Candy From Strangers 3 : Bonding With the Boys

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It was a glorious summer morning in the seaside town of Heaven’s Cove. The birds were chirping, the flowers in full bloom, neighbours waving and wishing everyone a great day. Even here on Rosemary Drive it was just a picturesque. No one could tell from a casual look that beginnings of the end of innocence for this sleepy town was already fast at work in the Chesterson home.

Ted woke up later than he had wanted to, normally his internal clock he could set other clocks to. But already he was an hour late for work and it would take an hour just to get there. Looking over at the other side of the bed he noticed Franny his pretty younger wife wasn’t in it. He couldn’t really blame her after rejecting her advances last night, she was probably already out jogging again so as to avoid a morning fight. But he could bet he’d get an earful when he got home.

His pride and joy twin sons James and Marshall were still in bed after helping the sweet old lady that lived next door. Franny adored them, his step daughter Hannah adored them, he bet the little old lady adored them. He just wished he had been half as robust and virile as them when he was their age. He even doubted that, he didn’t think he could be anywhere near virile in this house.

These thoughts while new, still seemed natural to him. That wasn’t his fault at al, this wasn’t a psychological issue it was a physiological one. He had been taking the blue and white “ candies” from next door, and their effect on him had been an inhibitory one. It lowered his energy, his sex drive had vastly diminished, his metabolism slowed down, he was becoming more passive. In short, the drug was turning him into a wimp, and he was completely unaware.

Heck, he even grabbed a handful of the blueberry and liquorice “candies” as he rushed off to work, because they were just so darned tasty.

The slamming of the door woke the Chesterson boys from a fitful sleep. The twin boys had been powering down a heavy stream of all three of the drug varieties on request of the raunchy sex queen old lady next door. These drugs had already had a noticeable affect.

The boys were stronger now, their metabolism had sped up, they ate tonnes more in order to keep up with their physiques. They had boundless energy and confidence, not to mention their dick had grown by 4 inches in a week. Mrs Higgins knew the affects were cumulative but a certain point the growth stopped, she was just curious as to when. Afterwards the drug would be for maintaining virility and pheromone release.

Not to mention dear Franny Chesterson who had also taken a multitude of the very same drugs mistaking them for candy as well. Their effect on her wasn’t as physiologically changing as of the boys at this point, but the triple combination had also activate her own pheromonal release, which in turn reacted with her twin stepsons pheromonal discharge.

The triple threat in men made them aggressive, caused muscle and penile growth, acted as birth control and a panacea to hostile viruses, but it also made them appear as sexually attractive partners. The female triple combination did the same inverse; a heightened sexual desire, birth control and virus inhibition, but it alsso regulated the body to be more receptive to reproduction and attraction. Hence, the breasts grew larger, the hips wider. In prolonged interaction with the triple release of the male it would also adapt the birth canal making it more receptive to males of larger more “ alpha” sizes.

The process certainly wasn’t painless, in fact the boys attributed their sore and aching genital to the week long pounding sessions of Mrs Higgins next door all week. Franny could already feel them in her, her breasts felt swollen and a constant ache and near itching in her crotch, which she also attributed to her desire for her husband and quiet fantasies about her stepsons. In fact, this was what woke her up this morning.
She realized with a start where she was when she opened her eyes and felt panicked. The busty blonde step mom was asleep in her twin boys closet where she had sough refuge the night before. She had been furiously masturbating watching her hung stepchildren fuck the living daylights out their allegedly retiring next door neighbour. She had fallen asleep naked, her sports bra and underwear still discarded on the floor of the boys room.

She felt ashamed and dirty, yet somehow still completely calm and pacified as if this was how she was supposed to feel ( the drugs influence on her) while she hid in the closet. She prayed the twin boys would rush on downstairs for breakfast and let her sneak off in to the master bedroom down the hall and get into some clothes. But in seems the twins were in no hurry today.

“ Man, I am beat from last night”, James said

“ Yeah, she really drained our balls”, Marshall kicked in

The boys laughed at that and Franny just wanted to diapear, they were back at it again like they were last night. Talking about how much fun it was fucking the little old lady next door in all three holes. Franny was ashamed to admit it, but even now she had some arousal at the memories of watching them fuck her silly.

“ Just thinking about it is making me hard again”, Marshall exclaimed.

