Clara’s Return

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Originaly posted elsewhere under a slightly different pen name. All characters over 18 yrs of age.

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o )

It was one of those warm fall days with just a hint of color in the leaves to remind you that summer was fading fast. As usual, almost all of the outdoor sidewalk tables at Nick’s were occupied. The only table for four that was not fully occupied was held by a single young woman. Her back was toward us as I suggested to my friends that we ask if we could share.

And with that in mind we wound our way in and around the tables toward the only free seats in the place.

Freddie was in the lead and as he rounded the table he said “Miss could we …ah, ah..” and stopped dead in his tracks! We must have looked like the Three Stooges as Walt bumped into Freddie and I into Walt!

What none of us could have known from the back was that this young lady was a knock out. Dark red hair cut short to hug her features accented the contours of her face. Lightly applied makeup brought attention to her eyes without detracting from a very kissable mouth that was smiling in amusement at our clumsiness. But what had brought Freddie to an abrupt halt was from the neck down. There was a lot from the neck down.

Her maroon jacket revealed a white blouse with a modest, square cut neckline. Well, it appeared modest at first glance. Many inches below a simple string of pearls, two rich swells of creamy breast flesh peeped above the neckline, separated by one or two inches of deeply inviting cleavage.

“Hello boys” she said as she looked at us. The amusement still in her eyes. “I’m afraid I’m waiting for someone,” she started as she looked from one to the other of us.

“Richie? Richie? Oh my God, is that you, Richie?” She sprang out of her chair and gave me an enveloping hug which made me suddenly aware that she was very large breasted indeed! “Richie! Boys, sit down, please, join me!

I was grabbed by the wrist and pulled to the chair. It was being tugged by the wrist that finally triggered my memory.

In astonishment, I gasped “Clara?”

“Clarrisa!” she corrected. “I use Clarrisa now. You wait right here while I get us all a drink. Pitcher of dark, okay?” and she was gone, not waiting for an answer. I watched her butt twitch as she headed to the bar. Amazingly small and tight for a woman of her otherworldly dimensions elsewhere. Every male eye was on her as she moved.

“Man do you know her? Who the HELL is SHE?. You’ve never talked about HER! What a stone fox! And did you get a load of the melons on her? Holy Christ. I’ve never seen such huge whoppers. Not even on the Internet! Well, aside from that babe that’s been strutting around campus the last few weeks. And everyone thinks she’s phony anyway” Walt was a boob man. And almost no one knew who Hillary was let alone that I was the one man Hillary was fucking on a regular basis. And that Hillary was very real indeed and still trying to get larger

“T-Cups” I muttered under my breath.

“If those are teacups,” Walt smiled “I can’t wait to see what you consider jugs!”

I didn’t bother to correct him as Clara, um, Clarrisa, was wending her way back to us with a partially filled pitcher in one hand and four mugs of dark beer in the other. Her passage stirred heads the way a strong wind will affect a wheat field. She was still wearing her jacket. But there was no doubt that the ponderous, heavy movement under that jacket was the result of two improbably large breasts. If you looked (and every guy and some of the gals were looking) you could see the flutter of Clarissa’s blouse caused by the bobbling movement of the immense amount of breast flesh that she proudly carried before her.

And that evident pride was a big change from when I had last seen her. She carried herself now with a confidence that was quite evident. Here was a woman who had an extravagantly opulent bosom and was not shy about letting people know it! A real change from the Clara I’d known who habitually wore sport jacket, bib overalls and flannel shirts to disguise her munificence. As well as wrapping her bosom in a tube top to further hold down the bounty that Mother Nature had endowed her with.

Now, Clarissa was wearing undergarments that, while not perhaps emphasizing her bust, did nothing to diminish it either. It seemed that her search for a maker of proper fitting foundation garments had been successful!

Making eye contact with me as she approached, she shot me a wink.

When she reached the table she bent over to place her burden down. Her neck line gaped open revealing a chasm of cleavage between what looked to be the tops of two over inflated basketballs and several inches of a lace bra. I heard the sound of escaping air from both my companion as they gazed, mesmerized, at the sight before them.

