Confessions of a Homewrecker Ch. 02

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It is three o’clock on a Friday afternoon and I was not looking forward to the weekend. My wife, Kat, had endless galas and fundraisers I was supposed to go to which meant I’d get to spend the next three days watching her flirt with every man in the room and then pass out before I even got a chance to kiss her goodnight. Not that I wanted to kiss her nowadays anyway. Being the president of a huge business firm meant that I spent most of my life working in my corner office. My wife complained I had no interest in her, but how can she blame me. Somebody’s got to pay for her lifestyle. And besides, at the office I can admire my very shapely secretary whenever I choose.

I hear a discreet knock on the fogged glass door to my office. I curse under my breath, realizing that I already had my jacket and tie off and my sleeves rolled up despite the meeting that I still had in store. Thinking that it’s my secretary to announce my three o’clock appointment has arrived, I shout out a response.

“Excuse me Mr. Waldorf?” She asks, as she enters the office.

“Yes Miss Carlson?” I reply cordially as always, unembarrassed as my eyes swoop over her well-proportioned body. Today, Anna Carlson, my extremely attractive secretary is wearing a thin white button down shirt tucked into a black knee-length pencil skirt and high heals. Except that the shirt is unbuttoned rather low, so as she comes closer I can see her black lace bra that hugs her sumptuous cleavage peeking out. And the skirt is skin tight, showing off full hips and a perky little ass, with a deep slit up the back revealing her long fishnet clad legs. I know for a fact that she only wears thigh high because whenever Anna crosses her legs just the right way, I can see the tops of her panty hose.

“How many time’s to I have to tell you, Mr. Waldorf, to call me Anna” She give me a sexy smile, her full pout curving gracefully. Tucking back a stray hair that had fallen out of the artfully messy bun on the top of her head, Anna moves forward. “Your three o’clock just called to cancel. Apparently his flight has been delayed and he’ll meet you on Monday instead.”

“Thank you Anna.” I sighed, disappointed that this news may force me to go home earlier than I had planned. “Is there anything else?”

“I avcılar grup yapan escort have the final drafts of some letters for you to sign.” Anna walks over to my desk and leans slightly over, placing them down in front of me. She hands me a pen from the desk, but I can barely see anything except her smooth, deep cleavage presenting itself in front of me, popping out of the white shirt and clad only in black lace. I absentmindedly reach for the pen, completely missing and nearly grabbing one of Anna’s swelling breasts before I come to my senses and take the pen from her. Unruffled, Anna stands up and walks around the desk next to my chair.

“Sign here, Mr. Waldorf,” She coos in my ear, leaning against me as she points to the spot on the page and casually draping her other arm over the back of my chair. I can feel her breasts press against my arm and I make a great flourish of movement as I sign, allowing my arm to rub them. I move my arm back to hand her the pen, letting it brush past the curve of her breast. Turning to face me as she covers my hand with hers to take back the pen, Anna lets her eyes flick up and down my body, searching and hungry. She leans in towards me. At that moment, the phone rings.

With the same amount of composure and elegance that she brings to every task, Anna stands up and answers the call with a polite “Richard Waldrof’s office”. Ever so gently, as Anna converses with the nameless and faceless business executive on the other end, I let my hand move over skirt, cupping underneath her ass and feeling her firm thighs and hips.

“Just a moment, Mrs. Waldorf,” Anna says into the receiver, handing it to me. I lick my lips and without looking at Anna, I take the phone. “Yes, dear?” As my wife relays the details of her day into my ear, my hand moves towards Anna’s inner thigh. Slipping my hand in the slit of her skirt, I move it up from between her knees, against her fishnet-clad thighs. As my hand moves upward, my suspicions are confirmed as I feel the top of her panty-hose high up her thigh. I feel the thin lace of her panties between her legs, just slightly damp. I slide them down, past her fish nets, past her skirt, forcing them to her ankles. Anna complies by avcılar masöz escort stepping one foot out of them and lifting them for me with the other foot. I take the panties in my hand and put them in my pants pocket.

