. His helpful moans told her what she needed to be doing and she set a rhythm that she knew he couldn’t survive. Firm, regular pressure on the shaft with her lips and hand soon had him crying out in pleasure and she pulled his cock from her mouth and continued stroking him as he came on her chest and neck. His cum was very hot and felt amazing on her skin; she had another orgasm as he came, her fingers working busily on her on clitoris.

Breathing heavily, he put his head against the wall above her and moaned. He settled down next to her and kissed her again. His cock was still hard and he picked up his tee and gently wiped at her chest cleaning her.

“Sorry about that.,” he grinned, tossing it into the hallway.

“It felt really good. Don’t apologize,” she said, spreading the hakima and other discarded clothes out on the bathroom floor in addition to the soft bathmat. She added a couple bath towels from the nearby linen basket to help complete the make-shift bed.

She pulled him down next to her and his hands moved across her flushed skin as they began to stroke each other, kissing occasionally or moaning appreciatively. His fingers again found her wetness and he expertly rubbed her, avoiding her sensitive clit and she easily brought him back to hardness with a few gentle strokes of her skilled hands.

Laying him back she climbed atop him, straddling his waist. She was up on one knee and above him. She grabbed hold of his cock and held it straight up towards her and slowly put him inside. She watched as she sank down onto him until he was fully inside her. Then she moved slowly up again until the head almost came out, and then back down. She did this for a few minutes until he couldn’t stand it any longer and thrust his hips up against her, burying himself inside her. He then subtly shifted his hips and began to thrust up against her forcing his cock inside with passion. With each stroke she grew more aroused. When she was panting and unable to keep her balance any longer she rolled onto her back in the tight bathroom and drew him over on top of her.

He looked down on her from above and put his cock back inside of her, able to get much deeper in this position. He moved up on his tiptoes stretched out above her and began to stroke within her. He varied the angle until he found what she wanted and he then started driving deep, his skin slapping against hers. She thrust her hand down between them and felt his wet shaft moving in and out of her and then settled on her clitoris and she worked in time with his thrusts. Holding himself up with his knees and one hand he reached down behind her head, grabbing her by the hair and pulled her up tight against him. Her belly hunched and she was taking every inch of him on each stroke, their noises of pleasure filling the small bathroom.

His hand tangled in her hair and forced her to arch her back as he fucked her, sliding in and out. Her hand worked on herself in time with the strokes as they moved against each other.

With a final shuddering thrust he came hard inside of her, she could feel his pulsing and this caused her to go over the edge as well, her pussy squeezing him and fluttering as they came together. They moaned together and kissed deeply as he continued to stroke softly within her. He moved in and out a few more times, causing them both to moan at the sensation before he pulled out from her.

He moved down next to her in the nest of clothing and towels and she threw an arm and a leg over him as they lay there in an exhausted heap.

It really had been a good afternoon. But now she definitely needed the shower.

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