Couples Camp

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Couples Camp

Chapter 1

Brooke was sprawled out on the couch in her pajamas watching her favorite Netflix show. It was Thursday night and she was enjoying the down time just lying around in the apartment surfing around on her laptop when her phone lit up.

“Hey whatcha doing.” it read.

It was her boyfriend Brad texting.

“Hey, thought you had to work tonight.” she typed back.

“Just got a break wanted to say hi.”

“Well that was sweet of you baby.”

“Hey I have some time off this next week and thought maybe we could go away this weekend.”

“Oh that sounds great, where did you have in mind?” she excitedly responded.

“It’s up to you, but I was thinking someplace romantic.” Brad sent back with a wink emoji.

Brooke got a big smile on her face and sent him back a smiling angle and smiling devil.

“Hey I got to get back to work, find something and we can talk tonight when I get home, love you honey.”

“See you then. “She responded adding a heart at the end.

Brooke grabbed her laptop off the floor and set it back in her lap. Typing into the search bar and looking for a place for the two of them to go off to. A cute little villa on the beach in Long Beach was the first place she found, but unfortunately it was booked up for the next few months. The next place she found that looked fun was a small home on the coast near Carmel. Unfortunately this too was booked up. Unfortunately everything she was finding was booked up and it didn’t take her long to realize planning a getaway only a few days before wasn’t going to be very successful.

Brooke was getting a little discouraged she would find something affordable that fit the bill of “Romantic” that wasn’t already booked up for the weekend , when she stumbled across a website for Pine Lake.

The picture was of a beautiful lake nestled in the hills, completely surrounded by giant redwoods. The sun was glistening off the smooth surface of the lake as a couple sitting on the end of a dock dangling their feet in the water was lovingly holding hands and watching the sun set.

Looks beautiful, Brooke thought to herself as she clicked on AVAILABILITY.

Sure enough there was a cabin open starting Saturday morning. She got excited at the idea of a cabin in the mountains and the romantic seclusion. This would be perfect for a romantic getaway and who knows maybe this would finally inspire Brad to propose to her. Brooke got more and more excited as she read the description of the facilities and surrounding area.

There were ten private cabins, a beach side gym, and an indoor and outdoor dining area with both group and private tables. There was a seating area with fire pit as well as an outdoor movie screen. The description sounded amazing. It was part secluded mountain retreat and part beach side resort.

Brooke was getting more and more excited as the thoughts of the two of them enjoying a romantic getaway swirled threw her head.

Brooke clicks on, WHERE ARE WE

Wow this place is only a few hours away in the California redwoods, perfect! She thought.

Brooke was smiling from ear to ear as she clicked on ABOUT US

PINE LAKE is a unique resort nestled in the beautiful redwoods of central California. A year around resort dedicated to couples and the enhancement of their relationship. We have a proven track record and a fantastic reputation of maintaining a professional facility with world class amenities. We are highly dedicated to protecting the privacy of our visitors/members and can assure each and every guest will feel comfortable and secure at ankara escort all times. While we do allow visitors we are focused on our members first and highly recommend becoming a full member to get the most out of your experience. For more information please click below.

This place sounds really cool and all the pictures are amazing. Brooke thought.

She clicked on MORE INFORMATION and an instant chat box popped up.

“Hi, how may I help you?” It read.

Brooke began talking to the person on the other end. She got more information on what the retreat was all about and how to make the most of the experience.

Brooke’s heart was pounding and she almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the apartment door open. She had completely lost track of time and had been chatting online with the resort for three hours. Brad was surprised to see Brooke still up this late. Usually she was already in bed when he got home from work .He was pleasantly surprised to see her still wide awake and waiting for him.

“Oh you’re still up.” Brad gleefully exclaimed with a with a sly snicker.

“Uh, yeah.” was all Brooke responded with, as if she had just been caught doing something wrong.

Frantically she typed out her last message and closed her laptop setting it on the table next to the couch.

“Did you find anywhere to go? ” Brad asked.

“Well, that’s what I want to talk to you about. ” Brooke responded with a strange tone in her voice.

What was going on? Brad thought to himself. She sounded a little weird and was obviously a little shaken. Did something happen to someone in her family or to a friend? Why had she closed her laptop so fast and tossed it aside as if to hide something from him? Was she talking to someone else online? My god is she cheating on me? He thought.

“We need to talk.” Brooke declared with a tone of authority, as she seemed to re gain her composure.

“Is everything ok?”

“Oh yeah everything is good baby, I found a great place for us to go this weekend.”

“Oh. Awesome.” Brad said as he completely relaxed. He must have just startled Brooke and completely over reacted to her tone.

“Why don’t you grab yourself a beer, and I’ll tell you more about this place.”

Brad went to the kitchen and got a beer. When he got back to the living room Brooke motioned for him to come sit next to her on the couch by patting the cushion next to her.

“So what did you find?” He questioned.

“Well it’s a beautiful place along the edge of a lake up in the redwoods just a few hours from here.”

Brooke went on to tell him all about the gourmet meals, the couples massages and the fun activities they provided for all the guests. She told him about how fun she thought the place sounded and he agreed it sounded fun.

“Well this all sounds great but can we afford it? It sounds expensive. “

“That’s just the thing babe; it’s not going to cost us a thing.” She smiled

She went on to explain this place was kind of like a time share. You buy in and become a full member and you can stay one month a year for free. They would be able to go for free as long as they agreed to consider buying into the resort as full members for the future. While they were not obligated to buy there was one catch. They have to stay for a whole month.

“They want us to agree to stay the whole month, and give them an opportunity to get us hooked on the place so we will want to buy in.”

“A whole month?”

“Yes baby but there is something else, and I really hope you will say yes because I am so excited about going here.”

