Alice Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Editing done by: Lestrange, with thanks.


Chapter II – The Midnight Call


She moved out of the way, and I crawled out after her and stood up. She too stood up letting her skirt fall back into place, and then she kissed me and stepped back. She was again in ‘business mode’.

“I won’t need you for the rest of the day,” she said, “Give my secretary your address and phone number, where I can get in touch with you twenty-four hours a day. Then you can go home if you wish” she said, as I opened the office door to leave.

As requested, I gave the unsmiling secretary my information, she didn’t say anything, but she must have been wondering where I’d been when she’d brought those people in to the meeting and stayed to take the minutes.

Perhaps she knew that I was under the table between her bosses legs, giving her a right good old licking out. Maybe that’s why she seems to be giving me the cold shoulder, I don’t know; don’t really care either, what’s she going to do about it, tell the boss.

I left her with a sly smile on my face, licking my lips, to collect my things, and left to go home.

From the time I walked out of the office I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened that day. The abuse on the train, getting fingered before I moved away from whom ever was doing it. Then meeting ‘her’ by the doors; pressing herself against my hand. Getting me in such a state that I had to go and sort myself out in the ladies toilet’s at work.

Then whilst there, to be surprised by her again, pushing the cubical door open catching me well on the way to an orgasm, with her skirt up over her hips, knicker-less and fingering herself whilst watching me.

On top of all that, To find out she was my ‘boss’, and that she was willing to help me orgasm by licking me out was fantastic to say the least. Then of course, there was the matter of what happened after the toilets, ‘in the meeting,’ and the sudden promotion, as a reward.

Let me tell you by the time I was on the train going home, It felt like I had a rolled up beach towel wedged high up between my thighs. Thankfully I got to a seat with a table because I couldn’t sit with my legs closed while I was that aroused. I sat on the edge of the seat so I could open and close my thighs pressing my swollen lips against my blood engorged clitoris, hoping to make my self orgasm before I got to my station.

Even before the train set off, I was joined by what it seemed were a man and a woman sitting opposite me at the table. I’d say he was in his late teens, she looked older than him. I just accepted that he liked older woman and she liked younger men. But then the train set off and he began to behave in a strange way. Once he become bored with looking out of the window, he took out of his pocket a pair of toy cars and started playing with them on the table top.

There was something not quite right with him, maybe this woman was his mother, or his carer, and she was taking him out on a day trip to somewhere nice.

“Don’t mind him,” said the woman next to him. “He won’t hurt you, ‘not intentionally,’ he has the mind of a child and he’s big for his age, ‘very’ big,” she said looking to one side.

That last, almost unheard comment of hers intrigued me, I looked at her sharply and she blushed, confirming what I’d thought. Be her, his mother or just his carer, it was obvious that she derived satisfaction from him in some way.

“It’s okay love, I don’t mind,” I said reaching for my paper.

I heard a clatter of something being dropped and then he started crying because it was one of his toy cars.

“It’s alright Edward love; you know what to do don’t you? Just climb under the table, find your car and you can come back up and play with it again, yes?!”

Edward gave her a toothless smile as she lovingly wiped the tears off his cheeks.

“There you go, all pretty and kissable again, to prove the point his kissed her… on the mouth then scrambled under the table to look for his missing toy car.

I don’t know what came over me, I opened the paper to hide behind and at the same time I opened my legs and felt the hemline of my skirt slide up to about halfway up my thighs. ‘He must be able to see me now,’ I thought, wondering if he could smell my pussy yet.

Evidentially he had, he put a car against each of my ankles.

He said “Drivers; are you ready? Get set…GO!”

I could feel the wheels of both his cars moving from my ankles up my legs. Apparently, he was racing his cars up my legs. I bit my lower lip hoping the finish line was my pussy.

He reached my knees, with a lot of simulated squealing of tyres.

“They’ve just rounded that treacherous corner, kadıköy escort and are now on the home stretch,” he said in an announcers voice then went back to the sound of roaring engines.

