Confessions Ch. 25 – Galen

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Confession Chapter 25 – Galen

Thank you Chitranna for editing this writing

I have been married for some time now and throughout the marriage I learned a lot of things. Marriage is tough. It is hard to make a life with a partner, it is tiring and difficult. Everything needs to be worked on-from bills to time to sex. Everything has its own place and everything needs to be worked on. Marriage is very rewarding though and I never really complained about mine. Stacy is a very caring and understanding woman and I love her deeply.

When we first got together and started having sex Stacy and I were like animals. We had wild, crazy sex often and it was never dull. As time went on that sex faded away to nothingness and I felt an emptiness that continued to grow inside me. I had the love and support I needed, but I lacked the sexual fulfillment that I desired so greatly. I wanted to play every night and every night I was turned down. I wanted to, no needed to release. I needed the touch of a woman, the feel of one on my body. I continued to tell myself it would get better, she would come around, that my hand worked just fine, but I knew I needed more, more of her touch, taste, desire and lust.

When a person feels like he is no longer needed they tend to think many things. Are they no longer desirable? Have they lost the ability to excite the opposite sex? Have they aged so much that all desires for them have been whisked away like the wind? It is a tiring and difficult thing to deal with and one searches for answers. They want to be desired, want to feel the raw emotions of lust. And I was at that point, where I just needed to know if I could still excite and be sexually wanted.

That opportunity came when I least expected it and from someone I thought I could never touch.

Sally is Stacy’s younger sister, 8 years younger. She was young, fit and beautiful. We had teased and goofed before, light flirting that never meant anything and had no true implications or promises, until a chilly day in December.

Stacy went in to finish up some paperwork on a Saturday, not an uncommon thing and one I often looked forward to as it gave me some quite time at home to work on a project or two. I sat at the kitchen table with my pad of paper and my pens and began work on a drawing of an elven woman in skimpy leather armor when I heard a knock on my door and then the door open. Sally called out as she stepped in, “Galen, it’s me. Stacy said I could stop by to grab the recipe book, I want to make some banana breads and I can’t remember how.”

She stepped into the kitchen, her long, black coat littered with recently fallen snow, “What are you working on?”

I looked up from my drawing and gave her a little smile, “Just an elf lady, nothing big. Just wanted to take in the quiet time you know? I think the book is in the cupboard on the right of the sink. How bad is it snowing?”

She curled her lips in disgust and let out a long breath, “Bad enough to make me regret leaving my house. I fucking hate snow. Quite the sexy elf you have there, don’t get yourself all excited.”

Her little chuckle was a little painful, if she only knew how excited I always was and how little I got to play with that excitement. I tried to put on a smile and played along, “Well, she’s okay, but she doesn’t have your body, so I’ll be okay.”

She gave a small smirk and a little curtsey then turned to the cupboards, “Ah fuck. It’s on the top shelf isn’t it?”

I laughed, “Ah, short girl issues. The step stool is beside the fridge, just grab it and you should be fine.”

Sally stuck her tongue out as she grabbed the step tool and set it up, “I am not short, I am vertically challenged. And this jacket avcılar elit escort has to go if I am going to reach the book.” She removed the jacket and I found my eyes leaving my paper and focusing on her as she took the first step up.

Her black skirt was short, her stockings lifted to just above her knees, her boots ending a few inches shy of them and a tight black top that left her arms uncovered. She looked good, damn good! Her ass was perfect from my view, the skirt doing wonders for her and the small space between her stockings and skirt let her creamy skin show perfectly along the black outfit. As she extended her reach, her skirt lifted slightly and I could feel my excitement growing as I found myself hoping the skirt would lift higher and I could get a glimpse of the sexy panties she always bragged about wearing.

I shook my head and tried to look back upon my elf, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I knew I was wrong to be thinking of her as a sexy, desirable woman, I mean, she is my wife’s sister, but damn, how could I not look? There she was, on full display for my eyes, young and sexy and my pants were tightening at the view of her.

Her words shook me from my trance, “Keep your eyes in your head Galen. If you look any harder at my ass you might collapse.”

I stuttered on my words as she stepped down with the book in her hand, “I wasn’t looking at your ass, Sally. I was just thinking of how to shape the elf.”

