All I See Are Dark Eyes

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All I really wanted to do was to take Donna back to my hotel, kiss every square inch of her skin and then fuck her senseless, and instead we were on our way to the most inane sounding art event in world history.

“It’s a double bill of 300 and 500 Days of Summer.” I said, dumbfounded, repeating back to her what she’d just told me.

“Yeah, my friend Evan has this film series going, and I have to go support him, at least put in an appearance,” Donna said. She had met me at LAX, and we were taking my rental car downtown, to the arts center she worked at, rather than towards my hotel.

“Those are two of my least favorite movies ever. Why are they showing those two?”

“My friend Evan runs this double bill project, where every Tuesday he shows two movies on a theme. This time the theme is numbers. This is like the 9th one, I think. He started with One Fine Day and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What was next, The Three Musketeers? Or Three Women? The Three Amigos?”

“It was Three Ninjas,” Donna informed me. “And Four Rooms.”

“Tell me that’s a joke.”

“Nope, Three Ninjas.”

“Ugh.” A long pause. “Wait, why can’t we at least watch The 400 Blows? That comes between 300 and 500.”

“Cause this isn’t bougie like that. No French new wave, all Hollywood bullshit.”

“So I take it he skipped Fellini’s 8 1/2.”

“Yeah, it was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Eight Legged Freaks.”

“This is the dumbest idea in the world.”

She grinned: “Welcome to Hollywood!”

Donna looked so luscious in the dress she was wearing. I knew she preferred jeans, she’d told me so in one of our many chats online, or on the phone, but today she was in this dress that I just wanted to tear off of her.

She directed me towards her work, and we found parking nearby. It was a bland commercial building that had a small auditorium up front, and Donna showed me her office, up a flight of stairs. We made awkward small talk, and it occurred to me that she was just as disappointed with having to attend the movie, rather than be back at the hotel as I was. She fidgeted, checking her phone.

“I think it’s time for the movie.” She took my hand and led me downstairs. It was the first time we’d ever touched. Her hand was soft and electric.

We took seats near the back. Donna pointed out her friend; he had thick owl rimmed glasses, with no glass in the rims, and distinctly artisanal facial hair.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Movies by the Numbers IX.” He said ‘eye-ex,’ a hipster affectation that had me rolling my eyes. “Thank you all so much for coming. Next week we conclude our program with 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and 50,000 BC. Without further ado, I present…. an oiled up Gerard Butler!” People laughed and applauded wildly. I sighed in resignation. I felt 300 years older than everyone else in the room, even as I was exactly the same as as everyone else in attendance. The room darkened suddenly – clearly this was not meant to be a theatre, it had no simmer switch – and 300 started playing.

I gritted my teeth and let the opening ridiculity wash over me, the nonsense I could hardly follow, something about being abandoned to be killed by wolves, and then somehow parlaying that experience into becoming a king. I couldn’t follow it, not least because I kept staring at Donna’s legs, making me want to just kneel down on the floor of the theatre, nestle my face between her legs and…

Wait! Why wasn’t I doing that? I looked around, saw no one in our row, and moved my hand, boldly to Donna’s thigh, holding her in my strong hands, caressing the insides of her leg lightly. She briefly tried to push my hand away, but I was stronger, and she wasn’t trying very hard, so eventually her hand just rested upon mine, as I stroked the softness of her inner thigh. I could feel the muscles in her leg relax, under my fingers, and her breath become deeper, and slightly ragged. She wouldn’t look at me, she was facing straight ahead, not daring to look down at our twined hands. I massaged her for a minute, relaxing her, easing her into the moment. I heard her breath get slow and deep, something I recognized from one of our many phone sessions, the sound she made as she drifted deeper into one of our many shared fantasies, I made my move.

I kept my hands on her thigh, still stroking, caressing, and extended my pinky, my hand making the same shape someone would when daintily holding a teacup. My hand, strong and smooth on her thigh, bostancı escort and my erect pinky, pressing directly onto her panties, rubbing her right over her clit.

