Cramming for the Exam

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The clock read 7:00pm on the hallway wall as I walked down to my office. My name is Jacob, and I am a full time graduate student at the State University in Montana. I was finally getting settled into my regular semester routine, and now that was all about to change with the end of the semester about to come to a close. The hallway was deserted as it typically was on a Friday night at a state university. I just put the finishing touches on the introductory geology exam I was going to give to my class on Tuesday. I opened my office door to find my fellow office mates had long since left probably to head out to the bars. I did however notice a note hastily written by Brain one of the poorest quality grad students in the department as far as I was concerned. Brian vary rarely prepared for his classes both the ones he taught and took. You were much more likely to find Brian at the bar or a party than actually doing research in the lab. Already knowing what the letter was going to say I quickly opened it and gave it a once through skim. Brian left his normal Friday note again in which he told me to stop being a model student… go out to get drunk and laid. I threw the note aside and quickly got to work at my desk making a list of what I need to study for my own exams next week, and how much time to spend on each subject. I pulled the first book, Sediment Capture in Small Reservoirs, off my shelf and started reading it from the beginning for the fourth time that semester.

“At least without Brian here I will be able to concentration,” I mumbled to myself as I put on my headphones preparing for a long night of studying.

Pouring over the material in the book I quickly lost track of time. I was already one hundred pages into the five hundred page tome when I realized that I was thirsty. Pushing on for a couple more minutes I finished the current chapter and headed out to the vending machine for a drink. Depositing the dollar into the machine I quickly slammed on the Mountain Dew button knowing the caffeine would keep me going. The screen flashed out of order.

“Great even the vending machine wants me to call it a night,” I muttered to myself.

I then selected a Pepsi knowing it would at least have some caffeine, and the machine quickly went to work. Reaching down I knew the vendor must have not been paying attention as I retrieved a diet Pepsi from the machine. To top it all off it was caffeine free to boot.

“This night keeps getting better and better,” I grumbled.

Heading up the stairs back to my office I heard footsteps coming down the hall. As I came closer to the hallway I could hear someone talking on a cell phone in a worried strained voice. Curious I peaked through the window before opening the heavy steal door leading to the hallway. Surprisingly it was one of my students from my intro class on Tuesdays. I opened the door and started to head to my office figuring that they were looking for me. The sound of the door shutting must have got her attention, because she quickly turned around and started to quickly walk towards me.

“Hey mom I am going to let you go I finally found my instructor bye,” she quickly sobbed into the cell phone.

“Hi Katie can I help you,” I in quizzically asked while glancing at the cock and wondering what she meant by finally finding me.

It was now 10:00pm and definitely not even close to my office hours, which were three to five earlier that day. My only thought was that she was going to make some excuse about not being able to take the exam on Tuesday. Katie was your typical freshman heartbreaker with looks to kill but not much going on upstairs. She was 5 foot 4 inches, and couldn’t weigh more than 105 pounds most of which probably came from her 34C breasts. I have always enjoyed her presence in my class, because I did enjoy looking at her goddess body though knowing she was forbidden fruit as graduate students on assistantships could not “interact” with their students. The problem was lately I hadn’t seen Katie much in class, and she was now in jeopardy of failing my class. I was quickly broken from my thoughts when Katie unexpectedly broke into tears.

“Katie what’s going on…. What’s the matter… is it a family emergency or something.” I said trying to sound concerned.

“No… I am just really emotional right now I am sorry for breaking down,” she slowly sobbed out.

“It is okay I am sorry, but what can I do for you.” I replied.

“I am worried about your exam. I need to keep a 3.0 to stay in school or my parents are going to pull me out of university. I really need to get a B in your class. What can I possibly do,” she stammered.

I invited Katie into my office knowing it was almost impossible for her to obtain a B in my class, as I had just looked over the grades earlier that day before I made the exam. I pointed Katie to the chair next to my desk, and she quickly took the seat. Though before she sat down she put her backpack down, and bent down to retrieve her geology book. I took this time to my advantage beylikdüzü otele gelen escort and stole a glance of her creamy white thighs. After sitting down and getting herself situated she looked at me as if she needed instructions.

“Okay Katie I will level with you. Right now you stand to fail my class because you missed the last exam and two pop quizzes. It is near impossible to achieve a B in my class. Though if you study hard a C could be reached,” I stated matter of fact while starring into her beautiful baby blue eyes.

With that stated she immediately began to well-up again. I couldn’t help to be turned on by this as the tears just magnified those gorgeous blue eyes, and slowly tricked down her perfect complexion only to fall on her ample 34C breasts. I quickly rubbed my eyes to regain my composure blaming the late time and studying.

