Best Freinds Forever 1

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I had the impression that Gerald had been avoiding me these last three
weeks. At the same time I had also been hearing things that made me
think something was strangely different, if not wrong.

It just was not like him to ignore me like this – not returning my
calls, even skipping out on school. At one point I was worried that
something terrible had happened, perhaps Gerald had an accident – but
his mother had assured me over the phone that everything was fine,
just great she had said with a little extra enthusiasm in her voice
than I was used too, and that her son was busy is all. It sounded
strangely contrived, his mother odd – in retrospect.

When the rumour mill around school finally came my way and I heard
that Gerald was dating the hottest girl in school, Christine, I knew
there was something terribly wrong. The fact that I had been excluded
from his life these last weeks, becoming an instant outsider to these
rumours for example, hurt.

Only when I was exiting a burger joint at the mall and happened upon
Gerald who stood face to face with a senior, the football team
captain. The guy’s name was Jamie and he was at least a head taller
and half as much wider than Gerald – but my friend stood glaring in
anger up at the larger older teenager as if fearless. Not the Gerald
I remember!

Several things registered in that moment – Christine looking
frightened behind Gerald, looking as gorgeous as ever, three of
Jamie’s friends stood behind him. The crowd was parting, already
scenting trouble about to explode.

I rushed up to the scene, perpendicular to my good friend, and gasped
out, “Don’t do this Jamie?” A useless gesture to be sure, Jamie could
pound the two of us just as easily as one.

Gerald did something totally out of character, his face softened into
a smile as if what I had said was a big joke, turned to me and spoke
confidently, “Don’t worry Liam, its all under control.”

I knew then something was terribly wrong. Thinking back to that
moment, I knew this was the true turning point in my life.

At that second I heard Jamie gasp in surprise, all eyes turning to
look at his face and then following his eyes to his lap. There,
rapidly spreading, was a dark circle dampening his jeans – obviously
urine. My god, the football captain just fucking peed himself!

Gerald spoke, again confidently, “I didn’t realize I was that scary

Then Christine started to giggle, trying to suppress it as eyes moved
from that wet crotch to the pretty girl. It was enough to break the

Jamie did the wise move, turned and rushed from our sight. His three
buddies looking at each other confused and embarrassed, eventually

I turned to Gerald, about to tell him how lucky he was when he calmly
spoke, “I told you I had it covered.”


Christine dropped us off in front of Gerald’s place and I watched
still a little shocked as my buddy passionately kissed the best
looking girl in our school. She moaned and kissed him back.

This was for fucking real!

She drove off leaving us on the sidewalk.

Gerald followed the expensive car until it was out of sight and added,
“She isn’t as great a fuck as she looks Liam.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Christine was the
hottest girl in our school for many reasons – looks of course, the big
tits helped, and she was dating Jamie the hottest guy in school until
a few days ago, was seventeen and a senior and had a father that was
filthy rich. Up until this moment I would have assumed that Gerald
was still the virgin that I have always known him as – it was our one
re-occurring conversation, girls and sex – or the lack thereof. It
was also one of those things that drew us together as friends – the
two nerds that would probably have to buy a hooker to loose our
virginity as no sane girl would give it to us willingly.

Gerald turned and started towards his house, me rushing to follow.
“What the hell is going on Gerald?”

My best friend turned his head to smile at me over his shoulder but
didn’t say anything as he fished out his keys. The door opens and he
shouts out, “I’m home!” I follow him into his house and watch as he
closes the door behind me, carefully locking it securely.

Gerald’s mom comes walking around the corner with a pleased smile on
her face. She is wearing, as far as I can see, nothing but her
cooking apron and her glasses – which, from the front hid much of
everything but suggests anything. Like her son she was short and had
bad eyes, unlike him, she was well rounded, chubby but may have been
considered cute back when she was our age.

Gerald smiled at his mom, “Liam will be staying with us for supper mom
– is there enough?”

Theresa, his mother, turned her pleasant smile towards me and nodded.
“Of course honey. Hello Liam, how are you?” The casual nature of our
conversation was alien enough to startle me – since she was
effectively naked before her son and I.

Gerald interrupted before I could phantom an answer, “Go back to the
kitchen mom and leave us alone until supper is ready. Where is Sara?”

“She is at her friends house. She said you gave her a task to do?”
Theresa looked questioningly at her son, making sure her thirteen year
old daughter wasn’t doing anything wrong. I remember Gerald’s mom as
the harsh disciplinarian, rarely smiled and always found fault in
everything. This simply could not be the same woman standing before

Gerald grinned widely, “She is. Now go mom.” It was, very oddly, a
command rather than a request.

Theresa took it with a parting smile, turning so that her nude
backside was exposed as she strode from the foyer.

I just stood mute, my mouth open in shock – the image of that round
soft ass moving as Gerald’s mother Theresa strode back to the kitchen
burned into my consciousness. It was my buddies chuckle that brought
me back, “Wild huh?”

I followed him downstairs to the family room – where the video games
were set up. He plugged in one of our favourite multi-player
first-person shooter game and turned it on. Neither of us reached for
a controller.

There were things to be said.

“What the fuck is going on Gerald?”

Another chuckle, he holding his hand up as if to calm me – had I been
talking loudly? “Just relax – I’ll share.”

Share? I shook my head as if that would clear out the cobwebs of
confusion. It hadn’t.

“Remember how I’ve been researching that ancient text online?” A nod,
Gerald was always into some odd project or another. “The one from
ancient Egypt? Well I cracked the code.”

He wasn’t making any sense. “The ‘code’?” What had this to do with
the strange things going on this last hour?

His turn to nod, “To control minds.”