“ We shouldn’t have slept in so late, we could have dumped a couple more loads in her before she went to the airport”, James joked

The two boys laughed at this, but Franny could actually see in her minds eye what they were talking about and she felt her juices flowing. The room was still permeated with the musk of last night, so her receptors were still charged for ex. The fact that the boys were getting hard just released more into the air. She could feel herself ache and hungry in her loins.

“ Shit, you’re jacking off, trying to see if you think you can still beat me to fuck her ass first?” James said

“ Yeah, I’m pretty sure my cock is bigger than yours”

“ Bullshit, mine is a monster now, just you see”

Now the boys were both jacking off and could Franny could hear the steady fapping of their meat from inside the closet. She swore she could smell their meat from where she was, the images of them with their big cocks in their hands dancing in her mind. Those huge sweet pieces of man meat, she was thinking. Her hands went almost involuntarily to her sopping pussy even in the confines of the closet.

“ I’m not going to measure you r dick, I’m not gay” Marshall laughed

“ Get a fucking ruler, I’ll sit on your bed, faggot”, James joked back

Oh god, now they were sitting on the same bed. Their big meat hard and ready for a woman to be thoroughly devoured. To be trusted into over and over again untill she was a wreck of a satisfied woman. She twisted around to try to peer through a crack in the door, ever so quietly getting on her hands and knees to see.

There they were both sitting on Marshalls bed. The twin blonde athletic 16 year old boys were sporting massive erections. They both individually ere slowly stroking their meat and passing a ruler back and forth to each other to check. Their lean hard muscular bodies and their mighty beasts was the only things she was truly fixated on. She was almost salivating at the thought of sucking their dicks.

“ Shit, I think we are both the same”, James complained

“ Bro, hate to admit it, but I think you’re longer, but I’m thicker”, Marshall said

“ Speaking of thick, Franny’s ass is looking pretty good these days”

They both laughed at that, Franny blushed. Dirty boys, it wasn’t right that they were staring at their stepmothers ass. But she was also very flattered that such prime pieces of virility thought her big ass was sexy. Her husband hated it, so this was a real thrill.

‘ Yeah, if she wasn’t our step mom I would totally tap that ass”

“ Totally, I would love to see that fat ass jiggle as I pounded her doggy style”

Her pussy almost purred at the compliments, Franny had to admit she would love nothing more than those boys lined up to fuck her from behind. Their huge cocks pounding into her, dumping load after load into her like they did next door. Sucking off one boy hard untill he was ready.

“ If she was here right now, I’d shove my dick down her throat”

Her juices were dripping down her leg right now.

“Yeah see if we could fit both our cock in between those lips of hers”

She trembled a the image of this subservience, the drugs had totally done her in again and her body trembled through a small orgasm without being touched. She even outright moaned and her hand went flying to her clit to rub one out as she fantasized.

James and Marshall but jerked up at this sound from their closet, they took a quickly look at each other and got up towards the closet. Franny had only closed her eye for a second but when she peaked out she saw the giant cocks coming toward here. This was a nightmare or a fantasy she couldn’t tell which.

The boys stepped to either side, ready to attack the intruder ; oblivious to their own nudity. The pheromones of the step mom and the moys now permeated the room.. She was now sexually fully charged and subservient and they were pumped with tester one and lust. They ripped the door’s wide open and their eyes bugged out of their head and what they saw.

There was their blonde big titted step mother on her knees before them. She was sweaty and flush. Her nipples were hard like diamonds and her chest was heaving with lust. They could smell her sex and see the juices dripping down her thighs. She had a hungry lost look in her eyes with half lidded lust.

“ Cocks. Give me your cocks”, she grunted looking only at their swollen manhoods.

The boys stood for a second stunned, looked at each other. Then laughed and gave each other a high five.

“ If you insist”, James said stepping forward to his step mom.

Franny reached out and gripped James dick in one hand and stretched her hand t grab Marshall’s stick by the other. Her hands could barely wrap around their girth. They were burning hot and throbbing her hands. A James stepped forward all thought of morality or her husband completely vanished and she wrapped her lips around his cockhead.

It was so wonderful tasting him, her tongue twirled out and tasted his pre cum. Positively delicious. She hungry slurped on her stepson’s tool, then turned her head to get a taste of Marshall as well. Equally delicious. She alternated sucking on them, swapping back and forth, jerking off one while sucking the other. The boys loved it.

