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My finger hesitated above a contact listed as “Mr. Mendoza.” Maybe it was a bad idea to call him – the favor I needed went a bit beyond what was expected between an 18-year-old & her friend’s father, & we hadn’t known each other very long. His daughter Maddie went to a private academy while I went to public school. We met when we both started volunteering at the community center & became fast friends. I met her father Javier soon after, only about two years ago.

But I couldn’t explain this situation to my mom, & he did give me his number for nights like this. It was either call, or stay at the motel where Will York had abandoned me.

I tapped the green phone icon. He answered in three rings.

“Hi, Thea. If you’re looking for Maddie, she’s at her mother’s for the weekend.”

“I know, Mr. Mendoza. Actually… you know how you said to call if I ever needed a ride?”


Within twenty minutes his black Audi pulled into the parking lot. I exited the seedy motel room & braced myself for humiliation. Bad enough to explain my failure to lose my virginity to any friend’s parent – it had to be him.

Mr. Mendoza was 47 years old & very mindful of his health if evidence was to be gleaned from the way his shirts clung to his defined frame. His hair was thick & wavy, black with silver flecks around his temples & in his eternal 5 o’clock shadow. He had a regal Roman nose, a strong jawline, & wrinkles around his warm, chocolatey eyes that creased when he flashed his Cheshire smile, making him seem experienced & distinguished rather than old. He looked more like a silver fox movie star than a software developer.

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but he always seemed flirtatious when we spoke. He laughed sincerely at my jokes, maintained intense eye contact, & charged his words with extra meaning when directed at me. He treated me differently than Maddie’s other friends, entrusting me with more responsibilities & engaging in discussions that went beyond simple small talk. It was as if he saw me as his equal.

I might have been in love with him.

“Alright, Thea,” he said as I got into the car, “you don’t have to explain anything you don’t want to. Let’s get you home.”

“Thanks, Mr. Mendoza.”

He smiled. “Please, Thea. Call me Javier.”

I blushed & turned my gaze to my feet. “Thanks, Javier. But… would it be okay if I stayed the night at your house? I told my mom I was sleeping over with Maddie anyway, so it’s kinda like I told the truth. I can crash on her bed or the couch.”

Javier let out a bemused laugh & ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah, yeah that sounds alright to me. There’s a fresh set of sheets on Maddie’s bed.”

The first few minutes in the car were tense. Javier kept glancing over at me, which made me feel conscious about how I looked. I was wearing a floral-print dress with a flared skirt, fitted top, & low neckline – ideal for flaunting curves – with thigh high boots, my coppery red hair in a “messy” bun, & smoky makeup around my green eyes. The topper was my lucky bra – Javier couldn’t see the C-cup garment itself, but he could definitely see the three inches of cleavage it helped produce.

He finally broke the silence. “I know I said you don’t have to tell me anything about what happened tonight. But I’m also willing to listen, judgement-free, if you need an ear.”

I pushed a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “Plans gone awry, that’s all. Bruised pride, untouched virginity, nothing I won’t bounce back from.”

We stopped at a red light. Javier looked at me straight on. “You were planning on losing your virginity tonight?” I nodded. “I don’t need to kick some shithead kid’s ass or anything, right?” The light turned green & we started rolling again.

I offered a shy smile in response. “No, no. He didn’t try to force me or anything. He just got upset about something stupid, it escalated into a big fight. And he stormed out, told me we were completely done.”

Javier shook his head & turned his eyes back to the road. “I’m sorry to hear that, Thea. You must be heartbroken.”

“Nah, just embarrassed. We weren’t really boyfriend-&-girlfriend – we just dated casually. I was feeling… intellectually curious about sex, & he was interested & available.” Javier shifted in his seat. “Sorry, that was an inappropriate thing to say.”

“No,” was that apprehension in his voice? “I… appreciate the honesty.”

“I just couldn’t stay the night in that place by myself,” I continued. “And I couldn’t very well explain all this to my mom, so… you’re my knight in shining armor.” He seemed to take that line into consideration, figuring out how to interpret it. In a rare instance of boldness, I decided to make it a little easier for him. “I’ve never really been attracted to boys my age all that much anyway. Guess I should keep waiting for a man instead.”

He shook his head as if to snap a pervasive thought out of his mind.

