Casey’s Recovery Ch. 07

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The Cast comes off — in part.

The Nurse Carter stepped outside and called to me, “Mr. Thompson, could you come in here please?”

I sprang up and nearly ran into the house. The nurse stepped aside as I entered and said, “Mr. Thompson, I have some good news. The x-rays confirm what the doctor suspected, looks like we can remove most of the cast from Casey.”

I looked at Casey and she was beaming. So I asked, “When?”

“We’re going to start now; however, you might want to cover some of the furniture because the process of cutting off the cast can cause some dust” she said.

I laughed and said, “Shoot, go right ahead, I know how to clean up dust, no problem!”

The two x-ray techs rolled the portable unit out of the house as the nurse removed the sheet covering Casey’s bottom and placed a smaller drape in place with several strips of tape to help maintain her modesty and then she began cutting the case away from Casey’s upper body.

It was really pretty fast because in just a few minutes she had made several cuts and with the help of the x-ray techs she removed most of the upper cast leaving only Casey’s legs encased. Next, she cut through the brace holding her legs apart and began removing the short cast portion from her left leg.

Once done, she turned to me and said, “We’re going to leave the right leg cast on, it will probably be a week, maybe 2 weeks before we can consider removing it. In the meantime, here’s a girl who can begin physical therapy to help rebuild muscle tone.”

The x-ray techs gathered up all the cast pieces into a couple of bags and excused themselves.

Nurse Carter turned to me and said, “There’s no longer any reason for Casey to be so exposed; so you might want to give her one of your smaller gym shorts, being sure they are nice and soft. That way she’ll be comfortable and can still maintain her privacy.”

“Great idea, I’ll go and get a couple right now so she can pick one for herself,” I said and started to leave the room.

“Wait a second,” she said, “once we leave, keep her company away and give her a nice bath being sure to lotion her skin really well. She will be peeling for the next few days and her skin will need to be protected.”

Casey said, “Yeah guys, take a look” and she began to rub her tummy and we could see peeling skin, much like you might see after a sunburn.

“It’s just the body’s reaction to the cast material and being covered for so long” said Nurse Carter, “but don’t worry dear, it is perfectly normal.”

Nurse Carter stepped over to Casey and gave her a hug saying, “You’ve been a really good patient, so do what the physical therapist says and I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks in the office.” With that she gave us a smile and left.

I winked at Casey and said with a quiet laugh, “You really want to cover up that pretty pussy?”

“Well of course, while we have company; but afterwards I want to stay naked the same as you. You still want to be naked when you can, right?” she said.

“Absolutely, I never thought I’d say it but I really enjoy the freedom of being naked. I can’t be sure that I would like to be naked around a bunch of people, but here at home, I love it” I said.

“Me too” said Casey.

“Ok then, let’s get you a quick bath and if you’re up to it I’ll bring in your wheelchair and take you outside for a spin around the pool.”

“What a great idea” she said.

With that I stepped outside and told the kids that we would be about 20 minutes more and then I’d bring Casey outside. Everybody said that would be great. Only Jenny was still lying on her chaise lounge, everyone else was swimming in the pool. I noticed that Jenny had moved her chaise to a shady area and apparently there was a curious look on my face.

Jenny said, “I have very white skin. That’s because I really don’t tan but just a little. All I really do is burn. So while I like the sun, I take the precaution of moving to the shade after a bit.”

“I understand” I said.

As I turned to go back inside she asked, “Would you like some help?”

I stuck my head back inside the house and asked Casey if she would mind if Jenny gave me a hand. In response she smiled and said, “Nope, probably more is better besides it’s not like we’ve not seen each other naked before, tell her to come on.”

I waived to Jenny and she started walking into the house. I prepared a basin of warm soapy water, wash cloths, a towel and tucked a bottle of skin lotion under my arm. As I returned to Casey I saw that Jenny and she were laughing and talking animatedly. Looking at Jenny I was reminded that she was a really pretty girl. She looked beautiful standing there in her red bikini with a hourglass figure, long shapely legs, I was beginning to get a rise in my pants. What a girl!

“Ok Casey let’s get you naked” I said.

With Jenny’s casino şirketleri help, she pulled my old t-shirt off over her head exposing her pretty tits and spiky nipples in full erection. As she did that I began removing the tape holding the drape in place over her pussy. “Hey” she said, “I have hair down there you know.”

