Amateur Photographer Ch. 10

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I was beginning to think I was falling in love with Kate, damn it. Or was I just in love with her blow jobs? I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. And about her blow jobs. I’d really begun to lose interest in the photography thing. It was Wednesday night, what should have been a night at home chilling out in front of the TV, but I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. I sat there, wondered what she was doing right now. Damn!

I picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Hi David, how’s tricks?” she answered. I could hear a lot of noise in the background. She was obviously out somewhere.

“Pretty good,” I replied. It was nice to hear her voice on the other end of the line. “What are you up to tonight? Sounds noisy there.”

“I’m at the Kentucky Tavern,” she said. “Drinks with a work colleague. What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing. Nothing much. Just watching TV.”

“Why don’t join us?”

“Yeah, OK, that’d be great. I’ll see you soon.”

Yes, I thought to myself. Drinks at the local with Kate and her work pal, and then later, who knows? All of a sudden I was feeling a whole lot better. I quickly changed clothes and was on my way to the bus stop.

When I arrived I saw Kate sitting in the outside area, pretty much the spot we had dinner that time when she wanted to make it up to me for being such a bitch. The night our ‘relationship’, or whatever it was, really began. She was dressed in a cream business suit, fairly short shirt, with moderate sized pumps. Stylish, with a hint of sexuality. Anyone who saw here there, with her fair complexion and slight, almost delicate build, would without doubt have thought she looked tantalizingly sexy in an innocent, angelic kind of way. Of course, that’s only those that didn’t know her. Still, she looked sexy to me; I could feel my balls shifting a little merely at the sight of her.

There was a man sitting with her; tall, dark haired, about 10 years older than me. Kate saw me coming over and they both stood up to greet me.

“Hi David, this is Richard. We work together at the college.”

I exchanged greetings with Richard, an Englishman, judging by his heavy accent. They worked together in the same department of the college, apparently. The waiter came and I ordered a Bud.

“So you’re a professor, too?” I asked.

“Yes, old boy, I’m English, as you’ve no doubt gathered. I’m here on a three-year research project. Kate’s been helping me when she can. Turns out our fields of academic expertise are the same: Geoffrey Chaucer and pre fifteenth century English Literature. I must say that Kate is a formidable Chaucer scholar!”

Kate laughed.

“Really?” I said, wracking my brain to try to remember who the hell Chaucer was. Yes, I remembered I studied Chaucer at college for a while. The guy wrote old English poetry, but it might as well have been another language – you could hardly understand a word of what he was on about.

“It was The Canterbury Tales that Chaucer wrote, wasn’t it?” I said.

“Yes, that’s Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales is his most famous work. A rather saucy, sizzling tale it is, too, especially by standards of the day. An incredible series of stories, really; the first truly great work of English literature in my view: wouldn’t you agree, Kate?” She nodded. He continued. “Kate and I have often talked about co-writing a movie script for it, just for a lark, or at least part of it – I mean, old Geoffrey did go on and on!”

As they both laughed at what seemed like a kind of in-joke among Chaucer fans, it suddenly occurred to me how little I actually knew about Kate. Gee, a scholar of old English– I would never have thought it, especially from a girl who sucked cock better than anyone I’d ever met in my life… I chuckled to myself at that one, but then Kate said:

“David, I was just telling Richard before you arrived about your photography thing. He’s most intrigued.”

“Kate!” I blurted, almost choking on my mouthful of beer. Jesus, woman! Here she is telling another professor from the college that I take nude photographs of their students! What is it with her? She’s got the tact of a runaway express train!

“Relax,” she said. “Richard’s cool, aren’t you Rich?” He nodded.

“Absolutely, old boy,” he said. “Rather capital idea, actually – wish I’d had the brains to think of it! Mind you, I dare say it wouldn’t be awfully ethical for someone in my position! Still, we are talking about young girls of consenting age, so there’s absolutely no harm in it – snap away to your heart’s content, my good man! I’d love to take a look at your portfolio, though – that’d be something!”

“So would I!” Kate said.

They both laughed. They were having a great time. But I was embarrassed. I could hardly believe what I was hearing from these two ‘academic scholars’.

