Business or Pleasure?

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The week had been hard on Dylan. More work, and less sleep meant no time for anything else in his life. And without time to spare, his wife was left without sex. She also worked hard, but she still held a strong sexual appetite.

Dylan left work early. Stress was working it’s way in, and he wanted it to be worked out. He closed his office door, and canceled all appointments for the day. His secretary watched as Dylan stepped out. She knew how hard he worked, and she also wished that she could do something to help, even if it meant sex. Knowing that Dylan, or Mr. Mandrake to her, was married kept her from opening up and telling him how she felt.

As the streets of downtown remained busy almost 24/7, there were fewer cabs that stopped by. As he whistled, a cab driver pulled up next to him and Dylan stepped inside.

“Where to?” The driver asked.

“Asian Dreams Spa,” Dylan answered.

“Ah, yes, very good,” The driver responded, then drove off towards the ending location.

Dylan thought about his wife. He thought about taking a week off, and focusing on fulfilling her needs. Go to the islands, or enjoy a fancy dinner. Maybe go to the lake and stay in a cabin away from society. Enjoy meaningful, non rushed sex. The works. His mind raced with all the possibilities. His marriage of seven years still meant so much to him.

The driver slowed down, and pulled along the curb next to a building that had a small sign on the front lawn that read: “Asian Dreams Spa.” The line underneath read: “Our Pleasure Is Your Happy Endings.”

“Here you go, my friend,” The driver said to Dylan. “Five fifty total.”

Dylan handed the man a ten and said, “Keep the change, thank you.”

“Enjoy. Good place,” The driver said to Dylan, then drove away.

As Dylan looked up to the building, he was reminded that it was antalya escort in fact an old home that had been converted into a therapeutic retreat. The grass was green, and freshly cut. Flowers grew in front of the porch to give it an inviting feel. It was a nice place. He walked up the front steps, and entered the door. Straight ahead was the service desk.

“Hello, Mister Mandrake, how may we help you today?” A younger, pretty half Asian, half Caucasian woman asked him. She wore a white button up thin blouse, and the top button was left open. She looked classy and professional, without coming off as business. Her personality said to him, “I am here to serve you, and I care.”

“I think today, I want to have the whole package. I’m very stressed today, and I would like to relax.”

“Very good, Mister Mandrake. We can accommodate you,” She said to him.

The beautiful owner came down the stairway and said to the young, service desk attendant,” Ami, I think today I will accommodate Mister Mandrake.

The young lady acknowledged, and escorted Dylan to his room. “Here you are Mister Mandrake. Get undressed, and lie back under this sheet. Your masseuse will be in in just a few minutes. The young lady left the room, closing the door behind her.

Dylan looked around the room. A standalone panel was to his right, just in case someone needed to get dressed or undressed in private. A small stereo sat on a tiny table. Mood music on compact disc’s were lined along the front. The colors were earthly, and gave you a warm, not cold feeling.

In walked the owner, and her presence immediately entranced Dylan. She was five-seven in height, and thin but athletic. Her muscle tone accented her sexy curves. She wore a thin robe that hugged sensually against her body, and was long enough to touch almost the top of her knees. lara escort Professional, but very sexy. “What can I do for you, Mister Mandrake?” She asked. “It has been a while since you have been here.”

“Yes, Kumi, it has been. Today, I just want to relax,” He answered her.

“I can help you,” She answered, then smiled. “Today, I give you extra special relaxing massage.”

“That sounds wonderful, Kumi, thank you.”

Kumi rubbed her hands together to create a warm feeling on her palms. She reached for body oil, and dripped it lightly onto his skin. Before she began, she fitted the sheet so it lay only covering his mid-section. With her right palm, then left, she rubbed the oil around his skin. Her hands squeezed, and massaged his arms, moving along as she pulled gently continuing to rub his fingers to the tips.

“So, Dylan, what is on your mind?” Kumi asked, beginning light conversation.

“Work. Always work. Well not always. I miss being at home.”

“What do you miss about home?” She continued.

Kumi’s hands gliding along his chest, and she slowly worked her way down to his lower legs.

“I definitely miss Wife-time.” He responded.

“That’s very sweet,” Kumi gave a smile.

Her hands slipped up his legs, and she dripped more oils onto his skin.

“Are you ready for extra special relaxing massage, Mister Mandrake?” Kumi asked.

“I’m ready.”

Kumi gently removed the sheet that covered his groin section. She dripped oil onto her palms, and gently began to stroke his shaft, making his erection thick and long. She held two fists around it, as she stroked his cock easily, twisting both hands around in opposite directions to enhance the effect.

“I give you, Mister Mandrake, nice time here. You go home later and have wife-time,” manavgat escort Kumi said to Dylan.

“Okay,” He agreed.

Kumi slipped a fist upwards on his shaft embracing the tip and continuing downwards.

Dylan reached out his hand, and felt up Kumi’s inner thighs. His hand reached the desired area, and he felt closely towards her wet lips. His fingers nestled her small patch of black pubic hair, and he slowly inserted his index finger between her mound. As he slipped into her wetness, Kumi jerked Dylan’s cock muscle, feeling the veins, and watching precum ooze from the tip of his penis. She leaned in close, and licked away the sweet flavors of his juices, making sure nothing dropped away.

“You have to cum in my mouth, Mister Mandrake,” Kumi whispered enough so he could hear. Dylan understood that she did not want him to make a mess. She stroked his shaft with one hand, then both, working it harder but not so fast. She leaned in close, knowing that he was soon to ejaculate. Not long after, he tightened up, then relaxed as he released a few thick, satisfying streams of cum into Kumi’s open mouth. She wrapped her wet lips around the tip, and swallowed every last drop that Dylan gave to her. He moaned. He let his finger slip out from her dripping open hole.

“Now, special massage is done,” Kumi said to Dylan, licking the remaining juices from her lips.

Dylan remained laid back.

“So, Mister Mandrake?” Kumi gained Dylan’s focus.

“Yes, Mrs. Mandrake?” He answered her.

“Do you really want more time with me?” She asked, not as masseuse, but because she was his wife of seven years.

“More than anything,” He answered, without hesitation.

“Take a week off of work. Take me on vacation. More sex. You can fuck my pussy,” She said to him, making it clear what she wanted.

“Tonight. You. Me. Wife-time.” His smile became wide with happiness.

“Agreed. Now go. Surprise me,” She said to him. He took his wife’s car, and left. He made sure to keep his word at any cost.

That night, they made love before taking a week long vacation in the Bahamas.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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