Confessions of a Nightclub Manager

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Philip 1

This story is based in fact. These events actually happened but the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

If I manage to get a favourable response to this first instalment I have others that are just as good and are also true stories. Please feedback to me.

Part 1 – Sophie

The whole World seemed to skid into slow motion as he noticed her walking towards him. His sight blurred everything around the vision that he was now trying to take in before they passed. Her long brunette hair cascaded around her shoulders, eyes almost closed as she laughed through glossy pink lips to a girl at her side. Her skin was sun-kissed and flawless contrasting with a tight white dress that hugged a slim but beautifully curved body with ample, full breasts. She was only slightly shorter than his 6ft in heels that accentuated her long bronze legs. They passed and the World sped up again. He turned to watch her walk into the club thrilled that the rear-view every bit as pleasing as the front.

“Damn!” he mouthed as he carried on his journey to the front door nearly walking into a couple of guys coming the other as he turned away from her.

He is Philip Maynard, General Manager of a large nightclub in a town about an hour out of London. Aged 26, ambitious, gregarious and hard working. He kept himself fit playing a number of sports and working out in the gym, he liked to look smart spending more than he should on clothes and the material things in life, and why not? His job dictated it to a degree. He loved his lifestyle. He was very much an animal of the night, to be honest, the girls and the glamour were just added bonuses because it was all about the buzz of entertaining people and them partying their pants off that he loved. It was so uplifting.

Now, this is not to say that he didn’t dip his toe in the water with the ladies or that I wasn’t a bit of a Jack the Lad, because he did and he could be. He’d had a couple of long-term girlfriends and quite a few short-term ones. Being sober in a club full of drinking clubbers always created a bit of a barrier for him so he rarely took girls home. Watching people had become a bit of a fascination, the way the whole attraction game was played out every night. He would witness fantastic successes and crushing defeats and he learned from them all.

He arrived at the front door and stood there for a minute or two surveying the scene and enjoying the warm fresh air that signalled the start of summer. There was quite a long line and the doormen where checking IDs and generally organising things. Soon, there was a natural break in the proceedings and he stood next to Sam, the Head Doorman and his adopted big brother.

“Who was that girl? Philip asked. Sam didn’t bother to ask him who he meant, he knew his type and the girl that just arrived certainly was ‘his type’. Philip liked tall and slim brunettes and was a sucker for brown eyes and dark hair. He believed it was true that opposites attract, he had fair hair and blue eyes. It’s all to do with genetics, apparently.

“She’s out for the night with her friend and they are both from London, she’s right up your street Philly Boy!” He smirked.

“A rare beauty Samuel,” he said, “I nearly tripped over my tongue. Did you get her name?”

“Nope, go and do your own dirty work.”

He stood there for a while after he had turned around to greet some customers. ‘Not too soon’ He thought, ‘lets see if they’re meeting some guys here first and just check she was as stunningly hot as I remembered’.

After some time, he walked into the now heaving club and took up the best vantage point to see the whole place. It didn’t take him long to spot her. Even among over a thousand people she stood out. She was with her friend at one of the bars chatting and checking out the crowd. ‘Good’, they were alone. No jealous guys to deal with. Philip moved across the room to where they were standing and presented himself in front of them.

“Good evening ladies, my name is Philip, I’m the Manager, what are your names?”

The girls looked at each other. Now, he had seen so many guys over the years fall flat on their faces when talking to beautiful girls because they clam up. Confidence is vital. At that moment he thought he was going to get blown off and in the pause contemplated looking like a complete idiot in front of the girls behind the bar, not good. They turned back to face him and her friend began to speak offering out her hand.

“Hi Philip, I’m Michelle and this is my friend Sophie”. Phew!

Sophie, it suited her. He looked back to her friend Michelle. She was probably a bit older than Sophie, nearer his age, and was actually a very attractive girl herself with long straight, hi-lighted hair, green eyes and a slightly more voluptuous figure. They were quite a pair.

“Michelle”, he shook her hand politely, “…and Sophie”. She offered her hand and he held it just a little longer and looked her straight in her dark brown pools for avcılar üniversiteli escort eyes. She smiled. ‘Don’t look at her tits, don’t look at her tits’ he thought. The dress was cut in a deep ‘V’ at the front revealed an ample cleavage to his peripheral vision and it was all he could do not to look down.

