Brad and Marsha Ch. 06

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Anal Plug

Nothing more was said about the events of the evening for the rest of the night. As it got late, DJ had long retired to bed, and Marsha felt herself growing tired.

As she got dressed for bed, she couldn’t prevent herself from thinking of her son’s fantastic dick. She still vividly remembered what it felt like when DJ had taken her on the beach. Now she had also held that same penis…strike that…COCK in her mouth.

This time she had, of her own accord, sucked his cock and tasted — no milked the cum from his cock. And my goodness, did that cum ever taste wonderful — thought Marsha as she slid into her soft silky sheets.

Under the sheets, Marsha knew she could resist no longer. She pulled her nightgown beneath her tits and slid her panties to one side.

This is how she lay, frantically pumping her middle finger deep insider herself with one hand and the other hand circularly stimulated her clit.

“MMMMmmmm-,” just the way she loved it! It only took a matter of seconds before Marsha started to cum very hard.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Marsha as she fell asleep under her silky sheets with a satisfied smile on her lips.

All that night DJ could not sleep. He was so horny that he knew he would have to make himself cum. His mind kept returning to how beautiful his mother looked with his cock in her mouth.

“Mmmmm…,” thought DJ imagining it again!

DJ wanted to make himself cum. He was hard as a rock, and completely ready. He slid his underwear off and lay in his bed naked looking down at his hard cock.

Looking at it made him think of how his mother looked so adoringly at it. Suddenly he wanted to be in the same room with her. He wanted to look at her as he made himself cum.

So, DJ quietly crept from his room, down the hall to his mother & father’s bedroom door. He turned the handle slowly and noiselessly, and pushed the door open just wide enough to slip inside. The room was showing the light of the pre-dawn morning as he glanced around cautiously.

The only sound in the room was the quiet, even breathing coming from his mother on the bed. Dejuanne slid to his knees and crawled across the floor to the bed, and gazed upon her sleeping form.

“Wow, she’s so beautiful,” thought DJ as he approached the bed — his hard cock leading the way.

She seemed to be sleeping very soundly, and DJ suddenly wanted to see more of her, so he gently pulled the sheet back. What he saw nearly made him shoot at the mere sight!

There, under the covers, his mother had pulled her nightgown down over her full round tits — her nipples were sticking straight up in the moonlight room. Her panties had been pulled to one side, and DJ could see his mother’s beautifully shaven pussy. Dejuanne’s eyes feasted on his mother’s body. He felt himself tremble as he realized just how close he was to her. He moved beside her, his face coming closer to her perfectly rounded breasts. He shifted nervously and reached a trembling hand toward her breast.

His fingers made contact with his mother’s left nipple. It was a slight touch, just barely pressing inward on her nipple. Next DJ moved his tongue gently to her nipple. DJ gently slid his tongue over her nipple using light / gentle circles. His hard cock was pressed against Marsha’s exposed thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum all along her exposed skin.

Suddenly DJ realized something. His mother had tasted his cum a few times now, and had even sucked his cock — yet he had never tasted her. The thought of this made him so horny, he knew that he could no longer restrain himself.

DJ gently climbed onto the bed between his mother’s legs. Her right leg was sprawled out to the side. He gently pulled her left leg, moving it inch by inch until her crotch was completely exposed to his gaze. Dejuanne could smell her musky scent as he neared her exposed and completely shaven pussy.

Since Marsha was completely shaven, she looked all the more naked — and all the more vulnerable to DJ. He could wait no longer.

He really had no idea what he was doing, he was simply acting on impulse — DJ buried his face in his mother’s exposed pussy. He immediately shoved his tongue as far into his mom as it would reach.

Dejuanne heard his mother let out a low groan and heard her breathing stop for a moment. Dejuanne stopped licking for a moment, and just looked up at his mother for a moment. When he did this, Marsha’s breathing went back to normal and Dejuanne started licking her again.

In her sleep, Marsha tried to close her legs, but Dejuanne firmly held his hands on her thighs, keeping them apart. He slid his tongue deep into his mother’s pussy, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy.

He began licking his tongue in long, steady strokes from her bottom all the way to the top of her clit.

Suddenly Marsha twisted in her sleep, arched her back, and began moving her head back and forth. Her breathing was coming faster, and her round breasts began rising and falling faster.