“Sorry kiddo, but I did not put this tape down” I said.

“Well just rip it off and be done with it” she said.

With that I slipped my fingers under the base of the drape, tracing her slit just a little and once in place gave a hard jerk. “Holy Crap!” she said with real feeling, “there should be a better way.”

Jenny giggled with her hand over her mouth and said, “We ought to shave that puss Casey, I could do it for you if you wanted.”

Casey looked at me and said, “What do you think Jack?”

“Well you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do, but for me I like a hairy pussy. Something about your fuzzy puss reminds me of a nice warm pie” I said with a smile.

The girls broke up with laughter and Casey said, “So what does this pie taste like Jack?”

I smiled a huge smile and said, “It’s hard to describe, but you could say it’s a creamy, savory flavor punctuated by moans and groans.”

That brought more laughter and we started the quick soapy bath. Casey loved it as we washed all those areas that had been covered for weeks. We were gentle so as not to damage her skin and then we gently toweled her dry. I squirted lotion on her left leg and tossed the bottle to Jenny who squirted a nice amount on her belly.

As we massaged her, Casey moaned and sighed from time to time and as my hands moved up her leg getting nearer and nearer to her pussy, she rotated her body toward my hands very slightly. Jenny didn’t miss this saying, “Casey sweetie, it looks like you’re trying to get Jack in trouble.”

Casey’s eyes popped open and she blushed saying, “Oops, sorry guys, your massage is just wonderful; fantastic in fact. Ooooh, it’s so good it makes me want to do things.”

“Well we’re just about done. Jenny now that you’ve finished her tummy, arms, back and shoulders, you can just go on and finish her tits; I’m sure it will be Ok.” Jenny sighed a little and began to massage Casey’s pretty breasts paying particular attention to her nipples which Casey clearly enjoyed. After a few moments, I said, “Ok, you guys can get a room later. Let’s get this girl dressed for her journey out to the pool.

I found a clean t-shirt to fit and a pair of my red gym shorts that slipped on easily. She was weak, but she held on to me tightly and I pivoted her into the wheelchair easily. Once there, I moved her out of the way and we stripped her bed. All of the dirty items went into the laundry bin, leaving the bed to air out while we were outside.

With Jenny leading the way, we went out onto the pool patio area. It was a joy to watch the twin globes of her beautiful bottom jiggle and sway inside her red bikini as she walked.

Our arrival was greeted by a chorus of cheers and whoops from her cadre of friends. It was terrific to see the delighted expression on her face. We wheeled into the shade thinking that it would not due for her to get too much sun and she could sit beside Jenny while I dealt with the house. As a piece of good advice, when you are advised to cover things up due to the dust, be sure and pay attention. Casey’s bedroom area in the den was a mess.

I trudged back into the house and broke out the vacuum, dust rags and other cleaning materials. After a good hour and a half the area was finally back in respectable condition. I was hot and sweaty and in a generally surly mood; so to my room I went and into a swim suit. As I looked out of my window onto the pool area I was struck by how pretty the girls were, particularly my little sister, just a beautiful doll.

Once outside I dove headlong into the pool and swam several laps at full steam, I decided it would take the surly out of my system and it worked. After a while I went up the steps and sad down next to Casey. “Baby sister, you look beautiful” I said. And I meant it; her light tawny hair and the sprinkling of freckles over her cheeks gave her an air of fresh beauty. I was struck by the fact that I really did profoundly love her and as I reflected on that reality, I held her hand.

Casey looked at me curiously saying, “Hey bro, what’s gotten in to you? You Ok?”

“Yea, I’m fine” I said very softly just for her ears, “I was just thinking about how much I love you and how beautiful you are.”

She leaned over to me and said quietly, “Aaaah Jack, you just want me to suck your dick don’t ya? Well you don’t have to butter me up; I’m looking forward to it.”

“Dammit Casey, cut it out, I being serious here” I said.

She turned her head and stared into my face for a moment saying, “You are serious, huh? I know you love me, we’ve been wound up in each other’s lives since we were born, that’s what makes family so special, the three of us really love one another. I love you too.”

“I casino firmaları don’t mean just because you’re my sister, I love you for the terrific person you’ve become, smart, funny, even tough. And you’re becoming really pretty too” I said.

