At a California Nudist Resort

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My wife and I opted to take advantage of a ‘local’ nudist resort that offers a free trial day – I say local because it’s about 70 miles from home (so not particularly convenient for just dropping in).

We’ve been to nudist resorts before and are comfortable with the surroundings. When we arrived, we were taken on a tour and shown the grounds. A nice enough place, with a busy main area with tennis courts, pool and lounging.

Eventually, we were allowed to go about our way and relax. We took towels and grabbed a couple out chairs by the pool to catch some sun and eventually take a dip. While relaxing and reading out books my wife brought my attention to a man across the way who was well endowed. “I’ve always wondered if they really get all that hard,” she mentioned. “I know you don’t show so much when you’re relaxed, but I like that you get so hard.”

Typically, at nudist resorts, displays of overt sexuality are frowned upon. Men who get erections are encouraged to cover themselves until things subside. I wasn’t getting to the point of covering up just yet but looking over at the other man’s cock and wondering what it would be like erect got me thinking about sex, but it was certainly waking it up.

I tried to get back to my book, but once random sexual thoughts get started it’s difficult to think of anything else – particularly while enjoying the warm sun. While I was still occasionally checking out the guy, I began wondering how many of the women were getting aroused – checking out their nipples and/or vulva to see if I could see any examples of overt sexuality.

This one woman sitting across the pool from us was sunning herself but obviously checking out the guy’s cock as well. She started out with her legs together, but after about 15 mins her legs were slightly spread, and her vulva lips were beginning to bloom. From this distance, I couldn’t tell if she was getting wet, but my imagination was filling in the gaps. My cock was still not a full-on erection, but I was definitely half-mast. Rather than hanging limp nestled in my red hair, it was engorged and pointing out between by thighs.

It was at this point I noticed the guy with the cock strolled up to the woman across the way. He was definitely half mast, his 8-9″ cock pointing only slightly down. I was surprised to see he was so blatantly showing off. She was obviously enjoying the sight too, as she spread her legs a bit further and the opening of her vagina was visibly wet. I mentioned the scene to my wife – who commented she was already watching – and grabbed a portion of my towel to tug around my own erection (no longer half-mast).

We watched the scene across the way for about 5 mins when they eventually got up and left the area, hand in hand – assuming they were going someplace private to ‘finish’ their conversation. Another woman strolls up beside me and asks, “Trying to keep the little guy from sun burning,” motioning to my crotch covered towel.

“No,” I replied, “I was trying to be polite. I didn’t want to illegal bahis display any overt sexuality and well, my ‘little guy’ decided to come out for a look.”

She laughed. “Erections happen. No one expects you to cover up an erection. They just don’t want you flinging it in anyone’s face – without their permission. Let him be free.”

“Ok,” I reluctantly replied, and pulled away the towel.

“You have lovely red hair,” she said. “It’s like your cock is on fire.” Having a woman speak so bluntly about my cock only served to bring it to full height pointing straight up. “So,” she turned her attention to my wife, “I gather with a cock like that you like riding him in the seated position?”

My wife looked over and smiled, “I do, but not as often as you might think.”

“Well, don’t try it in these lawn chairs. They won’t take the weight,” the other woman replied. “I know from personal experience.”

I replied, “I thought the management frowned on overt public sexual expression?”

“They do. This was late at night. During the day you’re expect to retire to your cabin to take care of business.”

We didn’t plan on staying the night, so we didn’t get a cabin.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. With a lovely cock like that just begging to be sucked or fucked, you really need a place to go. Even if I’m not staying over, I always make sure I have a cabin.” Having another woman – naked woman – speak so blatant and sexually about my cock only served to keep it throbbing. “I mean look,” she continued, “There’s even a little bead of pre-cum on the tip. God, wouldn’t I love to taste that.”

My wife was getting a bit more possessive and turned her chair towards me. “Honey, would you mind giving me a finger full?” She leaned over to me and opened her mouth. I twigged to what she meant, took my index finger to scoop up the drop of pre-cum and put it on her tongue. “You’re right,” she mentioned to the other woman. “He is tasty.”

“Fuck, you’ve got me dripping like a two-bit whore,” the woman replied. “Just look at my cunt,” which I did immediately noticed it was spread wide open and glistening. I must have hummed or something because she then said, “So, would you like a taste?” I looked up at her looking down at me and realized I was leaning over the arm of my chair, my head involuntarily reaching for her cunt.

“I would, but…”

“Here, let me offer the same service you offered your wife, with your wife’s permission.” My wife looked at me as we exchanged a glance. The pleading must have been obvious in my eyes.

“Sure, why not.”

With that the woman took two finger and swiped them between her vulva lips. As they approached my face they were covered in her juices. Wow! she tasted good. “Look,” she said, “if you want you two are welcome to use my cabin. I rather take it you don’t swing, so all I ask is that I be allowed to watch.”

Without a moment’s hesitation my wife agreed, stood up, grabbing her towel and book, and waited to be led away.

As illegal bahis siteleri we walked over to the woman’s cabin, I noticed several stares at my erect cocks bobbing out in front of me. There was no overt disgust, just pleasant admiration.