Before straightening, Clarissa shot me another illegal bahis wink (nobody else was looking that far up!) and said. “Don’t those look good, boys?”

“Wow, yeah,” said Freddie and then blushed as red as a beet when he realized he’d spoken out loud.

“I just love a dark beer on a warm fall day” Clarrisa continued, seemingly unaware of the effect of her double entendre. “The look of the condensation on the outside of the mug makes me thirsty.” Her hand lightly stroked the side of the mug and she carried the condensation to her lips and lightly licked each finger while watching Freddie and Walt sweat.

I think they both were dangerously close to embarrassing themselves ’cause they grabbed the mug in front of them and buried their faces in their beer. The three of them carried on a halting conversation while I watched. Clarissa seemed to ignore me. But every movement she made was a provocation. She would lean forward to say something in confidence to one or the other which would result in both of them losing track of the conversation. She would touch them lightly on the sleeve or knee, she managed to somehow remind the guys with every word and gesture that they were in the presence of an ultra busty, sexually charged woman. With-in minutes they had finished the pitcher and excused themselves.

Clarrisa smiled up at both of them offering them her hand and one more glimpse of heaven. “I hope I see both of you boys sometime. Richie has the cutest friends,” she purred. I thought Walt was going to dive in head first but he pulled himself together and left with Freddie. Both of them whispering together as they left and shooting glances back as they walked down the street.

“Clara,” I laughed, “you have really changed since that last time we were together!”

“Oh Richie. I told you I was going to change my life after that wonderful night. I owe you so much! You really opened my eyes! I feel so much freer now and so much more at ease with myself!”

“I’ll say. You look fabulous and the old Clara wouldn’t have flirted with Freddie and Walt like you just did! Tell me what you’ve been up to. You’ve really changed. And you seem happy with the change. You really look different now .” I declared, openly leering at her flabbergasting bosom. “Where did you go? When I woke up you were gone and I never saw you in class or anywhere for all this time.”

Clarissa preened in front of me. My leer that would have completely flustered her back when we first met now caused her to glow . She leaned forward somewhat and by pressing her arms together presented me with a vista of creamy breast flesh, deep cleavage and a most capacious brassiere. It looked like it could shelter a family of immigrants in a rain storm.

“Well, for one thing, I’ve become much more comfortable with who I am and how I look. I have learned that many people like to look at a woman who is as well built as I am. And, I’ve found that I like them to look! In fact,” she teased, as she compressed and released the pressure of her upper arms causing an epic movement within her blouse, “in fact, sometimes I encourage them to look. Just like now. Having you ogle me like this is getting me all warm and moist. Umm, I love that look in your eyes!”

Her smile was dazzling. She straightened up slowly, reluctantly.

“Listen Rich, I told you I thought I was descended from witches when we were together that night. I was right. After you passed out and I, um, finished, I slipped out of the frat house. I started looking for my Aunt Helen the next day. Remember I told you that she was a practicing witch while my mom had given it up when she found Jesus? Well, it took me some time but I found her and she took me under her wing. She and her coven have been training me ever since. It turns out that I have quite a bit of potential as a witch.”

“Yeah, I know.” I said gesturing to my lap. There was a lump that stretched almost to my knee and was about as big around as Clarissa’s wrist. I hoped I wouldn’t spring a full blown hard on!

“Oh, Rich. I’m so sorry about that! If you like, I think that I could , um, ah, correct, what my unguided enthusiasm did to you. Has it ruined your life?” She asked with anguish in her eyes.

“By no means. In fact, I’m grateful to you in a way. I met a beautiful, wonderful woman who needed, um, me. We have had an open and honest relationship. I hope that when she achieves her goal that we may be able to pick up where we left off.”

I realized with a start that I had just said out loud what I had been gradually coming to realize was the truth. Hillary was not the same person I had first met. But I still cared for her. If she could somehow become content within her self, I hoped that I could be a part of her life. It felt like a big if.

“I’m so glad!” Clarrisa enthused. “Any way, part of my training with the coven has been to unleash my sexuality – which will help to allow me to reach my full potential as a witch. I’ve been dedicating myself to total illegal bahis siteleri sexual happiness! Not just in myself, but in everyone I can reach. The more I do good in this way the more my powers and abilities expand.

