Christmas with Summer Ch. 04

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~A woman named Jen wrote to tell me there was a particular moment in “Sisters: Ch. 02” that she felt was the hottest thing she’d ever read, and she begged me to include something similar somewhere in “Christmas with Summer.” As a consequence, one scene in this chapter is the direct result of Jen’s request.~

~ ~ ~

‘What an incredible Christmas it’s been so far,’ Summer thought, smiling to herself. ‘Christmas Eve, a glowing fire, and Jake took me on the living room floor with everyone right there. Probably no one could really tell we were fucking…still, that was so perfect.’

Recalling how she had felt wearing her Santa’s Helper lingerie in front of Jake and the guys, her body was filled with a spreading warmth.

‘Then there was Aaron later that night and, oh my god, what we did yesterday morning!’ She grinned as she thought back to those wonderful moments of the previous morning, when Aaron first slid inside her pussy. She could hardly believe it had happened at all, and she shuddered with excitement over the thought that Jake had watched.

She began to get wet as she thought of her sexy day at the beach with Dave, especially the moment when she peeled off her g-string to masturbate for him while letting some high school boy finger-fuck her ass!

‘God! Ever since the guys showed up, I’ve been such a slut!’ she giggled to herself. ‘And I’m absolutely loving it! More! More! More!’ she added happily.

She thought about her afternoon with Dave; specifically, the way he’d worshipped her body. She quivered at the memory of his incredible hunger, his voracious mouth eating her ass. Reaching down, she stroked her dripping pussy.

Her legs nearly gave way before she managed to catch herself. Her breathing shaky, she shook her head and laughed over the wild, sneaky sex she’d had on the couch with John. ‘Jake watched him take me. Jake watched him take my pussy…and my ass. He watched, and he still loves me.’

She felt a beautiful shiver course through her body. ‘There’s nothing Jake wouldn’t do for me, and I know there’s nothing I won’t do for him. God, I want to marry him. I want to spend the rest of my life with that man.’

When that realization hit her, it felt like a miracle.

Then she thought of how she’d capped off the evening by making love again with Aaron, finishing her day the same way she’d started it. She’d given Aaron every inch of her body; no holding back, no mere “one time” teases, and she’d taken what she wanted as well. They’d fucked for hours, and she came so many times that she lost count. All night long, they kept crossing the line between fucking and making love. He gave her everything, cumming in her mouth, her pussy, and deep inside her ass.

‘Even after all that, he still came in my pussy a second time!’ she giggled to herself, happily recalling their final shared orgasm.

She loved how they’d held each other, unwilling to let go when they were finished. It was just so powerful. Falling asleep together in front of the fire, their naked bodies uncovered and shining with sweat in the fading firelight…sheer bliss.

As she listened to the coffee percolating, she recalled the previous morning. Realizing that she was again beginning her day by reveling in the thought of having dried cum on her body from the sex she’d enjoyed the night before, she smiled. It was even better the second time, since she was enjoying the lingering taste of Aaron’s cum in her mouth; after all the sex she’d had with John and Aaron, she also knew she was carrying so much more cum inside her body. She thought it was beautiful, the idea of being filled with and covered in the cum of her wonderful lovers.

‘Mmmm, that was a perfect day,’ she smiled to herself, utterly serene. Feeling safe, warm and loved, she looked forward to sharing endless moments of exquisite ecstasy with her beautiful men. Giving pleasure, receiving it…just pure sex. She exulted in the sensations of being in love and of being loved. All she wanted was to keep falling in love, deeper and deeper.

Still smiling, she realized that she couldn’t wait to make love with them again.

The thought occurred to her that she couldn’t imagine being happier. She simply could not see how her life might ever become any more joyous.

Standing in her sunlit kitchen, waiting for her coffee to brew, she was leaning against the counter top while staring contentedly out her window. She glanced at the digital clock on the microwave, which read 8:12 a.m. Having slept with Aaron in front of the fireplace, she’d only just gotten up.

After she’d woken, she had gone and put on her little nightshirt. Returning to the den, she’d noticed that the guys were all still asleep. John was on the couch, with a pillow over his head. Aaron was buried beneath a pile of pillows and blankets in front of the fireplace. David was sprawled out under a big, woolly blanket near the TV, and Jake was zonked out in the love seat.

Gazing at her wonderful men asleep in her living room, she’d quietly said to them, “I love you. God…thank you.” While watching them sleeping peacefully, she’d been surprised to discover ankara escort she was crying. She was so happy that she just couldn’t seem to help it anymore.