James grabbed one her boobs in his casino oyna hand and she groaned at his touch on her. Marshall followed hi lead and gripped the other tit. They started rubbing and tweaking her rock hard nipples which sent shivers up and down her spine. This almost pushed her over the edge, she groaned and increased her gusto.

The boys were so turned on by having their busty step mom sucking them off, they were getting close to cumming already. In turn Franny was lost in the moment and almost anything could set her off now. He shuddered as they played with her nipples and that was enough to set the boys off.

James was in her mouth when he came, he fired volleys into her mouth which she was mostly unprepared for. She tried spilling it out but end up swallowing some his seed just not choke, the rest dribbled out of her lips and down her chin. Marshall on the other hand pained her face with his load, covering her cheek and nose with hi spunk.

“ Eat it”, James told her

Mrs Higgins was very suggestible to their commands, so Marshall didn’t think this would be much different as if he expected this was what normal sex was like. Neither boy not the step mom knew her total sexual submission was part and parcel due to the candies

Franny thought it was nasty and disgusting, but she wanted to do nothing more then to please her virile studs, so she scooped up the cum from her cheek and lips. It was warm and salty, but there was also something downright rich and sweet and savoury, an extra bonus to pwer of the evil drugs. She found herself lapping it up and even licking her fingers clean.

“ Holy cow, she’s almost as nasty as Mrs Higgins”

Now she was hurt, “ Almost?” she pleaded.

Franny was never the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and this drug was really brining out the most naïve part of her. The boys laughed at her childlike indignation.

“ Tell you what *Mommy*, how about you come over to my bed and let me titfuck you while James fucks you from behind”

A shiver ran through her. Yes, she wanted this, but she was cheating on her husband now. What could she do, But her desire for cock won through

“ Okay” she said

Marshall sat on the edge of the bed , hi thick dick proudly standing out. She waddled over on her knee and got between his legs. God, he was still hard she marvelled, Ted would come once be done for a couple days, these two looked they could go forever. Franny nuzzled her face against it firm girht and breathed deeply of his musk. She bobbed her head down and started licking at his balls too. He was smooth shaven, something she had always wanted Ted to try but thought was too porn star. She would have to thank Mrs Higgins for this.

She felt James strong hand grip her back ide and knead it like a ball of dough. She gaped and smiled, they really did like her big ass. Then she felt him start pushing his fat cockhead against her dripping wet labia and hi yearning to push in.

“ Oh my, it’s really going to happen, you’re to fuck…” , Franny said out loud but interrupted.

What interrupted her was James pushing himself deeply and quickly into her. He was so fucking huge! Her 16 year old step son was stretching her open in ways she could imagine. She was so full and it felt so right. His big dick pushed deep into her chasm, hey jaw dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. This was what a real man felt like she thought, she could never go back to a small dick now.

“ Oh my god, you’re so fucking big” she groaned to her boys

“ Shut up and start titfucking me “, Marshall said

She complied immediately, she really didn’t know what she was supposed to be doing having never done it before. Marshall seemed like an old hand at it though. He pushed his dick between her tits and told her to squeeze them together. With her hands squeezing her tits together she was merely held up by leaning against Marshall while James hands gripped her hips.

The boy got into a steady rhythm of fucking her on either end, every time James would pull most of his meat out of her, Marshall would thrust his big dick up between her boobs. It was like a well pistoned three part machine. James was pounding his entire length into her with hi heavy balls slapping up against her ass. Every time Marshalls cockhead would pop out from between her big tits, she kept her head bent over and her mouth open so she could give a little suck of the cockhead; which would escape her lips with a very audible ‘pop’ sound.

The boys grunted and groaned as they double teamed their step mom, this probably twice as hot as banging Mrs Higgins. True their step mom wasn’t anywhere near a raunchy as Mrs Higgins, but it was far more taboo. They weren’t supposed to be doing this, but it felt to good to stop.

They went on like for a good half hour at the very least, pistoning in and out of her like a machine. Franny’s jaw was aching and her pussy was in overload. She had already shook through a couple small cums when James stretched her even further . James could feel himself tensing up and that wash of electricity starting in his balls and cock coming over him.

“ Oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna blow”

Franny pulled her head away from the titfucking to call out over her houlder, “ Yes, please, cum in me , cum in me”

That was all James needed and he gripped Franny by the hips hard and thrust balls deep into her as he unloaded his juice. Franny could feel him in her throat it seemed , and the seed of warmth billowing inside her set her off on a tremendous cum. He shook and trembled as he kept pumping his jizz into her.Marshalls watching his step mom shake through a cum made him fire his load in a geyser between her tits, coating her boobs and her neck.

