Claire’s First Time Penetration Ch. 04

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Here is the 4th and last part of this story line. Recall that Claire is a 19 year old high school student so there is no underage content in my stories.


Claire’s First Time (Part 4 and final)

Claire lay motionless with her stomach flat on the principal’s desk, her head facing to the side resting her cheek, tied at the wrists and blindfolded. She just had the largest cock she has ever had penetrate her tight teen pussy. It gave her the most incredible orgasm. Her mind was spinning, but she wanted more and was hoping the two men were not done with her yet. She was still breathing heavy and couldn’t mutter a word out loud, coming down from her amazing orgasm. She couldn’t help but wonder now, who this man was with the larger cock behind her. She had to know, but how?

Claire felt the man behind her pull away. All she could feel was the cool wetness of her juices over her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. Not a word was said by anyone. She heard them move around the room and some whispering, but she could not make out what was being said.

She then felt someone grab her shins, with their thumbs on her calve muscles. Her legs were pulled upward shifting all her weight onto her waist and hips. She let out a bit of a sigh. Her legs and feet were being lifted well above the desk and her waist, making her back arch arch.

“HEY, what’s going on!?” yelped Claire.

“Just never mind my dear.” the principal said. “It will only be for a moment.”

She felt something get under her waist and stomach that lifted her whole body upward slightly, then sliding along her and up to her breasts. Then suddenly, she felt a pair of lips touch hers, kissing her softly. Her head jerked slightly, with the sudden surprise. A tongue ran along her bottom lip.

The voice beneath her said, “Claire, I am going to fuck you now. I want you to grind yourself into me Claire while sitting on my cock.”

Claire knew it was the principal and voiced back, “Yes Mr. Strong.”

They both wiggled into position. Claire rested her knees on the desk beside the principal’s hips and waiting for his cock to touch her pussy. The principal grabbed his rock hard cock and guided it between her waiting sopping wet pussy lips. His cock touched her outer lips and he could feel the cool wetness of her juices.

Claire knew what to do next. She slowly sat down on his hard cock as it pressed against her pussy lips, attempting to part them open. She pressed further then suddenly, his cock head popped into her. They both moaned simultaneously as the head worked its way inside of her.

“Fuck me Claire, squat on that cock and FUCK it. Tell me how much you love the principal’s cock.” he said.

With her hands still bound, she managed to work her hips up and was now squatting on top of the principal. With his cock head still inside of her slightly, she pushed down. The entire head popped back into her easily due to her slippery teen wetness, making her moan. In this position, it was so tightly wrapped around him. She gently pushed down further. She needed to feel his cock deep inside her but wanted it to slide into her ever so slowly. She loved that feeling.

Inch by inch, Claire sat down on the principal’s cock, taking it deeper and deeper. It was so hard, she could not believe it, as her pussy gripped his cock as it sank into her. The principal moaned over and over as he could feel this sweet young girl’s tight wet pussy slip around his aching cock. The warmth of her sent shivers down his spine as she slid lower and lower onto his cock.

She finally worked his cock all the way into her as she sat comfortably on his legs, pushing herself into him to take his full length.

“Oh my GOD, Mr. Strong.” Claire said in a deep voice. “Your cock feels so fucking good. You’re soooo hard, I can feel it pulsing inside me.”

“You’re sweet pussy casino oyna feels so fucking amazing Claire. You are my dream. Now fuck that principal’s cock and tell me how much you like it.” he said.

Claire pushed her feet into the desk top and lifted herself upward, slowly letting his cock slip out of her pussy inch by inch. Her juices were left all over his shaft as it came out, glistening in the eyes of the man with the large cock who had just previously fucked Claire. He sat in a chair behind the two, now stroking his own cock, looking at her ass as she lifted it above the principal’s cock. The sight of this young thing sitting on the principal’s cock got him hard again as he was stroking it.

Claire sat back down on the principal’s cock, but faster than the first time. She needed to fuck this rock hard cock and make herself cum again. She could do this all day she thought to herself.

She began to lift up again and sit, lift and sit, lift and sit, over and over, faster and faster, taking his hard cock to the hilt each time she sat down. The man sitting in the chair across from them stroked his cock faster and faster, to the rhythm of their fucking. His eyes were glued to her ass as it sat up and down on the principal. Her ass was pure heaven he thought to himself, it was the most perfect ass he had ever seen.