She looked me quietly for a moment and then I saw a tear form; she reached over and pulled my face close and gave me a tender kiss on the cheek and whispered, “thank you.”

Then she snuffed a bit and said quietly, “May I have a Coke please?”

“Absolutely” I said, got up and walked to the kitchen. As I opened the refrigerator to get her Coke, Jenny walked in and asked, “What’s going on with you two is everything alright?”

“Oh yeah, I don’t know what came over me, but it just hit me that she is a very special girl and I really love her; not just as my sister, but as a person. I know goofy right?”

“Actually” she said, “it’s extraordinarily sweet, it makes you even more adorable to me.” With that she came over, put her arms around me and began giving me a smolderingly soft sweet kiss. Very gently her tongue began to probe my mouth. I managed to put aside my surprise and together our tongues swirled inside our mouths. I experienced an almost immediate erection and she ground her pubis on my cock. When we broke apart we were breathing heavily and she said, “We can’t do this today, but know this Jack; you are going to make love to me soon and for a very long time!”

I nodded my head as she smiled and straightened her bikini bottom then turned and walked steadily back to sit beside Casey. It took me a while to wrestle my cock down and finally get a Coke for Casey. As I handed her the can, she looked at me and asked, “Everything Ok in there bro?”

“Sure, no problem” I said, and we sat together watching her friends play a three way game of water polo which was little more than 2 boys on 1 girl take-away. No too much later Jenny announced that it was getting to be nearly 6 pm and that they needed to go. In short order everyone dispensed hugs and good wishes and went off to their respective homes. As I took Casey back into the house she said, “If you don’t mind I’d like to pee.”

“Do you want to try the bathroom or the pitcher?” I asked. “Right now I’d just as soon hit the pitcher” she said. With that I helped her up on the bed and slipped her shorts off. I remain amazed how pretty her pussy looks, even so I eased the pitcher under her and she blasted the pot nearly full with a great sigh. As I looked on, she smiled and said, “Well I really had to go, but I didn’t want to come in before everyone left.”

“I understand” I said; and stepped away to dispose of the urine and clean up. Once done, I returned with wet naps and a dry towel. I eased her cast leg up onto a small pillow and spread the other widely, wider than I needed to, but then it is a pretty pussy. As I cleaned her pussy lips and dried her with the towel, she leaned back and sighed. In an almost whisper she said, “Jack, would you please eat my pussy, pretty please I would really owe you … you said you loved me.”

“What brought this on” I asked.

“Watching everybody in their swim suits, the girls looked so hot and the boys, well I could see the outline of their dicks a lot. It all just makes me so horny and after all you said you would do this for my first time, right?”

What could I say? I pulled the bedside chair over and sat down placing my mouth immediately in front of her pussy, easing her right leg up and over my shoulder; I slipped both hands under her bottom and moving her puss right against my mouth. She was burning hot and dripping wet. I very gently kissed her lips and then worked my way around on her inner thighs, kissing and licking and sucking little spots on her skin. I must have been doing a good job as I could hear her hissing and moaning as I did.

I began to gently lick her slit from top to bottom, it tasted salty and sweet to me, I fell in love with her juices. After a while I allowed my tongue to probe more deeply into her vagina sipping even more sweet juice from her, easing my arm over her leg I reached in and got my thumb and forefinger good and wet then began rubbing her hard clit; around and around, up and down. Almost immediately she began to bump her bottom off the bed, pushing it into my mouth as I tongued and sucked her pussy. Next, I heard her say, “Shit, shit, shit, oh it feels so, so good. Oh my God, Jack don’t stop, keep doing everything.”

I took a couple of fingers and pushed them into her as I sucked on her clit causing her to groan loudly and push hard against my hand. It took a moment but I found that fleshy bump at the top inside of her vagina, massaging it with my finger tips and sucking her clit harder, she screamed and screamed again and grabbed my hair with my fingers pulling me into her crotch. “Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh-oh-oh soooo, soooo good!” Just when I thought I might not get another breath, she fell back against the bed, breathing heavily and relaxed completely. I kissed around her pussy and inner thighs for a moment, güvenilir casino and leaned back.

“Jack, I thought I told you not to fuck your sister!” said my Mother.

