Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Summer Barbeque

As usual, I’ll begin with a little background. This report is a great one, I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed performing it!

At the beginning of last summer I was invited to a friend’s house for a BBQ – her parents were away on Holiday and she’d invited loads of people along to enjoy a drink and some hot food. The person in question, Kate, is 19, about 5ft 10, long brown hair, tidy figure .. and also has a bit of a slutty attitude.. typical young girl who likes a drink and some flirting. Quite a few times I’d seen her dressed in next to nothing, a teeny skirt, and more often than not she’d let the tops of her knickers be seen by the world – you know the type.

Well, as soon as I received the invite, my pantystealer’s psyche clicked on to the chance of picking up some of her worn knickers.. and what a prize they would be.

I arrived in the early evening and proceeded to enjoy the bar bee, consuming many a beer and burgers. Scoping the house as the party continued, I was a tad disappointed to find only a single wash basket in the garage area illegal bahis that contained clean clothes. It looked as if she used the garage as a general washing-clothes area, but I would need some time to perform a proper search – just figured I was out of luck.

As the night progressed, and more alcohol was consumed, my desire and boldness grew exponentially. Plus, as the number of people in attendance petered out slightly, I knew I would be reasonably secure in the garage/utility room if I closed the inside door – luckily the fridge containing the beers was also in this room so I had the perfect excuse.

I waited till about 1am, then after a quick safety scan, and I was in there, gently closing the door. I needed a prize, any prize.. so I decided to properly search the aforementioned washbasket. I got to work with the deftness of a true knicker-thief. It really is a skill and a half – sorting through clothes, quietly, quickly.

Having been through the wash basket and deciding to settle sadly with a clean black thong, a large white bag caught my eye a little further inside the room, sitting on illegal bahis siteleri a wooden workbench.

Aha. I tiptoe over and peek inside, ever wary of the possibility of being sprung. I was not disappointed in the slightest.. it turns out, our Kate was quite a lazy girl! Here before my eyes was at least a week’s worth of lovely worn garments.

Again the sorting procedure, this time my heart afire in my chest, adrenalin pumping as my fingers touch lace and I draw up a beautiful pair of white lacy tanga briefs,

this time with that telltale yellowish stain winking up at me from the soft gusset. Bingo.

I couldn’t resist a tiny sniff, and gleefully received that alluring scent mixture of feminine sweat, pee & fresh young pussy.

It really is sex by proxy.

Time ticking on, I stuffed this pair into my jacket pocket and continued on my hunt – within 45 seconds I had another two pairs – one a plain white cotton pair of knickers, and another black thong – this one a little threadbare from over use but with a damp-to-touch white stain running lengthways across the gusset. canlı bahis siteleri It adds the human touch when they are over worn, wouldn’t you agree? As I brought the plain white panties up

to my expectant nose, I realised that they were easily a size larger than the tanga briefs I has first discovered. Slowly it dawned on me – this was a family haul! The bigger knickers must belong to her Mum. I’d never seen her, but if her lovely daughter was anything to go by she’d probably be a looker too. One good way to confirm this, I thought: the sniff test. Although I was still very aware of my situation, and the possibility of being caught, I had to compare my prizes then and there. After

smelling both of the stained gussets in turn, it was clear they came from different women.. the big panties also had more of a bum stain in the seat, maybe the mum

had a bigger asshole? I wonder what she say if I asked her!

Mmm, double bubble, mother and daughter used pants for the steal.

Kate, and your Mum, I had you now.

I hid the goods, calmed down, got myself a beer and sauntered out of that utility room of delights. Later that night I drunkenly chatted with Kate for a while.. she was pre-occupied with a friend of mine though, and eventually they disappeared of for some nookie I guess. Not that I was concerned… I’d had my fun already.

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