Amy and Michelle

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Being an avid hunter, I headed to northern Wisconsin to do some bird hunting. I was lacking the funds to stay anywhere so I bummed a couch from an old high school friend I had not seen in a several years. He worked nights and was more than happy to have someone watching the place at night.

I arrived late on a Friday night planning to stay until the following Sunday. My plans were to spend most of this time hunting. I turned in early so I could get an early start. Best-laid plans do indeed change.

I woke up Saturday morning just before sunrise and heading down to my truck. There was a note on taped to the window. “Sorry about your truck. We will pay to have the tailgate fixed. Michelle and Amy”

“What the fuck?” I said heading back to see what was going on. I thought it must be a joke my friend was pulling on me. Nope, sure as shit, I could see where a bumper of a large truck had hit me. “Fucking bitches.” I said to nobody again.

So, I thought about it for a minute but decided not to go pound on their door. I was not going to go hunting now but instead I walked over to the local donut shop. I ordered three large coffees to go and a dozen donuts. My intension was to offer a welcome package to the new girls and pretend I had not been to the truck yet.

It was still early when I knocked on the door but the sun was up. Figured they were moving in and would probably be up and at it early anyway. I was right about that and wrong about hunting this week.

The door opened and there stood Miss Amy. She had long, light brown hair that seemed to flow like a wave over her shoulders and down her back. She had deep brown eyes at were so dark they almost looked black against the bright white around them. Amy’s face was a beautiful tan with cheekbones like Jennifer Aniston. I just stood and stared at her face.

Then I looked down like a kid checking out a girl for the first time. Her breasts were pushing against a white t-shirt that seemed a little too small with nipples just hard enough to show. Her pink shorts reminded me of the orange ones the girls at Hooters wear. She was bare foot, stood about 5′ 6″, and probably was not a pound over 120. She was not wearing panties or a bra and was clearly not expecting guests. Her legs looked silky smooth and seemed to go on forever. If I could build the perfect woman, she would be Amy.

“Hi Hun, can I help you or do you just want to stand there staring at me?” She said smiling and doing kind of a half giggle.

“Ah…Hi. My name is Pat and I am staying upstairs with Bruce.” I said with an embarrassed grin on my face. “Don’t know if you have met him yet. I walked over and picked up some donuts and coffee. Would you like some?”

I held out the box of donuts in one hand and the three large coffees in the drink holder in the other.

“Hey Michelle, he speaks.” She said to the other girl there. Turning to me, “Isn’t that sweet of you, come on in.”

I walked in, there were boxes all over, and Michelle was unpacking some dishes. “Looks like you ladies have some work to do.”

“Sure do. Cannot find the coffee maker so this is awesome. Thanks Hun. Don’t have any cash on me but you can have a seat and stare at us some more if you want.” Michelle said still digging thru some boxes.

Michelle was shorter than Amy was at probably five foot nothing. Short red hair with bright blue eyes. She had tits that looked to be a little smaller than Amy’s but still very nice and perky. She too was wearing just a tight t-shirt and light blue shorts. Her ass looked very firm but again not as hot as Amy’s did. These two clearly worked out. Michelle was much more petite and I guess would not break the 100 pound mark.

Realizing that I must have looked like an idiot staring at Amy I said, “I’m sorry I just stood there but, in all fairness you look amazing.”

Ignoring my comment Michelle spoke up next, “So you don’t live upstairs?”

“Nope, I’m just up for the week to get some bird hunting in. Looks a little like rain so I am going to wait a bit. Bruce told me there were two ladies moving in down stairs but he did not mention you were both gorgeous. I needed coffee and figured I would welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Thank you.” Amy said with a slight blush of red in her face. She had to know I found her attractive as I had barely taken my eyes off her.

My comments did not seem to have the same effect on Michelle. “Is that your Ford out there?”

“Yep, been driving that thing for almost seven years. Still looks as good as the day I got her.” I replied knowing that might sting a bit.

“Have you been out to it yet?” Amy asked.

“No I just walked next door to get the donuts and coffee. Why?”

Michelle now spoke, “I feel horrible. Here you are bringing us coffee, donuts and being such a sweetheart. I am sorry; I hit your truck last night. I didn’t mean it but it was dark and I was not used to the big moving truck. I’m so sorry. I’ll pay to have it fixed.”