As a moment of silence casino oyna passed between us, he reached out & patted my knee reassuringly. Something about his touch didn’t feel fatherly, though. Especially the way he slid it up before pulling back… his fingers grazing against my bare inner thigh… my flesh tingling where he’d touched it…

“So,” he switched gears, snapping us both out of whatever we had just shared, “how are college applications going?”

We kept up the small talk for the remainder of the ride, but I wanted to test him, see if anything else was actually occurring here. I let my voice get huskier each time I spoke. I crossed my legs so that the hem of my dress fell further up & exposed more supple, pale skin. I untied my bun & as my copper-colored tresses fanned out across my shoulders, I combed through them with my fingers, “accidentally” skimming my breasts in the process.

As the Audi pulled into the Mendozas’ driveway, I caught a glimpse at Javier’s lap. There was a distinct bulge growing there. It seemed he was sneaking peeks after all.


Once we’d entered his house & slipped off our shoes, Javier invited me into the kitchen for a drink. He headed for the liquor cabinet & whipped out a bottle of amber liquid.

“Are you drinking tonight, Thea?” How did my name sound so sexy coming from his mouth? “That’s not a trick question, by the way. I know you kids drink.”

“Just water for me, please.” I leaned against the counter, covertly eyeing his toned body as he poured a tall glass for me. He walked over & pressed it into my hand, leaning in enough that his nose nearly brushed mine. The cool water felt even colder against my skin flushed with warm blood.

He paced back to pour his own glass of alcohol, then returned back to me. He leaned an arm against the counter behind me, securing our physical closeness, & took a swig of drink.

“Listen,” his voice was low, “I think I know what you want tonight, Thea. But you’re the only one who knows for sure. So maybe I’ll take the lead, but you will always be the one in charge. If anything hurts or makes you uncomfortable, I will stop as soon as you ask me to.”

My heart pounded as his face drew closer to mine. “Is this really happening?” I asked, scared it would turn out to be a joke or something.

“Only if you want it to.” He brushed his lips against mine, too light to be a kiss, but I felt electric where we made contact. “I don’t want to be the perverted old man taking advantage of a beautiful young girl.”

“Well, maybe I’m the horny young girl taking advantage of a sexy, experienced man.”

Javier pulled me into a kiss, deep & passionate, like I’d never been kissed before. He was an expert – his lips parted mine, allowing his tongue inside my mouth & coaxing my own tongue into his. I could taste his drink – whiskey. His facial hair tickled my sensitive skin. He placed one strong hand on the small of my back & the other on my neck, which he stroked lovingly. Feeling bold, I took his lower lip between my teeth & tugged, too lightly to draw blood but hard enough that a moan rumbled from his throat.

He pulled back & gazed directly into my eyes. “We need to go over some details.” I hopped up on the counter, hanging onto his words but hungering for his kisses. “I’ve only been with two other women since the divorce. I’ve been tested, & I’m completely clean. I also had a vasectomy a few years back. We do not need to use a condom. But since this is your first time, I completely understand if you want to.”

I smiled & bit my own lip. “It will be nice to really feel you in me. The whole time.”

He blew out a breath of air & gripped my left thigh, then massaged slowly. I raised my trembling hands to his collar & began unbuttoning his shirt.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he murmured. His hand was up my dress & working its way up to my panties, which were quickly getting hot & moist.

“You’re so sexy, Javier. I’ve fantasized about this so many times.” His shirt was now completely open, & he shrugged it off his shoulders. My palms explored his bronze chest. I couldn’t stave off thoughts of him pressing this strapping body into mine, his muscles straining against my young, untouched flesh.

“You’ve fantasized about me?” he asked. I nodded. He fondled the lacy band of my panties. “Do you touch yourself thinking about me?” Nod. His fingers slipped under the fabric. “You finger yourself, pretending it’s my hand inside you?” Nod. He traced along my slippery lips. “Like this?” He thrust his index & middle fingers into the velvety folds.

I tossed my head back & gasped as he worked himself in & out of my cunt. He pressed his lips against my exposed neck, sucking, licking, & nibbling, while my hands ran down his arms, appreciating his lean biceps & triceps along the way.

“What color?” He groaned.

I started rocking my hips back & forth. “Huh?”

“I wanna know what color your panties slot oyna are, Thea.”

“Um, yellow. The lace is black.”

“I want them in my mouth.”

My jaw dropped at his dirty talk.