She dropped back against the counter and lifted a hand to her head in mock shock, “Oh my, you mean I am not sexy enough for you to look at, my world is shattered!”

I rested my back against my seat and laughed, “Oh I think I am good without you trying to get me all excited. So you can go faint somewhere else.”

She set the book down behind her and gave a wry smile, “I’m pretty sure a slight gust of wind could turn you on Galen, how long has it been?”

I shook my head with a chuckle, “A very long time. Wait, does she tell you about our sex life?”

She shrugged with a smile and stepped to the table. Setting her hands down she leaned forward and whispered, “Hard to talk about what doesn’t happen.”

I knew they probably talked, but I didn’t think the lack of sex would be part of a conversation, “Well, that’s from her not me. I’m always ready to go.”

She chuckled and gave a little wiggle to her body, one of those, look at me and my little dance things, “It would suck not having a good fuck for as long as you two have gone without it. I love the feel of a good pounding and a nice cock in my mouth.”

I put my hands up stopping her from continuing, “Holy shit Sally, fucking really? I don’t need to know that.”

She giggled and her smile widened, “Oh come on, it’s just us. Really though, how long has it been?”

I ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath. Should I really be talking about such things with my wife’s sister? Should she really know how often I did or did not fuck her sister? Should I be letting her know how long it had been since her sister pleasured me? It was like a total mind-fuck and I was wrapped in my thoughts with no idea how I got into the conversation, “It has been a while, a long while.”

She laughed, took a step forward and took my hand faster than I could react, “Let me see, you must have huge calluses on your hands from all the stroking. How long? A month? Two months?”

I pulled my hand back and wrung my fingers, “Let’s just say I don’t remember the last time I felt her okay? Now let me go to work and wallow in my self-pity.”

Sally laughed and shook her head, “Well no wonder why she says you’re such a cranky asshole lately, you need avcılar escort a good fucking. She does know there is a difference between a hand and a mouth right?”

I scratched my head with both hands trying to comprehend why I was having such a discussion with her, how could I be talking about sex with my sister-in-law, “Okay Sally, ask her if she knows. Really, I need to get back to work and try to focus on that. I don’t need to be teased about my lack of enjoyment with your sister.”

Sally slid herself upon the table and slid my drawing away from me, “I’m not teasing Galen, just trying to help. If I was teasing, you would be popping out of your pants. Well, that is what I hear anyway, she does say you are rather large.”

Holy fuck! She was so sexy sitting there, the leg gap extended for my viewing pleasure. I leaned back and let my hands rest on my stomach, “Okay now that is odd, she talks about my size? Really? And, again, we should not be talking about this. Don’t mention my cock again okay?”

She let her eyes wonder to my crotch and back to my eyes, “Why not? I mean I can see it through your jeans. And I think I might be sexy enough to make it a bit stiffer. There is nothing wrong with thinking of your wife’s sister when you stroke off is there?”

I adjusted myself and fidgeted with the arm of my chair, “Seriously Sally, I don’t think we should be talking about this and you should not be thinking of my cock or if my stroking it thinking of you. If Stacy were here she would be pissed.”

Sally curled her lip and scooted herself closer to me making her skirt rise further up her creamy legs, “Seriously yourself Galen. Fuck Sandy. You have a big cock, a great body, from what I hear, a wonderful tongue and a sexy young woman willing to let you do whatever you want to her right in front of you.” She lifted her ass slightly and pulled her skirt up exposing her lacy black thong, “Are you really going to sit there in self-pity or are you going to take the opportunity in front of you and give a good tongue fucking that I am all but begging for?”

I tried to collect myself, to find a way to excuse myself, but I couldn’t. There she was waiting for me, a beautiful, sexy, young woman. Her skirt raised and her panties waiting for me. Her words teasing and tempting. I could smell her excitement, see the desire in her eyes and feel my own, stiff in my pants. How could I resist such an offer? How could I not give into the need that brewed inside me? Slowly, I leaned forward and opened my mouth cupping her covered pussy. I ran my tongue over the fabric tasting her through it and closed my eyes with the delight in tasting a woman once again.

Sally hooked her fingers into the waistband and bucked her hips removing my face from her. She smiled at me as she pulled the panties from her body showing me her shaved, wet pussy that glistened in the light above us. “Tongue-fuck me Galen.”

