Bobbi’s Birthday Bash

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About the middle of February, I received a very pleasant telephone call. “Hello, George?” the husky female voice said when I answered. I recognized her and, when I responded in the affirmative, the caller continued:

“This is Bobbi. You know, Friday is my seventh birthday, and I hope you and some of your buddies are going to help me celebrate it. I want you to eat my pussy, of course, maybe a couple of times, and I want everybody to give me some really good fucking, both my pussy and my ass. Just like four years ago.”

“Of course. You know, I’ve been looking forward to this birthday party ever since your last one.”

That was the truth. Bobbi was born on Leap Day, almost 28 years earlier. When she was a young girl, her birthday was celebrated on either Leap Day or March 1 but, when her twentieth, or fifth leap day birthday approached, she thought she should do something special, because it was quite a rare occasion, happening only once every four years. Being a very horny young woman, who loved regular and frequent sex with men, she decided to celebrate with a birthday gang shag. Bobbi was a college student at the time, and she invited some of her regular sex partners to come to her apartment for a wild time.

A wild time was what everybody got, especially Bobbi. The whole gang of men spent all afternoon eating her pussy or fucking her there or in her ass or being sucked off by her, and everybody had a memorable time. She graduated a little over three years later, and moved to the town where I live shortly before her sixth Leap Day birthday. Still being relatively new in town, and not knowing all that many men that she would want to celebrate with, Bobbi spoke to one of her confidantes about what she wanted to do. Fortunately for all concerned, the woman she confided in was one of my lady friends, who arranged a meeting between us. We had some terrific sex together that first time, if I do say so myself, and I agreed to bring over a bunch of guys to help Bobbi celebrate her approaching birthday the way she wanted.

On that February 29th, I called on her with four stouthearted companions, and we all had a fabulous time. She told me later it was her best birthday party ever, and I and the four other men also had no complaints. Since that time, she has been a regular at sex parties I have arranged, besides regularly getting together with me and other men for some one-on-one sex. Not being blessed with perfect memory, I did almost forget about Bobbi’s approaching leap day birthday, so I was glad she called to remind me, giving me time to start making some arrangements. The first thing I did was to reserve a room in one of the nicer hotels in town, which I thought would be more fun than calling on her at her apartment. I patronize this establishment fairly often, and they have never had any problem with me or any of the participants at the sex parties. They also had no problem with reserving for me a room with a multi-user shower and an industrial strength California King-sized bed with some extra pillows.

Bobbi has no animosity toward lesbians, but she also has no interest in sex with another woman, so I didn’t invite any of the women who sometimes come to similar affairs, even though some of them are bisexuals. I was quite sure Frank and Sam would be eager participants, so I called them first. They work at the same place, and both of them are horny young men who are hung well enough to give Bobbi or any woman a good time wherever they put their cocks, although they look nothing alike. Sam is an African American with short, black hair and Frank is descended from Northern Europeans, I think, and has long, blonde hair and green eyes. They are both of average height and build, and the only really special thing about them is their horniness. Aaron was the third man I lined up. He is a few years older than the first two, although younger than I. His dark brown hair is thinning, but he is tall and athletic and would be able to give the birthday celebrant plenty of fun in bed.

The fourth man was Steve. Bobbi knows the other three men and me, from previous sex parties, but Steve would be a new experience for her. I use that word deliberately. Steve is tall and blond and blue-eyed, with an athletic physique, but his most prominent feature is his cock, which is close to a foot long, and thick in proportion. He doesn’t attend very many sex parties, unless his sister is there with him. The two of them live together in a happily incestuous relationship, and Susan is inclined to be jealous of her brother/lover, unless she is there with him. On this occasion, she was willing to let him attend, as long as he promised to do something special with her, but neither of them ever told me what it was, and I never asked. I respect their privacy, and I expect others to respect it, and mine as well.