“You’re blushing. I like making you blush, Thea. You’re really fucking cute when you blush.” His thumb massaged my clit. “Of course, you’re always cute. You’re cute when you smile… when you cry… & tonight I’m gonna find out just how cute you are when you orgasm.”

With that, he removed his digits from my shuddering cunt. We kissed again, panting as our two separate forms melted into one. I had used coconut scrub all over my body before going out that night – now the taste was on Javier’s breath, mingling with the whiskey. Through our clothes I could feel his cock against my pussy, stiffening as I squeezed my legs around him.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” I hummed in his ear. He lifted me in his arms, my back arching so that my body fit perfectly against his. I strengthened the hold my thighs had around his midsection, & he carried me like that the entire trip upstairs.

When we got to the master bedroom, Javier placed me on his bed so that my legs hung over the edge. He loosened his belt & let his pants fall to the floor. He stepped out so my eyes could discover his entire perfect body, now only covered by cotton boxer-briefs.

“You’re so sexy, Javier,” I purred. He lowered himself over my body, forcing me to lie back as he planted more whiskey kisses on my lips & toyed with the hem of my dress. His fingers once again found themselves on my panties, this time tracing me overtop the fabric. Slowly, he removed his hand from under the dress, & instead he tugged at the hem again.

“This should come off.” I started to slip my thumb under the tank top strap on my right shoulder, but Javier brushed my hand away. “Please, allow me.”

He sighed happily & placed his hands on my shoulders. He placed another kiss on my lips, more deeply than earlier, like he wanted to savor this one. His coconut-&-whiskey breath was intoxicating. His fingers skimmed under my right strap, gently pulling it down until my arm slipped free, tickling my soft, naked skin with his light touch along the way. This sequence repeated itself on the other strap. The top of my dress was draped around my waist, exposing my lucky bra – yellow with black lace.

Javier buried his face between my C-cups, licking up droplets of sweat while sliding his arm underneath our intertwined bodies & unsnapping my bra. He pulled me into an upright position to remove it entirely.

His brown eyes tracking over my chest hungrily. I pulled my shoulders back to show off my perky, round breasts, & played the innocent young girl – twirling a strand of red hair between my fingers & acting like I was suddenly shy.

Javier licked his lower lip in the spot I’d bitten it in the kitchen & gave me his mischievous Cheshire smile. “You get off on teasing me, Thea.” He knelt down between my legs & took each breast in a hand. He kissed my collar bone above my left breast &, removing his hand to place it softly on my back, moved his kisses downwards until he was sucking my left nipple. He traced circles with his fingertips around my right nipple. I whimpered as both breasts became more sensitive to his touch. He glanced up to make eye contact with me before getting rougher with his play, using teeth & pinching hard until my nipples were erect.

Soon his hands travelled down to my thighs, the full length of which he stroked while switching his mouth’s attention from the left nipple to the right. I leaned backward to lie on the bed again, wordlessly directing him to fall on top of me.

“I wanna feel your tongue all over me, Javier,” I was purring from pleasure. “Your lips, your stubble… Kiss me everywhere.” He moved his mouth from my nipple down my tummy, leaving a trail of tingles wherever it met my skin. He continued down, down, down…

He stopped above my panties. I propped myself up on my elbows & pouted at him, wondering what game he was playing now. He smiled back at me, a fresh glint in his eyes.

“Thea, these are no good,” he said. I shot him a quizzical look. “These panties – they’re soaked. I’m gonna have to take them off for you.” Brand new heat flushed in my cheeks. His hands coaxed my knees further apart as he settled in, then ran his lips across the top of the yellow-&-black lace.

I was reduced to heavy panting as he slid his tongue under the band & pulled my panties down to my ankles with his mouth. Then he swung my left leg over his shoulder & kissed the inside of my thigh. Steadily, his lips made their way up to my womanhood, his stubble setting my delicate skin on fire along the way.

“Nobody’s ever touched me like this,” I cried out, my voice husky as his tongue glided up to my welcoming cunt. He lapped at it slowly he responded by probing his tongue deeper inside me. “Holy shit! Holy shit!”

He found my throbbing clit canlı casino siteleri & swirled the tip of his tongue around it, driving me into such a weakened state that my arms could no longer support me. I flopped back onto the bed & let out a small yelp of delight. He inserted his index & middle fingers between my folds again. Electric volts surged through every nerve in my body – it felt like I was levitating. I grounded myself by grabbing the back of his head & lacing his luscious locks between my fingers.

