Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 04

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Footsie Babes

Chapter One:

I’m a retired older gentleman who worked for forty years, most of it in Central California. I bought a 25 foot travel trailer as a retirement gift to myself and have been exploring many areas in this part of the country. I promised my really good friend, Julie, that I would take her camping one day. Today is the day. We have known each other for about four years. She works at the local Sprouts market where I shop several times a week.

I recently met my new next door neighbor, Denise. She just relocated from Southern California and was recently hired at the Sprouts. Denise and I are developing a close relationship that I hope will flourish as time goes on. We have a tentative date to go to the beach next Friday.

However, right now I am ready for another RV adventure, this time with Julie. I drive the couple of blocks over to her house and find her waiting on the steps, bag in hand. I lower the passenger window.

“Hey sexy lady, are you ready for a camping trip?”

Julie runs up to the truck and jumps in. She plants a big kiss on my cheek. She is wearing pink shorts and a striped polo shirt. I detect some hard nipples and surmise she is braless. Her cute pink tennis shoes match her shorts.

“Hey handsome, care to show a gal a good time?”

I let her know that I think I can manage that. We drive over to the storage lot to hook up the trailer. We talk about the days ahead and I describe the RV Park. The place I have reserved is quite remote, so we will be out of cell range. I let her know that we will be on our own for entertainment. She smiles and lets me know she has plenty of ideas for entertainment.

I do the final checks on the trailer. I have Julie confirm that my lights and turn signals are working and then we’re off. It’s a quick trip up Highway 101 to Santa Margarita. We drive through town to an old dirt road with no signs. You have to know where you are going. Julie says she never knew this place existed. It’s about five miles of slow, dusty driving, but we finally arrive at our destination.

Julie is excited, “Wow, we are in the middle of nowhere. This should be interesting.”

“Just you and me, kid. Like I said, we have to entertain ourselves.”

Julie has a mischievous grin. I pull the trailer into the parking lot and we walk into the office to get our space number. My friend, Alice is behind the desk. I introduce Julie to Alice. She’s been a family friend for years. She and her husband own the RV Park. They developed it on a large piece of land where they grow grapes for their winery. The RV Park is just a side venture.

“Hey Alice, it’s great to see you again. This is my good friend, Julie. We’re looking forward to a few quiet days on the old ranch.”

Alice extends her hand out to Julie, “It’s so nice to meet you. You two will have some very quiet days. We only have two other RV’ers this week. I have you in space eight up at the top of the park. The hiking has been great and the pond is full again.”

“You sure take the best care of us, Alice. So the winter rains were good for the pond, eh?”

Alice winks, “Yes they were, it’s over four feet deep in the middle and the water is warm. It should be great for swimming, and as usual clothing is optional.”

Julie smiles. I thank Alice for the info and let her know we will stop by on our way home. Julie and I get back in the truck and drive my rig up to space eight. It’s another mile up to the RV section and space eight is all by itself at the top of a plateau. It’s also the trailhead to the best hiking trails and to the pond. Once we get up to our new home, Julie hops out of the truck and assists me in backing up into our spot.

Our space is the largest of the dozen spaces and has two tables and a custom fire pit. There are several big trees that provide lots of shade. The view from our site is incredible, with picturesque vistas. Julie and I work together to get the trailer up and running. I show her the ropes with connecting the water, electric and sewer. In no time at all, we are set up and ready for a beer.

I open a couple of bottles of cerveza and hand one to Julie. She sets it on the table and pulls her stripe shirt up and over her head. Her big round boobs are released to the summer air and they sway back and forth.

I’m taken aback for a moment, “Julie what are you doing?”

“You heard the lady, it is clothing optional up here and I plan to stay topless for the entire time. You have always complimented me on my tits, so it’s time you get to see them. Any complaints?”

“Not from me, just be careful, I don’t want you to get sunburned. The sun can be brutal.”

So what do you think? Do you like my puffy nipples? Were you wondering what they look like? Pretty sexy, huh? Nice coral colored puffy nipples. Do you want to touch them? They’re really sensitive; I’ve wanted to show you for a long time.”

“Nice pair Jules. D-cup or Double-D?”

“Just D-cup, not like you girlfriend with the huge melons. But yeşilköy escort they are here and they are yours.”

Julie grabs her boobs in each hand; she squeezes and shakes them for my benefit.