The boys away from her, when James pulled his big dick out of her Franny whimpered feeling empty inside. She just leaned against the bed on her knees and shook subtly as her stepsons spunk dribbled out of her pussy and down between her tits.

Franny didn’t have to wait long too long to lose that empty feeling though. The twins had merely decided to change positions. James pulled up Franny’s head by the hair so that he could scoot in front of her, while Marshall was in his hands and knees behind her, already pushing his tick shaft up into her snatch.

Franny began to wrap her tits around James’ big dick when he stopped her, “ Naw, I want you to swallow my dick instead *Mommy*”.

The boys laughed at that, even if it humiliated her a bit and Marshall spanked her big jiggly ass. The boys started double teaming the woman that was over twice their age that was raising htem. James had her hair gripped firmly in one hand and was thrusting his cock up while pushing her head down his tool. Marshall meanwhile was pummelling at away at her sperm dripping cunt in a desperate attempt to cum in her honey hole

This went on for an hour at least. James gagging Franny with his big dick while Marshall pounded her steamy twat like a jackhammer. She must have cum half a dozen more times, shaking through them as the boys used her like a ragdoll. When she wasn’t gagging on James’ dick, he had her rolling her tongue around his balls. When Marshall slowed down a bit on her punished pussy it would be only long enough to give her ass several firm hand-print spanks on her jiggly rump.

Eventually Marshall dumped a deposit of sperm in her and flowed down her thighs like the previous load now crusted to her. A few minutes later, James thrust her head down his dick as he fire volley after volley down her throat. She gagged a bit and sum escaped her lips, but she swallowed obediently as much as she could.

Thi time when they pulled away it wasn’t to take turns, so she leaned forward and collapsed her upper half on the bed. She was trembling and exhausted. The boys had fucked her silly. Her legs felt like jello and her pussy throbbed, both in joy and soreness.

“ Damn, we should take a picture” James said

She turned her head to them, they were so handsome standing there. Young strong bodies, their cocks still hard. They looked at her like they had conquered a mountain. She felt like a woman fulfilled. A woman owned.

“I’ve got a camera” Marshall joke

“ Oh don’t be mean”, Franny half whimpered

Marshall fished his camera out of his draw and flashed a quick shot, Franny turned her head away in time though. How embarrassing.

“ You ever take it in the ass * Mommy*?”

Franny sheepishly blushed, Yes, but only from your father, and only on special occasions”

The boys laughed again at this

“ Well today is a special occasion “, James said

“ Yeah, today marks the first day of you being our bitch”

Franny turned her head away and began to whimper and cry. How humiliating that they would talk to her that way. Denigrate her. Denigrate their father like that. The little bastards.

Marshall grabbed Franny by the hair and roughly twisted her around to face him. There was nothing but animal lust and power in his eyes. Marshall bodily pulled hi step mom by the hair to her knees between them. To add to her humiliation the boys started smacking her face with their schlongs, it was like being lightly slapped around.

“ Just say you don’t our cocks anymore and you won’t be our bitch”, James told her dick smacking her

“ But,, but” , Franny tried protesting closing her eyes hoping the humiliation would end

“ Just tell us you don’t want our dicks in you anymore, and we’ll stop” Marshall said

“ But I do!!”, she whimpered tears in her eyes.

“ Then tell us you’re our bitch!, ” James commanded,

‘ I’m your bitch”, Franny whimpered

“ Then you’ll take our cocks in your ass?” Marshall shouted

“ Yes”, Franny whimpered out looking down

“ Yes, you’ll what?”, James asked pulling her head back to look her in the eyes

“ Yes, I’ll take you in the ass “, Franny submitted , “ and the pussy, and the mouth, anyway you want”

The boys laughed and let her go. She was entirely humiliated and completely bound to them now. She was owned by their giant cocks and she knew it. She turned her head down in shame.

“ Good, go get yourself ready, we’re going to get something to eat, I’m starved”, Marshall said

“ Yeah, face down ass up and good to go in your bed, or there will be hell to pay”, James said and the two boy dressed in short and went downstair.s

They couldn’t believe their good luck, they had just spent the last two hours fucking their step mom silly and now had her upstairs waiting canlı casino for them to sodomize her. It had been an incredible week so far. They were shy virgins a week ago, and now they were dominant bucks.Life couldn’t get any better they told each other as they wandered into the kitchen

That’s when they noticed the bowls of candies on the counter.

