Carcasonne Ch. 02

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Carcasonne, Chapter Two – Like Mother, Like Daughter

© Bad Hobbit

What we did next was that I fucked Eleanor while Marie watched. I had intended to spend perhaps half an hour making love to the woman again, but this was clearly not her objective. After some brief but passionate kisses and caresses, she simply said “Don Carlos, I would have you put your big rod inside my quim, if you please. Ever since you showed it to me, I’ve been wondering how it would feel. Would you please fill me with it?”

“My dear lady, it would be my very great pleasure – something I have desired for several hours now. How would you prefer it?”

“Monsieur, perhaps we could start face to face, with a bolster under my bottom. This will allow me to see it go in, which I would like very much. Then, if your stamina is sufficient, perhaps we can try some different ways.”

I smiled, and we quickly arranged the bed as Eleanor had suggested. As I knelt between her spread thighs, revelling in the sight of her open vagina, Marie at her foster-mother’s suggestion, lay alongside us, propped on one elbow, observing closely.

Eleanor looked me in the eye. “Don Carlos, please be gentle, at least at first. I have had so little of the male organ in recent years that I’m not sure how easily I will be able to accommodate you. Marie, will you please help by wetting the gentleman’s cock with your mouth?”

I turned to Marie, and she rose onto her knees, then lowered her head to envelop me. She opened her mouth wide, allowing me to slip the head and a little of the shaft inside, and then swirled her tongue, letting the saliva spread around. “Good girl!” I said, as she spread the liquid from her mouth along my shaft, bobbing her head up and down, stimulating me deliciously, and this time avoiding any contact with her teeth.

Eleanor interrupted the performance. “Thank you, Marie; you seem to have learned well. Now let the monsieur’s cock go, as I need it to fill me up.”

Seemingly reluctantly, Marie released me. I stroked her hair and thanked her, before turning back to Eleanor’s open slit. Eleanor, with her arms and legs spread as if in a gesture of surrender, watched carefully as I pulled my near-vertical penis down. I first rubbed it along her slit, eliciting some delightful moans as I grazed her clitoris. Then, satisfied it was now wet enough, I fitted the head into the entrance of her very juicy quim.

She stared open-mouthed as I began to push in. Then her eyelids fluttered as I began to stretch her. Although a mature woman, she was indeed tight, probably because she had not had children and, as she had said, few cocks inside her of late. As I pushed a little harder, she let out a little gasp. Then the head of my penis slipped through the tight entrance of her cunt, and she cried out, moving her hands down to grasp my buttocks. Gently I rocked back and forth, slowly easing my length, and more importantly my girth, into her, little by little, as she clutched and gently pulled at the muscles in my buttocks.

Finally I came to rest against her pubic mound, and she swept her arms up and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me deeply. I luxuriated in that delicious, luxurious grasp of a woman’s tight cunt around my cock. There are few better sensations known to man. As I eventually pulled back, I saw that there were again tears in her eyes.

“Madame, this is the second time that my cock has made you cry. Am I so cruel to inflict hurt upon you?”

“Monsieur,” she said, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, then smiling, “would that I could cry such tears every day. The first were simply my eyes watering with the exertion of accommodating your impressive member so deep in my mouth. I was proud konak escort bayan to be able to do that, and enjoyed being able to milk your juices from you in that way. These tears are just because you are the first man to penetrate me in several years, and I cannot believe how privileged I am to have such a big, beautiful, hard member inside me and such a charming man between my legs.”

Some more tears appeared, and I kissed them away. “My dear Eleanor, please don’t cry. There is much here to celebrate. I promise you, things will get much better. Starting now.”

With that, I pulled back and thrust in a little harder, eliciting a squeal from Eleanor’s lips. “Monsieur!” she protested, but I did it again. And again, each time with a little more force.

Then I pulled right back, so just the tip of my cock touched her cunt lips. “Regarde!” I said. “A big, hard cock waits to invade your sweet, wet cunt, madame. What do you have to say to that?”