“Julie, she is not my girlfriend, she’s my neighbor.”

“But you cannot deny those huge tatas. Have you seen them yet, have you played with them?”

“No and no. Now come here and show me yours.”

Julie picks up her beer and walks over to me sitting on the table. She sways her cute ass in the pink shorts and stands right in front of me. She invites me to touch and rub her breasts. I run my fingers back and forth over her puffy aureole and feel her soft skin. Julie takes my hands and places them under her boobs. She tells me to lift them, feel their weight, and feel how firm they are. They are real and they are spectacular.

“Julie, how old are you?”


“You know, I’m an old geezer, I could have a heart attack doing this?”

“You’re not old, you’re a handsome stud and you’re going to be doing a lot more than this. Hey are you thirsty? Time to drink up.”

Julie tilts her bottle of beer and dribbles some all over her tits. She pushes her chest out and invites me to suck on her nipples. She pours more liquid refreshment for me to lap up. I lick her round D-cups with my tongue as I try to drink as much beer as I can.

I ask, “Julie, are you going to be like this the entire time we are here?”

“Like what? Sexy, fun and topless? Well I guess so.”

I suggest we have some lunch and then take a hike out to the pond. I want to see it full of water again. The last several years of draught nearly killed off the pond. I remember it being so relaxing.

I brought some fried chicken from home and fix us a couple of plates with mac salad on the side. After lunch and a quick clean up, we are ready for our hike. I throw a couple of towels, some water and snacks into my backpack and we’re off.

Julie is wearing a big, floppy hat and sun glasses. I decide to go topless as well and take off my Hawaiian shirt. We hike out to the pond, hand in hand. I can’t keep my eyes from watching her huge tits sway with every step. They are no longer hidden behind her dark green Sprouts blouse.

The pond is about a half mile down a well-marked trail that winds through tall grass. There is a light breeze, but the afternoon heat has us sweating. Julie’s boobs glisten and beads of perspiration trickle down the valley between her breasts. I fear I will be staring at her tits every moment during this trip.

“How much further, Rob? I am ready to beat this heat.”

“It’s just up and around this next bend. Alice and her husband had sand brought up here, so there’s a nice little beach area with a couple of picnic tables. I think you’ll like it.”

Sure enough, around the next bend, the pond comes into view. Alice was right, the winter rains have brought it back to life. The pond is now the size of a football field and the water looks inviting. I put my backpack on the table and pull out our towels. Julie sits on the bench and removes her pink tennis shoes.

She says, “Wow, the water looks inviting, the last one in is a rotten egg.”

Julie stands up and removes her pink satin shorts, revealing a matching pink thong. Her tight round ass also looks inviting.

“So Rob, what do you think? Not bad for 36 years? I know you love my boobs, but how about this ass? Get a good long look.”

Before I can respond, Julie runs out into the water giggling and splashing water all over her body. She wades out about twenty five feet and dips down to cool off. I arrange our towels on the sand and sit down for a couple of minutes. I watch Julie splash around in the pond. As she jumps up and down, water cascades down her body. She really does have a nice ass. She moves closer to me standing in two feet of water. Her pink thong clearly visible clinging to her pussy.

She yells to me,”Hey old man, are you going to join me? Take off those shorts and bring that cock out here. I’m ready to play.”

I stand up and unsnap my cargo shorts, fully aware that this is the first time Julie will see my cock. I’m already semi-erect from watching her cavort in the pond, watching those big tits swing about.

“Hurry up and get out here, I’m horny. Hey, pretend I’m your big boobed neighbor. Oh Rob, I’m Denise and I need your big fat cock in my pussy. I need you to grab these humongous tits of mine.”

Julie laughs as she bends over and shakes her boobs. She grabs her D-cups and points them in my direction. I drop my shorts and my seven inch shaft pops up. I slowly walk into the pond.

Julie looks at my cock and whistles, “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”

Once I’m in the water, I run to her and grab her around the waist. I threaten to dunk her, but instead turn her around and plant a deep, wet kiss on her lips. I snake my tongue into her mouth. Julie responds to my kiss and opens her mouth. zeytinburnu escort Our tongues play together. She instinctively reaches down and grabs my cock.

“You have a nice cock; I’ve wanted to play with this for a long time. I can’t wait to feel it inside of me; big and hard, just the way I like them.”