From his look, he was waiting for me to break out laughing. I didn’t.
Not after seeing the incredible scenes in the last hour. “Christine?”
A nod. “Jamie?” A chuckle. “Even your mom?” A mischievous smile,
his eyes looking at me carefully.

“More as well.”

Upstairs a door opened and quick footsteps echoed through the floor,
it had to be Gerald’s younger sister Sara returning home. “Even

His smile was dangerous now – so foreign from the guy I had known most
of my life. “Oh yes – she was my first.”

“You’ve had sex with her?” Saying this even felt odd.

A smug grin, “Numerous times – she has lots of energy!” He barked out
laughing but stopped when I didn’t join in.

“What about your dad?”

The grin disappeared and Gerald shrugged, “He is happy. I got him a
pretty thing from the office to shack up with. He and mom weren’t
doing ‘it’ anyways.” It was the first spark of an emotion that I
would classify as guilt. Obviously my friend was having sex with his
mother as well.

This was all too incredible to believe if I hadn’t seen that bare ass
walking away from me. Could all this be true? My heart was thumping
so quickly it was difficult to think.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you earlier – but I wasn’t sure how you would

React to the news that your best buddy was some kind of freak that
could control peoples minds – have sex with his own mother and sister
let alone the hottest girl in school? How should I react?

“And things have been a little crazy I’ll admit. I’ve been busy.” He
leaned in and whispered as if sharing a conspiracy, “And sex is much
better than we ever imagined Liam. I can’t get enough of it!”

“Gerald honey? Liam? Supper time boys.”

He was out of his seat and rushing upstairs before I even translated
his mother’s call through the fog that was my brain. I follow my
buddy to the dining room to find Theresa still wearing only her white
kitchen apron and her stylish glasses placing a bowl of steaming
carrots on the table. She turned and smiled at me as I entered and I
felt my face flush with shame – had she caught me looking at her bare
bottom? Was Gerald really having sex with his own mom – this woman?

My buddy was already seated at the head of the table, the place that
had always been reserved for his father, on his right sat his thirteen
year-old sister Sara, naked and starring anxiously at her big brother.
Since she was seated across the table, all I really could see was her
thin frame and her small, almost, non-existent breasts topped with
tiny brown nipples.

Theresa held out a chair for me, at the opposite end of the table from
her son. I sat, feeling like my heart was about to explode out of my
rib cage from pressure.

Theresa was about to sit when Gerald calmly commanded, “Lose the apron
mom – you know the rules.”

His mom smiled sweetly even as her hands went to the bow tied at the
small of her back. “You are right honey, I am so sorry.”

The apron was lifted over her head and then left over the back of her
chair. She stood for a couple seconds for the three sets of eyes that
openly admired her before seating herself across from her daughter.
In that short time I devoured the sight of her – my first fully naked
woman – big hanging breasts with wide nipples, slim waist with flaring
hips, stretch marks about her lower rounded stomach, a thick brown
bush between her legs. The only thing she wore was her thick glasses.

Gerald was watching me watch his mother, smiling oddly, and waited
until she was seated. “She has been the best fuck so far Liam. Odd
isn’t it that Christine who is the best looking girl at school is
almost a dead fish in comparison?”

I quickly stole a look at the two ladies to see if they minded Gerald
speaking about this before them. Theresa in particular I studied, she
did not even seem to hear her son, spooning out her food before
returning the food back onto the table.

He turned his head to look at his sister, almost fondly, “Sara now,
she fucks like she can’t get enough – always acting like its Christmas
morning. She is definitely the tightest of the girls I’ve banged so
far as well.”

My eyes turned to Sara to see her looking proudly at her older brother
with something akin to adoration and love, her nipples now puffing out
from her small breasts. To me, Sara was always a pest – arguing with
her brother and calling us ‘nerd’ and ‘dork’ – even at her young age
she recognized that we were loosers.

Gerald took a mouthful of mashed potatoes and swallowed before turning
to his sister again, “How did it go with Angel?” He looked at me
momentarily and explained, “Sara’s best friend.”

Sara was bubbling with excitement, bouncing in her chair expectantly.
“Oh Gerald – it went better than we had hopped. She was really
nervous at first but after we kissed for a while she allowed me to go
down on her and then she just went wild!” She bounced on her chair
clapping her hands happily. I look at the rest of her family to see
them smiling almost proudly, happy at the news the youngest girl had
brought to the dinner table.

In a while, after listening to Gerald ask about the most intimate
details of a girl I probably had never met but had evidently had
ordered his sister to seduce, Theresa stood up to start to clean the
table. Gerald told his sister to go upstairs and study, she pouting
as she strode dejected out of the dinning room.

That left Gerald and I alone. “Well, what do you think?”

He was grinning ear to ear and I knew there was only one answer. “I’m
a little stunned Gerald – but all I can say is ‘holy fuck’!”

Gerald broke out laughing. “I was nervous about how you would take it
– with mom, Sara and all?”

A shiver ran up my spin when I realized that he could have controlled
me if my answer had been different – making me do anything he wanted
me too, perhaps humiliate me in public as he had done to Jamie. I
realized suddenly that I didn’t want to be out of control, to have
someone else pick the direction of my life, of every action in my day.
That meant, no matter what, I had to play along – had to ensure Gerald
continued to think of me as his closest friend and confidant.

I laughed as well. “So only the three – with Angel in the wings?”

Gerald smiled proudly, “Three more. Nothing regular – but some nice
cunt for when I’m in the mood.”

He was creating a fucking harem!

His fingers rose one at a time as he told me their names – our
middle-aged strict English teacher, a girl our age that lived next
door and her mother.