Lost in her thoughts, she dreamily shook her head as she stood alone in the kitchen, stroking her wet pussy. Her little t-shirt was pulled over her hips; naked below the waist, she was absentmindedly caressing herself. Enjoying the moist smacking sounds of her shining labia clutching and releasing, she added a second finger, slipping them together inside; gently fucking herself amid the silence of the sleeping house, her beautiful sounds became more pronounced.

She smiled when she felt a large arm come around her chest to embrace her from behind, followed by an immensely thick cock pushing into her bare bottom as a scruffy chin leaned in to nuzzle the nape of her neck.

“Good morning, beautiful,” came a smiling voice in a warm baritone.

Having learned the identity of the mystery person, she beamed brightly. “Yes, it is,” she said, pulling her hand from her pussy to offer her wet fingers to his mouth; he sucked them clean before kissing her good morning.

“The morning is beautiful, but it can’t compare to how beautiful you looked touching yourself, with your gorgeous hair shining in the sunlight. God, I love how you wear your little t-shirt up around your hips like that.”

“How long were you watching me?” she whispered, reaching back to grasp the hard shaft pressing against her warm, naked bottom. She slid her hand inside his sweats, pulling his cock out to hold it in her hand. “See, I told you I’d get in your pants,” she giggled, beginning to stroke his length up and down her deep divide.

“Yes, you did,” he smiled, making her gasp when he reached around to press his hand over her bare pussy. “I was only watching for a few moments. You’re just so beautiful, Summer, I couldn’t resist.” Nuzzling his face in her hair, he grinned, “You’re also very wet.”

“Yes, I am, and you’re very hard…and very big…and very horny,” she whispered. Pushing her ass back against the head of his cock, she noted with satisfaction that more than half of his large weapon protruded above her clenched fist as she continued to stroke his shaft up and down her moistening crevice.

“Maybe that’s because we still have some unfinished business from yesterday,” Dave grinned, nipping at her ear.

She took a moment to run the head through her lips. “Yes, we do. I had all the fun yesterday. This wonderful cock never got to come out and play.”

“He’s out now, and he wants to play,” Dave growled ominously. Pressing into her, he slid his hand beneath her shirt, taking firm hold of her breast.

“Come inside me now…let me feel him,” she whispered. Leaning forward, she spread her legs and raised her hips. Dave nudged her further forward, pressing her against the kitchen counter. Bent at the waist, Summer positioned his cock at the mouth of her pussy. “Please,” she said, looking back over her shoulder as her pussy opened to welcome him inside, “I want you to fuck me.”

Dave slipped her shirt off, exposing her flawless back, her long auburn hair cascading over gorgeous skin. Grasping her hips, he slid inside Summer with a single smooth stroke; she let out a perfect moan, her pitch rising with each penetrating inch. Arching her spine, she made her silky tresses spill down to tickle his hands, and he delighted in running his fingers through her amazing hair; touching it, gathering it, holding it in his palms, gently pulling on it, he wanted her glorious mane every way he could experience it.

Smiling back at him, she wildly tossed her head around, giving him more of her exotic hair to enjoy. Laughing, moaning and crying out, she stretched forward to brace herself against the kitchen counter while moving her ass on his cock. She made little grinding circles with her perfect bottom, and when the flared tip of his tremendously thick shaft pressed into her cervix she moaned, “Oh yes, baby, fuck me deep….”

Their bodies smacking together, Dave thrust over and over into his auburn angel; staring down in amazement, he was overwhelmed by the beautiful perfection of her dancing hips and ass. She had just the faintest thong-shaped tan line, which drove him crazy, as did the sight of her gorgeous little asshole, but even that paled in comparison to the vision of her flowering pussy lips clinging to his cock, exposing a blush of inner pink on every backstroke.

The scent of her heated sex filled the kitchen, sending Dave into sheer euphoria. His cock was buried in his fantasy woman’s pussy, and everything about her was even more devastating than he’d imagined. No sound ever aroused him the way her breathy moans did, and as he increased the pace of his thrusts she began steadily panting, “Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!”

Cupping her rhythmically swaying breasts, he leaned down and bit between her shoulder blades. She let loose a pretty shriek, and he rained a series of hungry bites all across her back while fucking her pussy harder and faster. Thoroughly enthralled by the sight of her supple bottom quivering hypnotically each time his hips crashed into her, he exclaimed escort ankara in her ear, “Summer…oh fuck…you’re gorgeous! Your pussy is so perfect, pulling on my…fuuuuuuck!”

