Beth and her Avatars

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My twin sister fancied herself crazy and began creating avatars when she was sixteen. Her mother and her brother, me, went along with it because everything else about Elizabeth was so special. Some days it seemed as though all the good genes in our entire family tree had converged on her. She was, simultaneously, an athlete, a musician, a brilliant student, and many other things as well.

But growing up was still hard. If you perform well, regardless of what it is, others raise the bar. And then, when your hormones kick in, there are boys and sex and out of control emotions. More than once, I would come back from an evening with my buddies and hear her crying as I passed her door.

Her alternate personalities were her way of dealing with all the pressure. She wrote little short stories, not more than a paragraph or two, and posted them on the refrigerator and around the house, even on the back of the toilet. When she was prepping for something important, her latest creation always pulled off an outrageous trick of some kind.

The summer we were eighteen and headed to college in the fall, my girlfriend Jeannie and I were squeezed into a bunk at the family cottage, just waking up, when Beth walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. Jeannie was hiding under the sheet, not knowing who had come into the room.

“Justin, I have a meet today, but I’m eighteen now and there is a virginity problem Blanche and I need to talk about with you. And Jeannie too.”

I was hardly awake, but managed to get out, “Ok. I guess. Tonight?”

“You don’t need the details. I expect you to perform when the time comes.” She poked a finger into Jeannie’s thigh, which was long and sleek even with the sheet over her. “Franny, you are not to give him a hard time about this. It is ok to share.” She leaned over for a quick kiss and disappeared.

Jeannie’s fingers were squeezing my morning hardness, “I’m Franny now? That must have been crazy Blanche giving orders.”

Before I could think of a reply, I was eased over on top of her and my cock guided into warm wetness. “Do me, we have to think about this.”

Athletics seems to run in my family and friends, because everyone has a sport, and there are lots of ribbons and trophies scattered about. Jeannie was a long distance swimmer and hard as nails. She loved to thrust her bony hips into mine and groan. I had a terrible suspicion she was faking orgasms to keep me interested until one night we had a couple of forbidden beers and she spent an hour confessing that her old boyfriends never really turned her on and she didn’t come for them, but faked it. She broke down in tears and cried on my chest. I tried to say it was ok, but she shouted, “No, it’s not ok, damn it.”

I was really scared I had screwed up until she blew her nose and whispered in my ear that the very first time I was in her, she came. “It’s worse than that,” she hissed, trying to pretend she was saying something awful, “I’ve come every time after that. You are a terrible, terrible beast and I love you.” Which, of course, required another crying fit on my chest.

That morning, in the bunk bed, fucking each other, we made a little pact. We would stick together for the sake of Blanche’s cherry. We would continue to fight for straight A’s and go to the same selective college or university. To keep everyone offguard, including Elizabeth, we would have breakups. We would go to karate classes so we could practice taking each other out.

We were laughing and giggling and nothing was happening down below, when Jeannie said, “Get busy, you are still required to get me off every time.”

We worked hard for those climaxes. Jeannie was about to let out a terrific scream when I clapped a hand over her mouth and jammed in as hard as I could.

Jeannie jerked and shook and opened her eyes very wide at someone behind me. Before I could turn around a terrific slap arrived on my butt. “You should be ashamed, abusing that poor woman. Does she always come for you like that?”

I rolled off Jeannie and said, “Mom, sex with Jeannie is the greatest. Get in here with us.”

I knew my mother was needy. The smell under the covers was very strong, and we massaged all her best parts.

“Oh, you brats.” She wiggled and squirmed in her silk nightie as we applied kisses and fingers. “Stop that this minute. Let me out of the bed.”

Her hands were trying to beat on me and encountered a revived cock. “Jeannie, he is hard again. How do you control him?”

“It is a losing battle, Katherine. He is still growing and the coach has him in the weight room all the time.”

“You mean this big hard cock is getting bigger too?”

“Yes, I lie around wanting and wanting him, and then afterwards, I am just wrecked.”

The two of them had to have kissing after that, while my fingers explored. Mom was wet and casino oyna two fingers went right in. The violent twisting and shaking increased as Jeannie’s tongue kept busy and my thumb worked on a tender clit. Her wail was muffled by a pillow.