Frank and Aaron and Sam and Steve went to the hotel room first, and were to wait there for me to bring Bobbi. At the appointed time, I went to her apartment, kissed her hello erotik film izle and kissed her happy birthday as well. It was fun kissing her, because she is a very pleasant person, and I am quite fond of her, but she is nothing special so far as looks are concerned. Bobbi has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes that are pleasantly warm, but too far apart, and a big nose. Her mouth is rather large and smiles a lot, and that’s good, because it draws attention away from her acne scars. She is rather chubby, with a small pot belly and big breasts, and her hips and ass are quite large also. Although no beauty, she never wants for male companionship, because her sexual appetite and prowess are well known, especially to men who have attended sex parties with her. This included four of the five men who would be helping her celebrate her seventh birthday. The other man knew her by reputation, because I told him about her, once I knew he would be joining us in the celebration. Bobbi knew nothing about him, though, and I thought of Steve and his big cock as being a surprise birthday present for her.

After I hung out the “Do not disturb” sign on the door and made sure the security lock was in place, all five men surrounded Bobbi and quickly divested her of her clothing. After stripping off every stitch of her clothing, we undressed ourselves, and six naked people climbed merrily onto the bed. I had instructed Steve to stay somewhat in the background at first, to the degree that his height and athletic physique allowed, and for the others to stay in front of him. I didn’t want Bobbi to see how well he is hung until just before his cock was inside her, and we were all looking forward to the minute that she would discover the special birthday surprise that we had arranged.

With two exceptions, neither Bobbi nor I had established any schedule of who would do what with her or to her, preferring the whole party to be spontaneous. One exception was that she wanted me to eat her pussy before anybody put his cock there or into her ass. She was more than willing to suck off one or two men while that was going on, but my tongue would be the first thing to touch her pussy. The other exception would be Steve’s involvement, but she didn’t know about that yet. Accordingly, she lay on her back, legs spread for me, one pillow under her head and another under her ass, while I approached on my knees. I leaned forward, and Bobbi raised her legs so they would rest on my shoulders, and I wrapped my arms around her heavy thighs, with my face inches away from her pussy.

Although I depicted Bobbi as being physically rather unattractive, that description does not apply to her pussy. All female sexual organs are beautiful, at least to my eyes, but her pussy is prettier that most. She has herself waxed regularly, and the most recent time had been the previous evening, making her skin there absolutely smooth and soft, and the perfect place for a caressing tongue. Her facial complexion leaves much to be desired, but the skin surrounding her pleasure holes easily compensates for it. In those areas, she is smooth and creamy and flawless.

Bobbi’s comparative pudginess actually enhances the beauty of her pussy lips, giving them a ripe and juicy appearance, especially when they are freshly waxed. She lives up to that appearance too. Her pussy is among the ripest and juiciest that I have ever had the sublime pleasure of licking. By the time she was in the hotel bed, her inner lips were already a dark pink, and so swollen they were protruding through her slit and, at the place where the lips meet, her adorable clit was already visible, resembling a pink pearl. Bobbi was highly aroused already, from her anticipation of the fucking and sucking she would be doing, and how she would cum repeatedly from her pussy being eaten by whoever of the men there wanted to bury his face in her crotch. Eventually, we all did

Although we all took turns, I was the first. Before I started licking anywhere, I breathed deeply of the juices she had already produced, relishing their delectable aroma. I knew their flavor would be even better, and I proved it when my tongue sluiced up all her nectar, and I swallowed it. Bobbi was already cooing in pleasure, which was a delightful sound, but the best thing about eating her pussy was the way the spongy inner lips and satiny outer lips felt to my tongue. After devouring all the juices available, I started licking one of those ultra-smooth outer lips, letting my tongue slowly meander up to her mons.

When I eat a pussy, especially one as delectable as Bobbi’s, I concentrate on what I am doing, but I did feel the bed shaking, and I knew at least two men were joining us. After my tongue finished caressing its way to her mons, and I kissed her there, I looked up to see who else had gotten busy. Sam was kneeling on the bed beside Bobbi. She had her face turned toward him, and was moving her head back and forth, sucking his cock in and out between her lips like a chocolate lollipop. From film izle my own experience with her mouth, I knew that Bobbi’s tongue was as busy as her lips, stroking the entire length of the shaft that was pleasuring her and that she was pleasuring. I also knew that she was looking at him with her warm, brown eyes. She likes to watch the face of a man as she sucks him off because, like most people who really enjoy sex, she likes it a lot more when her partners are having fun too.