“Wow Gerald – I’m, like, casino siteleri fucking jealous buddy!” I really wasn’t, I
was nearly sickened – this was never how our fantasies were ever
voiced. They were about kissing the girls closer to our age, closer
to our peer group – about how it was supposed to work, sex I mean.

He grinned, “No need to get jealous Liam – I fully intend to share
with my best friend!” Laughing with pleasure he came around to stand
before me, sticking out his hand to shake – mirroring his grin, his
laughter, I shook his hand firmly.


“So who is going to be your first Liam?”

My mind was cloudy with wild emotions, with excitement and lust. Upon
the marble table before us lay Sara on her back, naked, her hand
aggressively moving up and down her tiny hairless sex, it looking wet
and very pink. Gerald had suggested the show after we had left the
dinning room – and his younger sister had been all for it, laughing
with pleasure to perform before us. Conveniently forgetting her

To push for more time to answer I brought the beer bottle up to my
lips for another gulp. Gerald, next to me, did the same. Across from
us, watching her daughter closely, Theresa sipped at her wine. “I
will need some time to think about it Gerald.”

I felt my buddy nodding next to me as he too watched his sister’s tiny
lolita thin body work itself into a sweat. She was so thin, you could
see every muscle in her body tense as she worked at bringing herself
closer to orgasm. The orgasm that her brother had ordered, but had
told her not to achieve without his permission.

“It happened almost accidentally for me Liam.” Another draw of beer.
“I was practising with my new power – having mom and Sara wear
revealing clothing around the house – when I caught Sara playing with
herself in her room one night. I had her come into my bedroom and we
had sex. It was my first.”

What had he been doing in her room anyways at night?

“I stayed home from school next morning and after dad and Sara left, I
fucked mom.” My eyes moved back up to the voluptuous woman looking
anxiously at her masturbating daughter, saw how her wide nipples were
now tight and wrinkled, her knees clenching together periodically.
“They were so different and I was insatiable.”

Silence, except for the pants from the teenage lolita playing with
herself before us – the movement of her sweaty body upon the smooth
marble, the sounds of her wet sex being manipulated, invaded, fondled.

“How did it start with Christine?”

Gerald laughed for a few seconds. “That was different. I wanted
something legit, you know what I mean?” I did – you can’t go make out
with your sister or mom at the movies like you could your girlfriend.
“But I also wanted the best – Christine was the obvious choice.”

My turn to nod, she was by far the hottest chick in school. “You said
she was not a good… in bed Gerald?”

A deep sigh, “Strange isn’t it? A body to kill for, every guy in
school gets hard when she walks by but when we fuck she just lays
there. I thought she was scared or something our first time but soon
realized she just didn’t have a clue what to do. Mom is the complete
opposite – she is by far the best fuck I’ve had.”

I looked from mother to daughter, and then back. There was something
to be said for the full breasts, round hips and jutting ass. It still
seemed strange to me that Theresa was better in bed than the best
looking girl in school. Christine. I will have to take Gerald’s word
for it though.

“Christine almost turned me off young cunt.” A sip of his beer, his
eyes locked on that place between his sisters thin muscular thighs.
“Almost!” Laughing. “Jane next door is the same, a great body, fun
to fuck but her mom was a better lay by far.”

Sara looked half mad with lust – her body quivering uncontrollably,
her muscles flexing and tensing wildly, her sex making the most
amazingly delicious sounds. Gerald and I sat quietly and watched the
show for another moment or two.

“We could make a trade Liam?”


Gerald nodded to his sister, “My sister for yours?”

A cold hand clenched my heard tightly but I tried to make light of the
question, “Which one – I have two?” One older and the other younger.

Gerald looked at me seriously and said, “Both of course.”

My mind was screaming for me to jump up and run out of there. This
was evil, it was wrong in so many ways. An image of my older sister
laying as Sara was now, performing so lewdly.

My shock must not have been totally concealed, “Don’t look so
surprised Liam. How many times did we drool over Amy these last few

To my embarrassment it was true. We had watched my gorgeous sister
from afar many a time – talking about her perfect tight ass, her small
firm tits, that way she seemed to draw every males eyes. Yet, it had
all been unreal at the time – it could never be true, a fantasy only.
We were just two guys talking trash in private right? I mean we
discussed the sexual qualifications about every woman we knew – and I
mean every one – my elder sister was no exception.

Gerald had admitted to me that he was spying on his mom a couple years
ago – sniffing her panties, watching her through the keyhole as she
showered – that sort of thing. He wanted me to be a part of this
conspiracy – suggested I do the same – I told him I was, but in
reality I didn’t have the nerve. Our mothers, at least to me, were
not sexual conquests so much as available bodies to look upon. We
were horny virgin teenage boys, anything with tits and an ass turned
our heads!

“Or even better, we could trade moms?” I looked to see the anxious
smirk on Gerald’s face.

I felt like punching him but took a deep breath to calm my sudden
anger instead. He had the power to ruin me, to humiliate me beyond
anything any bully had dared to do. And what about my family, my mom
and sisters – they will never be the same from his warped desires.

“If there was any regret, it was that I fucked Sara before mom. Take
my word for it Liam, mature cunt is the best.” He tilted his head
back and drained his beer.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Theresa stood up upon shaky legs and left the room without a word.
Gerald laughed and nodded to the place his mother had sat naked – the
wet spot which could only be one thing! My god, do girls get that

“Mom gets wet in a stiff breeze.” That one statement seemed to be
enough for Gerald but it was a shocking statement to me.

She returned and handed her son a new bottle of beer, opened of
course. He gave her a long look before ordering, “Go to my room mom –
I’ll be up in a few minutes okay?” It really wasn’t a question.