I looked out at my beylikdüzü escort truck pretending not to know about the damage. “Well that sucks. Is it bad?”

“It’s just a dent in the tailgate,” Amy said quickly. “We are both so sorry.”

“Well shit happens as they say. Let’s not have that bring us down. I for one would like to enjoy some coffee and donuts. Besides it is not every day I get to meet two beautiful women that leave me standing like an idiot, speechless.” I was laying it on thick.

Amy was now turning a much brighter red. It looked very good on her. Michelle however, did not react at all to my comments. In fact, she seemed to expect them.

Michelle walked over to me and gave me a big hug. “Thank you so much for not getting upset with me.” She looked over at Amy and Amy just grinned and whispered to her, “I know we said no more but I want to do it. I want to taste his cum.” I do not think she knew I could hear her.

“I’ll be right back.” Michelle said as she walked down the hall towards the bedroom.

Amy walked over and grabbed my hand. “Why don’t you have a seat?” She said as she pulled me over towards the couch. “Michelle and I have a little routine we do sometimes. Might you be interested in a show Hun? I mean since you like to stare and all I figured you might like to see a little ‘or a lot’ more.”

“I’m always up for…” I started when I noticed Michelle walking back from the bedroom. She was wearing a bright blue G-string, high heels and nothing else. The look on my face must have been something because both girls started laughing.

“What’s the matter Mr. Pat?” Amy said. “Didn’t expect to see her come walking back dressed like that?”

I could not take my eyes off Michelle now. Her tits were indeed round and firm. Her nipples were hard as her hands cupped her breasts. She pushed her right breast up and licked her nipple. My cock was growing hard with her every move. I watched as she moved closer to me.

“What do you say to a little lap dance Patty boy? It looks to me like you are enjoying what you see.” Michelle was looking at the bulge growing in my pants. “Guess it is not just Amy you like to look at.”

“You both are amazing.” I said staring at Michelle tits as they closed in on my face.

Michelle turned around letting her tits brush against my face; she pushed her ass towards me and lowered it on my crotch. It looked so smooth I just had to reach out and touch it.

“No touching Hun,” she said bent over looking back at me thru her legs.

I did as she asked and she continued with her dance. I was watching her hips move, her pussy pressing against what little material there was to the G-string. She lowered herself on me, rubbing my cock thru my pants.

Then something happened that I did not expect. I had completely lost track of Amy while Michelle was dancing. Amy had moved behind me and stripped down naked. While I was enjoying getting dry humped by Michelle, Amy dropped her tits on my shoulders from behind. While she started rubbing them into my neck, I looked up at her. She bent down and started to kiss me.

While Amy was keeping my lips busy Michelle stopped the dry humping, and undid my pants. She slid them off me and I barely noticed it happening. Then I felt something warm and wet wrap around my swelling cock head. Amy backed away so I could look down and see Michelle’s fire red hair between my legs.

Michelle teased my cock licking the underside tip of it. I could feel it start to twitch. Amy walked around the couch, got on her knees, and joined Michelle. Amy started licking my balls while Michelle continued to lick my shaft and tip.

“Ladies you might want to slow down a bit.” I said. “If you keep that up it will result in a mess.”

Michelle stopped and looked up at me. “Is that a promise? Because I like to make a mess.”

With that, Amy moved up and took my cock down her throat. She had her fingers wrapped around the base of it and Michelle was squeezing my balls.

“Give it to us. Let me squeeze it all out into Amy’s mouth. Come on, give it to her.” Michelle said as she moved up to kiss me.

While Michelle had her tongue in my mouth, I had my entire cock in Amy’s. Amy did not even slow down. As my cock started to pump my white cream into her throat and she took it all, lips tight and tongue pressed against my cock.

Michelle pulled away and looked into my eyes. “She loves cum doesn’t she? She won’t stop until you are soft.”

My cock must have pumped fifteen times and Amy took in every drop. She did not take her mouth off my cock for several minutes.

Looking up at me and removing her mouth from my cock, Amy said, “I have never had a guy stay hard this long. Normally they get soft after that. Did you not like it?”

“Amy that was incredible. I don’t think you left anything in there but…if you want to hop on and find out I am clearly up for it.” I said with a stupid grin matching the stupid bostancı escort comment.