“But I think David’s little enterprise is fine,” Kate continued. “I don’t have any problem with it. Besides, it’s helping some of my students financially zümrütevler escort bayan as they work their way through college, so I guess he’s kind of helping to keep me in a job,” she laughed. “If only there’d been something like this for a girl to earn a bit more cash when I was going through college!”

“Indeed!” Richard said. “Ooh, I’d have loved to have seen those pictures! But Kate, you really ought to arrange to do your own shoot with David. You’re much sexier than so many of those gangly young girls of yours.”

“Oh thank you, Richard!” she laughed, embracing him in a hug and kissing him on the cheek, which I found slightly unsettling. Then she turned to me. “So, David,” she said, playfully grabbing her breasts through her blouse as if to emphasise her assets, and looking none too concerned as to the potential spectacle she was making of herself in this public place, “what do you think: would you like to do a photo portfolio of me with no clothes on?”

Jesus. I felt my blood beginning to boil, partly through sheer embarrassment, but also because she was making me angry. She was making fun of me. But sitting there thrusting out her tits at me like that was also getting me just a little bit aroused. She’s trying to mess with my head; the bitch is twisting my melon. But what was new about that? I ought to be used to it by now.

“Any time Kate, just drop by any time,” I said, trying to sound casual, but inside feeling very self conscious and just a little bit foolish. I just wished I had my pics of her with me, so I could watch the look on her face when I spread them out on the table so her Chaucer buddy could see that I already had take nude shots of her, and that I’d shot my load all over her tits. That’d really be something…

“Well, maybe,” she teased. “I’ll think about it.”

I managed to move the conversation away from my ‘photography thing’ which suited me just fine. We got to talking about the differences between here and England, which was at least common ground as I had spent a few months in London after I graduated. Turns out Richard has a house not far from where I spent a lot of my time, in a place called Bath. I didn’t mention it in the conversation, but as we chatted about England I was remembering an affair I had with this English girl there. She was such a screw up, but she did have a killer body. She used to have this bizarre fetish where she liked to hang her naked ass out the window and have me take polaroids of her from outside in the street, which was really a secluded back alley that no one ever seemed walk down. Maybe that’s where my ‘photography thing’ comes from… Invariably the photography would give way to me standing in the alley up against the wall of her house, leaning in the window and eating her pussy. Very weird. She had a husband, too, and that’s how it ended – he must have found out, because one day I called round and saw the window opening up, just as she always did for me, and when I walked up to the opened window all of a sudden there was the big hairy naked ass of a man hanging out of the ledge. I froze in terror as the guy turned around and stared at me through his thick red beard and told me to ‘fook off and ne’er come back round ‘ere, or I’d be a fooking dead yank’. I took the hint. How weird.

The drinks were flowing freely, and I was enjoying the intelligent conversation. I was having a great time. Then Richard stood up.

“You must excuse me while I go to the lavatory,” he said. Lavatory, I chuckled to myself; who says ‘lavatory’? This guy reminded me a bit of John Cleese in that old Monty Python show.

Kate grabbed his hand before he could leave for the ‘lavatory’. “Rich, could you grab me a glass of water from the bar on your way back, please?” she said. She was still holding his hand as he replied, with a flourishing bow that seemed intended to emphasise his Englishness: “Certainly, my dear.” I watched as her fingers slid slowly, too slowly, out of his hand. I didn’t like what I had just seen – that touch was intimate, like they had known each other a lot more closely, that this was more than merely an ‘academic’ relationship. I noticed that sparkle in her eye as she looked up at him; I had seen that look before! I felt the pangs of jealousy boiling in my veins. Damn, Kate and Richard!

I sat in silence as Richard strolled off to the bathroom. Kate looked at me.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Um, nothing,” I half grumbled. But inside I was seething.


“Nothing,” I snapped. I wished she would just leave it.

“Oh come on, there’s something up. David?”

Jesus. She just doesn’t let up. She put her hand on me knee.

“Come on, what’s the matter?”

Damn, I was going to have to say it.

“Well, I, um, it’s just that you and Richard seem pretty close.”

“Well, yes, I guess we are in a way. We’ve been working on his Chaucer project for some aydınlı escort bayan time. You can’t help but get close to a person in that kind of situation.”

I watcher her as she looked me in the eyes, direct, studying my expression.

“Oh, I see now,” she said. “What you really mean is: have I fucked him.”