“ Fuck me”, James whispered.

The two rushed forward and saw that they were the very same ones they had been instructed implicitly to keep safe and stashed and only to themselves. What made this disaster even worse was that even a cursory glance could tell that candies were at least half gone. Their knapsack was sitting on the kitchen table, in their stupid haste they left it lying out.

The boy looked at each other, their faces turning white

“ Holy fuck, they’ve been eating the pills”, Marshall said.

But it didn’t make sense, if they were , their Dad would have banging the hell out of Franny all night and the house was as quiet as a church mouse. Unless their step mom had….

“That’s why she was so horny!”, James said to his brother.

“ Makes sense, but doesn’t explain Dad not being that way” Marshall mused

“ Mrs Higgins said something about different combinations”, James scratched his head

“Right, we just have to find out what he took and make sure he keeps taking it to keep him off our case”

“ Good plan”, James concurred.

Okay, some combination also made people super not horny the boys concluded. Franny had clearly been taking the whole chemical cocktail. But where was Hannah? Shit, they had nightmares about would happen if a 12 year old girl was running around on the full treatment

They started looking frantically for her, but saw the note on the fridge in her crayon handwriting “ GONE TO TINAS BE BACK HOME SUPPER LUV HANNAH “. Thank Christ for small miracles. They poured the candies back in baggies and planned to hide them in their room. And they would find out from Franny what pills she had been taking and what their Dad had too. They had to bring this quickly back under control.

They eventually settled down and made themselves brunch of French toast, waffles, sausage and bacon. The pills had made them eat more and more to keep up with the growth it was accelerating in their bodies. It took them till almost 1 to finish. That’s when they remembered they forgot about something.

The boy snickered and wandered up stairs and headed for their parents bedroom. They opened the door and smiled at the sight they received.

Franny was face down and ass up on the bed as instructed. Her midsection was propped by all the pillows she could find and she diddling herself with one hand, while slowly pushing in and out a small blue dildo in her ass. She clearly had been at this a while, there were a couple glasses of water by the bed, and she was dripping down her thighs onto the sheets from her diddling.

“ Holy shit, she’s been at this for two hours”, Marshall all but exclaimed

“ Please fuck me” Franny whimpered from the pillows

The two teens high fived and got out of their short, their cocks already at the ready at this erection inducing sight.

“ It was your idea, so you get to go first”, James conceded

“ That’s very white of you, thank you”, Marshall said gratefully

“ But I get Mrs Higgins ass first now”, James smirked

“ Asshole”, Marshall laughed

“ Please fuck me”, Franny whimpered from the pillow

“ Shut up bitch”, Marshall said smacking her ass eliciting a yelp and submission.

Marshall grabbed the bottle of lube their step mother had dutifully prepared from them as well and generously coated his dick with it. He then smeared it all over his stepmother’s ass crack as well. She was trembling and shaking in nervous and scared anticipation.

Marshall started slowly pushing his dick against her puckered hole. James already had the camera out and was flashing digi pics.

“ Oh god, oh god, oh god oh god”, Franny started whimpering into the pillow as Marshall slipped his cockhead into her back door.

Once his cockhead in was in, he firmly trusted.

Franny went apes hit. She started kicking her shins and pounding the pillow with one of her hands. She buried her face in the pillows and howled. Thi just encouraged Marshall some more and he started thrusting harder and deeper. She would kick and scream into the pillows more. Soon Marshall was pounding into her rectum.

Franny screamed and howled into her pillow as she felt like he was being torn apart. Marshall was shoving a log up her ass she swore. She always enjoyed anal sex the couple of times a year her husband would indulge her. It was something she got from her last hubby a often, but Ted thought it was too dirty. She kept diddling herself to heighten the experience too. It was intense, brutal , painful and heavenly.

Marshall just pounded away at her ass mercilessly, her ass shaking at every thrust. He would also throw in a spank on her big booty every now and then to show her who was boss. He even pulled her head back every now and then to hear her scream.

“ OHHHH GOODDDD MY ASS! YOU’RE TEARING ME APART! OH GOD FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”, was one of the many similar things she would cream to the heavens before her head was shoved back down into the pillows.