“You’re…driving me…ohhhh…driving me crazy! Keep biting me! Keep fucking me!” she managed to pant in response.

He hungrily bit all over her back and shoulders, up to her neck, where he nuzzled her cheek. Nipping at her earlobe, he moaned, “Oh god, oh fuck, Summer…what you do to me….”

“What do you want, baby? I’ll do anything. Just tell me what you want,” she hissed sexily. Reaching back, she spread her ass while continuing to grind on his cock; offering herself in full, she stood on the balls of her feet and arched her back. He slammed into her, fucking her as hard as he could, and she cried out, “My pussy…my pussy, oh god, the way you love my pussy! Take it, David! It’s all yours!”

“I love you, Summer…love you…love you…want you…all of you…so beautiful…oh fucking god!”

Her whole body shuddering, her pussy trembling with soft spasms, Summer moaned through her orgasm. When she felt him pull his cock out to position it at her inviting pucker, she leaned back to kiss him while whispering, “Take me, David. Take everything. I want you inside me.”

He spun her around, pulling her into his lap on a kitchen chair. Straddling him, Summer reached between her legs; raising her hips, her sleek ass and strong thighs rippling, she positioned his cock at her forbidden hole. Her eyes blazing, her body as taut as a violin string, she was a vision of primordial sex. Her lips parted, baring brilliant white teeth, and her blue-green eyes stared unblinking as she held him steady. Slowly, excruciatingly, she drove down onto his cock, a small gasp escaping her lips when the head penetrated her tight ring. Never releasing him from her open-mouthed stare, she smoothly lowered her sexy bottom all the way, until he was completely buried to the hilt. Once she’d taken every inch of him deep inside her ass, she sensually wriggled her hips, using her arms to brace herself against his shoulders.

“Is this our unfinished business?” she whispered hotly. Grinding him, she had a burning smile. “You wanted to worship my ass yesterday, and I wanted your cock so badly, yet you wouldn’t fuck me. God, when those boys at the beach were putting their fingers in my ass, I was hoping you would come over and fuck me right in front of them. Baby, this is what I wanted to do in the living room with the guys watching, when I almost lost control. I wanted us to do a lot more than just show them my bottom. I wanted to pull my little panties aside…mmmm…and take your big, thick cock all the way up my ass. I was so turned on, I wanted to fuck you until I couldn’t help but beg for more.” Kissing him, she rotated her hips in delicious circles. “God, David, you feel so enormous inside me…so perfect….” Grinning from ear to ear, she added, “I’m not letting you get away, and I’m not stopping either. This time, you and your long, hard, gorgeous cock are going to give my ass a proper worshipping.”

Raising her hips to show Dave his shaft standing straight and tall, the head still inside her, she bit her lip before slamming her ass down. She shrieked when he hit home, and Dave moaned. One, two, three more times, again and again she drove onto his sturdy cock, making them both cry out with every searing stroke.

Realizing they were becoming too loud, Dave picked her up and carried her to the hallway bathroom, keeping her impaled on his steely length the whole way there. Giggling in his arms, she kicked the door shut, then he plopped them down together on the rim of the tub.

“Now, take my ass. No more teasing me,” she moaned, biting his neck.

With a hungry growl he drove into her with all his might, beginning a steady assault on her clutching bottom. After her initial shriek, she started up a sexy moaning that followed the rhythm of her beautiful tits bouncing on her chest. Her erect nipples ached, her eyes were wild, and her moans were pure silk to Dave’s ears as her ass loudly smacked against his thighs with each thrust.

Finally, he was giving her what she so desperately wanted. “I love you! I love you! God, I love you!” she cried, howling like a banshee.

As she completely let herself go, he once again found himself watching her in wonder. Driving into her impossibly perfect bottom, he knew he was deeply in love with her; in fact, he wanted to shout it from the mountaintops. Despite his feeling of sheer triumph, he surprised himself by panting, “Summer…Summer…remember yesterday, what you did…what you did when you came? I want that!”

Continuing to impale herself, she nevertheless slowed her pace so she could speak to him as a woman in love rather than sounding like a slutty hurricane. “Mmmmmm, you want more than my pussy,” she moaned, moving her hips in sexy figure-eights. “You even want more than my ass. My beautiful David wants my gushing cum.”

When he nodded with a smile, they both understood. He squeezed her ass, she moaned in response, then he began violently thrusting all the way into her, again making her shriek ankara escort bayan from the intense pleasure. “God, baby, you have an amazing cock! You can never stop fucking me! I won’t allow it!” she laughed wildly, bucking her hips up and down.