Dejuanne looked up at them, captivated by them. casino siteleri His eyes followed her erect nipples as they rose and fell.

Marsha let out an unexpected gasp and her eyes flew open. She was blinking, and looking around the room in a confused fashion, trying to wake herself from the deep sleep she was in and understand why her pussy was on fire again after she had already satisfied herself only moments before she had fallen asleep tonight.

“What’s going ooooooon…OH MY GOD!”

Suddenly Dejuanne panicked a bit. Though he had to have realized in the back of his mind that doing this would eventually waken his mother, he was momentarily surprised by her waking up.

He hadn’t thought of what he would do when she awoke and caught him licking her. He thought for a moment he could try to slip out before she really realized it was him, but the room was too well light. He was pretty sure she could see him.

DJ decided he was beyond the point of no return, so he simply pushed his tongue back into her pussy, rubbing his index finger in small circles against her clit as he shoved his long tongue deep into her pussy.

“DJ!! … What are you doing?!?…”

Dejuanne simply continued to concentrate on licking her pussy.

“S… Stop! Stooooop,” she moaned. His tongue thrashed back and forth and Marsha began to hump her ass up instinctively, in spite of herself.

“Dejuanne!!… You have to stop now… I’m a married woman, and you are my soooooon,” she whimpered.

Marsha began thrashing around. She tried in vain to pull away, to roll over, anything to escape that wonderful tongue. Dejuanne’s strong hands held her firmly in place not allowing her to escape.

Marsha found herself pushing feebly — to no avail – at DJ’s head. The muscular teen could simply not be pried away from her soaking cunt.

Suddenly Dujuanne lurched back from his mother, raising up. Next he scooted quickly up the bed. Dejuanne immediately positioned his groin between her spread legs, as he hefted them up above his shoulders, holding her firmly to the bed as he began descending his mammoth black dick toward his mother’s shaven and dripping wet pussy.

Marsha could only stare down at her son’s incredible cock. She had just sucked the seed from this fantastic cock a few hours ago, and suddenly she realized that she was about to be fucked by the largest and most magnificent dick she had ever seen in her life.

The thought sent torrents of electricity down to her pussy, causing it to literally drool.

She had fantasized about this cock being back inside her every since she had first felt it that day on the beach, and tonight was going to be the night.

“Mmmmmmm…..” escaped from Marsha’s lips.

Marsha’s deep blue eyes stared up at him in a bewildered daze. Suddenly he leaned down and for the first time in their lives he reallly kissed her.

He had kissed her on the cheek or even small pecks on the lips hundreds of times, but this time his lips and tongue slid across hers as he crushed her to the bed.

“Mmmphhhhhh!” she mumbled, trying to clear her head.

“I need you mom. Please forgive me,” he gasped, sliding his hands over her breasts, squeezing them softly.

These were the same tits he had beat off thinking about so many times. So many times had he shot his hot cum all over his chest as he imagined those firm and magnificent mounds.

“We shouldn’t…” she grunted, trying — only slightly — to pull away.

His hand slid around his huge shaft, holding it firmly as it closed the gap between the boy and his mother, as he moved down toward her. He pushed the head against her wet slit and pressed down.

He felt her pussy open just enough to allow his enormous cock head to penetrate her.

“Mmmmmm…” moaned Marsha, remembering how much larger around Dejuanne was than his father.

Dejuanne’s cock was not only very long, it was also very thick. Marsha could feel it so well against her over stimulated pussy.

Dejuanne felt his mother’s pussy surround his cock, then felt her warm, wet insides as he sank deeper into her. He could vaguely remember it feeling this good that day on the beach, but this was much better. This time he was taking his time, taking it all in.

“Oh DJ!” she sobbed. “You are so HUUUUUGE. I’ve never felt anything like this. It’s like I’m being made love to for the first time.”

His cock slid deeper as his lips mashed against hers. His huge cock was having a hard time working it’s way into his mother’s tight pussy.

She was used to Brad’s little boy sized cock, and Dejuanne’s huge man sized cock was stretching her to the limit.

Marsha’s body was on fire with sexual arousal. She still hadn’t woken up completely, and her mind had not yet caught up with all that had happened with her body.

She found herself completely flustered by the whole situation. Her hands pushed weakly against DJ, trying to resist even as her body responded to what he was doing to her.

