Cheating with His Brother Ch. 03

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cheating with His Brother

Chapter Three

Ropes gasped as Kao rammed into her, tail trapped between her buttocks and the wall as the picture frame rattled and jumped beside her head. In the living room, the television set blared, playing some sports match that Kao was supposed to have been interested in, but the lure of Ropes’ buttocks, shapely through her fitted jeans, had drawn him away from what should have been the game of the decade.

She was sure the game with her was far more interesting anyway. A far more pleasurable kind of game where both of them were lucky enough to be active participants.

Although the hallway light was switched off, she knew just where the drake was, pressed up against her as he scrabbled for purchase on the carpet that suddenly seemed insubstantial for the base they were using it for. He clutched her in his arms as if she was going to wriggle away, though the cougar was genial enough to help him out just a little by wrapping her tentacles around him, using his bulk and body to support herself, one leg off the ground so that he could slam his cock home where it belonged.

Kao grunted and shuddered, wings flapping as he struggled to put the full weight of his body behind his thrusts, forced to be slower and more careful than he usually would have been. Claws digging into Ropes’ hip and arm, the drake rumbled a groan that seemed to grind its way up from the very flaming core of his sexual being.

Shooting a look over his shoulder to where the living room door was cracked open, a sliver of artificial light spilling through, and curled a tentacle around his neck, the tip prodding his cheek and muzzle around, back to her. The drake pleaded with wide eyes, tail thumping the wall as it swung around, cock still throbbing and pulsing inside her. There was no way he could have held back his rising need and yet she still asked him to try.

“Quiet,” she growled, urgency colouring her tone, a low rasp. “He’ll hear us.”

It would cut their fun short otherwise.

Kao groaned, pressing his muzzle into her neck, the cougar’s back pinned to the wall. She squeezed that one leg she had raised around his waist, pushing up onto the toes of her opposite hind paw, allowing him to slide just another inch into her. The cougar panted harshly with her mouth open, head lolling back and tentacles twisting sinuously into one another as he moved, fucking her slowly, passionately, deeply.

Different strokes for different liaisons. It would have been boring if everything was all the same with her newfound lover, but she had to keep things under wraps ifs he wanted to spend more time with him, seeing just how far they could push their respective limits. Kao swallowed a snarl and shuddered, shoulders hunched, as he tried to pick up his pace, hardly aware of the cheers and shouts coming from the television as Fyr cracked open another beer with a sharp snap of the ring.

It was a wonder he didn’t consider where the two of them had gone. Kao was taking an awful long time getting another round of drinks for the cooler, after all, and Ropes, well, she was spending a terribly long time upstairs in the bathroom. Okay, that one could probably be explained away by Fyr’s belief that she spent hours preening in the mirror (it wasn’t hours) but still… She would have thought he’d think of her and not be so wrapped up in himself.

Maybe that was why Kao held such allure for her. His eyes were always on her, even when he was pretending to be paying attention to something else entirely. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she played the part of a good wife, bringing them snacks and beer and even plopping down on the sofa herself to watch a game or two in their company. It was nice to see Fyr so relaxed; he had been working very long hours lately, but it only left her more time alone with Kao, even if they were rushed and hasty. Only, sometimes, those stolen kisses and quick fucks before he got home were not enough for either of them.

It was the first time they’d fucked while Fyr was in the house with them, just after she’d finished up with her guise of being the perfect, sweet wife, waiting on her husband and rubbing his shoulders. Fyr’s moans had not been sexual as she dug her fingers into sore muscles, but her eyes had been locked with Kao’s the entire time. And, in that moment, they had known exactly what they needed to do.

Jeans stretched between her knees – thank god for stretch denim – Ropes teetered and stifled her own moan, grazing her clit with a tentacle. For, despite the need for their secrecy, she had needs too to fulfil and, oh, how she intended to eke out every last drop of pleasure she could.

Her casino siteleri pussy clenched and rippled deliciously around her lover’s cock and Kao tucked his chin down to his chest, head twisted away as he strove to hold himself back, hips working and thrusting of their own accord. It was a good thing that his body remembered the motions as he held his mind in check, torn between fucking her as if it was the last time they’d ever get to feel one another in such an intimate way and wanting to be quiet so that they could get such moments again. It was a terrible conundrum, but biology would, ultimately, win out.