I reach around and grab her ass. I squeeze her buns and pull her close, as I resume kissing her soft lips. I take my right hand and fondle her right breast. I run my fingers around her puffy aureole and pinch her nipple. It hardens to my touch. We continue to kiss for several minutes as our passion rises.

Julie drops to her knees and grabs my shaft at its base. She cups my balls in one hand and examines her prize.

“Yes sir, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Julie sticks her tongue out and takes a tentative lick, followed by a long lick on the underside of my shaft from bottom to top.

“Jules, you won’t believe how many times I’ve jacked off over the years, picturing this moment.”

“I wish you would come to me and just asked. I would have gladly sucked your cock four years ago. We have a lot of time to make up.”

She stops talking and wraps her lips around my cock, taking in about three inches in the process. As she moves her lips up my shaft, she sucks her cheeks in. I feel the wet suction of her mouth for the first time. Right away I can tell she is an accomplished cock sucker.

“Geez Julie, where did you learn to do that?”

Julie releases my cock and pleads ignorance. “I have no idea what you are talking about?”

I tell her that her technique rivals anyone I’ve ever known.”

She looks me in the eye, “I’m sorry to tell you this at such an intimate moment, but I’ve had my share of lovers and I’ve sucked a lot of dicks. I must say, yours is one of the finest. Not bad for a grumpy old man.”

“Hey! Who’s grumpy?”

Julie just laughs and dips her head sucking in another inch or two. She is close to deep throating me. She pulls back again, applying even more pressure to my shaft. My glans pops out; she takes a big breath and forces her mouth back down my root. Her nose touches the square patch of pubic hair above my cock. Her mouth surrounds my entire seven inches. She holds steady for a good 20 seconds breathing through her nose. Finally, she releases my cock and takes several deep breaths to regain her composure.

“Let’s see your new neighbor do that. She may have bigger boobs, but can she deep throat like I can?”

My cock throbs. Julie studies my cock for a few minutes as she moves her hand up and down my shaft. Her hand squeezes me tight as she jacks me off.

“So Rob, how about you and I consummate our friendship? My pussy is ready to have this beautiful cock buried deep inside of her.”

Julie has me to a point where I can’t say no. She stands up and removes her pink thong. She holds the tiny panty up to my nose and I inhale her sweet scent as water drips from the garment. She places her thong around my neck and plants a big wet kiss on my lips. I tell her before we celebrate our union; I want to check out this lovely pussy that has always been hidden away.

I drop to my knees and wrap my hands around her ass, pulling her womanhood close to me. Now I see why her camel toe is so prevalent. Her outer labia is full and thick. She has a cute little landing strip an inch wide extending down her mons and ending just above clit. I touch my nose to her soft curly pubes, damp from the pond water. Julie spreads her legs and I stretch out my tongue to lick her slit from bottom to top. I taste faint sweet nectar that has been masked by the water. I know I will love eating her pussy when we are comfortably on dry land. I return to my feet and ask Julie what her pleasure is.

“Take me from behind, I want to feel your entire length buried in my cunt.”

We move out to a deeper part of the pond where the water level is just below her pussy. Julie bends over, her big boobs dangle and sway. I hold onto her hip with one hand and line up my seven inch staff with the other. I rub my tip up and down her wet slit and then position my spongy glans against her pink gash. I push my hips forward and slide easily into Julie.

She gasps, “At last.”

Julie has her hands on her knees while I hold her hips in place. The pond water splashes around our thighs as I slide in and out of Julie’s moist pussy. Her inner labia grips my cock like a virgin, she is so tight. I move one hand over her tight ass, and feel her tight buns. I slide my thumb up and down her crease. I rub her starfish over and over feeling the tight sphincter ring. I resist the urge to plow my thumb deep into her ass. I’ll wait for Julie to request that move.

I thrust my cock quickly back and forth. Each time I bottom out, Julie grunts and pushes back against my hips. We maintain a nice rhythm for several minutes. The intense pleasure I feel in my shaft grows and my glans is anadolu yakası escort bayan extremely sensitive. We fuck slowly and lovingly like we are long time lovers, even though this is our first time. I move with long and deep strokes while I reach around to play with her big tits. I caress her boobs and gently twist her nipples.

