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This is my first story on here. I’ve logged several encounters if you will, but was never brave enough to openly tell any stories. I’ll start with describing myself. I’m about 5ft 7in tall. I weight fluctuates between 190lbs to 200lbs. I’m not fat by any means, a slight belly, but nothing a t-shirt doesn’t cover. I’m pretty built, so my large pecks and shoulders offset any jellyroll I acquire from weekly brew crew fests.
I’m bald, I shave my head and grow a trimmed beard without a mustache. Many people tease me and call me Chris Daughtry, but I’ve sported this look long before that poser stepped up to imitate Creed on American Idol. I have several piercings. My lip I wear a hoop, in my left eyebrow is a deep blue barbell I wear it to bring out my eyes which range from light sparkly blue to dark blue almost black depending on my mood. I have an 8 gauge hoop in each ear, and my nipples hold a 10 gauge in each. My cock is 7 1/2 inches and very thick with a Jacob’s ladder of 3 10 gauge barbells down the shaft.
I’m bisexual, and play the dominant role as well as submissive. I actually prefer sub when with a man. My arms are large and covered in tattoos. I have tats over most of my body since an old friend who liberated me sexually, shoots tattoos. I did most of my jewelry myself, including all 3 in my cock. Yeah, I’m a freak and I love pain. Bites and scratches set me off like you wouldn’t believe.
I don’t think I’ve missed anything. If so then it’ll probably be covered in the story. And on to that right? Sorry but the biggest bitch I have on here is to read a story were the writer goes straight to the sex and doesn’t paint a picture.
Any who, this is about the first time I’ve made it with a man 3 years. When I was in the National Guard I had a black friend I played with every month and a lot in Iraq. But I’ve been out for some time now. If this story gets good reviews, I’ll tell a few of those.
My job is in a warehouse for an auto parts supplier, so I lift heavy metal parts daily letting me keep in the shape I am. One of the supervisors on days is openly gay, and frequently comes onto me. I’m not open about my sexuality. I’m married, and my wife would take my kids and fuck me over royal. I talk to this boss often. We’ll call him Jason, and I have let him know about my secret once I knew I could trust him.
On night, on the way in to work a storm tore up most of area I work at, so my shift was canceled. My boss man couldn’t make it in do to damage around his house so Jason had to come in his place to tell us as we came in. He’d tried to call me but I’d already left, and didn’t hear my cell. When I had arrived, I was the only one there besides Jason. He met me in the warehouse after I’d clocked in and told me what was up. Since I was already there I could help clean up. The night went like you’d think. Picking up things that had been blown over, moving pallets and trailers around the dock. I just so happened that the diesel truck we used to move trailers around was in the shop, so we had an old rental with a sleeper attached. That’s the back section to a freightliner that acts like a camper.
Jason was out in the lot moving a trailer out to clean up something that had been blown there when I got an idea. Jason is about 5ft 11in tall and built like a farm boy. well trimmed goatee, and dirty blond hair. He was picking up a busted pallet when I came around the truck. I asked him if I could help as I bent over so he could get a look at my ass as I picked up a board from the pallet. I have a firm round ghetto booty as I’ve been told, and I frequently teased him this way.
Jason grunted and said, “Be careful boy. casino siteleri You ain’t got anyone to protect you this time.” I turned to see him rubbing his crotch and smiling at me. “You’re just a fuckin tease. All talk huh punk?” He groaned at me.
I tossed the board onto a pile near by and stepped up on the trucks runner very slowly, stretching as I did. “You don’t know if I’m teasing or not pal.” I said, looking over my shoulder at him. I opened the door and said, “I wonder how comfy the sleeper is.” into the air, just loud enough for him to hear.
Before I even got into the cab, he was right behind me. I could hear and feel him breathing onto the back of my bald head. His body pressed to my back as I felt him smell my neck. I pushed my ass against his groin and squeezed my ass cheeks together and pulled away, stepping into the cap of the truck. He followed right behind me, closing the door as he did. I stepped back into the sleeper and turned around to meet him. He stepped in close to me, towering over my short frame. His chin was touching my forehead as I rubbed his chest through his t-shirt. I moved my hands down his belly and looked up into his eyes. “Our secret bossman?” I whispered to him.