He took his time swerving his cars ‘up and down,’ my thighs as he made his way ever closer. I rolled my hip down so he could see the whole of me and that his hoped finish line was a lot wider for him. I was nibbling now on my bottom lip anticipating the long awaited finish. My clitoris must be standing out like a little white beacon, indicating the finish line.

“They’re neck and neck, which one will win, is anybody’s guess,” he said, ‘as the announcer.’

“It’s… it’s… ladies and gentlemen, it’s official, its ended in a draw. You can see that both cars are still racing each other up and down the winners’ lane.” He stated excitedly.

He was driving me crazy with lust, I wanted to grab his head and press his face into his winners’ lane until I showered him with my champagne!

“Then they will be going off to park up in the winners’ tunnel.” He said.

I nearly screamed out, when I felt him push his cars up inside me.

Then, in a completely different voice, one of the drivers I think. “Yes that’s right, I drive only for the woman, and the sex, when I win, like today I’m rewarded like this.”

He pressed his mouth against me, kissing me down there, a ‘French kiss!’ thrusting his tongue in and out of me, sucking my white little beacon into his mouth, and chewing on it with his toothless gums.

My body shook, I showered him, ‘and his cars,’ with my bubbly champagne, which he happily lapped up until I was clean again.

He managed to get one of his cars back, but the other was too far up my cunt. He started off gently probing in me, but once he realised he couldn’t reach it, that’s when he started trying to get his fingers inside me to get it out. To help him, I pressed hard against my abdomen, and pushed down feeling the thing inside me move. He felt it too, so I tapped on my clitoris hoping he’d understand what I wanted, and that he wouldn’t get his car back if he didn’t.

He was cleverer than I took him for, I didn’t need to do it again he latched on to me straight away and started sucking again and probing me looking for his car to return.

It did…, eventually, I pushed it out with my last orgasm, and thankful that it was out of me now.

As soon as he was out from between my legs and getting back up to his seat, I clamped them shut with a slap.

“Where have you been all this time, and what have you been up to?” the woman asked.

“I hope he wasn’t being a naughty boy down there?!” she said to me.

Without waiting for an answer she turned to him, saying “Did you find your car? Where is it? What’s that in your mouth Edward, come on now, spit it out,” she ordered holding her hand under his chin.

I swear there was this smile in his eyes as he looked at me and spat out, not one, but both cars. He’d been sucking them clean of my womanly fluids.

“Naughty, naughty boy Edward, you know you shouldn’t do that, you never know where they have been!”

That smile he had on his face, ‘got bigger.’

“Come on,” she ordered. “It’s time now for us to go!”

They both stood up to leave, but there was something about him that wasn’t right. He put his hand to his mouth, stood up straighter and straitened his clothing so they didn’t look so unkempt and lived in. he almost blinded me with the radiance of his smile. His mouth was now full of teeth, whereas before he had none.

He bowed over the table, took hold of and kissed the back of my hand.

“It’s been a ‘tremendous pleasure,’ Madam,” he said in an English Accent.

She too leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear. “Tell patty it was our pleasure.”

“Who’s patty?” I asked confused.

But she just looked at me and smiled, as they both left the train.

By the time I got home that afternoon, I was spent, used up, ready for the scrap heap, don’t even bother with the recycling bins. You couldn’t recycle this! Not anymore! Just crush me up, and throw me away. I couldn’t even sit on my saddle riding my bike back from the station, I was that swollen.

All I wanted was a shower and bed; I didn’t even have enough energy to put a nightie on. I just fell, flat, face down on my bed. I don’t even remember hitting my bed; I must have passed out from exhaustion before that.

I was woken up hours later; the moon was shining through my window. I don’t know what time exactly, but it was to someone banging hard on my door, and continually ringing the doorbell.

I got up aching all over to answer the door. I put on my dressing gown because kartal escort that was the nearest thing to hand and went down stairs and opened the door.