When we got to her cabin, a basic one room with a bed, a couple of chairs, a dresser and bathroom off to the back. It looked like a hotel room, except it was a standalone cabin. My wife took no time diving onto the bed and presenting her ass. “fuck me, baby. I am so wet.”

I immediately took the hint and slid my cock into her waiting cunt. She was right, she was dripping wet. Our host took up a chair, threw her leg over one arm and started masturbating. There I was, pounding my wife from behind with a woman I didn’t even know her name fingering herself on the sidelines.

It must have been obvious I was about to cum as our host commented, “Oh, let me see you cum. I want to see you spray her back.” That’s all it took. I pulled out and started spraying streams of cum all over my wife’s back.

As I started to relax our host chimed in again, “Would you mind if I licked his cum off your back?”

My wife looked over at our host and agreed. Our host slid over to the bed. I took a step back to watch the scene as our host started licked up my cum. She place a hand on my wife’s ass, the other slid underneath to play with my wife’s dangling breasts. Pretty soon she had slid her hand down between my wife’s ass cheeks and started fingering her cunt. My wife responded by slowly bucking her hips back and forth. Although I’d just cum, seeing this my cock started to come back to life.

Our host noticed this and reached her hand out to grab hold of my cock, while her other hand slid underneath to continue playing with my wife’s pussy. She tugged on my cock pulling me forward. I was still slick with my wife’s juices, so our host’s hand slid easily, pumping my cock to full length. When I started to buck with her motions she commented, “Look what I found,” and let my cock back to my wife’s waiting cunt.

I slid in and started fucking her again. My wife gasped on entry and immediately thrust her hips back onto my waiting cock. As I was pounding away, I could feel the fingers of our host playing with my wife’s clit, her other hand reaching around and playing with my balls. It was almost of is she was conducting our session, determining how fast and how emphatic we were to thrust.

Eventually, she slid down on the bed underneath my wife in the 69 position. Her tongue was licking at my wife’s cunt and along my balls. My wife, deep in the throes of passion, dove her head into our host’s cunt and started eating away. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again. I think our host could tell as I felt her hand reach up and pull my cock out of my wife’s cunt and slide it into her own mouth. That was it! I started cumming, grunting and groaning like a wide boar.

Moments later we all flopped on the bed glowing.

My wife canlı bahis siteleri and I borrowed our host’s shower to clean up. I finished first as my wife wanted to wash her hair. When I stepped out into the main room, I saw our host laying on the bed her feet pointed toward the bathroom, legs spread and her fingers slowly playing with her pussy. “Hello,” I chimed.

“Hello,” she said looking up. “Enjoy the shower?”

“Yes, thank you for all your hospitality.”

“My pleasure, definitely,” she said making an obvious gesture to her very wet cut. The view brought my cock back to semi-erect. She noticed this and moved to stand up. I watched her get up fully aware of my growing cock. Our host came up and gave me a hug. She very carefully placed her bush along my erection, my cock throbbed in search of her moisture and as we hugged, we slowly slid our hips trying to take the greatest advantage of our position. I didn’t get to the point of sliding into her, but my cock was firm enough to slide between her vulva lips getting nice and soaked. Eventually, she brought her hand down between our legs and put pressure on the base of my cock, rubbing it along her pussy.

We heard the shower turn off and our hug broke apart. She looked down at my cock, “I would love to fuck that!” to which I responded, and I would love to fuck that, taking a hand and sliding it between her legs, sliding two finger into her cunt. I just slid my hand away as my wife commented from the bathroom” You two being good?”

“Yes, barely.” I smiled at our host bringing her fingers to my nose.

“Here,” she whispered, “let me clean ‘me’ off of you.” With that she slid to her knees, took my cock in her mouth and sucked off her juice. If she’d have kept doing that for a few more minutes I would have cum again, but she didn’t. She finished cleaning me off and stood up to walk over to the sink to wash her hands.

Just as she turned on the water my wife appeared. When my wife was done toweling off, we headed back down to the lounging area. We both had huge smiles on and not a stitch else! The sun was still warm as we enjoyed a couple more hours by the pool. We did notice the man with the large cock had come back, but his lady friend was nowhere around.

Just as we were about to leave, our host arrived back at the pool area. Just seeing her caused my cock to throb his own hello. I think she noticed because it brought a smile to her face. She said hello to my wife and I and thank us for allowing her the perfect pre-nap relaxation. This brought back memories and my cock grew even more. Then our host turned directly to me, “And just remember, you don’t need to cover him up just because he wants to say hello. ‘Hello, there. Glad to have met you.'” With that my cock came to full attention.

My wife was watching all this and said, “Obviously he has fond memories of this afternoon.”

“Yes,” I replied, “I think I’m going to remember this weekend for a long while.”

“So, do you want to become members?”

I knew that checking this place out was the whole purpose of our visit, but honestly, I hadn’t thought about it all day. “I don’t know,” I replied. “It’s a bit of a drive.”

“Yes, but the amenities?”

“We can talk about it on the drive home.”

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