Claire moaned out loud as she fucked faster and faster, “MMMM, MMMM, MMMM.” she voiced with each time she sat down on his cock. “Oh Mr. Strong, you’re cock feels SSOOOO good .. my pussy’s so tight around you .. it’s so fucking wet for you .. you’re gonna make me cum .. you’re gonna make me cum.” Claire said in an erotic deep voice as she fucked up and down as fast as she could. His cock was rubbing against her g-spot and hitting her cervix with each downward thrust.

The man sitting in the chair had seen and heard enough. His cock was hugely erect, and throbbing to fuck Claire again. Her words as her ass slapped down on the principal made him hornier than ever before. He walked over to them while she continued to fuck the principal and placed his hands on the top of her ass, trying to slow her down.

“Stop!” he said, in a loud voice, as he grabbed Claire’s hips and pushed her down on the principal. He pushed Claire forward so she no longer was squatting, but now had her knees on the desk top, resting her ass on the principal’s legs while his cock was still throbbing and buried deep inside her. The man behind them leaned over and put his face forward to her ass, stuck out his tongue and pushed it into the teen girl’s virgin ass. He tongue fucked her ass over and over.

Claire let out moans of pleasure as he stuck his tongue deep into her ass. She had never had anything in her ass before but the feeling sent shivers and small orgasms up her spine, especially with the principal’s rock hard cock throbbing inside her pussy at the same time.

The man stopped what he was doing, quickly got on the desk and put his cock at the entrance of Claire’s virgin teen ass. He pushed forward slightly so Claire could feel it.

“OH MY GOD!” yelled Claire. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Just as Claire said her last word, the man pushed his cock into her tight ass, sinking the head into her.

“AAWWWWEEEEEEEEEE!” Claire yelled.

The man behind Claire held her down so she could not move and slowly pushed his cock deeper into her ass. “Take that cock baby.” the man said. “Take both cocks inside your tight teeny holes baby.”

Claire’s head was tipped back and she grimaced in some pain as the man’s big cock slowly worked its way into her virgin ass. “OH FUUUUUUUCK!” she yelled. “IT HURTS .. IT HURTS .. IT HURTS SOOOOO GOOD .. FUUUUUCK.”

The principal felt the large cock in her ass through her tight pussy and he could not imagine both of their cocks inside her at the same time. The thought made him extremely hard as slot oyna he started to fuck Claire’s pussy as she lay on top of him. He could see the expression on her teen face as both cocks penetrated her young body. It was heavenly and he knew she was ready to cum again.

Claire felt the principal’s cock fucking her now in a nice even pace. She couldn’t believe the feeling of both cocks inside her, so tight she could feel every little vein on their throbbing cocks. She was on the verge of a huge orgasm and wanted the men to fuck her teen brains out.

The man in her ass kept pushing his cock deeper into her. It must have been at least 8 inches inside of her he thought. He began to pull back and then pushed forward again, beginning to fuck her sweet tight ass. The feeling was like nothing he has ever felt before, she was so tight, he was about to cum again.

Claire’s body was now returning to that blissful state she was in before. Both men were fucking her young holes at the same time, in opposite timing. She could feel how hard they both were, penetrating her, fucking her, making her body tingle with pleasure.

“OH .. OH .. OH.” Claire sighed with each thrust into her. “FUCK ME .. FUCK ME .. FUCK ME FASTER .. FASTER.” she cried.

Both men picked up the pace and fucked her pussy and ass faster and faster as she wanted. They were both extremely hard and were on the verge of cumming. They were both grunting louder and louder as they fucked Claire’s young body.

“YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM! .. OH, OH .. GONNA MAKE ME CUM .. MAKE ME CUM!!” she screamed loudly.

Her teen body went into wild convulsions as the two men fucked her like wild stallions. She was screaming out loud in words that were not understandable. Her head was cocking back and forth. It took all of the principal’s strength to hold her still enough for them to keep fucking her.

They could all feel her pussy and ass contract and spasm over and over as she came, fucking her relentlessly. She was so tight with their cocks being gripped around their full girth. With each spasm, Claire’s body would convulse over and over. Then her pussy began squirting fluid like crazy.

“SSPPSSSSS .. SSPPSSSSS .. SSPPSSSSS.” Her pussy squirted loudly with each convulsion, as the principal’s cock pressed against her g-spot with each thrust into her young pussy.

“OH! .. OH! .. OH!” Claire moaned in unison with her pussy squirts. Her fluid was everywhere, all over the principal’s cock, legs and desk. It dripped over the edge of the desk and onto the floor.

A huge cock fucking her ass and another in her pussy was the most incredible feeling she ever had, and her bodily reactions were making the two men get closer and closer to cumming. They were both grunting very loudly and kept fucking her, making her cum over and over again. Wave after wave of pleasure went through her.