Kao hissed out a breath, nuzzling Ropes’ cheek as he hammered into her, need demanding he picked up the pace. After all, the longer he stayed there, the more chance there was that they would be caught. But Ropes was hardly one to complain about a little bit of rougher treatment, grinding her tentacle over her throbbing clit until she had to clench her jaws together with painful force, teetering on the very brink of orgasm.

It was his cock that thrust her over the edge, however, that beautiful, dark shaft that she doted on to lewd imaginings. It was in her thoughts when she was at work, the cougar wet between the thighs, and she jammed her tentacles into her cunt at night when Fyr slumbered beside her, imagining that Kao was right there beside her, fucking her as she needed and deserved to be fucked. Oh, one feeding was not enough and a hasty liaison was not enough to satisfy her, yet still good enough to leave her craving more in a good way. The very best kind of way, in fact.

It was all Ropes could do not to yowl as she climaxed, rolling her head from shoulder to shoulder in a raw effort to keep herself contained. A grunt and a moan still escaped her lips, however, luckily at the point of a particularly loud cheer from the television and a shout from Fyr. She could almost imagine the drake leaping up and punching the air, looking about for his brother – but Kao wasn’t there. Kao was getting fucked by his own wife, buried balls-deep in a cougar that wasn’t going to let him go until she milked him for every last drop of cream he had to give her.

As her pussy twitched and squeezed around him, the drake whimpered – a sound that she had never heard him make before that very moment – and ejaculated, filling her with a hefty load. It splashed hotly into her cunt and Ropes bit her lip until it bled, holding down her moans with every ounce of willpower she possessed as the stud dragon juddered up against her with lustful little gasps that betrayed the depth and power of his orgasm even if he could not vocalise it.

Ropes smirked, breathlessly. A demon always knew.

They re-dressed themselves hurriedly, though that didn’t stop Ropes from dragging her tentacles sensually along his thighs as he yanked up his jeans, stuffing his cock back into his boxer briefs without any sense of decency. Fyr scuffed her hind paws over the small mess on the carpet, smudging it in to be cleaned at a later date, as hasty and shameful as it was to cover up. One thing that would get Fyr running would be the smell of bleach, wondering what on earth she was, yet again, trying to cover up. Ropes grimaced, whiskers quivering. Though the messes she made were usually hardly of the sexual nature.

When she rejoined the drakes in the living room, a drink in each paw, she handed one to her husband and secret lover respectively, Fyr’s fingers brushing hers as she passed it over. The drake hardly seemed to notice until she plopped herself back down beside him with a barely concealed sigh, tail twitching. It was hard not to see the difference between him and Kao sometimes. Hell – the blue drake’s eyes never left her body while Fyr was otherwise distracted.

And when Fyr’s attention did return to her, it was for all the wrong reasons.

“Kao? I thought you were getting drinks?” Fyr’s eyes flicked from his brother to his wife, one eyebrow raised. “How come Ropes ended up coming back with them?”

Coughing into his paw, Kao half-shrugged, fumbling and grasping and utterly flailing for words.

“Eh, guess I forgot…”

Damn it!

“It’s a good thing I didn’t then.”

Ropes interjected smoothly, pressing a cold beer into Fyr’s paw

“Thanks, darling.”

She blew him a kiss, topping it off with a saucy wink.

“My pleasure, sweetheart.”

The wiggle of her hips was for Kao’s benefit and not his, but Fyr purred his appreciated softly either way. His attention, drawn to her shapely hips, was short-lived, however, darting back to the game where his basketball team was, once again, losing. He scoffed at the screen and made a rude gesture at the screen – shockingly out of character for him – head falling back against the sofa cushion.

“Jeez, they don’t get any better…”

Ropes blinked.

“I thought you liked watching them play, whether they won or lost?”

The dragon huffed and shook his head, tail swinging anxiously.

“Steelhawks are slot oyna getting more entertaining…” He grumbled. “No fun to see them get their tails handed to them time after time after time.”

Ropes couldn’t help herself. She leaned over, resting her paw on his forearm as the drake fretted. He twitched from her as if he’d been burned.