Casey’s eyes popped open and she said, “Oh Jeez, honest Mom, he didn’t fuck me, he told me you told him not to fuck me under any circumstance and he didn’t. He’s been just wonderful all day, he hosted my friends, he took care of me, he fed me, he did everything … AND LOOK, they cut off most of my cast today and he cleaned up the most terrible mess after. Please Mom, don’t be mad.”

As I live and breathe, Mom stood there and tapped her foot with her arms folded across her chest, just like in the movies. Then she said, “What do you have to say for yourself Mister?”

“Ok Mom, look in my defense, it’s Casey’s fault, she asked me to, and you told me to take care of her, so if you think about it, I kinda did what you said” with that I sort of peeped at her with my eyes squinted semi-closed. I was trying to be cute, maybe get a little smile … it did not work.

“Are you being a smart-ass?” she asked.

“I guess, but really we both talked about it and everything and I’m sure everything will be fine, really. Besides, I think Casey enjoyed herself” I said.

“Oh there is no doubt about that, I was here for the finale, she enjoyed herself alright” Mom said. But I could tell from her tone of voice and the cloud on her face that this was not over.

Casey said, “Mom maybe we could talk just you and me?”

Mom looked at me sternly, sighed softly, and said, “Jack go wash the pussy off your face and stay in the kitchen until we’re done here!”

As I left the room, Casey leaned toward Mom and asked her to sit down by the bed so they could talk.

“Mom, I am really sorry you’re angry. Everything has been going so great since I got home, please don’t be mad. I’ll do anything to make it up to you, really. Jack and I have never been closer and today he was so sweet and caring. Mom, he’s different with me now, I am not just his pesky sister; I’m someone very special to him much more than before. He loves me and I love him differently than just brother and sister.”

“Baby” said Mom, “it’s just that sex between family members can really be a problem; relationships, attitudes and how we see one another can be all messed up and we can lose the love we’ve had between us as brother and sister, children and mother. Jack is a much more mature adult than you are, that’s not your fault; it’s just that at 18 it is very hard to keep things straight. Heck it’s hard for me and I’m 46.”

Casey thought for a few moments in silence and then said, “I really do understand and we should all get together and talk this through, Ok?”

Mother nodded her agreement, and then Casey said, “I still want everybody to be naked around the house no matter what we finally decide. Are you Ok with that?”

Mom stepped closer to the bed and kissed Casey on both cheeks, took hold of her t-shirt and said, “Lift your arms so I can get this off.” Casey smiled and they both chuckled a bit as her t-shirt slid over her head and her big beautiful tits came into view.

Mom reached down and pinched a nipple in each hand, pulled them away from her chest and gave them a nice shake. Casey burst out laughing and said, “How long have you wanted to do that?”

“Well I saw you do it yesterday and thought I’d like to get it a try, you have beautiful breasts and nipples to die for. Are they very sensitive?”

“I guess so, I can have a little cum just by playing with them” Casey said.

“Oh the pleasures of youth; I guess I better get Jack out of the dog house.”

With that she removed her work clothes, folded them very neatly, slipped her panty hose off and dropped her bra and panties on top of the stack. Once naked, she stretched her hands high toward the ceiling while waggling her hips and then bent over from the waist and stretched down laying her hands flat on the floor. Then she stood up and gathered up her clothing and turned toward the stairs.

“Hey Mom, you better be careful doing that around Jack, cause when you stretch down to put your hands on the floor your pussy pops out between your legs and I can see him shoving his face right in there!” said Casey.

They laughed together and Mom went quickly up the stairs to her bedroom.

I was busy making a big green salad when Mom walked into the kitchen. She smiled at me and said, “your sister is naked, I’m naked and there you stand with your swimsuit on; are you gonna’ take it off?”

I stopped and immediately dropped my suit, placing it on a nearby kitchen chair, turned toward Mom and waived my cock back and forth saying, “Ok Madam?” Quicker than I would have believed possible she stepped in front of me and took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. She softly stroked my cock and fondled my balls giving quick rise to an erection and a bit of precum on my cockhead.

Her thumb slid over my cockhead spreading the precum easily and then she squeezed my balls very firmly, frankly it hurt, then she raised up on her toes to look directly into my eyes saying, “When I tell you to do something I do not want you to become inventive deciding what to do and not do — got it?”

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