“Darling, I really do have to go,” I tell my wife, rubbing the lace in my pocket between my two fingers while Anna stands next to me, her lips curled in a smile, waiting. “I’ll see you later.” I replace the receiver and gently pull Anna towards me, my hand on her hip.

“Hold all my calls, will you, doll?” I grin, placing both my hands on Anna’s slim waist and positioning her in front of me.

“Anything for you, Mr. Waldorf” Anna replies seductively, straddling my waist on the chair. Her skirt bunches up a little bit as she positions one knee on either side of my legs and proceeds to undo my belt and fly. I begin unbuttoning her white shirt, revealing her full breasts practically spilling over the push-up bra. I push the shirt over her shoulders, yanking it out of her skirt and tossing it aside. Grabbing her ass, I hungrily kiss her neck and collar bone and down towards the deep canal of cleavage. Anna takes my head in her hands and throws it back against the chair, kissing me deeply. Her lips are soft and I squeeze her ass harder, kissing her more intensely. Anna breaks away and with a wicked grin pushes my pants and boxers down just enough to expose my hard cock. She cups one hand over it, making a ring with her fingers and sliding it up and down the shaft. With her other hand, Anna unbuttons my shirt and begins kissing my neck and ear.

I move my hands down her thighs and push her skirt up towards her hips, sliding my fingers underneath to feel her smooth skin. I drag my fingers along the tops of Anna’s fishnets and let one hand move towards her wet pussy. Anna continues to jerk me off as I explore the entrance to her pussy with my fingers. As I slide two inside of her, Anna gasps in my ear and pulls out my hand. She brings it up to her mouth and wraps her full lips around my two fingers, tasting herself on me. Then, putting her hands on my shoulders begins gyrating her hips against my body, letting her hot pussy graze over my stiff cock, without letting me enter her.

I put avcılar otele gelen escort my hands on her hips, guiding them down towards my cock. She resists me, teasing me. The pressure in my groin builds as precome oozes out of the tip of my cock. Tired of letting Anna take control, I wrap my hands firmly under her ass and hoist her onto the edge of the desk, pushing various papers aside. Standing up, I push her skirt high up over her thighs and force her legs apart. Anna groans as I force two fingers inside her wet, dripping cunt, exploring the inside of her pussy. I wrap my other hand around the back of her neck and kiss her deeply, stifling her exclaims of pleasure with my lips and tongue.

I take my fingers out of her mound and slide them between our mouths, forcing her to suck my fingers. I then wrap both hands around Anna’s slim body and roughly turn her over, so she’s leaning over the desk in front of me. I push her tight skit over her ass and grip her hips firmly. Anna slides her legs slightly apart. I run my hands up and down her fishnet-clad thighs before ramming my shaft into the gaping whole that is her pussy.

Anna lets a low moan escaper her throat as she involuntarily grips the edge of the desk. I firmly hold her hips in my hands as I pull my cock out and push it back in with smooth, intense motions. Anna gasps and yells with every thrust, heightening my pleasure. I grunt and groan as I fill her tight pussy again and again. Anna’s body goes rigid as her come begins to flow over my member. I finally release, sending hot spurts of semen into her warmth. Our juices drip down her thighs and over my balls. Anna pushes her self up off the desk and I wrap an arm around her waist, reaching up to caress her breast. I take her thin, delicate neck in my other hand, caressing her face. I hold my cock deep inside her as our come continues to flow and I kiss her neck and jaw. When I finally release my hold on her, she collapses onto the desk.

Leaving her warm come on my penis, I pull up my boxers and pants, buttoning and tucking in my shirt. Anna stands up, without even wiping the come from her thighs, pushes her skirt down and puts her shirt back on. Fully dressed, she pushes me into my chair and gives me a long lingering kiss.

“I’m going to have to leave early today, Mr. Waldorf.” She says coyly. “I have a date tonight.” Anna turns away and walks towards the door. I watch her ass sway from side to side, remember how moments before I had pounded into her. She looks back at me before closing the door behind her.

“See you on Monday, Mr. Waldrof.”

“I look forward to it, Anna.”

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