With that, Amy reached out and helped me stand. She removed my shirt and I stepped out of my pants that were at my ankles. Having removed all my clothes Amy motioned Michelle to come over. Damn these girls were good. While one would keep my attention, the other would be doing something else.

Michelle, now stripped down to nothing, exposed the same fire red hair down below that she had on top. Michelle, being very well groomed, did not have much down below but there was enough to see it matched up top. She had her finger sliding in and out of her pussy. I could see the juices starting to flow. The sweet smell of her was starting to fill the air.

Amy pushed me back down on the couch. “Let’s see if she can get anything else out of you. I can’t have all the fun.”

With that, Michelle straddled me facing away. She had made herself so wet my cock slide inside her in one smooth motion.

Amy, getting on the couch, placed her own very well groomed pussy in front of me. “So do you give as well as you receive?”

“Sweetie why don’t you put those pretty lips against my face and find out.” I said looking up at her.

Amy put her right leg over the back of the couch so she could use that to pull herself into my face. I slipped my tongue between those lips and started flicking the little bulb I found in there. She let out a soft moan and slowly started to move her hips up and down. “I want to fuck your face just like you fucked mine.”

I started to hum a little and used my chin against her. With my left hand on her right tit, I pinched her nipple, hard. “Oh fuck that’s hot.” She said. “Pinch me harder.” I did, she quickly covered her mouth and she let out a muffled scream. With that, I buried my right fuck finger in her pussy. I pushed up hard inside her and rubbed forward on the G-spot. I could feel the little bumps as I slid my finger across it. I continued to press my tongue against her clit, flicking it, feeling it swell.

Amy grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed her pussy HARD into my face. I pinched her tit harder still and she started to shake. Not just any shake but she was losing all control. Her body tensed up and was in full convolutions. Juice began to flow off the side of my face and down my chin.

“Oh FUCK,” she called out. “Fucking shit Michelle.”

Amy continued her orgasm in wave after wave. Every time I thought she might be done, I did a quick little flick of my finger inside her and she would start all over again. I do not know how she managed to stay standing but she did.

Michelle, having heard her name cried out, “No shit Amy. Fuck me.”

Michelle, now dripping cum on the floor, started to shake as well. I lost control and pumped my load hard into her swelling hot pussy. I could feel her pussy quiver as it seemed to pull my cum from deep inside my balls.

“Holy Mary Mother of God. You girls REALLY know how to fuck a guy.” I said as things began to slow. Amy fell to my right completely exhausted. Michelle let herself fall back on me. She tipped her head back, her breasts right in front of me. I grabbed them with my hands still wet with Amy’s cum.

“I want to taste her,” Michelle said. “I want to taste Amy’s cum from your lips.”

I bent down and kissed Michelle. Her lips felt soft as she sucked the cum from my mouth.

“Amy darling you taste even better off his lips.” She claimed. “Please try me off his cock.”

Amy, looking totally spent, bent down and took my cock into her warm mouth. I was no longer hard but I was still very wet with Michelle’s cum. She sucked all she could off my now limp dick and then moved on to lick my thighs and balls.

When she finished she moved up and kissed Michelle. They locked their lips together hard while I watched these two crazy women just inches from my face share in each other’s glory.

This is not what I expected at all. The hunting trip that I had been planning for months now meant nothing to me just hours into the first day. How was I going to walk away from these two women?

“Hey Pat, Do you want to stick around for a while. We could use a man to help move some of this shit.” Amy said while Michelle again walked to the bedroom.

“Oh I see what you two are doing. Do I look like I was born yesterday? You hit my truck, fuck my brains out and now expect me to give up my entire week to help you two get settled in.” I shot back.

Amy looked shocked, “Um, sorry about the truck. You do not have to do anything. Just thought I would ask.”

I had her now, “Seriously, you think you can fuck me, suck me, drain me of all my cum, and then just expect me to hang with you hot bitches every minute for the next week? Well I will tell you something. You have a DEAL.”

She looked at me with an evil grin. “Bitches eh?” I got the feeling I would pay for that one later.

I smiled back, “Well ok not çekmeköy escort bitches. Just threw that in there for effect. However, in all seriousness you have removed all thoughts of hunting from my brain. I would like nothing more than to help you two Ladies get settled in here.” I was sure to emphasize the ladies.

