All in Red

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The hall way is empty, I can hear the buzz of Televisions and voices floating down the hall. I stand in front of the nondescript door, beyond the shiny numbers above the peek hole, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the seemingly endless rows of doors without your explicit direction, I finger the slip of paper in my hand, flicking it over to see the number and time in your distinct hand writing. I stuff it into my coat pocket, readjusting it, looking down at my feet and assessing my shoes, they reflect back at me in the dim overhead light; I catch my bottom lip between my teeth and chew it softly before peeking back up at the door. I’m stalling. I know I am. I straighten my shoulders giving my coat one last tug down the front and smooth my sweaty palms along the back of my legs before raising my hand to knock on the door. The sound of the knocks echoes off the walls down the hall and there is a moment where I hear nothing from inside. A frown starts to spread across my brow when I hear the sound of tread fall on the other side of the door. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding as I hear the locks click as they are turned. I watch as the door slides open and your figure is silhouetted from the lights within the room.

I sigh and smile at you. “Hello honey…” I greet as you open your arms to embrace me.

“You’re a bit late darling, I was worried you weren’t coming?” I smile at you brightly, shaking my head

“No, no… I had trouble finding the slip of paper you gave me, kind of got a bit flustered.”

A half smile hangs around your mouth as you take my hand and lead me inside. I can feel the heat of your hand, and I look around the room as we move deeper inside. The room is softly lit, you’ve put the lamps on and they throw soft light off the walls and the deep red bedspread. You kiss my hand as you turn away and go to shut the door, I hear the lock click in place and I swallow softly, turning I watch you return.

You’re dressed in casual slacks and a polo shirt, you’ve taken your shoes off and I can see them near the overnight bag in the far left corner of the room. I sense you walking towards me, and turn towards you. You step close, your body almost touching mine. I can feel the heat off your body. You turn your head, moving towards my neck. My breath catches in my throat as I feel your breath brush against my skin. It flutters over my skin, making me shudder. I tilt my head slightly, exposing my next to your touch. You plant a soft kiss on my neck, making me break out in goose bumps. I let out a slow breathy moan as you slide your hand along my hip, your fingers flaring to take a firm grip. Your lips travel up to my ear, and you nip the lobe in your teeth. I moan softly as you suck and release it.

“Are you ready göztepe escort for me Darling?” You ask as you slip your hand around to my arse, pulling me against your length. I can feel you’re hard on through our clothes. I nod slightly against your shoulder and neck. Suddenly you step back, holding your arms wide.

“Prove it…” You turn from me, retreating to the bed; shucking off your polo shirt. You toss it aside, reclining back on the bed.

I stand for a moment, a little bit nervous and then throw my shoulders back, walking towards the end of the bed. I stand there, looking at you, relaxed on the bed, ankles crossed and arms above your head. I smile at you before catching my bottom lip between my teeth and undo the tie of my coat. I then slowly start to unbutton the length of buttons. I look up, seeing your eyes watching my fingers as you watch me slowly expose what’s hidden underneath. I hear you moan softly as my coat opens and I push it back, slipping it from my shoulders. You moan again, this time louder as I take a step towards the bed. The light reflects off my royal red corset, my heavy breasts spilling dangerously over the top. I can feel my nipples grazing the trimming material. I watch your eyes rake over my body, taking in every inch now exposed and displayed. I move to the side of the bed, and you groan, as more of me is revealed in side view. The length of my legs encased in sheer stockings, bright red garters hooking up to a garter belt that’s disappearing under my corset. I come to stand to the side of the bed, and turn away from you; bending at the waist I expose my arse, framed in my red lace French knickers. I carefully slip off my heels. You roll over and slip to the end of the bed, grabbing me by the hips, you drag me back toward you. I move to stand up, and you put your hand heavy on my back, making me stay bent.

“You were meant to prove you were ready for me…” You remind me, and I feel your fingers rub up against my pussy lips through the fabric, I spread my legs a little, giving you better access and I moan helplessly as you pull my knickers aside and spread my pussy lips. You lubricate your fingers and easily slide them into my willing pussy.

“Mmm… very ready…” You whisper huskily as I feel your other hand come up to cup my arse and hip. I can feel you spreading my arse cheeks, your breath is brushing across my arse and I realize you’re leaning close to my aching pussy. I moan as you start to slide your fingers faster, I can hear the clicking, the distinctive sound of your fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy.

You slip your fingers from me suddenly and I feel your hand on my other hip, as you pull and turn me suddenly. I stagger slightly and brace myself on your shoulders. You groan istanbul escort loudly as your hands slip up my sides and you smooth your hands over my exposed cleavage. I look up at you, and then start to add pressure to your shoulders. You slip back under my weight and I pull my knees up on the bed, resting them next to your hips. Soon we’ve smoothly moved and I am sitting astride your waist. You slip your hands to my corseted waist and give it a squeeze.