Theresa shivered visibly and gave her son a wide pleased smile, then
turned to me politely, “Thank you for coming by Liam. Say hello to
your mother for me?” She then turned on her bare feet and rushed from
the room, giggling anxiously, her mature body bouncing lewdly with
each step. Obviously excited that her son would be soon having sex
with her.

Gerald wasn’t even watching her voluptuous body bounce from the room
as I was, instead he was looking at his sister. A long pull from his
beer before he quietly said, “You can come now Sara.”

It was like a light had been turned on – flashing brightly before us,
so that our eyes hurt. Sara just exploded before my very eyes, her
back completely arching off the smooth sweet-slippery marble beneath
her – her muscles clenching impossibly in her thin lolita body, head
back, eyes clamped shut tightly. But it was the sound, screeching
scream of pleasure that hurt my ears – the wet sounds squishing from
her sex, her fingers submerged, more working at her erect pink

Gerald and I watched this all in silence, until his sister was left
exhausted and twitching before us. He suddenly stood, “Think about my
offer Liam – your mom will be a great fuck and your two sisters going
down on each other just gets me hot thinking about it.” I saw my
buddies penis thrusting against his jeans painfully and stood as well
– knowing I was being dismissed.

He lead me to his front door, clasping me overly-friendly about the
shoulder, “From now on buddy, its cunt cunt and more cunt! Life is
different when you look at any woman and know you can fuck her.”

I was left outside his home, the darkness hiding my own throbbing
hardness in my jeans, his parting statement echoing in my head.




The next morning I moved about our home as if in a dream – my eyes
moving and watching, my mind still recalling the shocking things I had
experienced and learnt the day before. Amy moved about the kitchen in
her jogging tights and my eyes were locked to her tight firm perfect
nineteen year-old ass. Then I mentally removed Lisa’s bulky clothing
and imagined her naked, her early adolescence giving her twelve
year-old body just starting to flower. It was mom that drew most of
my attention – the best sex Gerald had described his own mother. It
would be impossible to consider as reality if that visit had not

Amy disappeared for her jog – Lisa leaving to go to a friends for the
day. That left mom, who disappeared to shower for her day shopping.

I had to pick someone or else Gerald would. There was that girl in my
Math class – braces but with nice hair. Or the girl in school, a
junior, that played in most of the school plays – a bit thin but had a
pretty smile. Then my mind unconsciously thought about dad’s
secretary, an older woman that always wore short skirts and had great
legs – who never failed to smile when I came in. And what about our
church pastor’s wife – softly padded but with huge breasts that had
never failed to draw my eye.

I could have any woman I wanted – any of those girls were mine but for
the request to Gerald. God what it must be like to be him – to have
this totally control, the power to do anything you wanted? I had to
shake my head to clear these thoughts from my mind – down that path
was nothing but evil incarnate.

Why had he chosen his mother and sister over all the women we had
discussed these many years since puberty hit us like a thunderbolt?
His mother had been the strict one of his parents, stern and always
frowning. His sister and he were always fighting, bickering
constantly – which may be part of the reason that Theresa frowned. So
did he choose them over all the other woman because of some type of

Mom came down from her shower wearing loose pants and a light blouse,
looking for her purse and car keys. My eyes followed her and I
wondered if she missed dad, they being divorced these last five years.
Did she miss being with him, as a man – she never dated that I knew
about. Maybe Gerald was wrong about my mom – she probably doesn’t
need or even like sex I thought coldly.

She disappeared towards the door leading to the garage when I heard
her say, “Oh Gerald! You startled me.”

“Sorry. Going out?” Just the sound of his voice caused a nervous
reaction within me and I stood from my place at the breakfast table.

“Yes and I’m already late.”

My heart was beginning to thump loudly in my chest as the silence was

Then Gerald strode into the kitchen with my mom following, a blank
look on her face.

Oh my god! Its happening!

He smiled at me and pointed over his shoulder with his thumb at my
mom, “Thinking about what we talked about last night buddy?” He sat
himself across from where I was standing before I too joined him at
the table, leaving mother standing still before us, her eyes looking
blankly at the wall beyond the table.

Calm yourself, else this may become ugly! “I have been giving it a
lot of thought.” I willed myself not to look at my zombie-like
mother, else he may do something that we all may regret.

Gerald smiled and nodded, as if understanding the dilemma he had put
me in. Then he turned his eyes back to my mother and asked as
casually as you please, “Are you going to wear that Emily?” It was
weird hearing my moms first name spoken so casually.

“Yes, I was.”

“Liam always thought you had nice legs – go change into a skirt,
something above the knees – and be quick about it!”

Mom rushed out of our kitchen and down the hall to her room, we heard
her panicked movements.

I had to say something – stop whatever was about to happen – but my
mouth was dry. It felt like I was rolling down a steep hill, gaining
speed and unable to stop myself.

She came back in record time wearing a dark woollen work skirt and tan
hose – returning to the same spot to stand silently.

Gerald was ignoring me, “Better Emily. No more pants okay – only
skirts when going out of the house?”

“Okay Gerald.”

“Are those pantyhose or stockings Emily?”

“I don’t own any stockings Gerald.”

“This is the last time you wear pantyhose okay Emily? Only thigh high
stockings or nothing. You want Liam to be proud of his mother don’t

Mother nodded anxiously, almost looking nervous that I would love her
any less because she did not have stockings on rather than pantyhose.
“Oh, I want nothing else than to make Liam happy.”

My head was spinning and I felt oddly sick and excited at the same

“And loosen a couple buttons Emily, show Liam some cleavage slot oyna while you
are at it. If you must wear bra’s around your son at least let him
enjoy what beautiful breasts you have okay?”

Mom’s hands rushed to losen two buttons of her blouse, pressing her
lapel to the side to reveal the valley of her upper chest. “Of course
Gerald – it won’t happen again. I am sorry Liam.”