“Oh my god, Javier. I think I’m gonna come!”

He pulled his head back & smirked impishly at me. “Not just yet,” he growled as he rose from his position. “You taste so sweet everywhere. Just like coconut.” His face was now floating over mine, which he tenderly framed in his strong hands.

We kissed softly this time, his tongue just barely skimming across mine. It was enough that I could taste myself on him – my sweet natural flavor & my coconut scrub, both mingling with his whiskey.

Javier wrapped his arms around my torso & lifted me back into a sitting position, pulling my dress completely off in the process before tossing it on the floor next to his pants. He stood so that his toned abs were at my eye level – instinctively I leaned forward & licked them while my hands found he top of his boxer briefs. I rolled the underwear down until it fell with the rest of our clothes.

Javier’s rock-hard cock was longer than I’d expected, & I gasped.

“Thea, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” His words were loaded with sincerity. “Tonight is about you, not me.” I flicked my green eyes to meet his, which shone with affection.

“I trust you,” I replied. “Which is why I want to do this.” I wrapped my slender fingers around his cock, squeezing slightly to feel its exquisite firmness. Javier let out a satisfied sigh. As I started tugging, I mentally measured it – at least ten inches long, maybe eleven. I’d given blowjobs before, but not on such a magnificent member. How was I going to fit all of Javier in my mouth, never mind my virgin cunt?

Curious to find out, I kissed his glorious cock repeatedly. Javier gathered my red locks in his hand & held them out of my face. I let go with my fingers & wrapped my lips around the head, licking up his pre-cum hungrily. Carefully I took him deeper into my mouth.

“Slow as you need to go, Thea. You don’t need to take all of it.” His voice was filled with delight. I began fondling his balls with my right hand while the left reached around to clutch his considerably powerful ass. His fingers tightened in my hair, tugging gently in encouragement. I was perhaps halfway up his enormous shaft when I started to gag.

“Thea, baby,” he groaned, “I understand if you need to stop.” His offer was appreciated, but I was determined to finish. Relaxing my throat muscles, I pulled him in deeper. “Jesus fucking Christ, Thea,” he grunted between panting breaths. Both hands gripped his cheeks as he rocked back & forth in a frenzied rhythm. “Fuck, you’re good. You’re so fucking smart, & beautiful, & kind, & you suck my dick so, so good.” He was wheezing between exclamations. “I don’t deserve you, Thea. Fuck.”

After a few more pumps, he wrapped my hair around his tight fist & tugged my head back, tilting it up so I could look at his face. “I don’t want to come yet,” he explained. He lifted me up so I could drape my willowy arms across his broad shoulders & curl my long legs around his hips again.

“I need you inside me,” I whispered in his. “Fuck me, Javier Mendoza. Fuck me hard.”

He laid me on the bed – in the center this time, with a pillow under my head – & his lean, golden body lingered over mine as he searched my flushed face. One arm supported his weight while he cupped my chin in his free hand. His thumb stroked my cheek adoringly.

“You’re sure about this, Thea?” he asked. I answered with a small nod. “And you don’t care that I’m not wearing a condom?” I shook my head. “Okay, Thea, baby. Follow my lead, but you’re in control. Right?” Another nod, more eager.

Javier adjusted his position so that his stiff cock was directly in line with my dripping cunt. My knees were already spread, but he lightly nudged them just slightly further apart. With his cock in his grip, he rubbed its tip against my delicate opening. I leaned my head into the pillow & giggled in delight.

“That kind of tickles, Mr. Mendoza!” I’d forgotten that he asked me to call him by his first name.

He chuckled. “You know, it is much hotter when you call me Mister, Thea. Maybe you should stick to that.” He started rubbing harder.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Mendoza” I cooed back. Even harder now.

“Mmm,” his smirk said it all. “Here it comes, Thea, baby.”

He thrust his head into my narrow cavern, then slowly worked the rest of his shaft inside. My eyes rolled to the back of my head & I couldn’t suppress a reveling moan.

He dropped his torso over mine & pressed his hands against my shoulders. His lips hovered above my forehead, which he kissed as he pulled slightly out, then thrust back in just a bit deeper. “You’re so tight, Thea.”

“I get so hot when you say my name, Mr. Mendoza.”

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