‘What the hell,’ I thought, It was her, ‘my boss,’ standing on the door step. She didn’t even say hello, before barging her way into my flat.

“Why don’t you answer your phone? I called several times but you didn’t answer. So now I’ve had to come all this way here for you. You are supposed to be available to me twenty-four hours a day, that’s your job, do you want to keep it, because you are not starting off on a good footing!” she ranted storming on into my flat. I quietly closed the door behind her and followed her into the living room.

“What can I do for you Mrs Johnson,” I asked a little nervous.

“Well for a start.” she barked back at me, making me even more nervous.

“Don’t call me Mrs Johnson when we’re away from the office,” she said, in a much softer tone.

A smile broke across her face, and she said with a husky voice. “You can call me Patty.”

She came to me, and held me in her arms hugging me.

“It was my mistake to let you go home early,” she admitted.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and what you did to me in that meeting. I’ve literally been dripping all afternoon, and when I couldn’t get hold of you, I knew I’d have to come here and spend the night with you. You don’t mind do you?” she asked unsure.

Shaking my head, I smiled back and pressed myself against her.

“I have a little surprise to show you how much I’ve been thinking of you,” she said.

She let go of me to let me step back, with a shy look in her eyes she undid the buttons of her coat and let it fall to the floor.

I gasped with both surprise and shock, when I saw that she’d travelled all this way naked under her coat. Then I saw it, the surprise she had for me. She was completely hairless, her lips swollen and pouting like a school girl, when she can’t have what she wants.

“You’re cunt!” I exclaimed. “It’s bald! You’ve shaved you’re cunt for me! How did you know? I love a smooth pussy?” I cried reaching for it.

She spread her legs and let me finger her.

“How would you like me to shave your hairy snatch?” she moaned, with her hands on my shoulders as I fingered her.

I stood up and threw my arms around her shoulders, kissing her, holding her close, trapping her arm between us.

I could feel her fingers searching beneath my robe, exploring, ‘she would say,’ for my fleshy opening.

She stopped, and stepped back away from me.

“You too?” she said huskily.

She pulled at the belt around my waist, and then opened my gown. I was looking, ‘but not seeing,’ until she put her hand against my ‘camel toe.’ I was hairless too! I honestly had no idea how or when it happened. I know I had pubic hair when I showered earlier, I don’t remember if it was still there before I passed out on my bed. Had somebody come in and shaved for me, or had I done it myself?

“I’m ready for you,” she whispered breathlessly in my ear, ‘stepping back again.’

I went to her, and took one of her nipples into my mouth, before dropping down to my knees in front of her and, ‘explored,’ between her legs with my mouth and tongue.

“I didn’t want to waste any time in getting undressed,” she said moaning at what I was doing to her.

“I thought you’d like it better like this, do you approve?” she asked.

By way of an answer, I started licking, and sucking, her plump, juicy, hairless cunt even harder and looking up at her with lust in my eyes.

She called me an ‘insatiable vixen,’ backing away from me, and pushing me away when I tried to follow her.

Breathlessly she said “I’m here now, because I’ve wanted to taste you’re cunt, to feel my tongue slip in and out of those soft velvety lips. I want you to sit on my face, rubbing yourself against me; until you wash my face with your orgasm… what do you think about that?”

“I’m more than ready,” I said standing up and dropping my gown to the floor.

I stood in front of her as naked as she, as ready as she, as wantonly lustful as she. I went to her and pressed my lustful body against her warm and soft body. We straddled each other’s thighs, thrusting ourselves against the other. Our breasts came together like the teeth of a zip, or the cogs of a wheel. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss, lips pressed, tongues entwining, teeth knocking against the others and our saliva mixing as we continued thrusting our hips at each other.

“Shall we retire to the bedroom?” I whispered breathlessly in her ear.

I found quickly that I couldn’t let go of her, our soft bodies intertwined, rubbed against each kurtköy escort other, and excited both of us as we stood there kissing. She was the one with enough strength to step back; she took hold of my hand.

“Shall we,” she said reaching down for her bag then following me to my bedroom.