Marshall fucked her ass for 45 minutes straight. Spanking her butt red before he dumped a huge dpeosit in her back door. He pulled out leaving her whimpering and quivering.

James then stepped up with his fully lubed dick and started giving her the same treatment.

Another 45 minutes later of full anal punishment and another series of mind blowing orgasms that made Franny a completely limp noodle on the bed. She merely grunted with her every thrust into her fully violated backdoor.

When James got close, he pulled out of her destroyed derriere and gripped her by the hair and pulled her around to face him. She wrinkled her nose at that was about to come but didn’t resist. James shoved hi dick in her mouth and came down her throat. The combination of lube, Marshalls spunk and her own ass juice was nasty, but she obediently swallowed every last drop, even milking his cockhead for any last drops

“You are one nasty bitch, “ James said stroking her hair.

A feeling of pride and warm security flushed over here, she felt happy having pleased these young demigods of hers.

They gently took her into the washroom and pulled her into the shower. They carefully washed her down and oaped her up kissing her all over. Sshe felt like a princess at their attentions. She in turn washed her teen boys all over. He had soaped up their dicks and was stroking them hard in each hand in the shower.

James turned her around so that she was facing her and rubbed his big dick up her ass and winked over her shoulder at his twin. Marshall got the idea too. James pulled Franny’s arms up and around his neck. She smiled knowing her boys were up to something but not knowing what, but she was games

With her arms around James’s neck, James then pushed his dick slowly into her ass. She gasped but could now handle it a bit and eased back into him. James then wrapped his amrs around her waist and pulled her up and further impaled her ass on his dick. As she groaned around his anal impalement, Marhall gripped her thighs in his hands and placed her legs around his so she was fully off the floor of the tub. Then he guided hi dick into her pussy.

My god Franny thought to herself, they’re both in me! The feeling was nothing short of mind blowing, they had double stuffed her. She nearly fainted when she could feel them almost rubbing against each other in her.

Then they started fucking her, and she actually did pass out for a few second the feeling was so intense. They took their time double stuffing her, as she came again and again and again. This had officially become her favourite new ex act.

Franny didn’t know how long they were in there for, a he kept coming every half minute it seemed. Small ones, then every few minutes a big one. It was sublime. And they just kept slowly double fucking her

The boys were getting closer to cumming too when they heard a knock at the door

“ Hello honey, I’m home work”

It was Ted! Franny’s hubby and James and Marshall’s father. They could hear the doorknob to the washroom slowly turn to open

“ Don’t come in!!”, Franny yelled in a panic

The door stopped, the boy were frozen in mid thrust into their stepmother’s pussy and ass.

“ I’m …ummm…having my period.. it’s really messy in here”, Franny said making up a ridiculous lie

“ Umm okay”, the door closed the bare inch it was open

Franny and the boys breathed a sigh of relief. There was no way she was going to let these two stop fucking her, but he really didn’t want a divorce from their father either.

“ What’s for dinner?”, Ted timidly asked on the other ide of the door

“ Order a fucking pizza and wait downstairs”, Franny barked at the door

“ Yes dear”, came the meek reply

They waited a few more seconds then started earnestly pounding back into their stepmothers’s holes. It was bliss and positively evil doing this to her husband in the same house. In minute the boys were cumming deep inside her, and the intense crewing sent her off into a literal screaming orgasm.

Downstairs Ted sat in the living room after making the order for pizza. He heard his lovely wife howling upstairs in what seemed joy, but he decided it wasn’t worth offending her again to investigate. He had seen the dildo and lube and the wet spot on the bed. She was still upset with him about last night and was pleasing herelf. This was just a reminder of how pathetic a lover and man he knew himself to be.

He popped a couple of the blue and white candies he had in his shirt pocket that he took to work with him. At least the candies made him feel better he thought. Little did he know they were actually doing the exact opposite. The pheromones of the other drug results in the bedroom reacted with hi own diminishing-inducing drugs and made him defensive and self conscious. The more he took the blue and white, the more of a cuckold he would become, but little did he know that at all.

His boys came bounding down the stairs happy as clams, flush and looking like they had spent the day in hearty exercise. He hadn’t even heard them in their room. Not that Ted would ever disturb them, in fact he was a touch intimidated by his own sons now.. Alll thanks to the kaçak casino drugs he was taking unknowingly.

