Ben Gets Faced

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Cindy works as an administrative assistant in the same large engineering firm that I do, and she is a sight to behold. In a nutshell, she is petite, beautiful and naturally busty. But to fully appreciate her, I have to elaborate a little. She is 5′-2″ and slender with long, silky, wavy, chestnut hair that could be in a shampoo commercial. Her face is angelic, but her pouty lips add a kind of sexual aura to her innocence. She has smooth tanned skin, beautiful deep blue eyes, and a radiant smile framed by her long, luscious locks. Her gorgeous body is highlighted by a pair of sweet, full natural breasts that seem slightly over scale for her slender frame. Her torso tightens to a tiny waist and swells back to a pair of swaying hips and a perfectly protruding butt atop long, well-toned legs. She is the girl next door, bursting at the seams.

When she passes by you can barely see (if you’re staring hard enough) the tiny jiggle of each ass cheek as her foot hits the floor. Her walk is a study in fluid motion – long striding legs, ass twitching, breasts roiling, hair bouncing – she is impossible to ignore. I know she always wears a bra to work, but her breasts still gently bounce and seem to strain for release, like they’re not meant to be captive under so much material. She rarely strides down the long corridor between the work cubicles without leaving craning necks in her wake. She is 22 and dresses conservatively, yet her assets are impossible to hide, even in her workday attire.

While I knew her well enough to say hello, I had always assumed she was attached – Hell, she could have any man she wanted. I’m 15 years her senior and I figured she would always be someone I would fantasize about from afar. Until one day in the break room. I was getting coffee when I felt someone standing beside me.

“Hi Ben! Julie the receptionist tells me you’re a really good guitar player. I love the guitar. What kind of music do you play?”

Holy shit! An opening! I couldn’t believe I was staring into those gorgeous eyes. Most guitar players, whether they admit it or not, pick up the guitar in their teen years for one reason – girls. And here I stood, ready to grab that opportunity all musicians dream about. I told her I’m a singer/songwriter, mostly do original stuff, got a little recording studio at home, I’m working on a CD, it’s a serious hobby, blah, blah, blah – the usual line.

“Sounds wonderful. I would love to hear you play sometime. Are you playing around anytime soon?” She tossed her hair and smiled. I could smell her sweet, fresh scent and melted in her steady, direct gaze. I was trying really hard to be cool, but the proximity of this gorgeous creature was making my brain crazy. I wanted to sink my lips into the smooth skin on her neck and nibble my way up to her ear. But I maintained eye contact and acted as blasé as I could as my heart raced.

“Yea – Friday night – I’m doing an open mike at Bottoms Up. I can always use moral support. Why don’t you join me?” She displayed all her beautiful teeth in a big smile and said she would “love to – what time?”

I had only gone for a lousy cup of coffee – I had not figured on having a life-altering event in the break room – but it was set. I’d pick Cindy up on my way to the club Friday night and see where things went from there. I could barely concentrate on my work the rest of the week. I practiced like crazy for the open mike and waited for the week to end.

I picked Cindy up Friday night at her apartment. She looked exquisite, and had on an outfit that was definitely not daytime attire. She wore a white, low-cut sundress that was tight around her bust and waist, and then splayed out to a loose fit around her butt and thighs. The skirt swayed almanbahis with her hips. Her breasts sloped gently down from her shoulders, their fullness cupped in the thin material of the bodice. There was no evidence of a bra. Her cleavage was there for anyone to behold. I could see the slight outline of her nipple sitting high on her breasts, pointed up and away. Her high-heeled sandals set off the tight muscles of her calves. Her smooth thighs disappeared provocatively under the hem of her short dress. She smelled heavenly and I melted when she smiled at me. I was dumbstruck and could only mumble, “You look great.” I am so smooth sometimes.

We drove to the club, did the small talk thing on the way. On arriving I signed up for a time slot (my 15 minutes of fame) and we snuggled into a booth not far from the stage to wait my turn. We watched the other performers and talked. She had her body turned slightly in the booth and I could feel her thigh, warm against mine. Occasionally her breast brushed against my arm. She laughed at my jokes, stared sweetly into my eyes and occasionally glanced down into my lap. Her sweet scent was intoxicating and the soft confidence of her voice made me harden.