“Aunt Helen explained to me that, way back when, a lot of women were labeled witches just because they were sexual in nature and unashamed of being a woman. You know, like in the early part of this century when a woman was called a nymphomaniac just because her sex drive was as strong or stronger than her partner! I try to reach out to everyone around me to make them aware of my and their own sexuality. With out repression, without guilt!”

“Well I must say you’ve certainly done that!” I said in admiration. “You had my two friends on the edge of their seats. I bet they were both on the verge of coming when they left here. You really have talent as a tease.”

“I don’t just tease. In fact, Freddie did have an orgasm. Didn’t you notice? From his aura I’d say he is really fixated on large boobs. Walt is too, but he is more aware of that than Freddie. I may try to meet up with them later!”

Glancing downward, she lightly pushed her upper arms together and watched with evident pride as her massive swells surged into view over the neckline of her suddenly stressed blouse. I watched as stress lines formed leading from the erecting tips of her bosom to the sides of her revealed blouse.

“Right now there are five men and two women looking at me.” she said softly with out looking up. She relaxed. “I can always tell. It’s part of my new purpose in life. To look for those who can use the help and release I can give them. It’s all a part of my witchcraft.

“How do you mean?” I asked, wondering if I had been counted among the five men looking. And who were the two women?

“Much of my witchly powers,” she continued to explain, “focus on sexuality. It’s not that unusual. And I have been blessed with some strong psychic and physical skills as well as a body that most men, and many women, find alluring.

“Since you and I parted I have been learning to use all my attributes and skills to improve the sexuality of my fellow mankind. Not for power, for pleasure. Not for money – a good witch can make plenty of money with out selling herself for sex. Not to mention the negative feed back that doing so would cause me!

“What i do is seek out those who need what I have to offer. One way is to offer myself as , well, I’d guess you’d call it bait. By flirting with your two friends I was able to help them to accept their own sexuality as well as mine. I have learned to focus the attention of those around me on me by using what I have been blessed with.

“I can intensify or lessen the attraction. If I want to be inconspicuous I can do so by slightly altering my posture and attitude as well as sort of “dimming” my aura. If I want to attract attention I can radiate overt sexuality to the point that the susceptible who are with in close range will be come mesmerized and even achieve climax. I don’t do that much anymore. It was a great training exercise though!

“Would you like to see what I can do?”

“Sure.” I responded.

“Okay, see if you notice any difference in me now.”
She did not move, just sat back in her chair as I continued to look at her.

Nothing happened and I was about to comment on that when I gradually became aware that I was getting erect. My penis which had returned to normal while we had chatted was slowly inflating. It seemed that her breasts were more prominent now. Her nipples were more in evidence than they had been. I thought I saw her breasts slowly shimmy and rock as she shifted position in her chair. As I looked at her I saw her slowly lick her lips. As I watched her small pink tongue caress her lower lip my dick leapt to attention as I imagined that soft moist appendage caressing my dick head.

I was at full attention when Clarrisa snapped her fingers under the table. The sharp noise seemed to echo momentarily in my ears and then I felt a jolt run through me as if I had suddenly waken up.

“See? You were almost ready to cream your jeans when I stopped.”

“Wow. And you can do that to anyone?”

“Almost. But usually I just try to get them in tune with me and see what may develop.”

Clarrisa slowly rose from her chair. Turning around in place she scanned the people in the area. As we had been quietly talking most of the attention that had arisen when Clarissa had fetched the beer had ebbed. Indeed, several tables nearby had been vacated and then claimed by new groups. For some reason her standing now did not draw any attention at all.

“Actually,” she said as she returned to her seat, “I don’t really have to see anyone to be able to scan them if they are close enough, about 40 or 50 feet at this point. But it still helps when I can look at them.”

“What were you looking for?” I asked.

“Interest. Sexual interest in general, sexual interest in me specifically. canlı bahis siteleri It’s always easier if there is a certain level of, well, call it arousal, for me to work with.”

