Celeste Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Friday

I met Celeste on a Friday night. At The Hollow – a loud, dark bar in a trendy neighbourhood just outside of the city’s major downtown core. It was the first Friday since my girlfriend and I had split up. Rather than staying at home feeling sorry for myself, I decided to embrace a newfound freedom I hadn’t felt in years. Have a few drinks, relax, just be out in the world.

The Hollow wasn’t a place I necessarily frequented, but I preferred the live bands to the DJs at most of the nightclubs downtown, and the dim, purple lighting and old-school furnishings created an atmosphere that I always felt comfortable in. It had character.

I could hear the thumping of drums and the pounding of a bass guitar before I even walked in, feeling the vibrations in the door as I made my way inside. The music was heavy, but groovy, and the scantily clad cabaret dancers, almost tucked away in cut-outs within the very walls of the bar, had no trouble finding a rhythm to sway to. They were gorgeous, but I could watch them after I’d gotten myself a drink. The night was young, there was no rush.

The place was busy, with no shortage of people trying to get the attention of one of the bartenders, so I whiled away the minutes taking in my surroundings. It was the early stages of spring, and it reflected in the way people were dressed as they went out on the town. Good looking crowd. Most of the people here were in their late-20s – early-30s, and I liked that, a more mature crowd than most of places I used to go to with my ex.

The open floor in front of the stage was full with people dancing, leaving almost half of the booths and tables lining the walls and back of the bar empty. One of the bartenders, who looked like he sometimes substituted as a bouncer, came over and took my order, grabbing me a beer. I took it to one of the unattended high-tops and faced the crowd, admiring the people as they danced away their troubles.

I nursed my drink for 20 minutes, content to just sit and relax, observe, before I finally saw her. She was absolutely stunning, I don’t know how I could have missed her. She’d been here a little while, at least; the stage and dance floor I was facing are almost right next to the front door, and the cocktail in her hand was almost empty.

She stood alone at the end of the bar, towards the back of the building. Well, mostly alone. After a while, I started to notice that there were more than a couple guys who would attempt to approach her. But she sent each of them away, never allowing one of them to even buy her a drink. I couldn’t blame them for trying, she really was stunning.

Now, I don’t particularly believe in love at first sight, but there was something about this girl, this woman, that really drew me in. I had a hard time paying attention to the dance floor, constantly returning my gaze to her. She looked to be a couple of years older than me, maybe 30, but in the dim bar and from this distance, it was tricky to say for sure.

Her beauty was unmistakable, however. She was tall, looking just under 6 feet in her heels. Dark hair cascaded down towards the small of her back, which was only half-covered by her black dress. Her long legs were exposed to about mid-thigh, but you could tell there was plenty of them left underneath the snug material of that dress, which accented her body beautifully. Her lips were full and painted red, contrasting wonderfully with her light complexion. But what kept stealing my focus was her eyes. They appeared dark, but, even from this distance, I felt such life in them. And confidence. She was statuesque, magnificent. Captivating.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I soon found myself out of my seat and slowly moving in her direction. I haven’t been single in almost 5 years, and talking to strange women in bars has never exactly been my forte, but here I was, walking towards this elegant creature, even after having seen a number of other men do this exact same thing, only to meet with failure.

And then she saw me. And our eyes met. She knew what I was up to, picked out yet another guy heading her way, like she was expecting it. What I was not expecting was the slight smile that formed on her lips as I got closer to her. Almost a smirk, though it seemed playful, not malicious. I stopped just in front of her, our eyes still searching each other out.

Like I said, I’m not one for love at first sight, but there was something here, something different. Understanding, maybe. Up close now, I could see just how truly beautiful she was. There was so much youth, and yet so much wisdom in her face. I started to wonder if I had any idea just what I had gotten myself into.

“Hi. I’m Noah,” I said over the music, extending a hand. Lame, I admit. Again, I’m not usually the type to approach someone like this, and I still wasn’t even sure I knew what my intentions were at this point.

She continued to wear that smirk before taking my hand in hers. It was soft, and I noticed that her nails were painted a similar colour as her lips.

“Hi, Noah”, she replied, almost beşiktaş escort like she was testing out how my name felt on her tongue. She then leaned in close enough that I could feel her breath on my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. “I’m Celeste.”

