Boobs are My Passion

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It is often that men claim to be focused on the certain attributes of women, but there seem to be fewer of us that claim to be obsessed with specific areas of a woman’s body that is not below the waist. I could also say this (hesitantly) about the right partial or full-time lesbian woman. I’ll admit that this statement is based on supposition and I will not claim to understand everyone’s ideals, although I will continue this article based on my male perspectives (girls, feel free to educate me and set me right). Every heterosexual man is proficient in his ability to understand his appreciation to the woman he desires, but those of us that have a one-directional approach to what we find sexually exciting become lost in a world of all-encompassing female sexual worship. Words are words, but what I’m trying to say is that some of us don’t need the sexual experience as a whole to complete what we need to be sexually satisfied.

To put this into simple terms, my obsession is boobs. On the outside, it seems to be ridiculously basic, but to me, it is the crux of my sexual psyche. Boobs, or if you prefer, breasts, tits or fun-bags (the last of which I find unattractive on many levels – but the word ‘Boobs’ is very attractive to me) encapsulates my thoughts on every level and drives my sexuality.

My history with boobs is something I am very proud of (or swap the word ‘proud’ with ‘ecstatic’) and that history remains as some of the greatest sexual memories I have to this date. Over the many years that I have been sexually active, my exclusive ‘breast’ related experiences remain as some of my greatest memories. Don’t get me wrong. I love pussy as much as the next man, but for some reason, I can be happily engaged with a beautiful pair of boobs exclusively as a sexual experience. And I really mean it. I can spend hours or days enthralled by any experience I have with boobs and be 100% sexually satisfied.

I can’t really explain why I’m so obsessed with breasts, but sometimes it’s best not to analyse these things. How do you explain that which you find supremely beautiful?

My parents were always quite liberal, so I remember quite distinctly when my father gave me my first ‘Big Boobs’ magazine when I turned 18 years old. It was a major turning point in my life and it set me up for a long career in breast appreciation. I quickly realised that I was supremely attracted to busty brunettes, but I still don’t know why. There is just something about dark hair and big boobs that gets me very excited. Voluptuousness is a main attraction to me, and so I’m willing to admit that if you are busty and brunette (no matter your measurements), I will be attracted to you.

Over the many years I’ve been sexually active there was one girl I dated when I was 24 years old {she was 23 at the time} who was just as obsessed with boobs as I was. I must admit that I didn’t even realise that such a situation was possible, but as I learned, it may be more common than I thought. I’m assuming that you guys out there in Literotica-land find this unsurprising. You just need to meet the right person (easier said than done). She was my perfect match. She was a very busty brunette who had a passion for boobs that rivalled my own and wasn’t afraid to admit it. Here’s the story of how we met and our first encounter together.

I was living in an art-deco apartment in Melbourne’s (Australia) southern suburbs in the mid-nighties and across the road from my apartment was a convenience store. I’d been there many times but on this occasion there was a girl behind the counter I had not seen before. Normally store attendants don’t catch my attention, escort kartal but this girl was radiating in such a way that I could not ignore her. I’d never seen her at this store before so I was thrilled to know that she had recently taken the position and would be working there for some time to come.

What really got my attention was that she was a pretty brunette with a massive pair of boobs that were easily well above the DD range! She was wearing an open-fronted tee-shirt that portrayed the most amazing vision of cleavage I’d ever seen. And I truly mean “the best I’d ever seen.” In fact, I was so enamoured by this vision of beauty, I had forgotten my manners and stared longingly into the deepest cleavage I had ever dreamt about. All I had in my head was how much I wanted to be in the middle of those amazing boobs.

Then, suddenly I woke to the fact that I was acting somewhat inappropriately and so I raised my eyes to meet hers. The moment I connected with her eyes, I was painfully aware that I had been busted and she was looking at me with a wry smile on her face that alleged, “is there something you see that you like?”

Yes there was.

