Boss Fight

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Big Tits

It wasn’t early in the morning by most standards, but the blizzard outside and the cloudy skies made it seem as if the sun had yet to rise. The pair of them shambled about in their pajamas, looking like a couple of sleepy kids. Jen’s long brown hair tumbled down her shoulders, curling gently against her back, the strands occasionally adopting a fiery hue in the dim light. She wore a tank top, the kind made for thicker girls to sleep in- featuring a built in bra that kept her breasts where they should be. She paired it with her favorite flannel pajama bottoms, the soft fabric having a bold plaid design in blues, the simple garment strangely complimenting her eyes. She stood with a coffee cup in her hands, watching as Tyler played a video game.

He had a headset on, the band of it messing his sleep ruffled hair up all the more. Glasses were perched on his nose as he paid attention to the game, only occasionally speaking sleepily into the headset. Jen leaned against the wall, a smile on her lips as she observed him. His dark eyes were focused on the screen, which lent an odd light to the shadow of a beard forming on his cheeks and jaw. His fingers flew over the keyboard as he worked to do his part in the game- which had nearly twenty other players depending on him to keep them alive.

She was used to it, they both played the game. However, when it came to ‘too early’ playing it was always he who did the job. She lacked the patience for it. Then again, it wouldn’t have been ‘too early’ if the two of them hadn’t stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. She smiled as she thought about the late night hours.

Tyler looked up to see Jen with a familiar grin, the kind that usually led to trouble. Her dimples were just barely visible as she looked to him, distracting him from the game with just a mere glance. In the dim light he could only just barely make out the freckles that were dappled over her chest and shoulders. He made a mental note to count them at some point, something he’d tried to do a million times. “What are you grinning about?” he asked, turning his eyes back to the game.

She shrugged, taking a sip from her coffee. “You.” She answered simply. On the screen the boss was downed and all the players took a moment for a break, Tyler took the chance to turn in his chair. He wore pajamas not too different from hers, though they had obvious adaptations made for men. He beckoned her to him by simply lifting his arms a bit in her direction, and she instantly stepped forward.

Jen settled her coffee onto his desk before leaning down and letting her nose brush over his. The kisses were soft, and sweet, with his hands sliding around her form to pull her all the closer. Soon the voices over his headset were calling him back to attention, and Tyler reluctantly detached from her to get back to the game. Some would take this as a sign that he didn’t want to spend time with her, or that the game was more important. That wasn’t the case, though. These other players were their friends, and it would be poor form to abandon them.

Jen’s gaze played over his familiar form, and then slowly settled to her knees beside him. He spared her a curious glance, his brows furrowing as she shamelessly began to unbutton the fly of his pajamas. “What are you up to, miss?” he asked as he casually scooted his chair back a bit to allow her room.

“Just teasing you some.” She replied quietly, moving to settle more between his legs. Tyler let out a quiet grumbling moan as her fingers casually reached into the fabric to stroke over his length. Jen looked up ataşehir escort bayan at him curiously and grinned, listening to him as he tried to keep his voice steady as he replied to a question on the headset. Gentle fingers stroked over him slowly, curling about his length to coax it into life. Her thumb played at the tip, slowly rolling over the slit there to tease him just a bit. A gasp sounded from him, and his flesh lengthened steadily. A victorious smile spread her lips, and she leaned forward to hook her fingers into the waist band of his pajamas. Tyler let out a little grumble as he moved, lifting enough to let her pull the garment down his thighs- to tumble around his feet.

Soft fingers stroked over his right thigh, wandering from knee to hip as her right hand encircled the base of his length. Slowly she ran her tongue over the tip, a gentle hum escaping her as she took in his flavor. Tyler’s breath came a little quicker as she pulled the fleshy tip of his length into her mouth, her cheeks hallowing in as she suckled gently upon it. The slickness from her mouth made the glide of her fingers easy over his veined shaft, and soon she had him exactly how she wanted him: throbbing and wanting.