Suddenly Marsha felt slot oyna determined to feel what it would feel like to have this huge cock buried all the way inside her. His cock was sending powerful waves of pleasure up into her belly as it slid it’s way into and out of her nearly virgin tight pussy.

“O…Oh…My God!” She was cumming.

She could feel it take over her senses as she began trembling and shaking. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out, but suddenly she let out a very loud wail of pleasure as she came hard – harder than ever before in her life.

Marsha began to push her pussy back up against DJ, her arms sliding around his nubile and finely toned young body. The orgasm and heightened stimulation was enough to completely awaken Marsha. Suddenly she was in a very aroused state, very quickly.

“Oh God DJ!” she groaned. Her hands slid down to her sides and her ass lifted high up off the bed to meet his intruding member. Her legs were still thrust above his shoulders and were spread wide apart as she concentrated on her son’s huge black dick being thrust into her.

Marsha’s fingers dug into DJ’s skin as her lips sought his. She was rabid with lust, utterly lost to conscious thought beyond the fulfillment of extreme sexual passion coursing through her.

Her tongue shot into his mouth where it met his. They ground together furiously. Suddenly Dejuanne moved his mother’s knees from his shoulders, twisted slightly, and fell to the side.

Next he grabbed his mother and rolled over with her on top of him. His hands held her buttocks firmly as he rode her down on his cock as he fucked up into her.

Marsha loved the way her son looked underneath her. He was like a Greek God as she looked down at his muscular frame from on top of him. Each time he would help her lift up to the top of his cock, she felt like she was climbing a mountain it was such a long ways up!

Without warning, he rolled again, turning over on top of her again. His hips began to slam down into her, and he began to seriously fuck her hard. Their bodies, sweating in the heat, twisted and rolled together in a feverish sexual dance.

Marsha rolled on top him again and pushed herself upright. Her small hands lay flat on his powerful chest, and she began bouncing up and down on him.

Her eyes closed and her back arched as she shivered through another wonderful orgasm. At this point, Marsha nearly fell backwards.

To prevent this, Dejuanne raised his legs and her back dropped against them, her shoulders and head curving back over the top of his knees and her hands going back onto the bed.

His hands slid up and down over the taut, skin of her breasts, and his fingers twisted her hard nipples. He bounced on the bed, pushing his massive cock up into her, sending her hapless body bouncing and flopping on top him. They began picking up momentum again.

His knees pulled back, shoving her forward onto his chest. His hands squeezed her buttocks again as she gasped and whimpered. He brought his ass up off the bed, driving his massive cock against her.

She pushed herself up again, her eyes wide and frantic. His cock hammered up into her crotch with brutal speed and power. Each stroke brought a grunt of pleasure from her trembling lips.

His hands tightened around her waist and he jerked her up and down on his prick. Marsha’s pussy was hot, wet, and seemed to be adjusting well to the amazing new size that was penetrating her. She felt like she was made for this amazing cock.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh god!” she gasped. Her crotch and buttocks slapped wetly down on him as she bounced. Her tits wobbled and bounced, and her head rolled from side to side.

Then her back arched again and she slammed her crotch down over his prick. Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped.

Another massive orgasm tore through her. Her pussy felt like a volcano as the orgasm flooded like lava up into her belly and chest, then through her neck to her brain. Her limbs twisted and jerked uncontrollably and her senses reeled.

Suddenly Dejuanne pulled his cock from her tight pussy and positioned himself directly at her face. In what had become a bit of a game to both of them, DJ wanted to shoot all over his mother’s face again.

This time, she was totally cooperative. Marsha got up on her knees in front of her son, opened her mouth, put out her tongue and waited for the shower. And she didn’t have too long to wait this time. Suddenly DJ spewed out string after string of huge and burning hot loads of semen. It jetted out and all over his mother’s face and all through her hair. “Uuuuunngghhh.” she groaned, her eyes opening and taking in the amazing amount of cum that was completely covering her. She stared up at him in growing shock, then abruptly pushed against him, trying to break free.

“Let me go!” she demanded, in a small quavering voice.

“But mom, why? I love feeling you against me.”

Marsha felt the waves of guilt running over her again.

“DJ! Stop it! I’m your Mother! canlı casino siteleri How could you… How could I…This is wrong, it’s… it’s sick!”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well it is!”