There stood my mother, nearly instantly looking like a different woman
– short skirt, cleavage – these things that were shown conservatively
in the past, as rarely as possible.

“You like making your son Liam happy don’t you Emily?”

Mom smiled widely, “Very much so Gerald. I love him with all my

“There is nothing better than a mother who knows how to treat her son
Emily. I bet just being near him makes you excited – is your cunt
getting wet Emily?” The conversation took a definite curve at the use
of that coarse word and I shifted nervously in my chair.

I leaned forward to protest but Gerald put a hand up between us
stalling me but it was my fear of him that really silenced me. I
watched as my mother was controlled and humiliated before my very eyes
and I was as defenceless as she.

Mom was frowning, thinking to herself.

“Making him happy makes you wet Emily – I know it does. If he ever
wants to do more than look at you, there isn’t nothing you would not
do for him is there?”

Why was my penis so hard? I should be punching and kicking this
pervert from my home!

In a tiny whisper mom admitted, “I would do whatever it took to make
him happy.” As she said it, she spoke with determination – as if
trying to convince not only us but herself.

Gerald was smirking triumphantly, challenging me with his eyes, “Just
imagine Emily – the best sex of your life, better than your wildest
fantasies. Do you know who I’m talking about Emily?”

In another small voice, “My son Liam?”

“Good girl.”

Mom blushed and stole small glances at me. I was shocked to see her
nipples had hardened beneath her blouse. I knew without a doubt my
mother was sexually excited – it was a weird feeling, especially since
it was because of me.

“Where did you plan on going shopping Emily?”

Mom swallowed thickly but looked relieved to change the topic. “I
needed clothes for work and then a little grocery shopping.”

Gerald nodded, thinking for only a few seconds, “Don’t forget
above-the-knee skirts and thigh-high stockings right Emily?”

Again she stole a look at me, nodding affirmatively all the while. I
could not help but shift in my chair – my hard penis hurting in my

“You can go now Emily – just remember to think about what your son
would like when you buy something.” Another nod, another stolen look,
this time accompanied by a small private smile for me.

Mom turned to leave when Gerald prolonged this torture by stopping her
again, “Oh, Emily?” Mom stopped and turned silently, smiling pleasant
and polite. “When was the last time you had sex?”

“Its about three years ago now.”

For teenagers, three years seemed impossibly long. Something else, my
dad and mom have been divorced for five years – who was this guy mom
had sex with anyways?

“You must masturbate frequently?”

Mom blushed again and nodded.

This was just too much – now I’m hearing my mother admit to
masturbating! Sure I knew girls did ‘it’, but faced with mother’s
admission that she did ‘it’ as well was a little overwhelming.

Gerald waved his hand in dismissal and mom turned and strode back to
the garage doorway to leave the house. I was glaring at my buddy and
he just shrugged, “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want too
Liam. But the choice is now there – you can thank me later.” I felt
like hitting him, is how I felt.

At that inopportune moment my older sister Amy returned from her run –
she came into the kitchen all hot and sweaty. As she does after her
exercise, Amy made a smoothie for her breakfast while effectively
ignoring us ‘dweebs’.

“Why are you always a bitch to us Amy?”

I froze even as my older sister spun and glared at Gerald, her mouth
began to open and then her eyes just glazed over and her hands dropped
to her sides to stand silently. It was starting again.

“How is university Amy?”

“College. Its going fine.”

“Fucking anybody?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but yes.” Even in her half
trance, my sister could not keep her bitchy attitude at bay.

For some reason I as anxious to hear more – she always had a different
pretty boy over at our house every week. I have always hated them –
hating her smug selfish attitude. Perhaps it was why it had been so
easy to talk trash about her with Gerald all these years. “Hot girl
like you must be busy?”

Amy shrugged, “I fuck who I want and when.”

“Even girls?”

Another shrug, “When I want.”

Selfish bitch I cursed at her silently. But the knowledge that my
sister was a loose slut was just too juicy a topic for Gerald to
ignore. “Who is your favourite right now?”

“My English Literature teacher, Mr. Jones.”

“A teacher Amy… is he married?”


“In his thirties?”

“Forty six years old.”

Seems that Gerald was not the only guy that likes his partners older –
I was intrigued. “Lucky guy. Ever been with more than one guy at a
time Amy?”


My heart was again thumping, my penis aching in my pants. My sister
was a trashy slut, so little did I know! “I bet you even like anal?”

“Sometimes, yes.”

Gerald turned and winked at me – my sister’s perfect ass has always
been the favourite part of her body for both of us. The admission
that my sister enjoyed anal sex just left me dizzy. “What do you
think of your brother Liam?”

She shrugged as if she could care less, my anger rose as it normally
does when she acted like this towards me, “He’s just a geeky nerd.”

“Ever think about having sex with him?”

“Of course not!” She sounded disgusted and I wondered if Gerald’s
power could not work fully on her.

He was just smiling though and so I knew the game was not yet over.
“Things are going to change around here Amy. Nerds are taking over
the world while the jocks become shoe salesmen.” It was our oft
recited line – telling ourselves that things will get better for us.
“Hot girl like you should do the smart thing – become close to your

She made a distasteful face and looked at me for a few lengthy
seconds. “Close how?”

“Oh, I don’t know… if Liam wanted to fuck you in the ass, for
example, you wouldn’t see any problem with that.”

She turned back to Gerald, “No, I suppose I wouldn’t.”

I coughed violently in response – my god! “You are in control right?
You are the older sister – smart, beautiful. If he wanted to have sex
with you, it would be because you seduced him into it and that turns
you on right Amy?”