“You look amazing in that Darling.” I smile fondly, slowly grinding my hips against your clothed cock. You grind up against me, slowly moving with me. You slip your hands down and around to my arse, squeezing the cheeks, and opening them slightly. I close my eyes and moan softly letting my head fall back slightly. We continue to move together, you slowly encouraging me to grind against you. With my eyes closed, I open my eyes suddenly, feeling your hand come down on my arse, leaving a slight sting on my sensitive skin.

I groan louder, as you bring your hand down again against my arse cheek. You’ve gotten a bit harder, stronger with your strikes and I realize you’re getting frustrated. I lean forward over you, bracing my arms over your shoulders and my breasts almost spill free, my shallow breaths have them shifting, moving with me. Your hands slip up and suddenly I feel sharp tugging on my corset, and abruptly my breasts fall free, spilling out near you face. You grab them in your hands, squeezing their full size and then I shudder as I feel your lips wrapping around first one then the other nipple. I feel you bite and suck on my nipples. I squirm against you, feeling your cock rub against my pussy, so, so invitingly.. I lift, pulling my breasts away from your face and reach down, snaking my hand between us. I find your hand joining mine and together we yank and pull at the buttons and fly of your slacks, and both let out a shared moan as we finally free you from your confines.

Your hand moves, and I feel you yank my knickers aside. Theres a rush of cool air against my slick skin before I grasp you in my palm and guide you inside me. I close my eyes shuddering as I sink down with my weight, slowly stretching myself with your thick cock.

“Mmm… you’re so fucking wet Darling… you’re going to take this fucking nice and hard aren’t you?” I nod, as I feel your hands move to my hips and you start to guide me up and down your length, quickly picking up speed in my wet pussy, the slick, clicking sound of your cock sliding in and out of me, mixed with our moans as you make me take you deeper, harder.

“Suck… Suck my nipples.. Honey… please…” I stutter as I guide one of my heavy breasts up and within access of your mouth. You quickly latch on, sucking and nipping kadıköy escort on the sensitive nipple. I’m shuddering, helplessly feeling the wave of desire rise. You release one of my arse cheeks, snaking it down between us. My moan breaks into a cry as you start to work my clit with your fingers, working it without mercy as you continue to guide me as I ride you. My brain starts to lose focus as my eyes close; my body starts to wind tight like a spring. You release my nipple and nudge me back so you can see my face.

“I want to see your beautiful face while you cum all over my cock…” you direct and I merely nod, too far gone to really object. I close my eyes and suddenly let out a sharp squeal as my pussy start to grip your cock. Milking it as you continue to make me fuck your cock. I drop forward, leaning against your chest as I try and catch my breath. You hold me still, waiting a moment for me to recover.

“I would love to cum in that beautiful mouth of yours Darling…” I nod against your chest, showing I had heard you. Lifting my hips up and then slipping you free before getting to my hands and knees. I look down past our bodies and see your cock, hard, rigid and glistening with my juices.

I slowly slip backwards, down your body until I’m sitting between your legs. You spread them wider as I drop forward onto my elbows so you can see the length of my back and my arse in the air as I wrap my hand around your shaft. It flinches in my hand as I move closer. I can smell us there, the sweetness of your precum, the musky sent of me. I lick my lips before bringing the head of your cock to my mouth. I open it slowly, carefully taking it into my mouth. I look up, to see your eyes slide shut as I start to suck. Your hips start to move restlessly, and as I slowly work my way down your length with each thrust, the taste of us filling my mouth. Your hand, heavy, confidant, comes to cup my head, your fingers start to lace in my hair, and I look up at you. I know what’s coming, I know what you like. You slowly start to add pressure, and your eyes open as you butt up against the back of my throat. I slowly slide up your length again and feel again the pressure, this time as you hit the back of my throat, you don’t release the pressure of your hand and taking a deep breath through my nose, I feel that sudden pop and you slide into my throat. Your hands get strong, and you hold my head still, fucking up with your hips, filling my throat over and over again. I can feel the stinging effect of the gag as you continue to fuck my throat. I know I wont be able to take much longer and suddenly you pull out, and with your fingers laced in my hair you hold me still for my facial. You shoot up, over my face and into my mouth, that’s open and panting. You moan loudly and I lick my lips, tasting your final gift to me.

I look up and smile at you, feeling the cum dribbling from my face and chin back onto you. You smile back, your eyes slightly blurry.

“We need to play sex games more often Darling… you were amazing!” I nod, dropping my head to your thigh with a sigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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