Betty Returns

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About a week after our first encounter, I called Betty. Her mother answered and told me that Betty was out distributing seed packets to her retailers and that she would call back.

When she called, Jan invited her to come over either that night or the next.

Betty opted for that night, Thursday about 8.

I thought since things went so well the first time that I would try something different. I was sure Betty was experienced enough to swing with it.

I sold (pushed) the idea to Jan. We had the ritual double gin and tonics and Jan picked out some great lingerie.

So now in bra and panties and just before 8, Jan laid back on the bed and I tied her ankles and wrists down to the tie-down rings at the corners of the bed that I had so hopefully installed. Recalling the previous delightful encounter, Jan (and I) were eager for this sexual encounter.

I thought it would probably be best if Jan could be warmed a bit more than just the effects of being tied to the bed, laying alongside, kissing and stroking her body with hands and tongue, especially near her pussy. I thought she was at “stage one” warmup when Betty knocked at the door. Betty carried a small green suitcase?

I had put the movie camera in the room and set it up to transmit to the TV projector in the other room and at the same time provide local stimulation in the bedroom on the smaller TV (kind of a mirror). The big screen wasn’t turned on yet so that Betty would be totally surprised.

“Hi Betty” says gil, eagerly anticipating Betty’s reaction when she finds Jan tied and pre-warmed. Betty asked about Jan’s whereabouts as she drank the Tanqueray gin and tonic quickly. “She’s waiting in the bedroom for you”. Says gil. Betty picked up the little suitcase and went to the bedroom door.

“OH WOW-OK JAN” Betty was surprised, shocked and delighted to find Jan in such a receptive state, probably recalling her spectacular success in producing such a wild orgasm in the last encounter. Savoring the scene, Betty ankara moldovyalı escortlar says “Alright beautiful Janis, do you want me to fuck you as much as I want to”. . . . “uh, I’m ready for you” says Jan”. Jan puts on a little struggle against the ropes for effect further emphasizing her body as ‘available, helpless and ready’ ( e. g., a powerful aphrodisiac).

As I watched on the video, Betty couldn’t wait to be on the bed with Jan. She took off her skirt, blouse and bra in record time and climbed on the bed between Jan’s spread legs ‘Like a kid in a candy store’.

She later told me “I’m fucking your wife because I love her submissive way of fucking me. I kiss her with an exploratory fever, tongue her feet, suck her toes and worship at her waist and breasts. Her touch makes me want her fingers in my cunt. I do everything I can to get her to be aggressive with me, to use me as I use her”.

Betty untied Jan’s ankles and retied one wrist to provide some movement as she made love to her breasts and mouth. Jan was writhing and moaning softly while pulling to Betty as closely as the loosened restraints would allow. Betty climbed onto the bed and thoroughly used mouth and hands all over Jan’s naked body. Minutes of deep tongue kissing, strokes, breasts, nipples and hair pulls, the two bodies in moving contact head to toe.

The video was more than exciting and my cock was near conclusion (and pounding in my hand).

Betty climbed off the bed and went to the case that she had brought. The case was full of sex stimulation stuff and out came what appeared to be some sort of torture or pleasure mechanism. —–Betty had brought a dildo strap-on. I was sure this would be way too much and that Jan would instantly reject the idea. I was (as usual) wrong.

Betty got off the bed and very tightly pulled on the 3 straps of the black dildo assembly. There were three straps connected at a leather pad mounting that the rod protruded from. He top two connected behind her ankara ukraynalı escortlar around her waist and through a ring and then a single bottom ring strap traveled between her legs and through another ring at the center of the leather pad under the rod and then back to the central velcro attachment on her back where the other two straps were attached tight enough to indent the skin. The central strap between her legs had a protuberance on it that was apparently intended for self-stimulation.

Betty gently moved Jan’s legs up to allow better access and teased her cunt with the rubbery tip of the dildo between her legs but delayed any insertion possibly until Jan’s passion was even more obvious. Betty’s breast fondling technique was very practiced and I took mental notes as she teased, flicked and tortured her nipples.

The strapping on Betty was tight enough to have the dildo move like a real cock. It was hard to judge the dimensions on the video but it looked big. Betty was actively stimulating Jan’s clit with her left hand while she offered the dildo to Jan’s mouth. Jan licked at it playfully. I thought she was ready for a ‘fucking’. “I want to be deep inside you, I want you to come to my cock” says Betty. She coated this formidable pleasure inducing rod with ‘K-Y’ and slipped the device slowly into Jan’s ready cunt. “do you feel me sliding into you, rubbing your clit?” Jan could only ‘hmmm’, writhing with eager passion. Betty pushed the rod very slowly almost to its full length and partly withdrew it, repeating the motion. Jan accepted the motion with moans and ‘squeeks’. Betty circled Jan’s clit with her fingers (and nails), then pushing the rod in again, sliding it up and in to full depth and then again pulling back very slowly to allow the ripples on the device to tease Jan’s pussy and clit. Betty stopped, leaned back and admired the scene of Jan fully aroused, tied with legs spread wide and ready again. Betty reinserted the climax deliverer and pushed forward and back ankara minyon tipli escortlar in shorter and then longer strokes, again and again, slower, then faster.

Jan, watching Betty, moaned and synchronized her pelvic motion with Betty’s, each thrust producing mini-screams of pleasure. Jan tossed her head from side to side as she was driven to a new peak on each cycle of penetration. Betty demanded “Jan-come. . .come”. Betty pushed and pulled the rod in and out of Jan’s cunt over and over with a major sexually inspired energy until Jan cried out in one (or two) soft ‘eeehs’ as she came and came.

As Betty rolled alongside Jan, both women lay together on the bed wet and exhausted from the sexual boosting, Jan’s wrists still tied. “Do you want to go again, Jan” says Betty bravely. The device remained at the ready.

Jan did want to go again. Betty releases Jan from her wrist bondage and commands “Turn over Jan—on your knees”. Betty is behind Jan on the bed. She pushes Jan forward so that Jan is now on her hands and knees anticipating Betty’s next move. Betty tugs on Jan’s hair, pulling her head back as she threatens her with the pleasure device behind her. Betty slowly tests a rear very wet pussy insertion. Ohhhhhh! Jan expresses her reaction to another thrust, retract and cycle over and over. Jan falls to the bed exhausted on her side with Betty partly inserted and stroking Jan’s clit. Jan then comes again with enthusiasm—”ahowmmmm”.

“Wow” says gil in the viewing room (thinking that I can’t compete with that).

If, for any reason you wonder if gil was able to get off, you are 15 or 20 minutes late.

. . . . . not so great—

Betty, as it turns out, was a pro. She described some of the clubs and “partys” where she and her buddy Joan provided services while searching for stiff dicks and fat wallets to unload. That’s another story.

When I escorted her to the beat-up green Mustang parked in front of my garage, she pointed out the four bald tires and suggested that gil help replace them for $200.

OK-it was worth it. Many subsequent calls to Betty only produced excuses from her mother. I imagine that she had better offers and although we thought the entertainment value for all of us was first rate, she never called back. Life goes on (without Betty).

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