I said nothing. I felt incapable of responding. It felt like I was strapped to the railroad tracks, and I could hear a freight train off in the distance, coming down the line.

“Well, yes, David, as a matter of fact – I have fucked him. Lots of times. We get together at the college occasionally. I know we shouldn’t; you know, it’s really not all that ethical for two professors, but it’s just that those long hours of late night research work together can get so boring. It really helps to pass the time.”

I felt my heart sink.

“Hey,” she said, grabbing me on the chin, squeezing my cheeks. “Hey, I’m only kidding. No, I haven’t had sex with Richard! I’m just winding you up. God, you should have seen the look on your face! Ha ha!”

“Oh Kate, why do you do these things to me?”

“Oh come on David, it’s just a bit of fun,” she laughed.

We sat there sipping our drinks in silence.

“I suppose, though, since you’re asking, I haven’t let him fuck me, but I should tell you that once I did suck his cock.”

“Kate! I don’t want to hear it.”

“Oh David, I’m only joking! No, I swear – I haven’t sucked his cock.”

“Well, good.” I said, feeling foolish and little bit hurt as well. “I’m glad.”

“I might, though. I’ve certainly thought about it, I must say. Mmm, never had an English cock before. Have you?”

“Kate, Jesus! Please, can we drop this now?”

“OK, alright. Sorry David, you know me: I’m just having a bit of fun!”

She could see that I was seriously pissed. She moved in closer. She gave me a gentle peck on the cheek. Her hand was back on my thigh. I felt her fingers wander up my leg, till they reached my crotch.

“My, David, is that a hard on in your pants?” He face was right up close to my ear as she spoke. I could feel her breath on the side of my neck. “It sure feels like an erection to me. So then, it can’t be all that traumatic me talking about sucking Richard, surely? Mmm, I wonder what his cock would feel like in my mouth? Mmm, I bet it would feel real good. Would you like to watch me suck his cock, hmm? Mmm, yeah, Richard’s cum spurting into my mouth. Would you like that?” She gave my cock a little squeeze. “It feels to me as though you’d like that very much. Hmm?”

Yes, I was hard alright, although I had hardly even been aware of it. And with her slender fingers rubbing up and down along the shaft, not to mention her slutty little chat, it was just getting harder.

“God, David, how hard are you?” she said, wrapping her hand around my shaft a little tighter. Under the table no one else could see what was going on. “God, that feels good,” she purred, rubbing me gently. “There’s just nothing like a hard dick.”

Then she turned to me, that familiar look of shimmering fire in her eyes, so captivating, mesmerizing.

“David, this thing is gonna be in my mouth before this night is through.”

I smiled at her. I wanted to kiss her. Instead I shifted my hand to her leg, resting it on her upper thigh. We sat there, she feeling up my cock, myself gently caressing her golden inner thighs right up high, each of us gradually losing ourselves in our own sexual reveries. Her fingers were rubbing across the tip of my cock. So much liquid had seeped out that it had gone through my jeans and there was a wet patch where she rubbed the head. I almost hoped Richard would return soon so we would have to stop, because otherwise I was in danger on blowing my load.

Soon enough he was back, and I removed my hand from Kate’s leg as he took his seat. But she just kept on rubbing me. There was no way he couldn’t have seen, and even if he hadn’t noticed before he sat down, he would have been able to tell just by looking at Kate, and the fact that her left hand was positioned under the table. He would have to have been blind or stupid not to realize what she was doing under the table, and professors of English aren’t known for their stupidity. Her brazen display was making me a little uncomfortable, but at least it gave a signal to him as to the nature of the relationship between myself and Kate, which made me feel better. Actually, it wasn’t that I didn’t like Richard or that I had anything against him. He seemed quite an interesting guy and I really was enjoying talking to him. But I was also enjoying the fact that Kate was gently caressing my shaft under the table.

We sipped our drinks and discussed Chaucer. They filled me in a few of the Canterbury Tales, such as the Miller’s Tale. It sounded like a script for one of those old smutty English comedy movies. I guess there’s always been a market for ribald humor. I couldn’t quite gebze escort see how this Chaucer stuff fitted the category of high brow literature, but then they were the ones paid to be professors, not me.

“Hey guys, it’s getting late,” Kate said. “I’m about through drinking for the night, but I’ve got some excellent weed at home. Would you boys care to join me?” She gave my cock a little squeeze as she spoke. There was no question as to whether or not I ‘cared to join her’.