“Can I buy you a drink in the VIP area?” He enquired.

Sophie answered. “Erm, yeah, OK thanks.” She had a husky London accent that came as a bit of a surprise. The way she looked he was expecting more Liz Hurley. He led the girls to the roped off VIP area past one of the doormen who after looking past Philip’s shoulder gave him a big knowing grin.

At the bar he ordered drinks and they started talking. It seemed that the girls had heard about the club and thought they might enjoy a little change of scene. ‘New victims’ as Michelle put it. He stood talking to them for about thirty minutes. It was mainly small talk about work and social life and from this he deduced that they were both single or at least available from their comments. Michelle worked in the City of London in an office and Sophie worked in the West End in a fashion store, they shared an apartment in Camden. He decided it was time to leave them for a while, as he didn’t want to outstay his welcome and explained that I would see them a little later.

It took a great deal of self-control not to go back almost straight away. ‘Don’t seem too keen, be a bit cool’ He thought.

It was nearing that time when some people were starting to leave and if he didn’t find the girls and they left he may never see them again. He saw them after a short while as they made their way from the ladies back to the VIP. Their paths crossed.

” Ladies, how’s it going?”

“We’re having a great night thanks, it’s a great club.” Replied Michelle.

“Do I surmise from then that you will come back and visit us again?” He asked.

“Um, yep, maybe to see your DJ again.” She answered with a smirk. His heart sank a little. Bloody Tim! He let the girls walk to the bar and spoke to Sophie.

“Don’t go without saying goodbye.” He said and made his way to the DJ stand through the mass of revellers.

Tim was in the middle of mixing with his headphones on and one arm punching the air in encouragement to the dance floor. Philip opened the door and stepped down next to him.

“Alright Sunshine?” Philip shouted after he lowered the headphones back onto his neck.

“Cool, great crowd mate, we’re ‘avin it tonight!”

Tim was 24. He was an excellent DJ and a constant source of fun. He had a great sense of humour and was a real hit with the female customers and staff alike.

“You met Sophie and Michelle then?” Said Philip. Tim looked puzzled for a moment.

“Soph…oh, shit, yeah….the two girls, very, very hot, ouch!” He enthused, burning his fingers on an invisible arse.

“So Sophie, did you talk to her much?”

“Erm, hang on,” he started playing with the mixer then looked back up, “what? ah…no..not much I was talking to…Michelle.”

“Not Sophie?” Philip enquired.

“No mate, I prefer an older woman…and Sophie looks like she would attract far too much competition.”

“Oh thank God for that!” He exclaimed.

“Aaah…You like Sophie, then?”

“Of course, and for a second there I thought I was going to have to sack you.” He smiled as he turned away. Tim laughed and slapped him on the back and off he went.

He caught up with the girls as they were leaving the VIP area.

“Hi Philip,” smiled Michelle, “we’re going to make a move now, thanks for looking after us we had a really good night.”

“It was my pleasure. Listen, if you would like to come back next week I’ll put you on the guest list, no queuing.” He replied.

“I’m not sure what we’re doing but we’ll try. Night”. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Then he turned to Sophie.

“See you gorgeous.” He said smiling.

“Maybe.” She replied with a coy grin and leaned towards him softly kissing his lips. She stepped back, smiled, turned and walked after Michelle. He watched her pert backside wiggle off and drifted off imagining what it must look like her bent over offering it up to him. His hands caressing her bronzed buttocks and easing the sides of her panties off her hips and down….

“Lucky bastard!” Came the comment from Sam startling him out of his dream world.


Well, what a week he had. He couldn’t stop thinking about the beauty he had met the previous weekend. During the time they had spent talking she had proved to be really sharp witted with a wicked sense of humour and an ability to make remarks that totally caught him off guard. She could be quite candid and she kind of said what she liked, liked what she said. It was refreshing, she was intelligent, down to earth and so, so hot.

He hit the gym extra hard that week inspired to make sure he was looking his best; he even shopped for avrupa yakası escort a few new clothes. What if she didn’t come back? He couldn’t go and find her because he only knew her first name; it was only a quick kiss after all. Nothing in it, he convinced himself and prepared for disappointment.