For a woman of her age, she had great stamina, she could out last me every time. I’d be tired after each time and start to doze off but ‘no,’ she’d wake me up doing something else to me. Most of the time, she’d wake up with her face planted firmly between my legs licking and sucking at me. Then she’d expect me to do the same to her, she didn’t care if I was asleep or not, she said it gave her nice sexy dreams.

She scissored her legs around mine, and moved herself towards me until her cunt flaps were pressing hard against mine, and we’d thrust at each other until we creamed.

I’d never done anything like that before, pulling on each other’s leg and grinding ourselves against the other until I came over her fanny and she mine.

“It’s time for sleep now,” she said, reaching for her bag and pulling out a double ended dildo and putting it on the bed between us.

“This, is so we stay together in our dreams,” she said sweetly.

“And these…” she said again reaching into her bag of tricks and pulling out two thick, leather belts, with large buckles on them.

“This one, we fasten our knees together to stop us running away, and this one is to be fastened around our chest to keep our bodies together.” She stated.

“Plus I want to feel your tits pressing against me all night long,” she said putting everything between us.

“I never done anything like this before,” I told her.

“How do you do it?” I asked, nervously, but excited at the same time.

“Of course, I will show you! First I get this…” she said picking up the dildo by one end.

“Now open your legs for me will you, so I can put this end inside you. Good girl,” she said pushing up and deep into me.

She pressed some of it between my lips, and told me to close my legs so I’d be trapping it like that. I found it highly amusing to look down and see that I’d become a man with a really big cock between my legs.

Before she put the other end into herself, she used the smaller belt, and ‘loosely,’ tied our knees together. Then she threaded the larger one around my back and just under my arms and around hers so she was like me and tied that loosely too.

Now it was her turn to be ‘inserted,’ she took the other end of the dildo, tugged it a couple of times like she was wanking it off.

“Do you feel that inside?” she asked.

I nodded.

“That’s exactly what I’ll be feeling too whenever either one of us moves during the night. So in essence we’d be fucking each other all night long.”

I was already starting to become very aroused again as she pushed her end of the dildo up into herself. I felt it moving inside me when she reached down to tighten the knee straps. The mutual fucking went on as we jostled so the front of our body’s pressed against each other and that’s when she pulled on the chest belt. Not tight, just tight enough so that we could easily rub our nipples together if we wanted.

“I’d like to fall asleep with your tits in my hand,” she informed me shoving her hands up under the belt between us and grabbing my nipples.”

This is what we do if we’re about to orgasm.”

She pulled her hands out from my breasts and wrapped her arms around my waist and spun me so I was now lying on top of her, before putting her hands back on my tits.

“Now fuck me hard, the way you’ve always wanted a man to fuck you hard!”

At first I started off softly, kissing her and thrusting at her, but she pinched my nipples really hard.

“Do you feel that?” she said giving them another pinch.

“Ow…!” I yelped in pain.

“That’s how sore I want you to make my soppy cunt feel, I want you to make me scream out in ‘pain and lust,’ I want to be begging you to stop fucking me because your cock is just too big and too fucking hard,” she ordered, just to make sure I understood, she pulled hard on my nipples until I started fucking just as hard.

She was doing it so hard she bounced us both off the bed and onto the floor, and she didn’t even miss a thrust. Her body started shaking, suddenly everything stopped while she ‘howled at the moon. She looked down at me, for some reason I felt scared of her the way she was looking me.

She pushed my tit’s up to my chin took my nipples into her mouth and chewed on them whilst she had her own orgasm.

I don’t remember much after that just some weird dreams. She was gone when I woke up the next morning, gone but definitely, ‘not forgotten.’

A note on my bedside cabinet explained it all. ‘Good work girl, I won’t be needing you for the rest of the weekend.’ Just make sure you’re at work Monday morning by 7:30am. You’re coming to a meeting in Scotland with me, I need entertaining up there and you’re it,’ Signed, ‘Patty.’

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