He smiled and answered their question congenialy, agreeing with them at all the right spots. The boys looked they were holding out on some big joke, but were refusing to tell him. Ted sure wasn’t brave enough anymore to ask why.

Franny came done and she looked positively glowing, he hair still wet from the shower. She was dressed in a very tight top that didn’t look like she was wearing a bra underneath and a skirt. Ted thought this highly inappropriate around his sons, but didn’t want to speak up against his wife.

“ How was work dear?” she said stepping up and giving him a peck on the cheek and stepping away.

She went over and sat down on the couch in between his two sons. They seemed such a perfect family, and they did seem awfully a lot more chummy. Even Marshall casually draped his arm across her shoulder like a loving son. Almost too loving

“ It was slow and boring, did you three do anything interesting today”, Ted asked innocently

Franny turned beat red for a second and jut smiled

“ Jut had a good bonding day with my two favourite men in the world”

James gave her thigh a friendly squeeze

“ I thought I was your favourite man”, Ted half joked

She smiled and said agreeably enough; “ Sure”

Ted was about to comment on that curt “sure” when the door bell rang, he looked to Fran w ho just waved him off to the door. It was the pizza guy and he paid him off, he wandered back to living room and as he was entering he could have sworn he saw Franny pull away from a kiss with Marshall.

“ Pizza’s here”, he said meekly

“ I can see that Theodore, “ she sighed, “ go get places ready at the table”

She only called him Theodore when she was upset so he just meekly wandered back to the kitchen and set the places. When he came back he alo could have sworn again she saw Franny break away from a kiss with James this time, but the light were still off in the living room and he couldn’t tell in the half light.

“ Dinner’s ready”

Franny sighed and got up “ Fine” and walked right pat him toward the kitchen. James and Marshall too, they acted almost like he wasn’t even there.

When they got the big round dinner table, Franny rearranged the settings a bit and decided to sit across from her husband. Also more curious was that she insisted that James and Marshall set right beside her on either side of her. That left three crunched together, and Ted alone diametrically opposite her

The boys seemed thrilled with that, so Ted didn’t argue. Just as they were sitting down to finally eat, the doorbell rang again. Ted looked meekly not knowing if he should go answer it or wait for her to tell him to do so

“ Do I have to do everything here”, Franny said exasperated and went to answer the door.

Ted actually had jut missed her making out with Marshall and James on those occasions he wandered. They hadn’t kissed her all day untill the DP in the shower. It was like she was fully their lover now. Especially seeing how much of a pussy and idiot her husband really was. She didn’t know it was the drugs in their bodies or the pheromones they were expelling reacting with each other, but she simply hadn’t felt this good in years.

She opened the front door and was surprised to see Heaven’s Cove’s brand new Sheriff at the door. Sheriff Lewis Brown to be exact. He had jut been voted in as the new Sheriff less than 6 month ago but he was already popular and making waves. He was a tall powerfully built African-American man in hi mind 40’s but was the most agreeable person you’d ever meet.

At his side holding his hand was Hannah, her clothes were a little dirty but she didn’t seem any worse for wear.Franny’s heart jumped into her throat for a second

“ Are you okay angle?” she asked Hannah

Hannah just nodded meekly

“ Sorry to disturb you during dinner Mrs. Chesterson, Hannah here got herself lost earlier this afternoon and was shy about telling us about where she lived.”

“ Thank you so much Sheriff for bringing back my angel”, Franny said wrapping her amrs around him

In that second Franny felt that same wave of insane attraction she felt around James and Marshall. The touch and scent of this big black man was powerful What she didn’t know was that the Sheriff had taken the same cocktail as her. All she knew he was incredibly hot.

Hannah rushed past her mom and ran towards the kitchen and the smell of pizza.

“ It’s all in a day’s work, it’s always a pleasure to reunite a family”, Sheriff Brown humbly said

Franny moved in close to the towering peace officer and put her hand on his belt. She was intoxicated by this mountain of dark flesh.

“ If there’s anything I can do to repay you, “ Franny moved in closer, “ and I mean anything, please let me know.

She was right up close to him, just yesterday she could never believe she could be so wanton to a complete stranger. The feeling seemed to be mutual as she could feel him tent up in his black uniform pants, it poked at her belly based on their mutual heights. The drug working on both of them mutually dangerously.

“ Honey, come join us at inner”, came the insecure call of her husband Ted

This somewhat broke the spell, and she stepped away somewhat abashed. He just smiled cordially and gave Franny a business card.