The brown haired girl let out a little pleased moan as she nuzzled against the thigh of her lover, letting her lips and teeth graze lightly over the delicate skin not too far from his sac. Her right hand continued to slowly stroke over him, her fingers teasingly stroking over his tip as her left hand moved to play over his sac. Tyler struggled to focus on the game. It was a challenge to keep his hands on the keyboard and not to work his fingers into her hair, to pull her against him the way he wanted to. He was at her mercy, for the moment.

Jen’s tongue pressed to the underside of his length, slowly traveling up it. Occasionally she would glance at the computer screen to see exactly what was going on in the game. As the group of players worked to clear out the dungeon she continued to tease him. As her tongue reached the tip of his length she turned her head and let it slowly trail down the other side. Her gentle breath caressed over his skin, cooling the moisture left behind as she moved.

The light touch of her fingers never left him. Sometimes they would dabble over the tip of his length, other times they would stroke over the inside of his thigh- letting her nails gently scratch over his skin- only to turn soft and gentle again as they toyed over his sack. Tyler’s breath grew a little quicker, his dark eyes moving from the screen to her as she teased him. Her mouth never left his shaft, trading between soft gentle licks against the veined skin to butterfly light kisses over the moist paths. She teased him, hinting at taking him into her mouth, but never quite getting there. Her lips would purse at his tip, they would take just half of it in. The heat of her tongue would grind at his slit, her voice would send gentle vibrations against him as she moaned teasingly.

He was shaking, and occasionally the wrong keys were being hit. His brows furrowed as he focused, they were coming up to another boss soon and he would have to pay attention or everyone would end up dead. Still he didn’t stop her, as he opened his mouth to say something her lips enveloped him again, and this time she took nearly half his length into her mouth.

All he could manage was a soft moan of her name, his head tilting back in pleasure for just a moment. Tyler was the perfect length as far as Jen was concerned. He was above average, but not large escort kadıköy enough to hurt a girl when he really got going. At seven and a half inches, it was a bit of a struggle to get more than half of him into her mouth without her jaw hurting- but that didn’t stop her from trying. Her tongue lifted, grinding against the underside of his length as his tip pressed to the back of his mouth. The fingers that were wrapped around his shaft teasingly stroked from base to where her lips were, slowly working him into her mouth.

Tyler’s resolve broke, his left hand moving from the keyboard to work into her silky hair as she pulled back on him. He wasn’t forceful, just encouraging as he nudged her down as she began to lower herself again. His eyes remained focused on the screen, but he could hear her soft moans of pleasure and smell her own arousal as her slickness dampened her panties and pajamas. She pulled back to his tip, letting her tongue play at it as her fingers increased their pace teasingly.

Her blue eyes glanced to the screen as they approached the next boss. It would be a few moments as the guys all discussed the strategy of how to handle it. Tyler’s hand moved from her hair to hit the key he needed to press to be heard over the headset. As he did so she took him deeply within her mouth again, and the had to struggle not to gasp out loud for everyone to hear. Teasing fingers stroked over his sac as they discussed, her mouth moving just a bit lower on him, taking him a bit deeper. Her cheeks hallowed in against him as her tongue wiggled and writhed- her lips breaking from him to take in soft breaths.

As the other players discussed strategy for a moment his hands worked into her hair again. Both of his hands tangled against her this time, gently coaxing her into the pace he wanted as he watched with rapt passion. Her soft mouth spread to take him in, the look in her eyes as she gazed up at him adoringly- the feel of her tongue flickering against his tip every time she pulled back. He wanted it to go on forever.

“TYLER! Wake the hell up, man!” someone yelled over the headset, and he let out a quiet groan before hitting the push to talk key once more.