The third man on the bed was Aaron, who was kneeling on the other side of Bobbi, happily and energetically engaged in holding her breasts and licking her big, sensitive nipples. I didn’t watch the others more than a few seconds, having much better things to do than look, but I saw Aaron switch his attentions from one of the sweet pink nubbins to the other, before my mouth returned to doing better things. The other men would get involved also, but we had all day, and wanted to make the pleasure last as long as possible, for her and for the whole crowd.

Bobbi was certainly getting plenty of it from my tongue. By the time I finished licking her other outer lip, her body was squirming on the bed under me. I was not the only cause of her reaction, of course. I could see how erect her nipples were from the ministrations of Aaron’s mouth — he was sucking one of her luscious breasts by that time — and I know how much she likes the feel of a nice cock like Sam’s in her mouth. Even so, I couldn’t help thinking that my tongue was doing more to bring about Bobbi’s first orgasm than any body part of any other member of our group. We were not involved in any kind of competition, but I am fully aware of how much she loves having her pussy eaten, by me or other lucky men.

Although Bobbi was getting close to cumming, Sam was much closer. His body writhed next to her, and I could hear his deep, rasping breaths. She knew he was ready to cum too, and I saw her speed up her sucking pace, moving her face back and forth faster, and not taking his cock into her mouth as deeply. She does this because Bobbi loves the taste of fresh cum, and doesn’t like the idea of a man shooting it into her mouth and missing out on its flavor and texture by having it squirt directly down her throat. I was not ignoring what I was doing, of course, but my mouth knows Bobbi’s pussy well enough that I didn’t really need to watch where it was going.

Where it was going, after devouring her fresh juices, was to lick between an inner and outer lip, starting with the extremely soft, smooth area just below the hole that had been the source of that nectar. When I got to where the labia are close together, I started licking both of them at the same time, tilting my head slightly so I could slide my tongue into the seam between them. Moving along very slowly, but working my tongue rapidly, I licked to the place where her inner lip ends and forms her clit hood by merging with the other inner lip. I drew my head away slightly, and smiled at the sight of Bobbi’s adorable love button that was already so swollen with lust it had pushed its way out from under its protection. Her movements under me had become more pronounced, and she was starting to fuck her pussy up into my face, which is something else I enjoy immensely.

I also glanced up to find out how she and Sam were doing, and I could see his buttocks clenching, and I could hear him grunting, just seconds from cumming. Once he did, I would suck Bobbi’s clit until she climaxed, and keep eating her pussy until she reached that delightful goal again. She had asked me specifically to eat her out that way, giving her two orgasms, and I always do what my lady friends ask me, within reason. And, it would be almost twice as much fun for me too.

Sam gave a great sigh and I knew he had just climaxed and ejaculated into Bobbi’s mouth. She stopped what her lips were doing, and I knew she was relishing the flavor of the big gob of cum he had just deposited on her tongue. The pause was brief, before her sucking resumed. She knew he was not through cumming yet, and would give her a birthday gift of more semen where she would enjoy it the most. After a few strokes, Bobbi stopped again, enjoying more of Sam’s fresh cum in her mouth, before starting to suck his cock some more. The next time her mouth stopped and resumed, it went on for quite a while, before she stopped again, this time for good. Apparently, Sam was through cumming, and she wanted to lick all the semen off his cock, and get what was inside as well.

After carefully cleaning everything off with her tongue, Bobbi placed her thumb on Sam’s still-hard shaft, right in front of his scrotum, with her fingers on the opposite side. Slowly, she brought her hand up to her mouth, squeezing everything out of his cock and catching it on her tongue, until her thumb and fingers were right at the tip, and she had gotten it all. Smiling, she turned her head and looked expectantly at me, as if to tell me she was ready for her first orgasm of the seks filmi izle day.

From that look, and from the strenuous movements of her pussy, I knew it was time. Moving my face slightly, I drew Bobbi’s engorged clit into my mouth, and started sucking, while my tongue caressed the sides and top of the lovely pink pearl.