My name was finally called. I did my 3-song set to a rousing response and headed back to my seat. I had killed and Cindy was glowing. “You were fantastic! My God, that was great! The crowd loved you.” Oh man – was this going well. “I want to hear more”, she crooned in a low, sexy voice.

“Can’t do that here, Cindy. But I’m all juiced up to play some more. Let’s head over to my place – have a little wine. I’ll play for you as long as you’d like – a private concert.”

“Awesome! Let’s go.” I slid out of the booth and used my guitar case to hide the bulge in my pants. She grabbed my arm and squished her breasts into my arm. They were so soft. We drove to my apartment – a small, but comfortable abode – popped open a bottle of Merlot, lit a few scented candles, and settled onto the couch for a mini-concert. Cindy curled up sideways on the couch with her legs tucked under her. Her dress rode up her long, smooth thighs. She watched me intently as I began to play. I strummed, sang, joked with her, laughed, drank some wine and sang some more. I could feel her intense gaze as I played. Some women really respond to a guy singing and playing a guitar – and Cindy was one of them.

I finally toke a little break, laid my guitar gently against the couch and turned to Cindy. She looked so incredibly beautiful in the candlelight. “That was fantastic, Ben. I can’t believe how talented you are. I could listen all night. Thank you so much.” She reached out with her right hand and gently squeezed my thigh. I wanted to reach out to her, but I resisted.

“So how about some reciprocation?” I said. “I entertained you – you must have some talent you can reveal to me. Magic tricks? Jokes? Juggling? What’s your hidden talent?”

She smiled coyly, got up from the couch and headed over to the stereo. She picked out a Bryan Ferry CD, slipped it into the changer, turned seductively as the music started and said, “I’ll show you my talent, Ben. Sit back, loosen your seatbelt and relax.”

The music pulsed – a thick, throbbing beat – and as the room flickered from the glow of candles, Cindy closed her eyes and began to sway to the music. Her hips ground slowly to the beat as she turned and moved her hips in a back and forth motion. Her hands began to follow the contours of her body as she stuck her tongue out and licked her lips. I could see her nipples straining the fabric of her dress. Yup – there was no doubt about it – Cindy was about to strip for me. My cock hardened and bulged against my slacks as she continued almanbahis giriş to find her groove. I tried to relax, but I was stiff as a board.

She kept pulling the hem of her dress up to reveal those incredibly taut thighs, only to drop the hem at the moment of truth. Her beautiful ass swayed back and forth. She spread her legs and slowly humped her hips seductively as she lowered her torso closer to the floor. She pulled her arms together squeezing her breasts to overflowing. She was better than any dancer I’d seen in any strip club. I began to wonder if she hadn’t some experience in that line of work.

She slowly reached up and began to slide the straps of her sundress down her shoulders. She cupped her bare breasts, her small hands not doing a very good job of covering their fleshy substance, and slowly dropped the top of her dress. My eyes widened at the site. Her freed breasts swayed and jiggled in the candlelight. Their fullness loomed large against her small frame. They were perfect tits and were highlighted by large, gorgeous aureolas that sat high on her breasts and pointed slightly upward and outward. The nipples were erect and begged to be sucked. She pulled slightly on her nipples, pulling her breasts up slightly, then letting them go. They dropped and bounced against her rib cage. She shimmied her body and her tits went back and forth, bouncing this way and that way. They were perfection and they were begging to be sucked.

Her smooth brown skin was unmarred by any tan lines. She looked me in the eyes with lowered lids and pouted her lips. She leaned down on the coffee table in front of me and began to move back and forth, her tits hanging down and wobbling wildly with each thrust.

“Ben, this is how my tits shake when I’m getting fucked doggie-style. I love to fuck and I love it doggie.” God – I was ready to cum and we had barely touched.

She turned her back to me and began to slowly lift the hem of her dress again. Her thighs were slender and taut. The hem finally rose above her ass, revealing two perfect round globes separated by the thin strap of a white satin thong. I moaned. She spread her legs slightly and bent over. I could see the roundness of her labia straining through the material of her thong. It looked moist. She slowly removed her dress and turned to face me again. She pulled the thong up to cup her pussy, creating a little pocket of fleshy love, packed into a satin pouch. She turned again to give me the view from the rear, a round white bulge of pure sex protruding from between her slightly parted legs. She slowly, slowly slipped the thong down her thighs, stood up straight, totally naked and looked over her shoulder at me. Her ass was perfection. Her entire body was perfection. She absolutely oozed sex.