I gathered myself and promptly paid for the goods. My eyes darted around the room, trying to redeem the fact I’d been caught red-handed staring at her beautiful cleavage, when she said, “you live over the road, don’t you?”

I confirmed that I did and she responded by saying, “would it be okay if I came over after work to bring you some left-overs from the deli fridge?” I was somewhat taken aback by her self-invitation, but I happily said “I would like that,” knowing that at the very least I would have another opportunity to enjoy a peak at her sumptuous cleavage.

Two hours later I had a knock on my door. My heart fluttered at the prospect of seeing the vision of beauty I had enjoyed earlier in the day. Nervously I made a quick stop to the bathroom mirror to check I wasn’t in any way unattractive (we all do it), and then I proceeded to the door. I took one deep breath. I opened the door and there she was. Still radiating that beauty I remembered from before.

I invited her in and she presented me with some pastries that she’d cleared out of the store prior to closing. I placed them in the fridge and offered her a drink.

“Would you like something alcoholic or would you like a tea or coffee.”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” she replied.

I poured two gasses of scotch and suggested we retire to the lounge where we could enjoy our drinks in comfort. We chatted on a very basic level while we enjoyed our drinks, but i wasn’t long after we had settled into a comfortable position on the couch that the demeanour of the evening started to change.

It has to be said that it is a rare occurrence for a man to meet a woman and within the first stages of that meeting, she takes a dominant role in instigating sexual relations, but when it happens, it’s more than welcome!

I finished my drink and placed it down on the coffee-table. We were sitting along side each other on the couch when there was a small silence in the conversation. She was looking at me in the same way as when she caught me staring at her cleavage in the store. I have to admit that every time she wasn’t engaging with me, I was taking the opportunity sneak a peek and soak in her beautiful breasts.

She moved towards me and proceeded to position herself on top of my lap, straddling me with her chest at face level. Despite my internal wishes, I wasn’t too sure what to expect as she remained silent during the whole exchange, but once she was in maltepe escort bayan position she uttered, “I know you are dying to see my boobs, so why don’t I model them for you.”

At first I was going to try and admit Innocence (i’m, sorry, but I don’t know what you mean), but it was obvious that she had seen right through me and knew I was besotted by her ample chest. And I was. Wholeheartedly.

Without any slow or seductive movements she whipped off her top and had removed her bulging bra before I could take a breath. Almost to my embarrassment, my mouth dropped open in awe of the most perfect boobs I had ever laid eyes on. I was utterly fixated on her astonishing chest. She truly had the most perfectly shaped boobs I had ever seen. The curves. The dimensions. They sat high on her chest and pouted urgently towards my gaze. Her breasts were the perfect example of what every man or woman wants. Her areolas were simply magical. Not too big and not too small. Beautifully formed and sumptuously rich in colour. Her nipples were obviously stiff as if they had already anticipated what I was about to do to them.

I instinctively reached up and cupped them in my palms. Their weight and fullness made me slightly gasp as I knew I was in the presence of breast-royalty. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I somehow felt that this couldn’t be true, and that I was fantasising beyond my wildest dreams.

I finally glanced up to meet her eyes and she had the most deliciously wicked look on her face. It was obvious that she was perfectly aware of how gut-wrenchingly amazing her boobs were and she was relishing in every second of my awe for them.

Little did I know just how much she knew what she had.

She lowered her hand to remove one of mine and cupped her left breast whilst lifting it towards my lips. She forced the fullness of that boob into my mouth. She was quite simply delicious. I really mean that in the fullest sense of the word. Her breast was the most delectable thing I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I can’t put into words just how amazing it was to taste that breast. More amazingly, I can’t explain why it tasted so uniquely delicious. I have never tasted a more delicious breast than hers…even to this day! Girls, if you think you can school me on this, then I’m open to have my horizons widened!