“Capital idea,” said Richard. With that, we were off. We piled into Kate’s battered Chrysler and headed for her house.

Inside Kate’s house, Richard and I took a seat while Kate fetched the dope. She sat opposite us and took a puff, handing it over to me. I inhaled. Yes, this was good stuff. Real good. It hit me straight away. So mellow. I handed it to Richard. Kate had put a CD on, some old harpsichord music. The kind of thing they might have listened to in Chaucer’s day, I imagined. I sat there, letting the strange, exquisite chimes waft across my senses.

Kate took another puff, blowing the smoke lustily across at Richard and myself as she relaxed back into the sofa, her face framed against her bare, crossed legs, her shoe dangling off her feet in a way I found somehow seductive. We sat there in a kind of stoned reverie for a while, I wasn’t exactly sure how long, just listening to the strange music.

Then Kate leaned forward. She looked me in the eye, and then looked at Richard. She uncrossed her legs. I watched as her hands reached down to her knees. She let her thighs drift apart just so. I felt the blood surge through my body, the harpsichord ringing in my ears as she looked me in the eyes and spread her legs.

“Mmm, I don’t know about you two,” she purred as her hands slid along her golden, beautiful thighs, opening her legs further, “but this dope is making me real horny.” Time seemed to stand still for a moment as I suddenly saw and realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Oh God…

I stared at her naked sex, wet and shimmering in the light of the room, as her hand slid between her legs, her finger rubbing gently up and down her wet slit. I was already rock hard, but in the fog of the effects of the drug I hadn’t even been aware of it. My sense tingled, my entire body seemed to itch as she sat there before Richard and myself, rubbing herself in such shameless, exposed fashion, her gazed fixed on mine for a moment, and then she would look across at Roger, and then back to me. Her eyes were sparkling in that way that Kate’s did, in a way I’d never noticed in a woman before. Jesus, what a sight!

I watched, transfixed as her finger slid gently inside her moist folds.

“Guys, I’m horny. I want to see some hard cocks. Why don’t you take your clothes off and show me what you’ve got? Hmm?”

Richard looked across at me and shrugged, as if to say, ‘well, if that’s what the lady wants…’. He stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. I followed suit. I watched as he removed his clothes, and his huge hard on sprang out. I had never seen a naked erection other than my own before. Soon I was naked took. We were both standing there naked, as Kate looked us up and down, inspecting us, but somehow it didn’t feel uncomfortable or weird.

“Mmm, yes, looks good,” she almost squealed. “Sit down, guys.” We did as she asked. She got to her feet and came over to me, kneeling before my feet, and taking my cock in her hand. She looked me in the eye as her mouth descended. Her tongue darted out of her mouth to lap up the bead of liquid on the tip. She held my gaze as she opened her mouth, and let her lips slide around my shaft. She plunged down hard, moaning as she did. Ohh, yes, that felt good. She kept it up for what only seemed a few seconds, and yet it might have been a lot longer than that, for I seemed to be losing track of time.

She gave my shaft a little squeeze as she plopped it out of her mouth. She smiled at me as she stood up, and walked over to where Richard was sitting. In my own reverie I’d almost forgotten he was there, but he was there, and he was naked, and his cock was hard, and Kate was about to take it into her mouth.

I felt those familiar ugly pangs as she went down on her knees before him, looking across at me as she took his shaft into her hand. Oh God, she was going to do it! I watched in part horror, part fascination, as ‘my girl’, for I thought of her in that way, no matter how weird this relationship was, opened her mouth so that her lips could slide over the hard dick of another man. The harpsichord tune seemed to shift key into a kind of comedic melody; as if it were mocking my cuckoldry, for that was how it felt. But as I sat there, mute, motionless, transfixed by the lewd sight of Kate slurping away at her professor friend, I found myself concentrating on his reactions as much as her ministrations, tuning in to his moans as she worked her magic, a magic that I had experienced with her. She was taking him in all the way, and he was moaning loudly; I knew how that felt, and in my dazed, drugged state, I began to imagine that I was him, Richard, and it was my cock, not his, that was receiving such exquisite treatment.

Very soon she stopped. She stood up, grabbing Richard by the hand and pulling him to his feet. She reached for my hand and I got to my feet.

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