I did not hesitate. My lips kissed at her folds then I slid my tongue between them, sliding it deep inside her sweet honey pot. My hands moved to slide beneath her ass and she lifted herself for me. My mouth moved to her clit and I rolled my tongue in circles over her button as my thumb slid inside her. Her breath quickened and my tongue rolled faster. How wrong it was for me to taste her, how much I knew I should not be doing it, but I didn’t care, I wanted her, wanted her pussy to gush on my mouth, to feel and taste her orgasm.

Her breathing became more and more labored as my tongue swirled and poked at her clit, my thumb sliding in and out of her pussy then resting upon the edge, her words were broken as she spoke, “Fuck! Galen! I’m going to cum, make me cum!”

I avcılar eve gelen escort pressed my tongue hard against her clit and spun my thumb on her opening as her hips began to buck against me, I could feel her orgasm building and I wanted it, wanted her to cum for me. My tongue moved faster and faster as her cries of ecstasy echoed through my home and her juices covered my hand. I continued to lick at her clit and tease her hole as she came, wanting every bit she had to offer, like a madman I ate my sweet, sexy sister-in-law.

Sally pushed my head back with her hands, her panting heavy and full of desire, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, let me feel your cock, I want you inside me, fuck me, please!”

I pulled back from her and stood, the chair crashing to the floor behind me. My fingers worked quickly on my button and fly and I let my pants fall to the floor. I took my cock in my hand as I stepped to her and ran my shaft over her folds letting her womanhood slicken my shaft. The feel of her hot pussy on my cock was glorious and I wanted to savor it longer but her words broke through, “Fuck me Galen! Please, fill me with your cock!”

I lowered myself and pressed the tip against her opening then began to slide myself inside her waiting pussy. She gasped with every inch I gave her and I took her slowly. I loved the feeling of her enveloping me, taking me so completely in her tight pussy and I wanted to stay there, but the urge to fuck pulled at me and her words took me in, “Fuck me Galen! Fuck me hard!”

I took a hold of her hips as I begin to thrust my member in her, her legs lifted and wrapped around me as my face lowered to hers to kiss her deeply. So many desires, so many thoughts passed through my head as I took my sister-in-law hard and fast. I knew how wrong it was, but I didn’t care, I wanted her, I loved the way her pussy grabbed at my cock, the way her moans echoed, the desire and lust in her eyes.

My thrusts became harder and faster as I felt my balls beginning to tighten and I lowered my lips to her ear, “Cum for me Sally, cum on my cock so I can release myself inside you.”

She cried out her ecstasy, “Fuck!” and I felt her pussy quivering on my shaft and the flow of her orgasm around my cock, out of her and down my sack. I held onto her hips as she came for me, fulfilling my desire to fill her when her words touched me once again, “Cum inside me Galen, fucking fill me with your seed.”

I didn’t hold back, I pressed myself deep inside her hungry pussy and let my sperm shoot up my thickening shaft and shoot out inside her, stream after thick stream spilled from me each taking my breath and strength away.

I tried to stay above her as I came, but my arms went weak with my orgasm and as I laid upon her I kissed her deeply once again. How exciting, how delightful, how amazing it was to be inside her. Fuck what was wrong or right, I was happy to be in her, feeling her cum, and filling her.

I slowly pulled myself from her and she smiled to me. Stepping back I took a deep breath and she gave me an impish grin, “I’ll clean you.”

Giving me no chance to question her she slid from the table and filled her mouth with my manhood, taking slow, long sucks from my cock and completely emptying me. I let my fingers rest on the back of her head as she bobbed on me until she released me from her warm mouth, “Sandy can never know.”

I nodded and she stood up gathering her panties as she did so. She kissed me softly then brought her lips to my ear and whispered, “I will fuck you again.”

I stayed motionless as she dressed then grabbed her belongings and exited my home. Still in shock and disbelief, but completely relieved I stood there for some time.

I cleaned the area quickly and showered, happy with the events that took place before going back to my elf.

When Sandy come home she seemed tired, she didn’t even come into the kitchen, just sat on the couch and looked at me, “Did Sally come by and get everything she wanted?”

I had to hide my smile, “She sure did.”

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