“Sorry guys, I’m here.” He said, his hands returning to the keyboard and leaving Jen to her own devices as she tormented his flesh. He felt one of her hands move away, and heard the sound of fabric against flesh as she fussed about sliding from her own pajamas. Now the scent of her was stronger, and the hand that had left him remained missing. Though his headphones hindered the sound slightly, he could still make out the distinct sound of her fingers driving into her dampened folds. She was the kind of girl that drenched a guy, getting wet enough to cause fingers to prune up even before she came. His fingers flew over the keyboard, suddenly anxious to have the boss fight done with. As her mouth slid down upon him her fingers drove into herself, causing her own voice to escape in gentle moans against his trapped flesh. Tyler shivered, loving the sound of her in pleasure, each quiet sound she made making it all the more difficult to focus.

Jen was trembling with excitement, feeling his frustration and pleasure while trying to focus. He was holding back, and she admired him for it, adoring the feel of his muscles tensing beneath her as his dark eyes remained locked on the screen. She watched, teasingly flickering her tongue over his tip as the hits were landed on the boss. Her fingers tightened against his base, stroking a little harder as she watched the hit points maltepe escort of their opponent fall. Her thumb massaged against the underside of his length as she stroked him as she overheard the excited voices of her friends over his headset- ordering one another on what to do and congratulating each other as the boss fell.

Tyler moved. His hands worked into her hair, and he gently pulled her upwards. Leaning down, his lips met hers as he coaxed her to her feet. Their mouths remained locked together as Tyler rid himself of the headset- it always took at least ten minutes for everyone to be ready to move on after that boss. Her fingers moved stroking over his sides as their mouths parted.

“Tease.” He said softly, biting her lower lip before pulling back from her just slightly. His guiding hands turned her, bending the girl over his desk, her arms braced against it. “Tell me you want me.” He ordered softly, his voice holding a slightly commanding tone that made her shiver.

“I want you,” she moaned out, her head bowing so her long hair fanned against the desk, “So very, very badly.” She whispered, looking to him over one freckled shoulder. Her whisper turned into a loud moan as he drove into her, his thick length spreading her tight walls and forcing some of her slickness from her.

“Yes…” he moaned out, his left hand moving to tangle in his hair as he planted himself in her. They didn’t have much time, but they were both to the point that it didn’t matter much. Tyler drove into her, hilting deeply within her with each long stroke. He moved steadily, his right hand digging into her hip as he pulled her back against her. Jen moaned out, her body shivering, and Tyler responded by moving quicker, harder. His thrusts shortened slightly, feeling her walls clenching against his veined length. Her breath panted out in short pleasured gasps and gentle moans, his own coming out in harsh exhales as he claimed her on his desk.

On the screen the other players were nearly ready to move on, and he continued to glance at what was going on as he plowed his length into her sweet wet flesh. Jen’s voice took on a slightly higher pitch, a sure sign she was close- and so Tyler redoubled his efforts. Bending over, he let his right hand slide around her to work his fingers against the little bundle of nerves, his fingers becoming wet with her pleasure. His teeth found purchase on her shoulder, biting at the freckled skin as he moaned out to her, “That’s it. Cum for me baby.” He nuzzled in on her, his hot breath washing over her skin before biting once more.

Jen did exactly as requested, her body tightening against him as she shivered harshly. Her thighs trembled as her head tilted back in delight, her hips rocking on him. “Tyler…” she moaned out as her walls clenched on him, her sweet slickness drooling out around his driving flesh. The grip of her walls and the sound of her voice sent him over, and his head bowed as he drove a few more hard strokes into her before stilling and letting himself empty deep into her clenching walls. They stayed that way, panting for a moment, shivering against one another. All too soon, though, the game was ready to move on.

“You’re so freaking awesome.” Tyler whispered as he slowly withdrew from the shuddering girl, who looked quite pleased with herself- bent over his desk, half naked, their combined release dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

“Mmm so are you.” She all but purred out to him as she slowly straightened herself and drew her pajama bottoms back up. Jen leaned over and kissed his scruffy cheek as he spoke into the headset- he suddenly seemed more awake and in a much better mood. She wondered if the guys he was talking to would notice. She picked her coffee cup up and wandered into the kitchen to get breakfast started- and Tyler watched her as she walked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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