The week dragged. He felt a little nervous as the weekend approached and he began to become a little annoyed with himself that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. She dominated his thoughts.

Finally, Saturday came and he took extra time to get ready. He kept playing scenarios over and over in his head and decided to just stop building the whole situation up. He speculated that she probably hadn’t spent all week thinking about him.

The club opened and he stood on the door talking to the guys about the football and generally joking around. As it started to become busy he decided that he didn’t want to stay at the door, it was like watching a pot boil. He thought it might be awkward if he was on the door and they did show up so he went to the office to have a coffee and do a bit of work. Eventually, he went back out into the club and stood behind the DJ stand watching the customers testing the dance floor out as more and more arrived.

The night was well underway and there was no sign of Sophie and Michelle. ‘Ah well, never mind’ he thought. He went back down to the office feeling quite miserable and a bit pissed with himself for obsessing for a week.

After a while Sam poked his head around the office door.

“Phil!” He said. Philip looked up hoping he was going to say ‘Sophie is….’

“Do you want to go one out one in now, we’re nearly at capacity?” He asked.

Philip sighed. Shit.

“Yes please mate, thanks”.

He started to close the door then said “oh, and Sophie and Michelle are here”. He gave a huge smile and disappeared practically sniggering. ‘Bastard!’

A wave of joy swept over him. ‘Hang on’ he thought ‘stay out of the way for a bit, be cool’. Well, that lasted about ten minutes and off he went.

He’d asked for the girls to be shown to VIP and given a drink. He walked up the step and there they were at the bar and Sophie…..Sophie. Oh sweet Lord! There she was, hair pulled up revealing her shoulders and a little, literally tiny, black dress with no back in it that scooped down just over the top of her arse. She leaned onto the bar a little and her dress rode up to just under her buttocks revealing the full length of her gorgeous legs.

He arrived between the girls.

“Sophie, Michelle. Good to see you again.”

Michelle smiled a friendly ‘hi’ and Sophie turned to him. She was so close that their bodies touched. Now he could see the front of her dress and he made a point of looking her up and down. Obviously, no bra. ‘Nipples, we have nipples’, he was thinking. The sheer fabric pulled against semi-erect nipples high up on her tits. ‘They must be fantastically pert’. He decided.

” Pleased to see me?” He said, “Oh shit! I didn’t mean it like that…I…” He stammered.

She smiled, giggled “it’s OK, yes I am and….yes…I am”

He liked that. A little come on. He felt something stir. ‘Keep it up, she’s flirting’.

“You look amazing, I like your dress.” He said trying to regain composure.

“Thank you, I thought you might like it, it’s a bit….sexy?”

“It most certainly is and may I say that you managed to judge my depraved personality rather well.” He said with renewed confidence.

He stayed and talked to the girls for a while. Well, girls, he talked mainly to Sophie and Michelle listened.

“Soph, I’m going to see Tim on the DJ stand, see you in a bit”. Michelle said and glided off.

Alone with the sexiest woman he had ever been in conversation with. They talked, laughed and flirted. Occasionally bumping into each other, laughing and with much arm touching and hair adjustment from her. Things turned to current status and previous partners. She told him that she had left her previous boyfriend about six weeks ago because he had been playing around. ‘What a fucking moron’ he thought. Then it occurred to him ‘what a great guy’.

After sometime Michelle returned.

“Your DJ is a stud”, she declared, “I think his arse is mine”.

“Ah Shell, rude!” Said Sophie.

“It’s OK Soph, Philip here is probably use to all of this drunken debauchery, I’m sure he doesn’t mind.” She turned her gaze to him. “I have to apologise, it was Sophie’s turn to drive and I had several glasses of wine before I came out.”

He was glad of her frankness. It loosened things up even more.

“Yep, well I expect Philip has girls throwing themselves at him all the time.” Sophie declared.

“I’m very selective.”

“I suppose you can afford to be, what’s your type?” Sophie leaned into him her right breast coming into contact with his chest.

“Tall, slim brunettes,” he replied “was that too predictable?”

“A little, but it was bağdat caddesi escort the correct answer. Did you like me when you first saw me?”