With my lips firmly attached to her breast, I flickered my tongue around her stiff nipple and then gently rolled my mouth over her expansive boob, kissing and tasting every supple inch. I licked my way under her perfect curves and slowly moved across her cleavage to resume the same adoration to her other breast. I could have spent an eternity in the midst of her voluptuous perfection.

Every so often I would glance up to her face and hear her cooing gently with her eyes closed. She made the subtle sounds of a woman in rapture which is when i knew that this girl was very happy to have her boobs paid a lot of attention. Combined with my incessant love for breasts and her reaction to my oral homage, I knew we were a match made in boob-heaven.

“Could things get any better than this?” I asked myself. I soon found out that they could.

The pinnacle of my sexual fantasies is to be with a woman who loves boobs as equally as I do. I must admit that I’ve found it hard to find such a woman, but there have been a few occasions where it has come true. None quite as prominent as the girl I’m involved with in this episode. Not only does she have the most incredible breasts of her own, but she is more than happy to express her enjoyment of other women with big boobs. I still pendik escort bayan sigh with a smile at the very thought.

After some considerable time with my mouth attached to her breasts, she removes herself from my lap and positions herself into the corner of the couch. My lips are taking a breather, but my eyes are still wide with admiration for what I have in front of me. She asks me if I can get her a refill on the scotch, so I pick up our glasses and head to the kitchen.

Upon my return to the lounge room, I am astonished to find a sight that I have only experienced one other time in my life. Although I must admit it was not to this level.

There she is. Sitting cross-legged in the corner of the couch, slurping away at her own breast! Her boobs are so delightfully large that she has no problem in lifting her nipples to her mouth and enjoying the taste of her own breasts. I rapidly put the drinks down and join her on the couch. I am completely engrossed with her self-sucking that I have no words to express how overwhelmingly turned-on I am by this vision of sexual perfection. I didn’t have to ask for it and didn’t even tell her it was one of my ultimate fantasies. She just did it. And as I learnt, she was just as obsessed with it as I was. She confessed that she did it all the time as she loved the taste of her own boobs. It made her feel really good! She loved it as much as masturbating and that she found it was often more convenient and just as pleasurable. She said that every chance she gets to get her boobs out and suck them, she would. Surely she was just telling me what I wanted to hear, but no. It was absolutely true. A girl like this could not possibly be real? But there she was and it was very, very true.

I still wonder about how common this could be. I still consider it rare, but I’m willing to be schooled!

So there I was, watching this amazing girl sucking on her boobs with the same passion that I had. Truly amazing. She was honest in saying that when she came home from work, she would sit down on her couch, take out her boobs, and suck on them to relax. She admitted that she could spend hours sucking and playing with them, like it was an itch she could never scratch.

I was so utterly encapsulated by this, that I had no desire to interrupt her in any way. She beautifully let her nipple slide from her lips and she softly murmured, “mmm, I love the taste of my nipples,” then she stuck out her tongue and gave both her nipples the longest lick. She swirled her tongue around each areola before closing her eyes and resuming the oral attack on her breasts. I don’t know how long she enjoyed herself for, but who cares. In my books, it wasn’t long enough!

I leaned forward and tentatively asked if I could help her out, at which point she pushed her left breast towards me and said, “you suck this one and I’ll suck the other.” Dreams really can come true! It seemed like hours where the two of us paid our respects to her remarkably beautiful breasts. We were so engrossed by the pleasure that we ignored the urge to sleep and spent the entire night sucking on her boobs. She sucked her right boob and sucked on the left. Occasionally we would suck the same breast together and I have to admit that I never done anything sexier in my life.

Excuse me while I express another sigh of remembrance.

After this night we had many ‘big boob’ adventures, where we explored all kinds of scenarios and even explored other busty women together. But those adventures will be iterated another time.

As far as retelling my personal experiences goes, I have never opened up in this way before. Now I’m looking forward to reading further adventures from like-minded people, as the Literotica family has shown me that I’m not the only one with such a supreme passion for boobs.

There’ll be continuances of this story in the future. This was just the beginning.

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