“Our secret…” He breathed heavy, pushing his forehead into min and closing his eyes as I ran my hand up his crotch. “Like I could brag anyway bubby. My man would ditch me as fast as you wife would you.” He kissed me on the forehead and moved to my lips. Rubbing his soft lips against mine and rubbing my shoulders.
I sat down on the bed, which was basically all the sleeper consisted of, and pushed my face into his groin, grabbing his ass and lightly biting his cock through his pants. He moaned and grabbed the back of my head, pushing my face into his package. I breathed hot on his cock and felt it grow in his pants. He started humping my face and I continued to bite his cock through his pants till he was rock hard. I pulled his hands from my head and unzipped his fly. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, pushing them to his knees. His cock was straining against his black boxer briefs It was longer than mine, I could see that as it poked out the top of his waistband. Thank God it wasn’t as thick. I hadn’t had a cock in me almost 3 years, and I’m not sure I could’ve taken it if it was as thick as mine. I was hot and bothered though and just wanted to be used. I grabbed his waistband and pulled them down quickly so it bounced on my face. The warmth of his cock on my face and the thump it made caused my heart to skip. I just rubbed my face against it for a few seconds rubbing my lips against his smooth ball sack and inhaling the scent of his musk.
Jason pulled his shirt over his head and then pulled mine off. I grunted in protest when it pulled me from his package. He just giggled and said, “Are you gonna do anything to it?”
I wrapped my hands around it to gauge it’s size. Mine’s 7 ½ and my hands cover it completely. His cock’s head poked out the top of my hands which I’ll gander it was just shy of 9 inches. It was a nice girth, about average and had a slight curve upwards. I let go of one hand and ran my tongue up his scrotum, letting his cock lay against my face as I licked up his shaft and circled the head. I’m so glad he was circumcised. I’ve sucked an uncut cock once before and didn’t really like it. I love the look of a clean cut cock, and the way it feels as the head hits the back of my throat. I pushed as much into my mouth that I could, till I gagged, then pulled it back, twisting my hand, jacking him off as I blew him. I pulled away and said, “I can get more in my mouth if you lay down.”
He kicked slot oyna off his shoes and pulled the rest of his clothes off as he turned and laid down on the bed. I stood and stripped as quickly as I could, then climbed on the bed facing his knees. I licked down his belly and took his cock in my mouth. I laid over his belly and grabbed his balls in one hand, his cock in the other. I relaxed, took a deep breath and pushed his cock to the back of my throat. I hit my gag reflex, stopping just before I gagged. I held him there for a moment, taking a deep breath through my nose and relaxed as much as I could. Then I slowly slid it down my throat. I could feel his cock in my throat and heard him groan. I swallowed, sending a tingle through me and making him moan even louder. I held him in my throat and forced my nose into his balls. I was loving it. I hadn’t sucked a cock in almost 3 years, and the last one wasn’t this long. I was starting to shake from holding my breath, and had to pull back to take a breath. As soon as I did, he squeezed my ass and spanked me. I pulled my mouth off him with a pop, bringing my hand up next to my mouth just before bobbing back down with my hand right next to my lips. My old fuckbuddy David loved it when I did this. I’d gotten many a mouthful from milking his cock this way. I fucked my fist and mouth with his cock several times, making noisy squishing sounds as I did. Jason groaned load and squeezed my ass, pushing upwards and trying to fuck my mouth. I let him do it, meeting his thrusts as I sucked his delicious cock.
“You gotta stop or I’m gonna cum in you mouth baby…” Jason panted, fucking upwards as if he couldn’t stop himself. I wanted his cock in my ass, so I pulled off him, sucking him hard and twisting my head as I did.
“You wanna fuck me baby?” I teased as I bounced my ass at him.
“Yes I do!” He said, spreading my ass cheeks. I shave my ass so it was nice and smooth. He ran his finger up my asscrack, and tickled my asshole. “Get up on all fours you sexy bitch!” He ordered.
“Yes sir!” I replied, hopping up and arching my ass towards him. I put my hands between my legs and grabbed my ankles, laying my face down on the mattress. “Is this a good little bitch sir?”
“God, I’m gonna fuck you stupid!” He growled, and he spread my ass apart. I felt his rough hands on my skin and a shock of pleasure rippled through me as I felt his wet tongue on my asshole. I moaned as he ate my ass. His tongue danced across my sphincter and his drool ran down my ass onto my balls. Then he pushed it into my ass, tongue fucking me. I’d never had anyone actually push their tongue into my ass before. David licked me, but never like this. I groaned and pushed back onto his tongue, squeezing my ankles and shaking in pleasure. This was great, but it ended all to quickly.
