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Alyce ran out the door of the house to her car knowing she had little time to get to the airport. Ryan was finally coming to visit her and she could barely contain her excitement. She drove quickly and pulled into a spot with five minutes until the plan would land. Streaking through the airport, hair flying and carrying her shoes, she got to the gate as the passengers deplaned slowly.

There he was. Time seemed to slow as he walked toward her with this sexy grin on his face and a naughty twinkle in his eye. Alyce ran towards him, and jumped wrapping her legs around his body in the hug they had waited so long for. As they kissed the world seemed to spin around them as if they were the only ones in the airport, the only ones who mattered at that moment. Ryan pulled his lips from Alyce’s and stared into her eyes. They had an electric connection between them. He finally set her bare feet on the floor and took her hand as the walked toward the escalator. When they got to the baggage claim, Alyce pushed Ryan up against a railing and passionately kissed him as if he had just come back after years of separation.

Ryan and Alyce checked into their hotel for the weekend around midnight, but sleep was nowhere in sight. Excited ümraniye escort just to see each other, and turned on by the privacy and sensuality of a hotel room, they dropped Ryan’s bags by the door, locked it, and Ryan pulled her down to the bed. She kissed him slowly, as he ran his fingers through her hair and stroked her face. Eagerly, she felt his pants, feeling the gorging bulge between his legs, and he moaned at her soft touch. Teasingly, she rolled over on her side and he spooned her, whispered “I want you bad,” into her ear and sucked violently on her earlobe and neck. She wriggled in ecstasy as he knew she would and it turned both of them on even more.

Ryan knew she had to be dripping wet by now. He undid her pants, unbuttoned her shirt and snapped off her bra and panties and she stripped him down as well. Alyce grabbed his cock in excitement and ran her fingernails up and down the shaft. Ryan slowly ran his fingers around her, teasing her, and making her moan in pleasure and desire for him to touch that sweet hot little spot. They were both standing on their knees looking to each others eyes and sharing a moment of pleasure together when Ryan trust his hand exactly üsküdar escort where she wanted it.

She yelped in ecstasy, “Oh! Ryan!” and grabbed what was now the hardest cock she had ever touched and rubbed her hands all around it while he massaged her wet clit and lips with his middle finger. She then pushed him down on the bed, knelt in front of him and shot him the sexiest alluring look as she bent over to lick him. Alyce kissed the inside of his thighs, all around, but avoided doing what he wanted most until she noticed him grabbing the pillows behind him to keep from exploding. She took the whole thing in her mouth at once, devouring his entire cock and sucking up and down, using her hand and her mouth to give him the most pleasure he could imagine. Ryan moaned, and told her to stop before he had an explosive orgasm in her mouth. Then Ryan kissed her and leaned her down towards the pillows.

Alyce knew what was coming and she couldn’t wait. Ryan took his time, kissing her neck, her arms, her breasts, sucked gently on her nipples, and kissed her stomach. Then he ran his tongue on the inside of her thighs and outsides of her lips. He loved it when she shaved because anadolu yakası escort he could lick her all over. He looked up at her with his sparkling sexy eyes as he thrust his tongue up the center of her warm and wet lips she moaned loudly, begging for more. With the flat part or his tongue and his powerful mouth, he licked her clit and kissed her wildly as she moaned for even more. Ryan looked and watched her juices drip from her body and he knew she was hotter than ever for him. It turned him on so much. Alyce quickly spread her legs open and he used his fingers to rub that sweet, wet spot.

Finally, Alyce couldn’t handle it anymore. “Give it to me NOW!” she cried as Ryan climbed on top of her. “Now?” he said…. “Is this what you want?” He teased while holding his hard cock in his hand for her to see. She screamed for him to put it inside. As he entered her body they both moaned in pleasure. Alyce had her legs spread as wide as she could and Ryan thrust inside her, juices flowing with each time he rammed inside her. He couldn’t take it anymore, and told her he was about to cum.

Alyce cried out, “I’m cumming! ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ryan! I’m cumming!!!” screaming with passion and pleasure; Ryan and Alyce felt each other’s throbs and pulsating parts as they came together. He pulled out of her body as they held onto each other and waited until both had calmed down. After a short moment’s rest, Ryan stared into Alyce’s eyes with that look of naughty thoughts and dirty fantasies. He couldn’t wait to fuck her again, and she couldn’t wait to have him inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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