“Can I buy you another drink?” I asked, nodding towards her now-empty glass.

She surprised me again, taking both of my hands in hers. She tilted her head a bit to the side, sizing me up.

“Why would you like to buy me a drink, Noah?” she questioned, again saying my name like she could taste it. I felt a chill each time she did it.

“I thought maybe we could talk. I think I’d like to get to know you”

Her smirk turned into a real smile now.

“”You think” you’d like to get to know me?”

I’m sure I turned a compromising shade of red. Real smooth.

“What makes you think you’d like to know me, Noah?”

“You’re powerful,” I replied after a moment, feeling personally quite the opposite, and not entirely sure why I had just said that to a stranger. The majority of my body’s blood seemed to have found its way into my cheeks.

She narrowed her eyes, her head still tilted just slightly to the side, studying me.

“You can’t buy me a drink,” she finally told me, gently letting go of my hands, with my heart seemingly dropping with them.

I nodded to her in understanding. I had seen what happened to everyone else, I don’t know why I expected things to be different. If anything, it had been rude of me to even approach her at all, because I had seen what happened to those guys. I started to feel like a real jackass, this woman obviously wanted to be alone.

But before I could feel too down on myself, she winked at me.

“You can buy us a drink,” she said through her smile.

I was confused, but wasn’t going to give this opportunity time to slip away. She told me what she had been drinking, and I placed the order with another one of the bartenders. When they returned with our beverages, I handed Celeste’s to her, and we touched the glasses together in a cheers. I’m not sure what it was, but this beer tasted better than any I could remember.

She wrapped her hand around the inside of my arm and led me gracefully towards the back of the bar to a rounded booth in a corner away from the band and the mass of dancing bodies. She slid in fluidly and patted on the space of velvet bench next to hear, inviting me to join her. She positioned her body so that she was almost facing me while still keeping herself close. Even just the touch of her knee on my leg was enough to set my nerves on edge. She placed one of her elegant hands on my shoulder, the other keeping a delicate hold on the stem of her glass.

“So…” she began, again leaning close enough to feel her presence, almost like an electric current. “I’m powerful, huh?”

She smiled that smile again, and my face felt hot enough to melt. I searched her eyes while looking for the right thing to say. Was she fucking with me? Her gaze was so playful, yet firm. She held the world in her eyes, and I was at least a little bit intimidated by that. I took another drink of my beer before attempting to speak.

“You’re strong,” I started, simply. “Confident. Perceptive. You know yourself, and I think you know other people almost as well. I’ve been talking to you for maybe five minutes and I’ve already felt you reading me. Not to mention the handful of suitors you turned away before I showed up…”

She laughed at that, and even that was beautiful.

“You saw all that, did you? Now who’s “perceptive”?”

Rather than keeping my foot in my mouth, I traded it for another drink from my glass. I don’t recall feeling so flustered around a woman in such a long time, but then again, Celeste hadn’t yet felt like just any other woman. Everything about her felt deliberate. I would say calculated, but that seems so robotic, or cold. Every movement, every word, every pause, every breath… fresh, full of energy. Completely her. She lowered her hand from my shoulder and let it rest lightly on my forearm, bringing my attention back to her eyes.

“None of them told me I was powerful,” she said. “That’s a new one. I think I like it.”

She took a drink from her cocktail, while rubbing my arm a little and then bringing her hand on top of mine, her fingers softly taking hold.

“You know, for someone who wanted to get to know me, you seem to know quite a bit already,” she continued. “And here I don’t know you at all.” She said the last part with a bit of a pout. It was sexy as hell.

“I think you know more than you let on,” I replied.

She regarded me for a moment, pursing her lips as she readied herself; for what, I wasn’t sure.

“I think you’re stronger than you think you are. You watched a woman reject a so-called “handful” of men and still decided to try and talk to her, for one thing.”

“I would’ve called that crazy,” I laughed. “But maybe you’re on to something.”

“Look, not every guy’s first line is about my tits, but they’re beylikdüzü escort still rarely anything of substance. I don’t know about “powerful”, but you seem to have seen something deeper in me, at least. And that helps me maybe see something a little deeper in you. Do you think I’d be sitting here with you if I didn’t?”