Jeannie and I giggled as Katherine caught her breath and mumbled about wayward kids. “What’s this about you and your sister?”

Jeannie whispered in her ear, “She says he has to be her first. Is that bad or what?”

Mom had my slippery cock in a death grip. “You are not to take your sister’s virginity. Understand?”

“I didn’t start it! She jumped us with some story about Blanche had decided.”

She let go and slumped against me. “What are we going to do, Justin? She has these wild stories that her avatars act out.”

Jeannie sat on top of Katherine and kneaded her shoulders and back. “I think the two of you should relax. She is the smartest kid around. Maybe she will find a boyfriend of her own soon.”

She giggled and added, “I could throw a jealousy fit and threaten to scratch her eyes out.”

Mom and I got Jeannie between us and applied tickle torture. Quick as a wink, she gave mom a terrible hickey on her neck and laughed. “I’m getting you in trouble.”

Katherine stood by the bed, flushed and wet. My mom followed my sexy girlfriend to the shower with her own threats.

Over breakfast, Katherine said, “You were right about Beth. We have to cool it.”

The two of them had on long tee shirts and nothing else.

“Wandering around like that is not cooling me…”

“And Jeannie says that on the weekends, once is never enough…”

The look I got from my mother was enough to melt the icecap. Jeannie was at my side, her fingers pulling down my zipper, “She asked me if I would share.”

Katherine raised her leg and straddled my thighs. The tee shirt disappeared over her head. We were still staring at each other. This had been building for a long time. My father’s high blood pressure had wilted his cock, and finally killed him.

Mom’s interest in sex had not diminished, and the knowledge that her son and his girlfriend were getting it on in my bedroom bothered the hell out of her. The look was telling me enough was enough. I was astonished that she had the presence of mind to ask Jeannie. A little light went on. This wasn’t a one off. She was establishing new boundaries in the family.

I reached for her hips, easing them forward. Jeannie pulled her mouth off me, leaving the great slimy purple cock ready for the pussy advancing on it. I lifted and Jeannie pointed and in a quick move, we were joined.

“Oh, Justin, I really need this. Love me, please.”

She was tight. Tighter than I expected for someone with a lot of sex in her past life. I was buried in the woman who birthed me and not feeling guilty. Jeannie giggled and pulled my hair. “You better do right by her.”

I knitted my fingers together underneath and stood. She had her eyes closed, squeezing and making little noises. I walked us upstairs. She landed on her back, her gaze dark as I dropped my jeans and briefs.

I was on my hands and knees, advancing with a bold look of my own. I seized her legs and raised them high. “No more waiting,” I said, and drove into that lovely sex.

“Ohh! yes.” She flexed at me, moaning. “Yes, yes, yes.”

I leaned and took a ripe nipple in my teeth, stretching and jerking it from side to side. She gave a cry and shook under me. I shifted to the other side, sucking this time, drawing a mouthful of warm flesh into my mouth. I realized she was coming and stepped up my thrusts, making deep, husky grunts as I bottomed.

A sharp slap to my ass drove me harder into Katherine, who wailed and came again. I wasn’t going to last much longer and worked around, driving in different directions that excited her and took us to the top and over. “Aaaiiiee,” she screamed and collapsed.

I turned over and Jeannie lay on Katherine. “That was so beautiful. God, I came too.” She stretched out and pulled mom’s sex to her mouth. “Oh yes, this is perfect.”

Katherine moaned. “Oh, bad. Oh, your tongue is torturing me. Nooo.”

Jeannie and I stood in an embrace, looking down at the comatose woman, pink and still twitching. Her eyes opened and there was a weak smile. “Justin, I finally got back at you for all the sex you have been having right here under my nose. Making me wet and horny. Not fair.”

“Yes, mom, you finally got back at me. It was sheer torture the whole time.”

She weakly flipped her hips. “I’m going to get you…”

“Nap time. We’re going out to dinner this evening.” I pulled up the sheet and walked Jeannie to my room.

Sitting on my legs, flipping my limp thing with her hand, she asked, “Are we still like before?”

I pulled her down into my arms. “I don’t know. You conspired canlı casino with Katherine. There has to be punishment.”

She giggled and kissed me. “I think that big cock of yours can take care of two women. Maybe more.” She put my fingers between her legs where everything was moist.