“Just always the same thing…”

There was no pulling him back from a grumble like that and Ropes rolled her eyes as she sat back, letting him take another swig of his beer; maybe it would sweeten him some. Her phone chirped and she automatically picked it up, a familiar name popping up on the screen. Tail flicking around to graze her husband’s calf, she smiled as she tapped the message open.

I bet you’re still wet…

As she read, a second message popped up, a low purr rising up from the back of her throat.

And dripping my cum.

Ropes swallowed and squeezed her thighs together, her panties sodden. He was right, the drake smirking as he cockily set his phone aside, gaze grazing hers with burning ferocity, lingering sexual tension sparking between them. But her fingers were already moving on the touch screen, typing her response – the only kind of response she could have possibly given.

Round two?

The drake reached for his phone casually and Ropes bit her lip, waiting with bated breath for her lover to read it.

But Kao’s lips had barely curved up into a smile before Fyr was on his paws and cursing under his breath, flighty and anxious and completely spoiling the mood!

“Honestly, just ridiculous,” he muttered, though glanced at them both expectantly as if wanting a reaction, his voice low but expectations high. “What do you think? Should we just get out of here and call it quits for the night?”

Kao and Ropes didn’t dare look at one another, but their response, if they were to give one, would have been glaringly obvious. It was all the cougar could to do stop herself from dragging entirely the wrong drake (if one was a traditionalist in their thinking), off for that, indeed, second round. She clenched her jaw, black lips pressed together into a thin, tight line. Like hell she wanted to be off somewhere else when she could be tucked away in the bedroom or the kitchen or, damn it, the hallway again with the drake she really wanted to spend time with.

The blue dragon licked his lips, the sound oddly loud, wet and smacking, in the sudden quiet of the living room. No one seemed willing to speak first, awkwardness stretching out into a full minute. And it was worse with every second that passed, the clock on the wall ticking away as if to remind them, in explicit detail, that nobody was answering the question that really shouldn’t have been all that difficult to answer. Ropes closed her eyes. Why couldn’t they just catch a break?

Fyr hovered, seemingly oblivious to the crackling tension between the two of them, need so thick that it could have, potentially, solidified in the air and announced itself to the little group at large.

“Let’s go out tonight,” he said suddenly – repeating the statement as if the thought had only just struck him, an oddity in itself. “I want to do something. We never do anything here – you know we don’t. We’re always just sitting around here watching the game or eating. Why don’t we do something different?”

Ropes grimaced, jaw relaxing, although not by much. Kao visibly took a step back, pushing his weight back on his heels as he took some distance for himself. It was all she could do to force her tentacles to be still and quiet, for even Fyr would surely remember just how they liked to twist and snake around in their excitement when their owner had something special on her mind. He was such a distraction. A pleasant one and yet one that was coming to her at all the wrong times.

“Is that such a bad thing?” She shook her head, paws twisting before her stomach as she grudgingly forced the words from her lips. “It’s not like we don’t enjoy it.”

And it would ruin her plans to have him drag them out somewhere or, hell, just drag her out, for that matter. Ropes hid her discomfort, scratching her muzzle. That would screw up everything she wanted to do with the better brother – to hell with anything else!

Fyr, to his credit, shrugged and lifted his paws in a “what can I do?” gesture, eyes wide and imploring. She would not have claimed that her heart didn’t soften a little bit to him. That particular, special, sweet look was one of the reasons that she’d fallen in love with him in the first place.

“I just want to spend some time with you, it’s just…” He cleared his throat, fingers slipping round to the back of his neck. “It’s been a while, you know?”

Oh, she knew, although perhaps not quite in the way that he meant himself. Ropes took a deep breath, her demonic self rising to the surface – or just a hair’s breadth below. With any other male or any other husband, that line could have been an open invitation to the bedroom, but, with him, she canlı casino siteleri knew better. Sadly better. The cougar’s whiskers drooped. It was why she’d had to find pleasure in the arms of another, although the rough mating of their younger days, seeming all too long ago,

But why would he want to change things up? Ropes swallowed and stroked her whiskers, smoothing them down against the line of her muzzle. Why then, of all times, for him to realise that he wanted something more from her, a sense of companionship, maybe?