“I don’t think you do anything you don’t want to.”

My mind allowed my last words to explore the world of innuendo, and I immediately felt embarrassed. But she still held my hand, and that smile never once left her face. If anything, it grew a little wider. After a moment, we each reached for our drinks, clinking them in another wordless toast. We set our glasses down, and I saw the slightest shift in her expression, though it seemed to carry so much weight. It was those eyes. Those eyes that held the world inside them.

She lifted her hand from mine and let it glide up my arm, over my shoulder to the back of my neck.

And then she leaned in and kissed me.

Never in my life had I experienced anything like it. Her full, soft, perfect lips touched mine, and it was like everything else ceased to exist. Sensation burst from my mouth throughout my entire body. I felt her kiss in my hands, in my legs, in my heart. All I felt was her kiss.

She carefully tightened her grip on the back of my neck, leaned in a little closer. Her mouth opened, and I let mine open to meet her. Her tongue tasted so sweet as it finally touched mine, it was like candy. We explored each other, in no hurry or rush, and yet with the hunger of long-lost lovers. I moved my hands to her sides, easing her closer, and her free hand found its way to my thigh, as we continued our extended first kiss.

When I felt her pull away, it was like having been born and then immediately returned to the womb. But as I opened my eyes and looked into hers, I could tell that this wasn’t the end. She was excited. She had found something in me. I wasn’t sure what, but I was going to give it to her, whatever it was.

She smiled as I pulled her body against mine and brought her in for another kiss, this one with more urgency, our tongues dancing with one another, like those forgotten people at the front of the bar. I slid one hand behind her back, feeling the silky touch of her hair, while I brought the other one up to her face, grazing her cheek with my thumb before letting my fingers curl into her hair, holding her to me. I felt, more than heard, as she purred into my mouth, and seemed to melt into my arms, her tongue meeting mine with a renewed vigour.

Her hand on my thigh began to move almost in slow motion, higher and higher, before she let it rest just next to my lap. Electricity shot through my body, her simplest touch so intense. My hand on her back lowered gently, and she lifted herself effortlessly, welcoming my hand to travel farther until I was lightly cupping one delectably soft cheek of her bum, seemingly bare under the fabric of her dress. Feeling braver, I let my fingers squeeze the fleshy globe.

She let out a small moan as my hand in her hair tightened into a careful fist. And we both let out a moan as her hand began a slow crawl into my lap, her fingers finding the outline of my hardness through my pants, her palm pressing slightly against my shaft. She followed the length of it down the inside of my thigh and back up, barely stroking me, but clearly enjoying herself.

I continued to knead at her supple ass, and started to kiss along her jawline, trailing my other hand down her neck, then the top of her chest, until I was holding one of her full breasts. I almost stopped kissing her as I realized that there was no way she was wearing a bra underneath her tight dress. Like her bum, all I felt was flesh underneath the fabric. Delicious, firm flesh. She groaned as I enveloped her, her breasts a little too large for my big hands.

Her stroking was becoming stronger as she teased me, gripping me through my pants. I was nibbling at her neck when she finally pulled back slightly. Her hand continued rubbing away at me. She wasn’t going anywhere. She looked at me through hooded eyes that were still as full of life as ever. She squeezed my shaft as she leaned in for a quick kiss.

“I think I’d like you to take me home now,” she said, before another kiss. I didn’t need to say anything. She had me, and we both knew it.

It was painful, even for a split second, to be away from her incredible form, as I lifted my body out of our booth and held my hand to her to help her out as well. We left our half-full glasses on the table as she led me towards the door, and I allowed myself to enjoy the sway of her ass as I followed her.

We left the bar, walking around the side to their small parking lot. I opened the car door for her, and she stopped me before getting in, pulling me into her by the lapels of my jacket for another kiss. She was exquisite.

Celeste was quiet on the drive, not saying much except for simple directions towards her apartment. But the silence didn’t feel awkward beyoğlu escort with her. It was like we didn’t seem to need words. We had met maybe an hour ago, and I already started to feel so comfortable. I had begun to develop a courage I didn’t normally recognize in myself. She felt safe and dangerous at the same time, pushing my boundaries, and yet feeling like… home. She laid her hand on my thigh as I drove, sometimes teasing me, never letting me fully settle down. Sometimes she followed my hand as I shifted gears, holding mine. She was sexy and sweet and exquisite.