I rubbed gently on her clit. “She wants me to do her again, doesn’t she?”

Jeannie’s fingers had me hard and headed back to where she thought I belonged.

“It was so hot to watch your big thing banging in and out of her. Knowing that when she came you were going to unload in there. Oh god, please fuck me.”

We rolled and twisted and I had a sudden vision of it being Beth in my arms. A vision that tore a last hard climax from me as Jeannie cried out.

Someone poked my butt and I looked up to see Katherine with towels wrapped around her.

“Move over, stud, and let me in there.”

She smelled a lot nicer than Jeannie and I did. I asked, “Was that ok? Did you get what you needed?”

She leaned to kiss me and the towel around her head fell on Jeannie’s face. “Yes it was. I want you again, but your girlfriend has to approve. And you are not to be arrogant about giving us all those orgasms.”

Jeannie covered my face with the towel. “Yes, no arrogant sex. Do you understand that?”

I pulled them close and said, “I wouldn’t think of arrogant sex. Never.”

With the help of a sunny day, and all that sex, I made headway on the long list of chores for our lake place. It was a filty, dusty Justin that stood under the outdoor shower as the sun fell toward the horizon.

I was still toweling as I entered Katherine’s bedroom. She was doing makeup in front of her tall mirror, looking stunning in lace underwear and stockings. I said out loud, “Jeannie, who is this woman who is coming with us tonight?

“Someone from the national sorority. I am being investigated before my election as local chair is confirmed.”

We held a navy blue sheath dress over her head and lowered carefully. The three of us looked at each other in the mirror. Katherine’s makeup highlighted the flush from sex and made her glance alluring. Jeannie clutched me and said, “OMG, she’s going to steal you! I have to get dressed, quick!”

I kissed mom delicately on her cheek. “You could have any man you want tonight.”

Her tongue licked me. “I loved your father and now I have you…”

My hand on her ass was proprietary. “Yes. Hold that thought. I have to get some clothes on.”

The phone rang while I was in my room and I heard an exclamation from Katherine. “Oh honey, that’s wonderful. We’re going out and we will wait. You must join us.”

When I came back, she said, “That was Beth. She won her event and decided to come back tonight. I told her we would wait and celebrate her victory.”

In a few minutes, my sister came dashing in and stopped short when she saw her mother. “OMG, you look gorgeous! What’s going on?”

I got her in a bearhug and said, “It’s all your fault for being such a jock. Go get into something that is frilly and feminine.”

“Justin!” she screeched, “you are so nasty. I don’t have boobs, I don’t have hips, there is nothing feminine about me.”

I put her up in the air and went up the stairs to her room. “Put me down, you awful brother. Maybe I don’t want you after all.”

I dropped her and whispered, “You’ve been saved. Mom says no incest.”

I got a super dark look. “Get out of here. Blanche is very angry. I will be down in a sec.”

I drove Katherine’s SUV with three beautiful women and tried to play the part of grown up male. Jeannie and Beth whispered in the back, and mom played with my fingers. She’d raised us since my father died, and hadn’t dated following his death. Beth was so damn smart, it wouldn’t be long before she figured out what had happened today.

The restaurant was a popular country place at the edge of the same lake our cottage was on. The evening was warm and we chose a table on the deck. Katherine was the only legal drinker but the owner signaled to our waiter to serve wine if we asked. Mom requested champagne and said we had to have a toast.

She looked at each of us and said, looking at Jeannie, “Here is to love.” Looking at me, “And lust.” Looking at Beth, “And imagination!”

We laughed and choked on the bubbles, and told her she was the world’s greatest Mom.

I tried to pay for dinner, saying it was my treat, but she got her card out faster and insisted. “You can pay when you have a degree and a job.”

On the way to the car, I hip checked her and said, “You are in trouble.” Beth saw the smoldering look I got back and whistled, “You two are bad. Very bad.” We were definitely busted.

The big TV in our house was in Katherine’s bedroom, so we changed and climbed under the duvet cover. Beth went through kaçak casino the channels, but everything was dumb and she switched it off. I had Jeannie up against my front and Beth was between her and Katherine. The twilight was dying and the four of us were mellow. After a minute, Beth lay back, staring at the ceiling, and waved her arms in the air.