“I love you and you love me…”

“Not like this!”

“What’s wrong with this? We both enjoyed it. It was fantastic. You were fantastic!” She pulled away from him, jumping up and grabbing for her robe. She pulled it on and turned toward him, her eyes wide and flustered.

“Now… now you leave.”

He rose from the bed, standing before her naked. His body was strong, powerful, his pectorals standing out. His hips were slim and strong, and his semi flaccid cock hung down from his bushy pubic hair. She averted his eyes.

He grabbed her head, raising her head to stare defiantly into his eyes.

“You know you loved it mom.”

“What we did was… wrong.”

“You loved it.” Her lips tightened.

“We both needed it.”

“You will not speak to me like that!” she sobbed. He folded his arms around her and drew her against him, hugging her tightly. She sobbed against his chest as he stroked her soft hair which was crunchy with his cum.

He pushed her blonde head gently back and kissed her lips. At first the kiss was soft, warm, but she returned it and his lips pressed harder.

Her tongue shot out into his mouth their lips slid wetly against each other. His hands gripped the collar of her robe and pulled it back. It came away from her easily, dropping to the floor as their naked bodies pressed together.

Marsha’s mind was ablaze with lust. She rubbed her lithe white body against the powerfully muscled black chest and belly of her son, ignoring all of her feelings of guilt, pushing them aside and allowing lust to fill her again.

His body was hard against her, she slid her hand up and down his large muscular chest, her eyes wide and unblinking, as if taking in his maleness for the first time. His hands slid up and down her back, then he moved one downwards onto her small rounded buttocks, easily cupping both in his large hand.

Both hands moved onto her ass, lifted her upwards off the floor. Her legs opened wide and slid around his waist as her mouth hungrily sought his.

Her pussy was wet as it pressed against his belly and she moaned softly. Marsha moved her arms around his strong, wide shoulders, pressing herself closer to him, wanting to feel his strong muscles against her swollen breasts and hard nipples.

DJ grabbed his cock in one hand, already it was hard again. He began rubbing it all along her slit.

“DJ… DJ… DJ,” she moaned. He pushed upward, jamming the head into her tight pussy again. She grunted, rising upward against him, as if moving away from his penetration.

Her breasts were mashed roughly against his chest as she pressed against him. She groaned loudly as her strength gave way and she sank downwards onto his incredibly long prick. Again Marsha felt it move upwards into her for an amazingly long time filling her warm, soft, wet pussy.

She grinded into him, moving herself around in small circles, loving the feeling of his huge organ inside her as it twisted in her belly. She felt so completely filled, she knew sex with Brad would never be the same again after this evening.

DJ was going to ruin her for life if he wasn’t careful, she might never be willing to settle for Brad’s little worm again.

“You know you’re going to spoil me, don’t you?” asked Marsha.

“Well, pretty much anytime you want it, you know where I live,” replied Dejuanne. Marsha pumped her ass in and out, and up and down, her movements growing faster as her lust increased.

DJ turned toward the bed, then knelt and slowly lowered her to her back, never taking his cock from deep within her seething pussy. She humped upward against him even before she touched the bed, shoving her pussy up onto his huge rock hard black dick as it completely filled her.

DJ’s weight crushed her to the bed in a hot, passionate, loving embrace as he began slowly entering her all the way, then pulling nearly all the way back out.

He could feel her starting to spasm around him and he pumped faster. His face pulled back from hers and he watched her as her face contorted in orgasmic ecstasy.

Marsha grunted and moaned, her head shaking from side to side. Her body shivered against him and he pumped wildly into her to try to get her to the threshold.

Then her body lifted and began to wildly spasm to the point where it almost lifted his weight from the bed.

Finally, Marsha collapsed in exhaustion, her eyes bare slits as he lay on top of her. She spread her arms & legs out to her sides and lay there exhausted — completely spent.

He gently kissed her on the forehead and on her cheeks, then he began to slowly pump into her once more.

He was now completely aroused again, and needed release one more time. Once again he pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and began to fuck her with hard and deliberate strokes that made the bed shake so hard that it began crashing into the wall.

Her arms reached above her head, grasping the bedpost. Marsha felt herself being hammered like she had never experienced before, and immediately realized that she loved it.

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