We entered a residential neighbourhood, Celeste leading us on our way, finally asking me to pull into the driveway of a nice little bungalow. She didn’t wait for me to open her door, but instead met me in front of my car and pulled me in for another one of her amazing kisses.

She grabbed one of my hands and led me to her door, unlocking it and bringing me inside behind her. She stopped in front of me as soon as I had closed the door, taking my hands and wrapping them around her stomach, my body forming to her back. I let one arm rise up underneath her breasts and leaned into her, planting kisses along the crook of her neck. She tilted her head towards me, taking my earlobe between her teeth briefly.

“Unzip me.”

I let my hands glide over her stomach, stopping momentarily at her breasts, before coming around to her back, and taking hold of the zipper, bringing it down until it stopped just at the crest of her ass. I opened her dress a little, laying light kisses on her shoulder-blades, my hands reaching for the warm skin of her sides. She let the straps slip from her shoulders and seemed to shrug out of it, until she stood in front of me, wearing nothing but a black thong.

She turned around, pressing herself into my body before I could get a proper look at her. She kissed me in thanks, and turned around in my arms, almost grinding her ass into me, before she once again took my hand and led me through the house. I now had another view of her swaying bum, though this time it was almost entirely exposed to me. She kept her heels on as she led me through a hallway to her bedroom. She positioned me in front of her bed and kissed me hard before guiding me into a sitting position, where I got my first real look at her breasts. They were to die for. Full and round, capped with fantastic little nipples that stood proud.

She pushed gently on my shoulders until I was laying down, then began a teasingly slow crawl towards me on her knees, her heavy breasts swinging slightly below her. She never broke eye contact as she came to straddle me, not quite sitting her weight on me. I brought my hands up to her sides, across the side of her breasts and around to her back, holding her. She leaned down, her chest pressing into mine, and kissed me, her tongue teasing my lips.

She finally allowed herself to rest her body on top of me, and once she did, she lifted her hands to begin unbuttoning my shirt. Once undone, she spread it open and lifted the bottom of my t-shirt underneath, letting her hands explore my stomach and chest. She kissed her way along my jaw, lightly sucking my earlobe between her lips, and then made her way down my neck. Once she got to my collar, I lifted our bodies just enough to take my first shirt off, Celeste then helping me with the undershirt. She collapsed onto me then, her breasts now pressing into my bare chest. She felt wonderful.

She continued her descent down my body, starting where she’d left off at my collarbone. I shivered as her fingernails glided down my sides and her lips and tongue played down my chest. Before she could go any lower, I held her shoulders and stopped her. She gave me a look, unsure if something was wrong, but I smiled at her reassuringly.

I pulled her up slowly and laid her down on her back, rolling onto my side. Now her smile returned, and she embraced me as I kissed her soft lips, sliding a hand along the skin of her torso until I was cupping one of her full breasts, feeling her hard nipple on my palm. I carefully held it between two fingers and rolled it, getting it fully erect. She writhed a little on the bed, letting out a moan.

I dipped my head down and started kissing and licking at the warm flesh around her nipple, not quite making contact. She was a little more vocal now, mewing at me, wanting me to put an end to the teasing. So I did. I circled her nipple with my tongue, bringing my lips around it to suck gently. My teeth ever-so-lightly grazed the sensitive bud, and she arched her back, bringing a hand to the back of my head and holding me to her. I slid my hand back down her side, my mouth never letting go of her breast, and I let it journey to a naked ass cheek.

I stayed like this for a moment, my lips and tongue working at her nipple, and a hand playing with her bum, before I began to lower my kisses down her body. I caressed her skin with little pecks, letting my tongue dart out to taste her skin every so often. I could feel the goosebumps forming on her flesh as I trailed kisses down her stomach, circling her belly button and descending lower until I was at the hem of her thong. I placed my hands on her hips and looked up at her, my lips never leaving her skin. She lifted her bum off of the bed and I curled my fingers into the waistband of her panties, slowly pulling them down her long, shapely legs.

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