Michelle came back into the room now dressed again. “Well I’m sorry if we are depriving you of your hunting. How about in return we keep your balls empty for the week?”

There was no stopping these two. “I think I can work with that and you two seem to have proven you know how to do just that. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you both have done this before?”

She put a puzzled look on her face, “What? Us? Why we have never done such a thing.”

Then I noticed they had done it again. Amy had kept my attention while Michelle got dressed, now Michelle did the same for Amy leaving me standing there naked.

“So you feel a little out of place, standing there buck fucking naked?” Amy said walking back in fully dressed. “I mean there is work to be done and all you seem to want to do is stand there with your cock hanging out for us to see.”

“Damn you ladies are crazy good. I’ll bet either one of you could sell ice to an Eskimo.” I said reaching for my clothes.

“Michelle, maybe we could do that if our current jobs don’t work out.” Amy said then turned to me, “Is there any real money in that?”

“I have a strange feeling that for you two there would be. I should head upstairs and hit the shower. I will be back down in a bit.” I said pulling on my pants.

“Don’t be jerking off up there. Don’t want you wasting any of that tasty jizz of yours making drain babies.” Amy said while Michelle just laughed.

“I’ll save it all for you two, I promise.” I shot back.

While in the shower my mind was racing. “What the fuck was I getting into? I have been looking forward to some bird hunting for a long time. But, these two chicks are HOT. How can I even think about anything else?” I had so much going on in head it was starting to hurt. Even my cock was starting to swell again thinking about what had just happened. “Are they now just going to have me do a bunch of work for them or was that all just the start of something? It could be a long week of shit for nothing or the best week of my life.”

I decided the only way to know was to put myself out there with them. Do things I normally would not and see what happened. I was just getting ready to head back down stairs and Bruce walked in.

“Hey Bud, what the fuck you still doing here and what the fuck did you do to your fucking truck?” He said in his new foul language.

“Long story. The girls moving in downstairs hit it last night with their moving truck. I was…” and Bruce interrupted me.

“Those FUCKING skanks. I’ll call the fucking cops and we will lock those Cunts up.” He said.

“Whoa there buddy, just relax.” I grabbed his shoulder as he was heading for his phone. “First off knock it off with the language and name calling. You do not know them and there is no reason for that. Second, I worked it all out with them. We have it all taken care of and lastly they are very nice ladies.”

“Aw shit man, you fucked them didn’t you?” Bruce knew me well. “I’ll bet you ain’t even gonna hunt this week are you. Hell you just showered and those ain’t huntin’ clothes. Fuck you man. I thought you wanted some birds.”

Smiling I said, “I bagged two this morning and didn’t even leave their living room. Just relax and do not worry about me. I said I would not be in your way and I won’t be. I’m heading back down now and won’t come back up until you leave.”

“Whatever you asshole. Do whatever the fuck you want and fuck em all if your cock can handle it. Just don’t be fucking bitching at me in a week about not gettin out and gettin any fuckin birds.” He said walking to his bedroom. “And keep it the fuck down with those sluts. I gotta get me some fucking shut eye and don’t need to be kept up with your fuckfest.”

As he closed his bedroom door, all I could think is what an asshole he had become. Life had not treated him well since high school. He was the big shot on the basketball team and had all the cheerleaders after him. Then after graduation, he had nothing. Reminded me of that Springsteen song “Glory Days”. Now he was just doing some night shift guard duty at the local mill and drinking way too much.

I decided I did not want to deal with him for the week. I hollered thru the door, “I’ll stay down stairs with Michelle and Amy this week or I’ll leave. Thanks for everything.”

“No problem asshole. Don’t let the God damn door hit you in the fuckin ass on the way out.” He shot back without opening the door.

Good God why did I even try with him. I grabbed my bag, gun and hunting vest and headed to the truck. After loading the truck, I stopped to figure things out. Maybe I should just tell them I had to leave because of a family emergency. After all, how could I tell them about Bruce and what he said? He was being such and asshole. They were going to meet him sometime and I should probably warn them. So I headed to the door to do just that, warn them.

I knocked on the door and Amy came to the window. Opening the door she said, “You don’t have to knock, come on in.”

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