“Ben, I want you to come over here and lie down on the rug.” I obeyed like a little puppy. I clumsily pulled off my clothes and went to lay down in the middle of the room. She put her small feet on either side of my head, facing my feet and began to dance again, directly above me. God – what a view. Her pussy lips protruded wetly from her cunt, with just a small tuft of hair above her slit. She arched her back slightly so her pudenda protruded from between her legs. Its round bulge was split by her beautiful pussy lips. She slid her middle finger down into her slit, slowly stuck it into her cunt up to the second knuckle and let out a short gasp.

As she swayed she began to crouch lower and lower. Her pussy opened up to me as she slowly descended the center of her body toward by face. I could smell her sex and see the moistness of her pussy extending down the inside of her smooth thighs. Her labia were large and open, framing a wet almanbahis yeni giriş gash of slippery folds leading to her deepest hole.

“Ben – I want you to stick your tongue out as far as you can, but leave your head on the floor.”

This I did. She came closer and closer. The scent was overwhelming. I wanted to reach up and pull her to me, but I allowed her to continue teasing me unmercifully. She got down on her knees and began to barely rub the length of her slit along my tongue. She was dripping – completely soaked – and she moaned each time she slid the length of her slit along my tongue. My taste buds were in overdrive. I could hear her breathing heavy now as she came down hard on my face and began to slide up and down, back and forth, always in time with the music. I was fucking her with my tongue, or she was fucking my face, depending on your point of view.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I found her engorged clit, puckered my lips and began to suck on her. She gasped and grabbed my cock and leaned down to take me in her mouth. We devoured each other. The slurping and sucking sounds, the deep beat of the music, the candlelight, the exquisite smell and taste of her sex – it was a cacophony of sexual abandon. I was absolutely drowning in her wetness. I stuck my tongue as far as would go into her body. Then I slipped back to her clit and twiddled it madly with my tongue.

She removed my cock from her mouth and grabbed it with both hands, holding onto it like it was a gearshift. “Stick out your tongue out and keep it stiff!” she screamed. I obeyed as she jammed her cunt on to my tongue and face. I stuck my thumb in her asshole to give me leverage as she ground her pussy onto my face hard. She bucked against my face faster and faster, her breath escaping in tiny gasps until she yelled “Oh FUCK!!” and her whole body began to tremble. I felt the walls of her pussy constrict on my tongue as she came, giving out a series of tiny, high-pitched squeals. My face was soaked with her juices. She collapsed in a heap as I extracted my thumb.

“God, Ben, that was so fine. I need to return the favor. Where’s that beautiful cock of yours. I love your cock, Ben – it’s gorgeous and I want to fuck it – now.”

She flipped around facing me – I was still on my back and my cock was aching to explode. She kneeled over me, back straight up and dropped down on my cock in one motion and began to move her hips back and forth. Slowly she increased the speed until she was bouncing up and down at a frantic pace, her eyes looking straight into mine, her hair flying, and her beautiful tits bouncing up and down and sideways and every which way. I tried to cup them, but they were too much to hold onto as she pounded the fuck out of me. I held my palms just under her tits as she fucked me, her tit flesh softly bouncing on my hands with each downward thrust – eliciting a small slapping sound. She wasn’t keeping beat to the music anymore; she was keeping beat to her own sexual rhythm. I kept watching her incredible breasts, which were just flying all over the place – they seemed to have a life of their own.

“Come in me, Ben”, she screamed. Say no more. I unloaded a heavy load of cum into her pussy as I moaned her name. I would have collapsed on the floor, except I was already there. All I could do was shake my head and marvel at the fuck I had just experienced. She leaned down and kissed me sweetly for the first time, tasting her own juices mingled with my saliva.

“Cindy, any time you want a private concert, you just let me know. I’m at your beck and call. No charge.”

She giggled as she snuggled into my chest, my limp dick swimming in the juices of the aftermath of our fuck. “Sounds great. Open mike – tomorrow night – your place. But I don’t think we’re done tonight quite yet. I want you doggie.” She gently began to stoke my cock and I gently rubbed her nipples. I could feel my cock harden in her small hand.

Well, as the old saying goes, “I love my guitar.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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