After Claire stopped squirting, the man fucking her ass quickly pulled out of her and removed the restraints on her wrists. He then stood on the desk, and lifted Claire up while holding her under her arm pits. He was strong and with Claire being so petite, he had no trouble. Claire’s body was limp from the fucking she was getting and was panting over and over again, trying to catch her breath.

The blindfold was still on her face. He spun her around in reverse cowgirl position on the principal. The principal knew what to do and guided his cock into her young teen ass. Claire’s pussy fluids were now dripping onto her ass, making it extremely slippery and wet.

The large man lowered Claire down onto the principal’s cock while still holding her up. The principal’s cock slid into her ass with ease, all the way to its full length as she now laid limp on top of him.

“OOOOOOOO.” Claire moaned loudly as the principal’s cock penetrated her ass for the first time. The principal grabbed her tits canlı casino siteleri and fondled them between his fingers and moaned a long sigh of pleasure.

The large man got back on the desk and guided his huge cock to the entrance of Claire’s pussy. In one full thrust, he pushed his large cock deep into her sopping wet pussy and began fucking her like a wild man.

“OH .. OH!!” yelled Claire, with each forward thrust into her pussy. “YES, YES, FUCK ME .. FUCK ME!!” she cried over and over.

The principal lifted her ass with his hands and pulled his cock out slightly, then pushed it back in promptly. He began fucking this young teen’s ass for the first time, as he could feel the other man’s cock pressing in her pussy from the front. The principal’s cock grew in size like never before, throbbing and fucking Claire’s tight ass, on the verge of a huge orgasm himself.

Claire’s body was once again reacting to their fucking. “OH MY GOD .. OH MY GOD!!” yelled Claire. “FEELS SO GOOD .. FEELS SO GOOD .. GONNA CUM .. GONNA CUM .. CUMMING AGAIN!!” she screamed.

Her body went into wave motions from her head to her hips. Her head cocking back and forth uncontrollably and moaning the same illegible words in a deep erotic tone. Her pussy started to contract again, gripping the large cock in pulses.

“Oh yeah.” said the large man. “Cum for me baby, cum for me. Cum on that big black dick.” he groaned.

Claire suddenly realized what he said. The thought of a big black cock fucking her pussy and ass sent even more shock waves through her being, as the two men wildly fucked her.

Suddenly, “SSPPSSSS .. SSPPSSSS .. SSPPSSSS.” Claire’s teen pussy squirted over and over again, all over the black man’s cock and legs. Her fluid was gushing more and more with each thrust forward he gave her.

“AH .. AH .. AH!!” Claire sighed with each powerful squirt.

Her fluid dripped down onto the principal’s cock as he kept fucking her ass, adding more lubrication to his onslaught. The two men gripped Claire’s waist, fucking her pussy and ass harder and faster.

“OH FUCK .. I’M GONNA CUM!” said the black man, as he watched his cock fuck her sopping wet glistening pussy.


Claire’s pussy was continuing to squirt and cum as they fucked her harder and faster, wave after powerful wave of orgasm ripped through her young body.

‘YES, YES .. FUCK ME .. FUCK ME!!” Claire screamed over and over as her pussy kept cumming and squirting its fluid.

Both men grunted like animals as the principal’s cock exploded its cum deep inside her ass.

“OOHHHHHH .. OOHHHH.” moaned the principal, as he held his cock in one place feeling it squirt over and over again inside of her. The warmth of her insides felt truly amazing. Cum leaked out of her ass as the principal pushed his cock in deeper. It dripped on his legs and on the desk.

The black man saw this and suddenly exploded his cum inside Claire’s pussy. “AAWWWEEEE .. FUCK!” he yelled. “AH .. AH .. AH!” he moaned with each cum squirt inside of her. There was so much cum that it ran out between his cock and her pussy lips as he held his body close to hers. His cum dribbled down Claire’s ass cheeks and onto the desk.

Claire’s body was now spent, after cumming like she has never done so before. She laid limp on the chest of the principal, trying to catch her breath. There was cum everywhere, all over the desk and the floor. The room was filled with the smell of sweat and cum.

Claire had to see who this black man was. The only black teacher in the school was the gym teacher. She threw her blindfold off with the teacher right in front of her.

“it IS you!” yelled Claire. “You are VERY naughty” Claire said sarcastically, in bated breaths.

“You’re one to talk my dear.” said the gym teacher.

All of them were panting and sighing. What a day this was. Claire could only dream of what the principal and gym teacher would do next time.

(story’s of Claire will continue … always new firsts!)

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