Maybe he knew. She licked her lips, mouth dry. That would really put a damper on things. Unless he was one who liked to watch, but he’d certainly never shown any inclination to that before

But the dragon was waiting on her for an answer while Kao did his best to blend into the background, wings tucked in as close to his back as possible. He strategically kept the kitchen counter between his body and Fyr at all times, though his concealment and secrecy only made Ropes’ fingers twitch towards him, aching to grope what she knew she’d find there.

“Uhhh…” She said, buying herself time as she chuckled sheepishly, putting on the best show she could of being caught sincerely off guard. “Well, we can go out, if you like? Just a bit last minute…isn’t it?”

Smooth. Not.

“Well, not that last minute if we just do dinner,” he said, stroking his jaw thoughtfully. “There’s always spots at that little Greek place.”

Ropes winced.

“There’s a reason there’s always tables there, Fyr.”

“Then the Mexican we went to for your parent’s anniversary dinner last year – we all liked that, didn’t we?” He was hardly deterred. “It’ll be nice to have a sit down meal, together.”

The pause before the last word said it all and Ropes inhaled slowly, if only to hide the sigh that she knew otherwise was coming.

But she had a trump card. Ropes’ eyes gleamed. Oh yes, she did!

Stalking up to her husband, she prodded him in the chest and put her muzzle close to his, tentacles rising as if blocking an attack – or even going so far as to go on the offence themselves.

“You are selfish. How could you even suggest a thing like this when he’s right there!”

Ropes blinked, lower jaw falling slack.


The stutter was adorable, in its own special way, but Ropes’ frustration had reached boiling point. Pulling her tentacles back – he was not to know what had riled her up so, not truly – she jabbed one at Kao, latching on to the only plausible reason (and even that was a stretch) for her anger that would not let her husband know just what she’d been up to.

Thank heaven she was a quick thinker.

“We can’t leave Kao here on his own,” she hissed, eyes flashing. “How rude would that be to our guest?”

Or else she’d have been sunk, good and proper.

Fyr blinked and her and laughed, mirth bubbling up so vibrantly that it would have been impossible to control if he’d tried.

“Oh, Ropes, you do make me laugh sometimes! I thought something was terribly wrong!”

And, even though she yearned for something her husband could not give her, Ropes smiled and joined him in laughter.

“I had you there, didn’t I?”

Did he know her laugh was fake? The drake didn’t let on, if so. Ropes let her giggle trail off awkwardly as a blue dragon, considerably more in control of himself, came up behind her and swung a friendly arm around her shoulders.

“It’s only Kao,” Fyr teased, avoiding eye contact with his brother as he stretched his wings and almost seemed to suppress a yawn. “Damn dragon always where he’s not wanted. Hasn’t he got his own home to go back to these days or what? He’s always around here!”

Ropes chuckled politely but didn’t reply, a smirk striving to pull at her lips as much as she tried to hold it back, force it down. He couldn’t know, no – he couldn’t. The drake, however, had a cheeky glimmer in his eyes, the tip of his tail curling gently back and forth as if he was a cat stalking its prey – just for fun. The cougar relaxed, tension that she had not realised was seated there slipping from her shoulders.

Kao pressed up into her, swaying her lightly from side to side as her husband laughed, and the cougar bit her lip. He was pushing his luck, that drake. Fyr, thankfully, didn’t notice Ropes’ tentacle dropping to give his brother’s ass a sly squeeze. She wasn’t sure if it would have stopped her either way. Kao didn’t flinch, leaning forward to give his brother a wink and a nudge with his elbow.

“Ah, c’mon, bro,” he said in an altogether far too chirpy tone. “Don’t leave me out – I could eat! I thought we were going to get burgers tonight though?”

Glancing out at the rain belting into the small garden, Fyr winced and shook his head.

“Hardly the weather for barbecue food…”

Kao rolled his eyes.

“You’ve got the grill in here. You promised dinner, dude! Don’t leave a dragon hanging!”

“Well, I thought this time could be just me and Ropes…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “But I suppose you can come along if you really want to.”

He had the good grace to look abashed, chuckling sheepishly as his already red cheeks turned a darker shade.

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