Come See Me

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The initiation is over and I’m just chilling in my room waiting for something exciting to happen. I’m sitting at my desk listening to music when I hear the door open and close. I think that it is Bri so I think nothing of it and continue to browse the internet. You come up behind me and place your big hands on my shoulders. I turn around quickly and am so excited to see your face standing behind me. I quickly stand up and give you a big hug. While my body is pressed to yours, I feel a bulge start to grow in your pants. I look up at your face and I can tell that all you want to do right now is to fuck me and suck my twat. You reach around and grab my head from behind and pull me close in and start to kiss me. I pull away and give you a flirty smile.

I go and sit back down in my chair. You start kissing the back of my neck while your hands run along the sides of my body. “God baby I have missed those curves of yours, your soft skin, and the way that you smell.” you whisper in my ear. I start to shudder as I feel your warm breath on the back of my neck. You lift up my shirt and start rubbing my titties. I open my legs slightly and you start moving your hand down to my pussy. But I quickly shut them. I can tell that you are getting anxious.

I spin around on the chair so that I am aksaray escort facing you. I can tell that you want it so badly, but I want you to get overwhelmed and start ripping off my clothes and fucking me like a savage. So I wait. And tease.

As I am facing you I pull your body in closer and pull your head down and kiss you gently, licking your lips and the corners of your mouth. I run my hands over your chest and down to your cock in your pants. You grab my hand and hold it on it, but I move it away. You reach for the buttons on your pants and start to undo them but I move your hands away. Finally you just can’t take it anymore. You pick me up and throw me on the bed. I am so turned on right now. I love it when you take over. You get on the bed with me and start kissing me harder and harder while your hands run wild all over my body.

I can feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I want to be fucked so badly but I don’t let it show. You lift my shirt above my head and tie it to the bed post so that I can’t move my hands. Then you slow down and start to tease me. You rub tickle my chest then move your mouth slowly down to my nipples and breathe on them then flick them with your tongue. I can’t move. I can feel my clit getting hotter and hotter. Then anal yapan escort you start sucking on them harder and making my body wriggles with pleasure. Then you slowly take off my pants and instantly you can smell my pussy. I can see your cock getting harder and harder by the second. You open my legs and spit on my cunt. Then you take your finger and work it in circles on m clit. I start moaning and trying to move my hips so that you do it harder and faster. But I can’t move. You tease me a bit more before you pop a mint in your mouth and go down and lick up my twat. God baby I want it so bad right now, but pussy is so wet just thinking about it, imagine how much wetter you can make it. After licking it a few times you start sucking on my clit and I can’t control myself.

“I want to suck you cock right now.” I say. You just keep going and sucking my pussy, making it cool and then hot again. Then you start to finger it really slowly working all of your fingers into it. As you finger me, you use your other hand to take your pants and underwear off. You start fingering me harder and harder until I bust all over. You take my juices and rub them all over your cock; I keep telling you how badly I want to suck your cock. So you put it above me so I can atakent escort get at your balls.

I start licking them and then sucking on them and I try to get at your cock but you won’t let me. I want to suck it so bad my mouth is salivating. You slap your dick across my face and I try to get at it. Then you go back down and put the tip of your cock against my clit and rub it. My pussy starts to get wet again. Then you start working it in and out of my pussy and I want to be fucked. And I mean FUCKED. Soon you just start pounding my pussy harder and harder. You flip me over and fuck me from behind. Then you untie me and we move to the chair and I am on top.

My tits are bouncing as I am getting off on your cock… I can feel it so deep inside me… I move up and down on it then I move my hips in circles and reach around and rub your balls. You just sit there and watch me. Then I move around so that my ass faces you and you slap it so hard that it leaves a hand print on it. I keep going harder and harder. Then I get off and sit on the desk and open my legs for you to see my pussy real well. You scoot up the chair and start eating my pussy. I throw my head back as you lick my twat real good. Then you stand up and start fucking me on the desk. I can tell that you are about to cum and I know that I am going to cum for the 3rd time. You keep going harder and harder. Then right when you are about to cum you pull out and I jack you off as you finger me. I spray my cum all over you and you cum all over me. Then we get up and head to the shower where we wash each other off and say “HI”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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