Her eyes were fixed on that big, swollen rod of flesh, poised at her entrance, threatening, promising. Her cheeks were flushed, her breathing quickened, her eyes shining. Most women look at their most beautiful when aroused. Eleanor was radiant – one of the most beautiful I have seen. Her breasts were firm, rising and falling with her excited breathing, the nipples hard and long. Her well-toned thighs were spread wide, the pink slit glistening, the deeper-rose inner lips, thickly coated with her juices, pouting enticingly as they embraced my cock-head. She looked down at my member, poised, the tip just tantalising the lips of her quim, turning her head to view her ‘predicament’ from several angles. Then she smiled and looked me in the eye. “Fuck me, monsieur. Please.”

“Maman!” Marie gasped. “You have always said ladies should not use language like that!”

Eleanor smiled, and as I remained for a moment longer tantalisingly suspended at her entrance, turned to her ‘daughter’. “When you haven’t had a man in years, and then one such as Don Carlos appears between your thighs, with the biggest cock you’ve ever seen, about to slide in into your quim, the rules of etiquette change. I’m very wet, but I think he may still find it a little difficult to push into me, but,” and now she turned back to face me, “I really would like Don Carlos to fuck me until I scream in climax. Monsieur, please fill me with your hot man-flesh and give me what I crave!”

I did as she asked. I was not gentle, but she was past asking for gentleness. Years of frustrating widowhood had left her with a powerful longing for a man’s cock, filling her, using her – fucking her. I took care to make sure that my thrusts and withdrawals rubbed firmly on the front wall of her cunt, or rubbed the upper surface against her clitoris, both of which I have found pleases most women. Eleanor was no exception, and within a few minutes she was clearly in a state of some considerable arousal, her legs hooked around mine, her hands on my back, occasionally reaching down to grab my buttocks and urge on my thrusts.

Perhaps she thought we would reach our mutual climax this way, but I had other ideas. After a while I lifted her legs so they were over my shoulders, kneeling up and thrusting deep. Eleanor’s squeals became louder. Then, when I became sated with this, I turned her legs to the left, treating us both to different sensations with her on her side. A few more minutes and I rolled to the other side, now entering her from behind, both lying like spoons, one behind the other. I find this position hard to maintain for any length of time, as there is no leverage, so I managed to roll her onto her knees and, kneeling behind her, took her like an animal. This lacks escort konak the tenderness of the face-to-face position we had started in, but it has two advantages. Deep, hard thrusting against the front wall of the lady’s cunt is easier, and it is also a simple matter to cup her pubic mound and tease her clitoris, both of which I did.

After some ten or fifteen minutes of pounding her delicious quim, I felt she was ready for her climax. I applied a wetted thumb to her tight little ring. She moaned loudly at the new sensation, added to the friction in her cunt and on her clitoris. When I slid my thumb inside, she gasped, but seemed eager to push back against me, encouraging this second bold invasion of her nether hole. Her cries grew louder and more shrill, and I maintained the pressure on both her clitoris and anus, knowing that to increase it at this stage would serve no purpose. Two, three more hard thrusts and she was there. I could feel the waves of climax in her cunt and in her tight back passage, hear her fierce, almost anguished cries, sense the delicious, overwhelming release she felt.

But I held back – albeit with some difficulty – and waited for her climax to subside. Slowly, gently, I withdrew, and she collapsed onto the bed. I lay beside her and embraced her warmly. “Don Carlos”, she panted, “you are an amazing lover. That was the most beautiful and fulfilling fuck of my life. I cannot believe you held back. What would you have more of me? My body is at your service, though I believe my quim may not stand another assault such as that!”

“Madame, I have had great pleasure of you already. I held back as I now wish to sample sweet young Marie.” I turned to the blonde girl who still knelt on the bed, wide-eyed at the sights she had just witnessed. “Are you willing, my dear?”

“I – I’m not sure, monsieur. I am small and you are so very big. I am afraid you will hurt me, perhaps tear my tender parts.”

“That will not happen, my sweet. My performance with your maman was spirited, for I guessed she needed something quite fierce, and I was not wrong. For you, a softer, gentler approach is needed, and that you shall have. Are you wet, my dear?”

“I – yes, monsieur.”

“Good, then emulate your maman. Lie back, open your legs wide and relax.”

“Monsieur, it is a little hard to relax with the thought of your monster – your enormous – I mean…”

“You mean his big cock, Marie, do you not?” Eleanor smiled. “Don’t be afraid, chérie, I’m sure Don Carlos knows how to be gentle with an inexperienced girl like yourself. Do not be afraid. Once he has filled you up, you will enjoy it immensely, I promise you. Don Carlos, let me wet you as Marie did before you fucked me.”