She took a sharp intake of breath, and looked around wildly for a moment, making sure no one was paying attention. Then she slowly slumped slightly in her seat, pressing her pussy firmer against my circling finger.

I grinned madly.

My finger kept its slow steady circles, tracing a pattern on the front of her silky panties. Donna’s hips made subtle jinks, rubbing her pussy against me. I could feel a bead of moisture through the fabric. I leaned over, brushed her neck lightly with my lips and whispered to her:

“You are going to lead me upstairs, find a quiet corner, and I am going to pull your panties aside and lick you until you come all over my face.” The beginnings of a moan slipped from her lips, until she caught herself. She straightened up in her chair and looked at me to see if I was serious. I met her gaze. She got up, and we silently fled the theatre, and found the stairway.

Donna was walking so fast she was nearly skipping, leading me down a maze of darkened hallways past cubicles and offices, until she finally cracked open the door of a conference room and peeked in. She ushered me in, and shut it behind us, and turned to stare at me in the dim streetlight.

“Now what?” She asked. I gave her a lupine grin, and a lascivious stare. She arched her eyebrows at me, waiting for me to say something, anything. I refused, just taking in her luscious body for a long minute. Finally, I strode forwards, picked her up by her hips, and set her on the desk in the corner; she leant back against the window, and I knelt on the floor in front of her, my head between her legs, her skirt the only obstacle.

I raised the hem at an agonizing pace; it was torture for both of us. When the skirt was finally at her waist, I could see the damp spot she’d made against her panties, blue with koi on them, the goldfish a dark color from her moisture. I could smell her arousal, so sweet and clear. Unwilling to wait any longer, I pulled the strip of her panties aside, nuzzled her thigh with my stubbly cheek, and stared at her beautiful pussy. She tried to push it towards me, but I resisted, just for a moment, just to take in the look, the smell of her, before I devoured her.

Finally, I licked Donna’s pussy. one long, slow lick, started just below her entrance, swinging deep and slow into her cunt, and sweeping up, stopping just short of her clit, before backing off to do it again. Three more deep slow licks, each one stopping just short of finishing on her clit. She was taking those shallow moany breaths that I knew so well; she was already fairly close. I elected to be kind, and zero in, battering her clit fiercely with my tongue, as I sucked it into my mouth. Donna’s hips sprang alive, fucking my face, holding me by the back of my head. Despite her thighs around my ears, I heard her bite back a long low moan, and felt the gush, the reward of her nectar bathing my face, filling my mouth, so delicious.

When she finally relaxed, came down from her high, I kept licking her clit, slowly though, knowing how sensitive it was, but keeping her ramped up.

“Fuck that was – ah!” she said, as I swiped at it again. I gave her more slow, tender licks, and then a few more sharp ones, and stood up. I had to lean down to kiss her, our first kiss, tender and lovely – I wonder how many couples’ first kiss came at the same time his cock pressed right against her pussy, like mine did. We kissed long and deep, my cock sliding up and down in her wetness, but not entering. When I finally pulled back, the light caught her face, slightly glistening with her come, that had rubbed off from me.

I reached down, the head of my cock pointing straight home, the strap of her panties rubbing against me, just rubbing at her wetness, and found her clit with my thumb, and started rubbing softly.

“Oh god, please, just take me,” Donna whisper-moaned.

“Not yet.” I intoned, and started strumming her clit a little faster. My cock notched at her pussy, like it was going to slide in, and I backed off.

“Fuck me.”


“Please, just fuck me.”

“No. Do you want to know why?”


“Why what?”

“Why won’t you just fucking fuck me,” she nearly screamed, until she remembered she had to whisper.

“Because. When my cock slides into your pussy for the first time, it is going ataşehir escort to be just at the moment you are coming. When I finally fill your cunt, it’s going to be just at the second when you are spasming, so when it noses into your tight cunt, it’s going to be at your tightest, as you are clenching.” Donna’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, and I could feel immediately how close she was to coming. I sped up my hand.