Never ceasing in his relentless bombing of her breathtaking bottom, he grasped her hip with one hand while attacking her pussy with the other.

“You…you want me…you want my cum,” she stammered, riding him hard as she approached her peak.

“I do,” he said, coming to his feet. “I want it. I want to taste it. Summer, I want your pussy all over me.” Setting her on the sink counter, he had her lean back as he continued his unyielding assault on her spectacular body.

“Ohhh! Unnnnnh…oh god! It’s coming! It’s coming!” she moaned. Pulling out, he dropped to his knees and immediately buried his face between her quivering legs. Latching on to her clit with his teeth, he slammed three thick fingers into her pussy. “OH FUCK ME!!” she screamed, and he exulted when she let go all over his face and chest with a wild gush of clear cum. Glorying in the sight of her scarlet sex pulsing through a shattering orgasm, he kept ravenously pumping away inside her; she was simply out of control, laughing hysterically as he rolled his head round and round, bathing himself in her cum.

When she finally came back down, he gave her an exaggerated tickling motion accompanied by a wicked grin. “Now let’s see whether you were really serious.”

Breathing heavily, her thighs trembling with electric spasms, she looked between her legs and laughed when she saw his smiling face. “Baby, I was dead serious,” she said, curling her fingers in his dark hair. “The question is whether you are, because if you tickle me, I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to pee all over you, then we’re going to fuck again. It’ll be your fault, too. You said you want everything.”

“I do. I want everything. I don’t want you to hold back anything, ever. You’re absolutely fucking gorgeous when you lose control.”

“Wait,” she said, holding up her hand. “You still haven’t cum yet, not once. Not yesterday, and not now. Baby, you’ve made me cum a million times already, so before you do anything more to me, I want you to cum. Fuck me again, and let me make you cum.”

She spread her legs and guided his cock to her liquid slit. Leaning back, she brought her thighs to her chest, lewdly offering herself. “Here I am, David. I want your big cock right where it belongs, deep inside my pussy.” Giving him a smoky smile, she patted her glistening labia. “This pussy loves you, and she deserves your cum.”

With a grin and a groan Dave slid inside all the way and began steadily stroking. He quickly settled into a smooth rhythm, and they watched in fascination as his long, shining wet shaft split her open.

“Oh, baby, look at that…your perfect cock, fucking my pussy. Mmmmmm, it’s so beautiful,” she moaned.

His eyes were wild. “I can’t believe I’m inside you! God, Summer!”

They were moaning together when suddenly he pulled out to position his cock back at her asshole. Looking up at him in surprise, she nevertheless had a wide grin. “You really love my ass, don’t you? Mmmm, go ahead…do it. Just tell me when you’re ready to cum.”

She relaxed her muscular ring, and he slid inside. Neither of them broke their intense gaze as he forced his long shaft deep into her very core.

“You love having my cock in your ass, don’t you?” he answered.

“I do. You know I do. I love it. I crave it. I want your cock in my ass every second we’re together, no matter where we are. You were cruel to deny me yesterday. You made me want it so badly, and you wouldn’t give it to me!”

“Do you like it better in your ass or your pussy?”

“I love it anywhere you’ll let me have it. I usually make love with my mouth and pussy. I use my ass when I want to fuck. Whatever will drive you insane and make you cum inside me, then want to fuck me again…mmmm…that’s what I like,” she moaned, panting heavily.

“You’d really pee on me if I tickled you?” he grinned, stroking deep into her ass.

“I would if you wanted me to…maybe even if you didn’t want me to,” she panted, grinning right back. “Just…oh god, yes…keep fucking me! I want your cum! If I pee on your big cock, will that make you cum?”

Feeling his urgency building, she grabbed his ass and slammed him home. “Let me know when you’re there!” she repeated.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck, I’m about to…about to…” he groaned, driving again and again into her velvet clutch.

Crying out as she felt the first jets of cum pulsing deep in her ass, Summer quickly pulled off. Scrambling down from the counter, she took his cock between her lips. “Let me taste you!” she moaned, stroking him into her mouth with a rapid corkscrewing motion. Taking his hand, she jammed it in her pussy. He dove in with three fingers, frantically fucking her, and Summer laughed in celebration when he shot four more thick ropes of cum onto her tongue and all over her face. Sucking his throbbing shaft like a woman possessed, she took every drop, savoring the taste; savoring also her own taste, though not yet swallowing. She rubbed his cock over her lips, chin, cheeks, nose and eyes, collecting his cum before sucking him back into her mouth to complete the load, which she eagerly swallowed in two large gulps.

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