Pointing her chin to the right she asked. “Do you see that couple three tables over? The ones that seem to only have eyes for each other?”

I looked where she had directed. The girl was a petite brunette while the guy looked like a swimmer, tall, leanly muscled and athletic. They seemed to be deeply engrossed in each other.

“I see them. What about them?
“Irv and Mary. Well, from the information I’ve gleaned they are not quite the happy couple they seem. For one thing when I stood up they both noticed me but didn’t want the other to know. He thinks I’m wearing falsies!” She giggled.

“Mary wishes she had larger breasts. She always feels that way when she sees a well built girl. She’s seldom caught Irv looking but suspects he’s interested. And he is, although he can’t believe I’m all real” She giggled again. “And Mary’s interest is as sexual as Irv’s. She has always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl. Specifically one with very large breasts. She’s thinking that if I really am as I seem that she has never imagined breasts could grow so large! And she’s getting damp just imagining it.” Again she giggled and smiled. “I’ve really become quite proud of my appearance Rich!”

“Now Irv.” She paused. “Double D. That’s the largest busted woman he’s had – not Mary – she’s not even a C-cup. And it was a one night stand. Never saw her again. That could be part of his continued interest in busty women.

“But overall they both care for each other very much. They are nice kids.

“Well, if I can get them to come over here I should be able to help them both. I don’t want to go to them, it’s better if they approach me at least at first.”

“Clarissa, I don’t understand. What can you do to help them?”

“Well. First I can satisfy both their curiosity about what it would be like to make love to a woman with large breasts.”

“More like immense!” I responded, remembering the sight of Clarissa’s breasts as they rolled into my sight that night long ago.

“Well, whatever. You know what I mean.” She smiled at me. And once again proudly waggled her massive mounds in my direction. “Secondly, I can help Mary achieve what she has privately yearned for, a large, firm, well shaped bosom that will be everything Irv has ever lusted after. It will bind them together even more closely.

“Right now I’m trying to learn to focus myself so that I don’t have to affect everyone in sight. Rich, if this works, I’m going to leave with Mary and Irv. But I really want to see you again. Here’s my number.” She scribbled on the napkin and pushed it at me. “Please call me, Rich? I really want to catch up on your life, too.

“But now I need to ask you to move to that other table. People won’t likely come on to me if I’m with someone. That’s why I started to blow off your friend when he approached me earlier. But I’ll be sure to include you in what I’m doing so you will be aware of it all. I want to know what you think later!”

She leant over the table, pushing her left tit against my arm and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’m so glad we met again.” She whispered. “And remember, if you want king dong here brought back to normal dimensions, I may be able to help.” She affectionately squeezed my dick which immediately started to come to attention in response.

“Later.” She smirked. “We’ll see if you still like to grow bigger for Clara later.” She let out a tinkle of laughter as I flinched and pulled away. No way did I want THAT to start happening again.

“No fear Rich. I have that under control. It only happens now when both I and my partner want it to. I’ve found that most men are quite happy with what God dealt them although I could tell you a story or two. Now shoo and watch a real witch cast a spell!”

So I picked up my mug and moved to the table Clarissa had indicated. I sat and nursed my beer for a few minutes. Nothing seemed to be happening. But gradually I found that it took an effort to remove my attention from Clarissa. The light hit her deep auburn hair casting glints that seemed to highlight her. Her movements as she shifted in her chair were languid.

Her jacket, which she had never completely unbuttoned, seemed to cup her preternaturally lavish bosom more closely. And it seemed to have become some how silkier. It now closely followed the contours beneath. Irv and Mary were both casting frequent glances at Clarissa. Neither one seemed to realize that they shared an interest in a wonderfully overblown redhead seated two tables away from them.

Clarissa shifted her weight and crossed one leg over the other. She repeated the motion which caused her hem to ride up a little over her knee. She shifted again, seeming to be uncomfortable. Glancing around she seemed oblivious to the duo who were watching her now openly while holding hands above the table.

Twisting her shoulders Clarissa seemed to be trying to work out a kink in her back. The twisting motion imparted a rhythmic undulation in her breasts which were just brushing the edge of the table as she moved.

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