She swallowed loudly, “I like having the power.”

“I know you do. I bet your excited right now thinking about seducing
your brother aren’t you? Just think about it Amy – any act your nerd
brother wanted to do would be because you have that power. And if you
enjoy it as well… so what right?”

She was nodding, smiling mischievously. My sister had a long thin
body, the curves slight, her breasts small firm mounds on her chest.
Those mounds now had small hard points pressing out of the tight
fabric – she was getting excited!

“Its going to be difficult though…?”

My sister frowned, taking the bait, “How so?”

Gerald sighed as if talking to a child, “Well, every time you are with
a guy now, you will only be able to think about Liam. Any girl you
are with, you will wonder what it would be like to share her with your
brother. They will be poor substitutes for the real thing of course.”

She was frowning at Gerald.

“Excited Amy?” My best buddy pointed at the tightly stretched cloth
over my sisters genital mound. Looking closely it was obviously
discoloured from being wet – and it wasn’t sweat either.

“I am, damn you Gerald!”

Gerald started to laugh and it became instantly infectious so I joined
in. My sister cursed to herself and ran from the kitchen when my
buddy dismissed her – leaving her half finished smoothie on the
counter untouched.


We each had a huge mound of french fries before us as we talked in the
food court at the mall – one of our favourite places. “Fuck me buddy
– that was intense.” It was. With mom I went through so many
conflicting emotions that I did not know how to act, which way to
turn. With Amy I enjoyed her humiliating transformation – the
information that I had gleamed revealing.

Gerald was nodding in agreement, “And we can do that to anyone Liam.
I mean its a fucking dream come true is what it is!”

We were both laughing as if half-drunk, the adrenaline high slowly
coming down.

“I’ll tell you Liam”, he waved a fry my way as he spoke, “if you don’t
fuck Amy I think I may. She is one hot looking slut.”

I nodded, she was. Strangely, the idea of Gerald having sex with my
sister no longer seemed as disgusting as it had the night before. I
had listened to my sister admit to being promiscuous – the idea of my
best friend fucking her did not seem so crazy any more. “Give me a
couple days okay Gerald – this is all coming way too fast to process.”
The truth by the way.

He nodded, obviously understanding. “Figure out who is going to be
your first?”

I sighed, I hadn’t. The closest I could imagine was dad’s secretary –
fit the older criteria as well as being a looker. The idea that I was
going to lose my virginity finally was a heady thought and being
surrounded by all this deviant behaviour did not help. I could go
home right now and my mom and older sister would do any sex act I told
them – tell me that wasn’t fucked up? But what a rush it was!

“I was thinking of setting up a little show next weekend and wanted to
run it by you.” Gerald looked at my a little nervously, “How about we
put Sara and Lisa naked on my marble table with only a single bottle
of oil between them?”

The empowered feelings I had been enjoying, thinking about loosing my
virginity, even about my new control over mother and Amy,
disintegrated and I recalled that I was playing with fire here.
Gerald was suggesting we set our two younger sisters in some sort of
lesbian tryst. After watching Sara pleasure herself the night before,
I knew my buddy was into those types of visual spectacle.

A fear clenched me at that moment – I could defend my younger sister’s
chastity and probably have it taken from her anyways, while placing me
in as a defenceless a position as the rest of the ladies in our
collective families. Gerald really did not need my permission to do
anything he wanted, to anyone. My guess was that he needed someone
that wasn’t altered mentally, to share it with – call it a way to
spread the guilt or perhaps he really did think of me as a best
friend. Friends until the end, we used to say to each other.

My sister Lisa was twelve years old, she had a thin boy-like body that
had not started changing into a woman’s. Strangely, seeing her naked
intrigued me. Would that thin body develop into mom’s curves or Amy’s
athletic build?

Of my two sisters, I liked Lisa the best. She wasn’t pompous or
ignorant and selfish like Amy, she was polite and seemed to really
enjoy being with me – talking or just hanging out. She kicked my ass
when we played baseball or soccer together, but I helped her with her
math and science homework readily.

The answer seemed to come on its own, “That sound pretty hot – but
nothing else with Lisa okay?”

Gerald nodded, his smile wide at my agreement, “Sure buddy – she is
all yours. It’ll just be a nice slippery lesbian show.”

I did not join him in his lecherous laugh and forced my attention back
to the quickly disappearing mound of fries.


When I entered my house, I found mom singing lightly in the kitchen,
her head spinning my direction when she noticed me, “Hi Liam. Have a
good time with your friend?” She wore a strange smile that I knew was
only for me.

My eyes looked my mom up and down – the skirt that ended just before
the knee was new, tight around the upper thighs and round full hips,
the nylons had a seam up the back and I knew without any further proof
that they would end about thigh high, her blouse was the same as
before but it was obvious that she was no longer wearing a bra – her
full breasts swinging hypnotically just by her movement to look at me.

This was the proof that Gerald’s power was total.

Mom saw my gaze and a private smile widened her lips as she turned
back to chopping the vegetables. “What is for supper mom?” I could
do my mother right here and right now – over the counter, on the
linoleum floor. It was a heady thought.

She smiled for me again, her eyes soft and inviting, “Vegetable soup
with dumplings.”

Sounded delicious and I told her so.

“I hoped you would like it honey.”

I just looked at her for a couple minutes as she effortlessly chopped
some carrots. Was she getting excited right now with me looking at
her? What was it like – the juice that a woman excreted when they
became exited?

Before I did something I wasn’t prepared to do, I rushed from the
kitchen to my canlı casino siteleri room. On the way I saw Lisa in her room laying on her
bed reading a book, she didn’t notice me. God, in less than a week I
would be watching her with Gerald’s sister – naked, oiled, kissing,
fingering and licking each other.