“All right, I heard that love and lust business. Is everybody in this bed having sex except me?”

I nuzzled Jeannie’s neck and poked my sister in the ribs. “You better ask Blanche.”

She sat up and tossed her head. “Blanche says it’s been a week since my birthday and you are being nasty.” She crawled to Katharine and sat on her legs. “Mom, how can you keep a straight face telling him he can’t be my first at the same time you are having screaming orgasms on the end of his cock!”

While Katherine absorbed that, Beth started taking the rest of her clothes off. She stood up, beautifully naked, and started bouncing on the bed, leaping high and coming down completely stretched out on top of me. Before I could catch my breath, she had my hair in her grip and kissed me wildly.

“I spied on you and Jeannie. Blanche says I deserve some of what you and she have. It’s so sweet it almost makes me cry.”

She sniffled her way to Katherine and said, “Not only is he going to be my first, but you have to watch!”

The atmosphere was pretty heavy and I needed to create a diversion. Reaching across Jeannie, I grabbed Beth’s leg and dragged her to me. Pushing away the sheet, I straddled her across my thighs, facing the other women. My fingers massaged her small breasts and tweaked the stiff nipples. I leaned to the back of her head and blew on her neck, applying my tongue and teeth. She shivered and twitched and made a little noise in her throat.

“I have some questions about this body. Did she say there was nothing feminine about it?”

Jeannie caught on and said, “I don’t know about that. Those are pretty tits you are working on. I bet your pinching those nipples is causing a problem somewhere else.” She giggled.

Reaching behind me, I grabbed the tube of lotion and tossed it to Jeannie, gesturing towards Beth’s well displayed pussy.

“Beth, I was talking to one of Blanche’s friends the other day, who said that Blanche thinks all men are bad and that’s why she is frigid and can’t have an orgasm.”

My sister was violently trying to get away, but my arms were like iron around her. Jeannie had two lotioned fingers working on the petite, trimmed pussy. Beth tried to complain but I stuffed fingers in her mouth. Things got worse for her when my girlfriend slithered up between Beth’s legs and took as much pussy into her mouth as she could. Mom was smiling, saying, “You are terribly nasty, but she did ask for sex.”

Beth stiffened and came, shuddering and twitching. I released her and Jeannie sat back on her knees. Beth turned over and moaned into the pillow. I couldn’t resist and palmed her fine globes. Jeannie whispered, “Are you going to do her?”

“She has to ask.”

Katherine and Jeannie hovered over Beth, applying kisses and caresses. My sister turned face up and frowned. “He didn’t do it.”

The other women glanced at me and said together, “You have to ask.”

Beth stretched her body as far out as it would go and faced me with a smile. “Justin, please fuck me. I promise to stop the Blanche stuff.”

“Do you want to be on top?”

She let the silence develop, and finally said in a soft voice, “No, I want the old fashioned kind.”

The body was tense and wiggling, but sexy as could be. Citrus tits, flat belly, mound raised above her sex, hair damp and glistening.

I gestured and the women helped by wrapping hands around her legs and pushing them high. I was in position, my cock looking hard and threatening. An inch away and I raised my eyebrows.

“Yes. Now.”

I leaned further and got a couple of easy inches. I heard her breath sucked in and pushed harder. “Yes. More. Please.”

She had been looking at me, but now her eyes were closed and her hands in my hair. A few more pushes and she was formally a woman. I stopped and she opened her eyes. “You did it.”

Katherine and Jeannie let out little cheers. “Go Beth!”

“You didn’t tell me it would feel so nice.”

They looked at me and whispered, “More, Justin, more.”

Beth rocked into me and started an easy rhythm. I smiled and thrust harder, wondering what Blanche was thinking. Katherine and Jeannie had their fingers busy and the muscular body under me twisted and moaned.

I kissed along her cheek and in my best low male voice said, “Blanche, do you have one last thing to say before you are gone forever?”

Beth froze into her climax and wailed, “Noooo!”

Jeannie and Katherine and I hugged each other anxiously, worried about the new woman, who was curled into a ball, her face in the pillow.

After a very long minute, she turned over with a wonderful smile. “I never realized that sex was going to be my new stress relief!”

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