“What’s not to like? I was blown away.”

“Well we spotted you first. Did you hear what Michelle said?”

“No, I noticed you laughing I think, what did she say?” He narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Ah….Ok, she said…’Me……on his face!'”

Philip was taken aback; the conversation was really starting to take an interesting direction. Before he could say anything she turned her gaze to her friend and said.

“Anyway, Tim has a face,” she turned back and touched Philip’s cheek and looked him deep in the eyes, “this face is mine.”

She snapped out of the stare and addressed her friend. “You, girls room, now!”

She grabbed Michelle’s hand and they trotted off to the ladies restroom leaving Philip to contemplate this interesting development and the semi-hard cock in his underwear.

The evening wore on and Philip neglected his work duties in favour of the sexy, slightly provocative girl who was starting to dictate his every thought. His imagination would go off at tangents sometimes, trying to imagine her naked, what her face looked like in ecstasy.

Eventually, the end of the night loomed and Sophie reluctantly said her farewell.

“I’ve got to take this drunk home now. Will you walk me to the car?” She pouted a little and looked under her eyebrows at him.

The club had it’s own car park and it only took a very short time to reach the car. Sophie steadied Michelle once and then took Philip’s hand for the remaining few yards. Michelle spilled into the car.

After closing the door Sophie turned to him and gazed at him once more. No words needed to be spoken, the look they exchanged said everything, their lips met and they slid into each other’s arms. The kiss was slow at first and tender. Then gained in passion as their tongues twisted and explored, their embrace tighter. His hands moved down her back and settled at the bottom of her soft back his fingers lightly touching the top of her underwear. His cock raged and strained against her, he was sure she could feel it. She lowered her hand a laid it on the length of his shaft and rubbed slowly up and down a couple of times.

She broke off the kiss suddenly. “Right…..Mister, I…I’m going to go now. Thanks for a great night. I’ll be back next week but I have to drive a long way home and it’s late.”

Philip was a little confused. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh…no, not at all. Far from it,” she paused and thought, “look, there’s nothing I would like to do more than carry this on but not here, not now.”

“You know what, that’s fine, you’re right, make sure Michelle gets home. I’ll see you next week. Drive safely.”

She nodded, kissed him again and walked around to the driver’s door.

“By the way Philip, when I get home and into bed I’ll be thinking of you…..and..erm…you know?” She smiled, got in the car and drove off.

‘Yeah me too’, thought Philip and limped back to the club.


He loved the fact that Sophie was confident and a bit outspoken, it kept things simple and avoided the normal bullshit of having to read signals and not being sure how things were progressing. He knew she wanted him and he wanted her, badly, but how and where?

Waiting a week to see her every time was ridiculous but the distance and work dictated that for now. She would be coming to the club on Saturday and he would have to try and move things on, his sanity relied on it.

They had exchanged numbers but not yet spoken. Should he call her, text her? Say what? ‘How did you get on with that wank the other night?’ He had managed his just fine. Normally he needed a bit of porn but after work in the shower his cock was twitchy at the very thought of her and he felt the need to release the tension that was building in his balls. The images in his head were built on pure lust; he even imagined the ever-present Michelle stood watching, slowly lowering her hand into her panties and rubbing herself before joining them.

The weekly routines had kept his mind a little more occupied for once. The week had progressed faster and it was only on Friday that he really started to think about Sophie and her impending visit. He wondered if he should invite her to his apartment after. It was Michelle’s turn to drive so he could drop her home the next day.

Finally, it was Saturday night.

He dispensed with the ‘cool’ approach and stood on the door for the early part of the evening as he usually did exchanging banter with the doormen and customers. The club was starting to fill when his attention was drawn to the silhouette of two girls walking towards him from the car park. As they came into the light his brain took a few seconds to decipher the information his eyes were sending.

There were Michelle and Sophie, her hair down again wearing a figure hugging scarlet dress that was making the very best of her amazing figure and long legs. Her lips were red and she was wearing a little more eye make-up than usual, kind of smoky and seductive like one of the girls in the ‘Addicted to Love’ video. The dress was very short only just covering her up. She had the usual effect of drawing attention, not only from all the guys but the girls as well. She had arrived.

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