“Fuck … Fuck… Fuck…. Now, I’m fucking coming, fuck me now.” And I slid home, my cock slowly sliding into her tight cunt, as my thumb madly played on her clit until my hand was caught between our writing bodies. I could feel the extra wetness of her coming all over my cock, and I responded, freeing her hand, cupping her ass, and pounding her against the desk. She pulled me in, deeper, wrapping our bodies together, the room filling with the wet slap of my cock in her cunt, and our ragged breaths.

“Do it, come for me,” she moaned, and her hips quaked again, and I couldn’t stand it any longer, feeling her cunt tighten around my cock as she came set me off, and I shot into her pussy, over and over again, endlessly shooting into her, holding myself as deeply as possible in her cunt, while she bucked against me, me perfectly still, her in an ecstatic thrash as we came against each other, until finally she collapsed back against the window, and we stayed there while we caught our breath, my cock still buried in her pussy, the hem of her panties rubbing against my shaft.

Finally I spoke. “We need to get back to my hotel room. Now.” Donna smiled lazily, and nodded.

* * *

Driving through LA with a restless energy. I was in such a hurry to get back, to be able to really take my time and worship Donna’s body. I keep sneaking glances over at her, and she was just staring back at me, smirking, I’m sure her mind on what had just occurred, and what was soon to come.

“Hurry, make that light!” she squealed suddenly. I didn’t react fast enough, and slowed us into a stop. “Damn, she said. This is the longest red light in all of Los Angeles.”

“Really?” I said.

“Really. It’s like, famous.”

“Hmm,” I said. “Good.” And I unbuckled my seatbelt, and leaned in to kiss her. One hand darted under her dress, into her panties, and sliding into her soaked, cum filled pussy. Donna’s eyes got huge, and she took a silent, fish-mouthed gulp of air. I thrummed her pussy for a few moments, and then rested back in my seat. Donna looked spent, slumped.

Green light.

I floored it, and, as I steered us towards my hotel, towards an unforgettable night, I sucked on my cummy fingers. Donna stared at me, and gave a long low moan.

I checked in to the hotel as quickly as possible, and we took the elevator up to the room. As we waited, I kept hitting the UP button, over and over again, like an overexcited child.

We finally found my room and stormed inside. Donna threw her purse on the bedside table, and turned around so I could envelop her in an enormous kiss. We couldn’t keep from tearing at each other’s clothes, even as we couldn’t bear to separate our hungry mouths. We finally got naked, and I picked her up by the waist, and tossed her onto the bed, on her stomach. I crawled over her, so my mouth was at her ear.

“Are you ready to be a good girl?” A long pause.

“Uh huh.” And my cock slid home. I filled her cunt, and stayed there, savoring the tight wet perfection. We stayed that way for an eternity, my body wrapped around hers, it was impossible to tell where my olive skin left off and her tan skin began. I savored the feeling of her. And then I gave her a sharp thrust, pulling almost entirely out, and slamming home, and then staying there, keeping her pinned to the bed. We ground into each other, her hips rolling back at me.

“Stop moving.” I ordered. “Spread your legs.” She spread them as if she were on autopilot. I found an extra quarter inch in her cunt. “Good girl.”

We settled in a steady pace. I plunged into her at a steady pace, a heartbeat, over and over again. She bucked her ass back at me, as I fucked her down into the bed. We were in perfect unison each stroke I nailed her down into the mattress, where she ground her clit against the sheets; each upstroke she she lifted her hips so I could pound her deeply again, over and over again, until she came, loudly, finally able to let herself loose, to explode with moans and a palpable gush of come. She had told me how wet she got, and I could hear it sometimes, çekmeköy escort during our phone calls, that wet squish of her toy as she fucked herself, but to feel her nectar pour over my cock as she came filled me with such a primal sense of achievement and pride.