More, escort ankara Brad thought to himself.

“You see baby this is a couples retreat. They help couples to build and maintain a long lasting, loving relationship, based on trust, love and devotion. They have daily classes to help foster open communication and loving devotion. They will help teach us how to please each other better and ensure our relationship lasts long term.”

Brad sat there listening to Brooke explain. She had learned about the principles of the retreat and how they would enhance their relationship.

The classes would help focus one another on how to please their partner and how to enhance their love for one another. They also had a fitness program that would help both to get in better shape as well. Everything was included. In fact the whole stay was free including all their food and drinks as well as any activities they decided to do while they were there.

“Here let me show you.” Brooke said as she picked up her laptop and set it in her lap.

Brooke clicked a few things and then turned the screen so Brad could see the page she opened.

He sat there looking at the pictures as she scrolled threw them showing him the lake, and the fire pit seating area, the volley ball court, the outdoor move screen, and of course the outdoor gym. There were pictures of couples on jet skis and other pictures of couples romantically holding each other as they sat close in a row boat watching the sun set over the lake. There were pictures of the healthy gourmet meals they served as well.

There was a group of pictures showing someone getting a tattoo and another of someone getting a shot from what looked like a doctor.

“What is that about?” Brad asked, thinking how strange it was in relation to all the other things going on there. This seemed to stand out to him as odd. Reminded him of the old game, which one of these things isn’t like the others.

“Well because it’s a holistic program that included physical fitness as well as the relationship stuff they have an onsite nurse. She is there to make sure everyone is healthy enough for any particular activity as well as in case someone needs first aid.”

Brad got up and got himself a second beer as the two continued to discuss the idea of going there for a month. After a half hour or so of back and forth they agreed he would use his saved up vacation time to take off the next four weeks and they would go to Pine Lake on Saturday.

Brooke turned off her laptop and went to bed, leaving Brad sitting on the couch to finish his beer and wind down from his day. Brooke had a difficult time falling asleep with the visions of the retreat running through her mind and the anticipation of her time there. It was an hour or so later when Brad found himself dozing off on the couch and decided to turn the tv off and head to bead.

Brad fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow and was sleeping soundly until a few hours later when he awoke and needed to pee.

Brad got out of bed and stumbled along the familiar path to the bathroom. When he returned to the bedroom he could hear light moans coming from Brooke. She appeared to be having an interesting dream, what it was about only she would know, but Brad could certainly guess by the tone of her moans.

Brad crawled back into bed and carefully pulled the covers back up over himself, trying hard not to disturb her when he heard.


What the hell was that Brad thought as he lay frozen, now wide awake listening to every whisper.

Brad’s heart was racing and ankara escort bayan his blood was on fire. His stomach was in a ball of knots as he carefully listened to every moan and groan from his bedmate.

Did he hear that right? Did she moan out another man’s name? She was increasing her moaning and occasionally let a word slip out here or there.

“OH God.”, “Yes Please.”, and finally “Do It.” all clearly escaped her lips between moans.

Brad was paralyzed with fear. He lay there listening to her clearly dreaming of a sexual encounter with what he presumed was some guy named Nick. Who was Nick? Was she cheating on him in real life or just in a dream? Why would she be dreaming of another man, wasn’t he doing a good job of keeping her satisfied? Was all this couples counseling/retreat thing part of a message she was trying to send him? Was she dissatisfied with him that much?

Brad could clearly smell the familiar odor of Brooke’s lust in the cool bedroom air as her moans echoed in his mind.

It was at that moment he realized he was completely erect. The sound of her soft moans coupled with the sweet smell of her aroma was intoxicating to him normally but something about tonight was different. Was it all the talk about the upcoming vacation that put them both in a state of mind for romance? Maybe it’s just because they haven’t had sex in over a week, and it’s time? Brads mind was racing, confused and excited at the same time.

Brad reached down to feel his erection and surprised himself when he discovered it was larger and harder than he had remembered in a long time.

How could hearing her call out another man’s name excite me so much? I should be angry. Wait I am a little angry. How could she cheat on me like this? He thought. But then he realized this is a dream. She’s not cheating on me she’s just having a dream. But then again, is it a dream or a memory? Dam it! He thought to himself. What is going on with me?

Brad found himself stroking himself as he tried to audit the thoughts in his head.

Brook’s dream seemed to be intensifying as she startled Brad by rolling over and putting her arm around him. Brad instantly stopped stroking himself and moved his hand away from his erection; scared he would be caught and found out. He lay there again motionless as Brook’s hand grazed his granite pole with the tip of her fingers and came to rest on his thigh.

Brad could feel the hot air of Brook’s hollow gasps graze his ear as she let out the last few moans, before finally falling silent once again. Brad laid there motionless himself short of breath. Still as stiff as could be as the smell of his girlfriend flooded his nostrils. Did she just orgasm from a dream? That question was no sooner thought up then answered when Brooke threw her leg over Brads and pulled him in tight falling asleep again in a firm embrace.

Brad had his answer. He could feel the wetness on his leg as he lay there trying still to process what was going on. He had just listened to her cheat on him and he was aroused by it. What the hell was wrong with him? What kind of a pervert would find the idea of his girlfriend having sex with another man arousing?

Brad lay there for what felt like hours numb and dizzy. Trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He was more aroused and attracted to Brooke than ever and yet felt hurt and scared at the same time. The flood of emotions and confusion lasted until he finally fell asleep.

The next morning Brad awoke to the sound of Brooke in the shower.

Instantly the fear and anger flooded back again. Was she cheating on me? Should I ask her about it? Should I let it go? Does she know I was excited by the thought of her with another man? Is she going to leave me?

Brad was snapped back to reality when he heard the squeak of the knob turn and the shower turn off.

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