I was already quite slick with Eleanor’s juices, but I did not protest. The lady had skills with her mouth that I had rarely encountered, and as she engulfed me once more, taking a substantial part of my manhood down into her throat, I almost felt that perhaps I should climax this way again.

But no. There was a deliciously tight quim on a sweet, beautiful young girl to enjoy, and that was my primary purpose. I reluctantly extracted my penis from Eleanor’s hot mouth and knelt between Marie’s skinny pale thighs, positioning my cock-head at her entrance. Her quim was very wet, but try as I might, I could not penetrate her. She winced, bit her lip. A little tear appeared at the corner of her eye. I sensed that the problem was not simply the apparent disparity in sizes between my cock and her quim, but mostly the fact that she was tense. Expecting pain, she was encountering it.

So I withdrew, and applied my mouth instead of my penis, gently sucking and teasing at her pink konak escort inner lips, inserting a digit, than after some further oral ministrations, a second digit. Eleanor gentled the girl, stroking her hair and whispering to her that all would be well, and Marie seemed to relax a little. I suggested the girl turn over, with her skinny, boyish hips across a bolster, and then I continued with fingers and tongue until Marie was well on the way to a second orgasm, her head on a pillow, eyes closed, breathing ragged, face flushed.

At that point I seized my chance. With fingers still on her clitoris and inside her, I rose up on the mattress. Extracting my fingers from her still-tight little cunt, I positioned myself at her entrance and pushed in one fluid movement. I heard her gasp of surprise, followed by a little yelp of dismay as the head of my penis began to stretch her. However, she was by this stage relaxed and very wet, so this time my cock was able to slide, with rather less force, past the so-tight entrance and into the liquid depths. Nonetheless, she reached out for her maman’s hand, and gasped, “Maman! So big!”

I was gentleness itself. This time there was none of the fiery passion I had shown Eleanor. Slow, patient deliberate strokes, easing her open, each time a little deeper. When finally I had sheathed myself entirely in her snug little tunnel, I rested, bending forwards to kiss her neck. “So beautiful, my dear Marie. So tight, so delicious. You are an angel.”

“Monsieur, you are so very big. It is like some great – beast – has climbed into my loins!”

“But my dear, is my beast hurting you?”

“A little, monsieur. I am not used to being – opened – like this.”

“Do not be afraid, my little one. Just relax. It will feel good very soon.”

Slow but determined strokes, in and out, in and out, and soon we were riding along beautifully. I took her hand and moved it to her soft, pale mound, pressing her fingers inward. “Stroke yourself gently, my little one, while I concentrate on pleasing us both with my cock.” She complied, and soon her eyelids fluttered closed as her fingers added to the now-welcome sensations my ‘monster’ was stirring up within her.

Eleanor was not to be excluded from our little game. She moved closer, placed a hand between my legs and gently teased my own opening and the cleft between my legs as I rose and fell. She smiled into Marie’s enraptured face. “How is it now, my little one?”

“Maman, it is – it is – oooooh!”

As she let out a long moan of pleasure, I felt the first waves of orgasm hit her. The ripples in her tight love-tunnel became fierce, milking my already over-stimulated cock to an unbearable level. I realised with some alarm that I could control myself no longer, and rapidly pulled out of her, to our mutual dismay, for I would have loved to spend in so hot and tight a quim as Marie possessed, and I believe her climax would have been greater with my girth to squeeze upon. Nonetheless, I had sworn not to impregnate either woman, and no sooner had my rampant cock unsheathed itself from Marie than a powerful stream of creamy liquid sprayed across the girl’s pale skin. Again and again, jets of my fluid, retained for so long, spattered across her pert little bottom and her smooth, hollowed back. My roar of release was such that I would have awoken the other guests at the inn, if there had been any.

For her part, Marie’s climax seemed just as strong as mine and perhaps more sustained. She had shed any shyness she may have felt at pleasuring herself in these circumstances, and her plaintive cries, like the mewling of a seagull, were delightful to my ears. As she manipulated her own clitoris, I reached around and gripped her tiny, firm breast. She hollowed her back even more with delight, and cried out again.

I slipped onto the bed alongside Marie, and Eleanor and I both embraced the girl. She was trembling with the intensity of her experience, and I felt proud to have been the author of those feelings.

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