“Gawd Rob, I can feel your cock throb inside of me. You fill me up completely. I should have asked you to fuck me four years ago. That’s it, pinch my nipples some more, I feel my orgasm building.”

“I’m here and it’s now, Jules. We’ll make up for lost time, I promise you.”

I keep my palms raised up against her tits; her nipples are hard. I massage her breasts as I keep pounding her pussy. I feel my legs begin to shake; I know I’m close to spilling my load.

“I’m going to cum Julie, I can’t hold back.”

“Don’t hold back Rob. Fuck my hot cunt, give me your jizz, and shoot it deep into me.”

Julie’s dirty talk sends me over the edge; I release her boobs and grab her hips. I thrust into her three more times as my cock throbs, my cum boils over and I release several jets of semen deep into her core. My shaft becomes slick with our juices and I slide faster and deeper into her pussy. I continue to pump my cock in and out. I want her to climax with me, as I tighten my grip around her hips.

Julie grabs her tits and continues to stimulate her nipples. She is a sight to see, bent over and water splashing about. I continue ramming her from behind, until her body convulses and she yells out. I encourage her.

“Let it go sweetie, cum for me baby, cum for me.”

Julie hits her peak. “Yesssss.”

Within another few moments she screams out in orgasm. The pond water splashes around the two of us. I hold Julie up while she shakes and her legs turn to jelly. From my point of view this is one amazing climax. I continue to hold her upright until she regains her balance and her breathing returns to normal.

Julie and I move out to the center of the pond into deeper water. We splash around to clean our bodies from the sweat and cum. We hold each other close and look around. We didn’t give any thought that there might be other people close by. We don’t see anyone, just the rolling hills and acres of grape vines. It is a lovely setting for our first time making love.

We hold hands as we wade back to our towels stretched out on the makeshift beach. Alice and her husband really have done a nice job turning this land into a little oasis. We dry off and I grab the waters and snacks from my backpack. We snack under the warm sun. Julie dons her floppy hat to shade her head. She looks so inviting, completely nude with her D-cup breasts dried by the sun and her soft pubic landing strip still damp from the water. I would like nothing more than to feast on her when we are back at the trailer.

Julie looks at me and laughs, “You still have my thong around your neck.”

“I know, I’m going to keep it on as reminder of our first time. I just might wear it for the next four days.”

I grab the gusset and sniff the faint aroma of Julie’s pussy. Julie tells me to go right ahead and wear my badge of honor.

“I won’t need it; I’m going to remain naked for the entire time.”

Chapter Two:

After our brief respite, it’s time to head back to camp. I suggest to Julie that she wear her shorts for the hike back if she doesn’t want the tall grass to tickle her pussy. She agrees and puts on her pink satin shorts along with her matching tennies. I throw on my cargo shorts and we walk back the short distance to our RV space.

Back in camp, I pull a couple of hammocks out from the trailer storage compartment. The trees in our space provide a suitable anchor to hang them up, along with great shade. Julie helps me secure the hammocks to the trees. It’s siesta time.

Julie retrieves a paperback novel from her suitcase and settles into one of the hammocks. She looks pretty inviting as she sways back and forth. She is still wearing her pink satin shorts, so she hasn’t gone total nudist yet.

“Hey Julie, what do you have there?”

“Oh, just a trashy romance novel. It’s called ‘The Seeker in the Moonlight’. Denise gave it to me for the camping trip. She said it would put me in the mood for some crazy sex.”

“She did, did she? Hey have you put on some sunscreen? I don’t want your boobs to burn.”

“I have some in my suitcase. Be a gentleman and go get it please, and I have some nipple pads in there too.”

I go into the trailer and rummage around her suitcase until I find the sunscreen and her pads. I also find several more thongs in various colors. That Julie is a colorful girl. I take the lotion out to my princess.

“Would you like me to do the honors?”

Julie winks, “Yes please and take your time.”

I open the tube of sun protector and pour some directly on her breasts. I hand her the tube and nipple pads and then rub the lotion all over her boobs. I massage each breast with both hands making sure her skin doesn’t burn. I love feeling her firm flesh and running my hands around and around each mound.

“Mmmm, that feels good Rob. You sure love big boobs, don’t you?”

That’s a question I can’t deny. I finish protecting her tits and she places a pad over each nipple. I wondered what they were for.

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