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” she cried out joyously, and her movements became even more frenetic. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” she implored me.

It wasn’t really necessary for her to say that, because that was what I wanted to do more than anything, right then. Aaron moved out of the way, because he knew Bobbi was no more than seconds from cumming, and he didn’t want to get knocked off the bed by her wild movements. He didn’t go too far, because it would be his turn to get sucked off next, and he wanted to stay close. I did what she wanted, and heard the results a few seconds later.

“OH!” Bobbi cried, as her climax began. Her thighs clamped onto my temples, and her hands went to the back of my head, burying themselves in what little hair I have, and pressing my face against her pussy. She definitely wanted me to continue sucking and licking her there until she was through cumming.

I wanted the same thing and, as Bobbi’s ass bounced up and down on the bed and her legs swung from side to side, I clung to her thighs and kept my mouth clamped tightly on her clit. My tongue continued its caresses where I knew they were doing her and me the most good. I didn’t keep track, but I know Bobbi continued cumming for almost three minutes, before all her muscles clenched, her back arched, and she rammed her pussy into my face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, all her muscles relaxed; she sagged back onto the bed, and a big smile almost split her face in two.

I smiled too, because I had enjoyed her cumming as much as Bobbi had, and I knew there was a pool of delicious juices from her pussy, and it was waiting for me. Greedily, my tongue sluiced it all up from her thighs, her crotch and her labia. I even sucked it directly from the delightful pink hole that had produced it, because I knew there would be a lot more where that has just come from. When I finished swallowing all the nectar, I looked up at the birthday girl’s face again. She was smiling at me, and at Aaron, who was moving into position to be sucked off, and at Frank, who was fondling her succulent breasts and tonguing her nipples, so I started licking between Bobbi’s other inner and outer pussy lips.

I treated this pair the same way, squeezing my tongue into the seam between them, and reveling in the slickness of the outer lip and the spongy feel of the inner one. Advancing slowly, but with my tongue moving rapidly, I licked until I once more reached Bobbi’s clit hood. For fear she might clamp her teeth down on Aaron’s cock as it moved in and out of her mouth. I kept my tongue away from that very sensitive place, but I did slowly draw my tongue across the hood.

Before claiming my reward of more delicious juices, I glanced up at her face. It was quite happy, from what I could see of it, which wasn’t much. Her lips were snugly wrapped around Aaron’s cock, and she was taking it deeply into her mouth, until her face pressed against his pubic hair. I also saw she her warm, brown eyes looking up at his face which is, from what I have always heard and from my own experience, a very pleasant part of being sucked off.

Aaron was certainly enjoying it. It hadn’t been very long, but his body was already squirming beside her, and he was breathing deeply from the intense pleasure Bobbi’s lips and tongue were giving him. Her body was doing some squirming under me too, and I knew her pleasure was mounting toward her second orgasm.

After feasting on the fresh nectar available, I started probing against the bottom edge of Bobbi’s pink love hole, relishing the droplets that landed on my tongue. As always, I moved slowly as I worked my way up one side, thrusting against the edge and exploring under her inner lip before switching my attentions to the other side. As I moved my mouth across the bubbling cauldron of her juices, I dipped the tip of my tongue in to savor them. Once again, Bobbi was fucking her pussy up against my face, and I knew her second orgasm was not far away.

Neither was Aaron’s first one. I could hear him whimpering from the great time that Bobbi’s mouth was giving him and, when I glanced up, I could see him writhing on the bed and fighting off the temptation to thrust his cock forward. Like most people who love to suck cocks, it really bugs her when guys do that, and I had warned everybody not to. Apparently, both Sam and Aaron had paid heed to my admonitions.

Since I knew Bobbi would soon be getting a mouthful of cum, I prepared to bring her close to her orgasm, because I knew she would be ready to climax right after swallowing that treat. My tongue continued probing and exploring her inner lips and her dripping love hole until I reached the top edge. By that time, her legs were thrusting out and back over my shoulders like a pair of pistons, and I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. When I looked at how she and Aaron were doing, I saw he was in the same state.

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