I turned her over, wanting to see her face as we fucked. I grabbed a pillow, and slid it under her hips, and held her ankles up by my shoulders. Donna let me manipulate her body, eyes closed, clearly deeply relaxed.

“Donna, look at me.” She opened her eyes. “I am going to fuck you, slow and easy,” I whispered, and slid into her wet cunt. She moaned deeply, as I held my cock there. “Good girl,” I said, and we settled into an easy, ancient rhythm. At this angle it felt like I could go even deeper, and each thrust was slick and wet. We could fuck this way for hours.

We could have, but then I remembered some of our phone calls, and something I knew Donna had never done before, but wanted badly to try.

“You’ve been so good up to now. But I think it’s time for you to be my little slut.”

“Uh huh,” Donna moaned, as she fucked back up at me, biting her lip, nodding.

“Good girl,” I said, and slid my cock out of her pussy. She was so wet, her come, mingled with my own, was dripping out of her cunt and slid down her ass. She give a disappointed little whimper.

“Look at me,” I commanded, and she looked up, our eyes met, and I placed the head of my cock against her slick rosebud. A thrill of anxiety shot through her eyes. I could see her debating telling me to stop, and then the realization that she trusted me, that she wanted this.

“Look at me, as I make you my slut.” She locked my eyes with hers, determined, and I pushed forwards, the head of my cock sliding into her ass, so slick with our co-mingled come. She kept staring at me, and all I could see was her dark eyes, as she took me into her ass for the first time.

We both exhaled giant breaths, and gave little whimpers, as I pushed into her tight little hole.

“You’re such a good little slut,” I moaned, as our hips met, and my cock was all the way in her ass. We fucked slowly, with hinky little hip rolls, barely moving at all. I found her clit with my thumb and rubbed her in the same slow motion, until Donna’s hips quaked, and her ass clenched, and she couldn’t support her legs up against me anymore. I slid out of her, and let her collapse on the bed; she was spent.

But I wasn’t close to finished.

I let her lie there, while I turned to the bedside table, and rifled through her purse, quickly finding the toy I had asked her to bring, her thick, curved vibrator. I curled up behind Donna, pushing her so I was spooned around her, my arms wrapping her up. My cock was still come-slick, and her ass was ready, and I found my way back inside her. We stayed that way for an eternity, our sweaty skin catching, our bodies fused together, all skin on skin. Once I felt like Donna was totally relaxed, I started playing with her pussy with the vibrator, running it slowly over her at the lowest speed. As her breathing picked up, as her hands reached back towards me, trying to pull me in deeper, I slid the toy inside her, and turned it up. She began to fuck back at me, and I turned it up higher. She rocked back and forth, until she came, crying out, a gush of come covering my hand. After she came down, I turned her over onto her back again, until just the head of my cock was inside her ass, and she reached down and started stroking me.

I pulled the toy out of her pussy. “When I come, I want the only thing you feel is my come shooting into your ass.”

“Yes, I want to feel that,” she moaned, and stroked me harder.

“And then I can suck my come out of you.”

“Yes!” she cried, and her hand was a blur, and I could feel her ass clench around the head of my cock and I couldn’t hold back; for the first time, Donna felt the swell and gush of her ass being filled with come.

We collapsed into a tangle of limbs and sweat.

Just before I fell asleep, my cock slipping out of her, exhausted, I whispered, “300 is still a terrible movie.”

* * *

I woke up, not knowing where I was, and with the lovely sensation of Donna’s lips around my hardening cock. I basked in the sensation for a minute, and then pulled her on top of me, so we were in a 69ing position. I licked her pussy deeply, and then placed my mouth over her ass, and felt my own come fill my mouth. That was enough for Donna; she turned around, and sat on my cock, riding me; I slid into place with an easy slickness. I took in the roll of her breasts, her head lolling back in deep, contented concentration. We fell into an eternal rhythm like we were Greek gods.

“That’s it, fuck me just like this,” I breathed, and she took me for that long ride, and the fucking went on forever.

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