The walls spun and I had to use a hand to steady myself, forcing
myself to my room. I shut the door and fell into my messy bed to
close my eyes and force my heart to stop pounding so violently in my


My dreams were the most lewd and descriptive of my life – mother was
stripping before me, but strangely, never seemed to become naked – my
sister Amy was sucking my hard penis, taking her mouth off just long
enough to order, “come over my face nerd” – Lisa was sitting next to
me, my hand between her thin thighs, rubbing her hairless wet hot
crack as she moaned and watched our mother strip. I kept hearing
Gerald say, “any woman… anything you want…”.

I awoke in the darkness of my room, sweaty and painfully hard. I
haven’t decided if I was in heaven or hell. My mouth was dry and my
lips felt swollen. So I sat up, swinging my bare feet to the floor
and holding my head in my hands.

I could do it – I could go to Amy or mom right now, get a blow job to
help me sleep, or fuck them and finally lose that stigma of being a
virgin finally.

But perhaps I should just jerk off – like I did last night after
watching Sara play with herself. When I did it, I wasn’t sure if it
was the sight of Gerald’s little sister climaxing with her fingers
inside her own body or his mother sitting across from us, clenching
her knees, nipples hard, shivering with desire while watching her
young daughter.

The house was silent – dark. I slipped from my room and made my way
down the hallway to the kitchen, getting a glass of water to quench my
parched throat. While drinking I saw that there was a small light in
the living room and walked the few meters to see mom sitting on the
couch, beneath the single light, reading a thick book.

She jumped at my entrance, “Oh Liam honey – you startled me!” She
caught her breath and closed her book after marking the page with a
marker. “Couldn’t sleep honey?” She looked concerned – ever the

I looked at her then and wondered what it would be like to actually
have intercourse with her. Plain of face, looking her age of forty
two years. She wore a long thick white cotton nightie that hid her
from neck to ankle, her legs curled up beneath her as she read.

Mother shifted beneath my silent scrutiny, and I recalled how Gerald
had commanded her to feel excitement when I looked at her. I turned
away not without guilt and moved to sit across from mom in the chair.

The silence was thick but I kept my eyes looking into the shadows to
the side of the room. Why did Gerald put me in this position – I
never asked him to do this? A movement caught my eye and I looked up
to see mom losen two of her buttons on the front of her nightie –
exposing her bare cleavage beneath.

Those nipples were hard now – obvious even in this dim light. Its not
your fault mother? Stop it please!

When my eyes rose, I found mother wearing a soft smile just for me –
her eyes glinting strangely. “Is there anything I could do to make
you happy honey?”

Was it my imagination or had she pushed her chest further forwards
towards me? “Do you miss dad mom?”

Her brow furled before she answers, “I do… sometimes.”

“Why don’t you date mom?”

She shifted uncomfortably in her half upright position. “Thats
complicated honey.”

I just looked at her – saw her shift, this time it was not from being

She blurted out, “Your father leaving hurt me – I couldn’t trust men
any more.”

I nodded as if I understood – but I didn’t. Nor did I want to know
the specifics about my parents sex life. “But you had sex with
someone three years ago…?”

She nodded, looking embarrassed as well as uncomfortable and strangely
excited, “He… lets just say he was a mistake that I never wanted to
make again.”

“So you stopped with men completely.”

Nodding almost sad now, “Yes.”

I had nothing else I wanted to say – that I could say. How does a
teenage boy ask his adult mother regarding sexual matters anyways? I
so wanted to confide in someone, an adult, this woman that was my
mother – needed help from the intense changes in my life that I was

The silence was probably too much for her and she blurted out almost
anxious, releasing me from the responsibility of starting the
conversation, “I get more pleasure by myself than any man ever gave

What could I say, ‘too bad’? “I never realized girls did ‘it’ too,
until only recently mom.” Well, ‘recently’ was about a year ago –
since then, it was always one of my hottest fantasies.

Mom was nodding, “Oh yes, ‘girls’ do ‘it’ too Liam.” She then giggled
almost adolescently, “I do it more now than I ever did when I was your

My mouth was dry again and I recalled the half filled glass of water
in my hand. After taking a gulp, which did not seem to do anything
for my parched state I continued, “When did you start mom?”

Mom looked up at the ceiling and frowned in thought, “I was about
Lisa’s age when I started experimenting.”

I wish she hadn’t spoke my younger sister name, reminding me of the
event in only a weeks time.

“I recall how sensitive I was ‘down there’ and how good it felt, but I
was about twelve when I began playing with myself.” She giggled again
and her eyes returned to me, “Are you sure you want to hear all this
honey? You are not weirded out or anything?”

I looked mom right in the eye and said, “I love listening to you talk
about playing with yourself mom.” I was hundred percent serious –
perhaps it would be better that our conversation was not about sexual
matters, this discussion was more intimate than I can remember between
us. Mom has always been the busy, weary woman – the single mom to
three kids.

Mom shivered violently and moaning deep down in her throat before she
replied with a raspy voice, “I love making you happy Liam.”

“I know you do mom.” Anything I wanted, at any time – I recalled.

“Do you honey… you know, masturbate frequently?”

I nodded, thankful for the dim light so that my embarrassment would
not be too obvious on my burning cheeks.

She nodded knowingly, “Boys do it a lot at your age.” I normally did
it about twice a day – Gerald used to admit to about three to four
times on average a day.

The silence lengthened and we just looked at each other. I felt
almost dizzy with power – this isn’t right. I stood and took two
strides before mom sat forwards and asked anxiously, nervously, “Would
you like to watch me play with myself Liam – would that make you
happy?” Her words effectively stopped me in my tracks.

