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Please don’t be worried by this letter.

We’ve never met – you don’t know me and I don’t know.

However, from the moment I saw you walking through the airport terminal to the same gate at which I was waiting, I knew I had to make contact with you.

You are the most stunning, attractive and sensuous woman I have ever laid eyes upon.

I don’t believe you noticed me staring, as you were deep in conversation on your mobile phone. As you walked across through the terminal, the click of your heels caught my attention and from that moment I was totally focused on you. My eyes were drawn to your black heels, then upward along your legs to the gentle, sensual sway of your hips, sending shivers as I watched every step. The visual feast continued as I surveyed the line from hips to waist, then from waist to the delicious curvature of your breasts…along your supple neck to the beauty that filled me with desire – the lush pout of your lips, the casual wafting of your blonde hair, and the sheer hedonistic lust that so obviously lies raging within your gorgeous green eyes…

You chose a seat in the waiting lounge close to mine — distant enough that I could observe you without being obvious, but close enough that I could sense your being.

I overheard slight fragments of your conversation, enough to ascertain that it was with a partner, a husband, a friend…enough to realize that you were embarking on a solo trip which would separate the two of you for days…and enough to realize that your conversation ended with a ‘goodbye’, not ‘I love you’, the tone of your voice indicating to me that your parting is not one that concerns you greatly.

What I find concerning, as presumptuous as this may seem, is that such a luscious, desirable woman appears to be traveling to a destination at which there would seem to be no one person known to her, awaiting her arrival…

Imagine if I were to approach you on our arrival… meeting a stranger at your destination — imagine that, throwing all hesitation and uncertainty to the wind…approaching you in the terminal, ataşehir escort my thoughts full of you and only you…I will have watched you disembark from the plane, following you at a distance until we clear the exit lounge…anticipating walking up to you, wordlessly reaching for your hand, stopping you and looking into your eyes…an instant connection that sparks as we search each others gaze for understanding…leading you to a quiet corner of the terminal, away from the main flow of people…and then that first touch of our fingers, arms entwining as I embrace you with passion and fervour, our lips meeting, tongues intertwining in sheer mindless lust, the nature of our wanton carnal desire rendering us oblivious to the public surroundings of this encounter…

As we slowly part from our embrace, you instinctively take charge of the situation.

You place your mouth close to my ear. I feel the tip of your tongue gently graze my lobe before you speak.

‘Follow me, and don’t say a word’, you whisper

You turn and walk away, heading to the baggage collection, where we stand beside each other, awaiting our bags. I steal glances of you as I feign interest in the baggage carousel.

Our bags come out within moments of each other. You collect yours and slowly move off towards the taxi rank, as I hurriedly gather mine while ensuring you do not disappear from my sight. With bags in tow, I head in the same direction, picking up the pace until I am just a few feet behind you, as we approach the queue. We are only waiting for a few short minutes before we reach the head of the queue, but I suffer silently, tormented by the urge to drop everything and press in close behind you, reach my hands around to cup your breasts and press my eager mouth against your neck and shoulders, as you feel the heat of my groin grinding into your ass…

Finally, a taxi pulls up in front of you and I snap back to the reality of the moment. You reach for the door, and for a fleeting instant I am concerned our encounter has been nothing more than a tease. Then you turn to face bagdat caddesi escort me.

‘I’m going in to the city, are you?’

‘Yes I am’, I reply

‘Would you like to share a ride?’, you ask, a glint in your eyes betraying your true intent.

‘ I’d be honoured’ I reply, as I gather all of our luggage up and place it in the boot.

I climb into the back seat next to you as you give the driver the address of city hotel. As the taxi moves off from the kerb and into the flow of traffic, you turn towards me, placing your hand gently on my thigh as you speak softly…

‘No names…no questions…if I want to know something I’ll ask you…if I want to tell you something, you’ll know…ok?’

I nod in agreement.

You slide across the seat until you’re almost in my lap. Your hand creeps up my leg, and your fingertips slightly brush across the swell of my cock. With my senses about to overload from the tension, I react, putting one hand on the back of your head and pulling you in to kiss me, while my other hand roams your thigh, your waist, your breast, your cheek…wild abandon once again in our embrace, touching each other as intimately as the restrictive conditions of the back seat allow. I open my eyes briefly and catch a glimpse of our driver, eyes wide in the rear view mirror, struggling to remain focused on the road as our erotically charged display distracts him. I return his stare and he looks away, embarrassed at being caught.

The half hour drive flies by in what seems like minutes, as our attentions are focused totally on each other — our lips rarely part, our hands caressing each others bodies through clothing, desperate to uncover, undress, unleash…

We reach our destination and you immediately head to reception to check in as I gather up our belongings and deliver them to the concierge as you wave in my direction, indicating to him our luggage. You then nod at me and head over to the elevator lobby, knowing I will be right behind you.

As we enter the elevator and the doors close, you take my hand bostancı escort in yours and lift it up to you lips. You start to lick my fingers, up and down, before separating them and sucking on my index finger. The suction I feel from your mouth is incredible, making me gasp for breath, and you turn your eyes up to see the reaction on my face. You continue to suck on each of my fingers as the elevator takes us upward to our floor, and I can feel the sensation throughout my entire body, your actions sending shivers through me.

The elevator stops, having reached your floor. Again you take the lead, striding off the moment the doors are opened. You check out the door numbers, looking for your room. You stop when you find it, pausing at the door to glance back at me, following with our cases. You open the door and push it wide, stepping inside. I follow obediently. Once inside, I drop our luggage and come in search of you.

I step into the main room and find you already lying on the bed. You look ravishing, your hair disheveled, your body supple, wanton, desirable. I can do nothing more than fall to my knees beside the bed, and place my hands on your legs. I slide my hand over your feet, over your calves, along your thighs. I feel you shiver at my touch, as my hands climb higher, slipping under your skirt, lifting it higher as I reach your hips.

I feel the thin straps of your g-string, and in one sudden movement, my fingers slip underneath them and roughly pull the fine wisp of material down your legs. You let out a gasp in surprise and anticipation. I climb up on the bed, between your legs, and part them as my gaze meets your glistening, wet pussy. The scent of your unbridled desire permeates the air. My cock strains between my legs, erect, awaiting the opportunity to experience your touch.

I move up, my tongue eager to taste your honeyed sweetness…

Whether anything happens next, depends on whether I have the resolve to follow through with my initial thoughts… can I throw all hesitation and uncertainty to the wind…approach you in the terminal, my thoughts full of you and only you…I will have watched you disembark from the plane, following you at a distance until we clear the exit lounge…if I’m strong enough, I’ll be walking up to you, wordlessly reaching for your hand, stopping you and looking into your eyes…you’ll just have to wait and see…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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