Caroline Teases Patrick

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Patrick sat back on the couch and reflected about visit with Caroline. From the moment they met there was an electric chemistry between them. They fed each other’s passions and feasted upon each other’s lusts. As soon as they finished making love, their appetites were whetted yet again. He could not keep his hands off of her.

Caroline chose today to test the limits of Patrick’s patience. She wanted him on the edge. She teased him without mercy. When they went to lunch she informed him she had forgotten her panties. Caroline told Patrick that her pussy was so wet she was dripping. In the car on the way home she rubbed her palm over his jeans, until his cock strained at the denim.

When they walked back into her home Patrick reached for Caroline, but she demurred. She told him she needed to make a quick call and then complete a chore, before they made love. As she talked on her cell he saw her unbuttoning her white blouse. She then crossed, uncrossed, and again crossed her long legs, causing her short black skirt to rise up her thighs.

When she reached into her blouse and began to rub her breasts, as he watched, Patrick’s ardor had reached its limit. He sat back and thought of how to reply to Caroline’s blatant attempts to arouse him. A smile crossed his lips as he chose a strategy.

Caroline ended her call, and began to walk to the kitchen. ataşehir ucuz escort Luckily for Patrick, she had to walk past him as he was seated in a straight-back chair. Caroline leaned into whisper in his ear, but before she could even speak, Patrick pulled her down and placed her over his lap.

“What are you doing, she exclaimed!” Patrick said nothing. Caroline, kicked her legs and tried to pull away, but she was no match for his strength and determination. Patrick tilted a knee up into her pussy and held her arms behind her back. Patrick said, “You have teased me all morning, and now you are going to pay.”

He eased up her short skirt, exposing her ass, inch by inch. Patrick’s breath caught when he saw her over his knee. Caroline’s butt was high in the air and he rubbed her ass slowly and lovingly. He wanted her to wonder when, and if, the spanking would commence. He caressed her right cheek and then her left. He ran a finger down her crevice, across her ass and then towards her moist center.

When the fist smack landed, it took Caroline by surprise. It was firm and solid. The sound of his palm striking her bottom was both nerve wracking and erotic. Patrick continued spanking her sweet ass. Between each blow he would pause and rub her backside. The suspense of wondering when the next blow would fall, ataşehir yabancı escort kept Caroline in an aroused state of anticipation.

Patrick checked her pussy as the spanking progressed. Caroline was dripping with each smack. Patrick intended to make it a playful and light game. However, his cock hardened and he become overwhelmed with desire. The punishment grew more serious and her reddening cheeks fueled his lust even more.

Patrick decided that Caroline needed five more firm strokes. The SMACK’s echoed as the pace gained speed and intensity. Between every thrust of his palm, he rubbed her pussy and tilted his knee up into her clit. On the fifth and final rap, Caroline moaned aloud.

Her bottom was a lovely shade of pink. Her pussy was leaking as well. Patrick could hardly contain his desire, and he literally pulled Caroline up off his lap and pushed her on her knees, across the chair. He pulled his jeans down and thrust his cock into her waiting slit.

Patrick drove his hard member into Caroline over and over again. His balls were slapping up towards her clit as he fucked her hard and deep. The glow of her freshly-spanked ass caused him to ache all the ways to his balls. He could not resist a few more well- timed strokes of her bottom as he fucked her doggy style.

He knew his passion ataşehir escort bayan would overtake him soon, but he wanted one more thing before he was spent. He decided to fuck her ass. Patrick eased a thumb into her anal ring. He knew she needed some lubrication so he pulled out and quickly grabbed a bottle of sesame oil that she had on her counter.

Patrick oiled up his hard cock and lathered oil around her ass. They had both talked about how hot anal sex was, but this would be there first time together. The head of his cock entered her anus slowly. He paused to give her a minute to adjust. He then slid it in deeper. Caroline breathed deeply and pushed back against his hard prick, Then she felt him sliding in more fully.

Pouring some more oil across his cock and her ass, Patrick began to slowly fuck her butt. Gradually the tempo built and the speed grew. Soon Patrick felt a rush of blood to his head and knew his control was snapping.

He fucked her tight ass harder and deeper until he felt his balls tighten. Patrick’s sighs were harmonized by Caroline’s cries. He knew he was about to shoot a hot load into her tight ass. She reached underneath and rubbed her clit so she could orgasm with him. As he expelled his come into her, she was rocked by a powerful tremor of her own. Their climax was mutual, deep and complete.

Patrick collapsed on her back. He pulled her down to the floor sideways and spooned her. Somehow, he managed to keep his cock inside her rectum. He wrapped his arms around her breasts and pulled her back into his body.

As they drifted off to sleep, Caroline wondered what other pleasures lay ahead for her. Patrick wondered the same.

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