It was my turn to shiver with excitement – my penis began to harden in
my pyjama bottoms. Mom’s eyes did not miss anything, and she licked
her lips almost as if she were hungry. “I don’t know whats come over
me today honey – mommy is feeling positively in heat when I think
about you.” She was almost whispering. “I want to make you happy – I
would do anything you wanted Liam, anything!” She hissed that last
word, slipping her bare feet from beneath her to the floor below –
watching me anxiously.

I stood there swaying with uncertainty – run I told my feet silently,
but I did not move, my eyes turned to my physically and mentally
excited mother, my hard penis wanting her.

“I know I’m old honey. I know I shouldn’t feel this way about my own
son. But believe me when I say that I’ve never felt so brazen before
– so sure about anything.” She took a lengthy loud swallow before
continuing, “Please Liam, I beg you, just sit for a couple more
minutes? If… if I disgust you, I promise never to bother you

My heart was pounding so hard that it hurt my chest and sounded loud
to my ears. Without a conscious thought my feet turned and strode
back to my chair – my ass lowering to sit in the familiar seat. I
already knew I would not be ‘disgusted’.

Mom as smiling happily, and had waited until I was seated and looking
at her before she slowly reached the low hem of her nightie and worked
it up to her neck. It took some doing, lifting her bottom from the
couch, her hands trembling so violently.

The cotton garment fell to the floor already forgotten and mother sat
back against the couch and spread her knees a few centimetres – she
was completely naked. She whispered almost to herself, “Mommy was so
hot after Gerald explained how you liked me to dress this morning I
brought myself off in the car outside the mall today. I never felt so
alive… or naughty!”

Her bare feet rose and she bent her knees to hook her heels into the
edge of the couch – this effectively spread her thighs wide. I took
in the sight of my naked parent for the very first time and felt like
a drowning man seeing the rescue boat. She was so pale, so soft in
body – but it was nothing but good! Curves and more curves, dark
wrinkled nipples, soft quivering inner thighs and breasts. Her age in
her face, stretch marks on her stomach and thighs, her lower breasts.
I always thought of her as ancient – and to me and my friends, she
was. But at this very moment in time, she was the sexiest thing I’ve
ever encountered. Much more exciting than even Gerald’s younger
sister Sara had been as I had watched her.

Mother’s trembling hands slipped over her abundant pale soft flesh –
one eventually making for a heavy hanging breast, the other between
her legs and the glistening pinkness there. “I knew from that moment
on that there wasn’t another man alive that I felt this way about –
who could turn me on like this, who could ask anything of me and I
would do everything in my power to make you happy.”

A finger slipped into the glistening flesh and came back out covered
in female slim. I was fascinated to watch mother bring that finger to
her mouth and suck it clean before returning it to her sex.

“Any hole Liam – any time – any place. I am yours my love, body, soul
and mind!” Her eyes captured my own, “I never told anyone before that
I just love the taste of myself. Do you find that odd?”

Mother did not wait for an answer, two fingers slipped deep and mother
gasped with pleasure, her back arching off the couch while her eyes
clasping shut momentarily.

At that point I no longer existed for mom, I was sure. Her toes
wiggled and clenched, her calves tighted, her thighs quivered, her
hips shook as she pumped her ass up off the couch, her white soft
breasts dancing upon her chest – mother was a delicious sight and my
hands quivered to touch myself. I was hard, painfully throbbing
against my pyjama bottoms – a large wet spot revealing the leakage I
was producing.

She would do this two finger pumping thing – in and out of her very
pink very sloppy wet sex, before bringing those fingers up to her lips
to suck clean and dropping the other hand to continue. Alternately
she would use the free hand to ravage her clitoris rubbing it
surprisingly hard. Infrequently those wet fingers went to one of the
hard winkled nipples dancing on her chest as she moved, twisting and
yanking on it almost violently.

Mother was making noises that I’ve never heard in my life – grunting
and mile-long-sighs that caused my dick to jerk painfully. She was
gasping as if she could not breath – her mouth wide unless she was
sucking her fingers clean.

Then she did something surprising, moving the newly cleaned fingers
not down to her clitoris to her nipples as I had half expected, but
around her waist so that I saw the index finger tease her own wrinkled
clenching anus.

It was at that point I climaxed in my bottoms – pumping again and
again so that the hot seed filled the front of my pyjama bottoms. I
was gasping as mother suddenly arched her back completely off the
couch, and with two fingers in her vagina another in her anus, she
screamed out in orgasm the likes of which I shall never forget.

Never again could I look at her as simply a parent, as a sexless
person who could direct the path of my life.

The both of us just sat there – mother slowly opening her eyes to look
at me, look down at the obvious wet spot in my pyjama bottoms. I
should be embarrassed but I wasn’t – I wasn’t the one naked, the one
that had begged to put on a show. Sure she had no self-control –
Gerald had forced this moment, had changed how my home will forever
function. How will I ever look on mother and not remember this night?

Mother’s feet dropped back to the floor and she suddenly looked almost
embarrassed, “I’ve never done that in front of anyone before Liam.”
Her eyes studying the spot on the front of my cotton bottoms – she
knew I had enjoyed what I had witnessed.

My voice was raspy to my own ear but I heard myself say, “You were
beautiful mom, really.”

Her eyes rose and her lips widened into a pleased smile, “From you
Liam, that makes me happier than you can imagine.”

The way her eyes were looking at me like that – wide open and almost
innocent and submissive. They said, take me I am yours.

I felt the stirrings between my legs and stood up quickly to leave –
mother’s eyes watching me with disappointment. The scent of her self
enjoyment so thick that it filled my head and my thoughts for the rest
of the evening.

I felt like Alice down that damned hole.

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