“ There’s my office and cel number, have a safe night ma’am” said the Sheriff and stepped back into the night and towards his cruiser at the end of the driveway.

Franny floated back in as if on a cloud. Two wonderful studs in her home, a lovely daughter and an intriguing chocolate skinned gentleman who just gave her his humber. It was a wonderful night. She saw Hannah sitting at her spot between the boys and and scooted her over to the other side of the table to sit with her young stud step-sons.

The meal was decidedly surreal in its seemingly strained casualness. Hannah was very quiet on her day lost in town , but only talked about wonderful the Sheriff was and how she got to ride in the police car and hang out at the police station where she met a nice lady.

The boys seemed to be concentrating very intently on what she said, as if hanging on every word Hannah mentioned. Which was very unusual as far as Ted was concerned, they usually just teased their little step-sister and brushed her off.

Franny was unusually quiet too, she sat quietly almost staring into space slowly , very very slowly nibbling at a piece of pizza with just one hand. The other hand firmly in her lap to Ted’s eyes. Whenever he was going to ask her something she just hook her head as if not interested in hearing it.

The real reason for Franny’s slow eating and the boys concentration was something far debauched. Whilst she was eating with one hand, she had first freed James cock with her free hand and was slowly jerking him off under the table. James had to concentrate his hardest not to burst out groaning as she milked him slowly and lovingly. He had to cough and bend over a bit to mask when he spunked all over the underside of the table and all over his step mom’s hand.

Franny then would wipe off the spunk under her skirt on her bare sex swollen twat. She would then grab another piece of pizza with that and gave the same treatment to Marshall with the other hand. Jerking him off under the table while her oblivious of a husband just sat and nervously smiled.

After they had both cum , the boys dug into their meals. Hannah told her step-dad joke giving a chance for Franny to whisper quickly in both boy’s ears.

“ When you go to bed, masturbate till you’re almost ready to cum, there’ something I want you to do”

The boys were very lively about that.

The rest of the dinner was a slow and friendly one after that. The boys wolfed down most of the boxes, with Hannah and Franny following suit. Ted was a little more peckish.

They retired to watch some family programming in the living room. Franny insisted that Ted sit on the armchair as she settled into the couch with her two stepsons. After an hour of Franny cuddling with both boys, Franny decided it was time for everyone to get some shuteye. Hannah was already asleep on the rug before the TV.

Ted took Hannah to bed and tucked her in while Franny changed into a nightie. Ted came to bed and Franny got out of it, saying she forgot to say good night to the boys. Also unusual for her, but Ted was glad she bonded with them so well.

She padded down the hall and into the boys room. She quickly nipped in the room and closed the door behind her. James and Marshall flicked on the lights on their nightstands and Franny smiled. They were hard and been stroking off just as requested.

“ You wanted to stuff both your cocks in my mouth, nows your chance “, Franny said kneeling.

James and Marshall beamed at each other and got out of bed, Franny pointed to the camera and James picked it up.

They wasted no time trying to jam their cocks into her hungy mouth and even with her jaws stretched as wide as she could, she could do no more than get both their fat cockheads jut the inside of her lips. James flashed a couple shots of their step mom looking up at them with a double dose of meat in her mouth.

Then she started stroking them as they were already crazy close to cumming anyways. They spurted quickly into her open mouth. She then bobbed back to show them a mouthful almost overflowingof cum. Another picture taken. She swallowed then showed her empty mouth. Another picture taken

She kissed their dicks goodnight, giggled then bolted from the room.

She crawled into bed beside her hubby, who tried cuddling close to her. She gave him a wet kiss on the mouth in return.

“ Salty pizza huh?”, Ted mentioned

“ Of course”, she wanted to laugh and tell him it was his sons’ spunk.

“ Are we okay now?”, Ted asked, “ about last night?”

“ Of course honey, “ Franny said sweetly, “ but if you really want to make it up to me, how about eating me out”

Ted wasn’t used to being given orders in bed, but this was going to make her happy so he climbed under the sheets and followed her request. She was definitely juicy tonight, maybe a little sweaty and salty.

Franny just lay back and enjoyed, and she came extra hard knowing he was eating his superior son’s spunk from her now owned twat.

When she was done cumming, she pushed her husband off and rolled over and went to sleep a very happy woman

Ted just lay on his back thinking, what the hell was going on.

In a few days, he would learn the truth and to learn his place.

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