“Why’d you stop?” I wined.
“Cause your gonna get fucked!” He scolded me. “Now shut up and take it like the little bitch you are!” Jason spit on my asshole twice and said, “There, that should do it.” I felt his cock touch my asshole, and then his hand on the small of my back. He pushed slowly but forcefully. I felt him enter my ass, stretching it as he violated me. I felt so dirty and so good. Like a piece of trash, being used for his enjoyment. It hurt at first, that oh, so perfect sharp shock as he pushed past my “O” ring and into my colon. Then the wonderful feeling of fullness, only a real cock can give you.
“Is that all you got?” I hissed back at him. “You fuck like an old man.” I taunted him. He only had a few inches in at the time. Probably trying not to hurt me. I wanted him to drive it home, punish me. Not canlı casino siteleri make love to me.
“What?” He said in a confused tone.
“Fuck me!” I scolded. “I’m not a porcelain doll! Treat me like the whore you said I was!”
“Really? That what you want?” He sneered. “You got it bitch!” He pushed into me so hard that the mattress rubbed my face. I felt him jam into me and his cock hit somewhere deep in me. His pelvis hit my ass and I was hit with a sharp pain that ran through me like a lightning bolt. It felt like he hit my stomach. I groaned in pain and bit the mattress. “That what you wanted?” He growled, grabbing my ass in both hands.
“Fuck yes!” I wined. “Don’t stop now! Fuck me!” I felt the mattress rubbing against my face as he started to pound my ass with fury. He only slowed enough to grab my arms. Pulling them back behind me.
“Pull that ass apart bitch!” He ordered, putting my hands on my ass cheeks. I grabbed my ass and spread it open for him and he grabbed my wrists, using then to pull me into his thrusts. I could feel his cock getting harder and tell by his breathing he was about to cum. My asshole was getting raw and my cock was rock hard.
“Cum in my ass baby!” I cried into the mattress. “Fill me up!”
“Oh, God!” Was all I got in return. His grip on my wrists hurt and my ass cried to me in pain. I was starting to groan in pain. it was so overwhelming. Seconds seemed like an eternity. I squeezed my ass as tight as I could onto his cock, and got what I wanted. He cried out, “Gahh!” As he trusted hard into me, and I felt his cum spurt into me, several long spurts, like he hadn’t cum in forever. He pushed into me a few more time, milking himself into my ass. Then he leaned forward and kissed my back.
“Don’t take it out yet…” I pleaded in a whisper.
“You haven’t came yet have you” He whispered to me as he grabbed me by the neck. He used it to pull me up to him. “I want you to jack yourself off with my cock in you. You understand” He ordered, squeezing my neck in his large hand.
“Yes, sir…” I whimpered, grabbing my cock and stroking it. I put my other hand on the back of his head and pulled him to me. He grabbed my balls with his other hand and held them firm, as he tightened his grip on my throat.
“Cum for me.” He whispered in my ear. “Cum on the bed so I can rub you face in it. I’ll teach you not to make a mess!” That’s all it took for me. I came on hard painful globs. I hadn’t came this hard in a long time. I cried in whimpers as I coated the mattress in front of me. His hand squeezing my throat, causing my voice to make strange sounds.
“Oh, uh…” I cried, breathing heavy against his grip.
“Didn’t I tell you not in the house!” He growled as he picked me up my my groin and neck. His still rock hard cock inside me. He pulled me against him and leaned me forward so that my face was right next to the largest puddle of my own cum. “You don’t make messes like that inside bitch!” He growled as he moved his hand from my groin to the back of my neck. in a choking like hold, he pushed my face into my own cum. He rubbed my face all in it and fucked my raw asshole while he did. I almost came again just then. he held me there for a fore minutes while he fucked me some more. The cum was almost dried on my face when he finally let me up.
“My god that was good…” I rasped, almost out of breath.
“Yeah it was! You’re a freak!” Jason laughed at me. He pulled me over onto my side and held me next to him for a while before we got up and got dressed.
We never told anyone what we did, and he made me clock out and go home before the next shift came in so they wouldn’t get any ideas. I haven’t had the chance to fuck him again, but I’m bidding my time and he says he is to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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