“Sorry. I really am trying to keep my composure, but it is so hard. My boyfriend just threw me out, and I now have no place to live. While I was with him I let my grades slip to take care of his work, and now I just don’t know what to do because my parents are going to pull me out of school if I do not get a 3.0 this semester. They said I have wasted enough money and I was a big disappoint to them, and I should just get a job in the city as a secretary if I was lucky enough,” Katie choked out while trying to hold back her tears.

“Well I can tell you that the exam is going to be different from the previous two you have already taken from me,” I tiredly told Katie.

I could feel the days events start to take their toll on my body as I continued to tell Katie that the exam was more practical than theoretical to make sure that they pulled valuable concepts from the class. Furthermore, I explained that anyone could study for the exam out of the book for hours, but unless they spent some serious time going after the techniques of identifying hand samples they would not likely do very well on the exam.

“Oh no,” Katie shrieked. “I am doomed… I missed both labs on identification to help my boyfriend finish his English paper. I never even saw the hand samples for class. How am I supposed to study for this exam?”

“Well on Monday you can go into the lab it will be open all day, and study for the exam,” I calmly replied.

“Can’t I start studying now I need all the time I can get as I have to start from scratch,” Katie pleaded.

Knowing I was growing tired I looked at the clock again. It was almost 11 at night, and I had hoped to be further along with my own studying. Looking into her eyes though I forgot all about my own exams knowing there was no way I could say no to her. Instead I got up from my desk, and went to get some ideal samples that I had picked up earlier for my office hours.

“Thank you so much Jacob I will not let you down on this exam. I will memorize every sample by heart,” Katie shrieked with delight.

“Katie the first thing you should know is that you simply cannot memorize these samples. Like I said before, you can study the book for hours or days even, however unless you practice the techniques and tools to correctly identify the samples you will not do well on the exam,” I reiterated to her.

“Sorry. I am willing to learn if you will teach me. I know I can do this if I put my mind to it,” said Katie in a weak unsure voice as if she didn’t believe in herself.

I quickly plunged into the basics of mineralogy though I wished I was plunging into her warm creamy thighs. I was now struggling to keep my mind on task, but often found it straying to sexual fantasies of Katie. I went over all the basics including definitions, crystal form and growth, color, streak testing, and the difference between fracture and cleavage. As time progressed Katie was going more and more confident in her abilities. She was full of energy and could continue all night if she wanted to. I on the other hand was starting to drift off here and there while she was identifying the mineral specimens. I must have drifted completely to sleep, because the next thing I knew Katie woke me up, and was blushing a bit. It struck me as odd that she was blushing about waking me up, but there was nothing typical about this situation. I apologized and informed her that I had pulled an all-nighter the previous night, and that we would have to wrap this exam cram up soon.

“Okay, but I am stuck on these last two samples. They look exactly the same, and I cannot separate the two of them,” Katie said truly puzzled.

I looked down at the samples and easily identified them as Halite and Calcite. Both look clear the slightly milky, and have about the sample Moh’s hardness, and both leave no distinct traces on a streak plate. Knowing that both samples were on the exam, and that I already had a couple hours vested into this study session I would go into detail to identifying them.

“Ah, those are probably the two hardest minerals to identify and separate from each beylikdüzü rus escort other. The one on the left is Halite though you commonly know it as table salt, and the other sample on the right is Calcite. Though they appear similar there are several tests to distinguish which is which sample,” I lectured. “The Halite will definitely have a salty taste, while the Calcite will fizz if you drop acid on it. Furthermore, you can see that they have two distinct cleavage patterns. The Halite has cubic cleavage while the calcite has rhombohedral cleavage.”

While I was explaining these differences Katie was intently looking at the samples trying to find what I was talking about. Katie bit her lip while doing so making her look rather sexy. She kept looking from the samples to my face, and after about the fourth time doing so started to form an impish grin on her face. I thought she finally got the differences between the two samples at last, and I could maybe get some more of my studying done before I was too tired to drive home.

“Does it all make sense now Katie?” I asked nonchalantly though secretly praying that it did.

“Yes, except I have one more question,” Katie cooed. “If the Halite has cubic cleavage and the Calcite has rhombohedral cleavage then what kind of cleavage do I have?” Katie asked with a hint of unsure seduction.

“Perfect,” I blurted out before I even knew I opened my mouth.

My mind was now racing, because here I was with this drop dead gorgeous student who was obviously coming onto me at 1 in the morning in my office all alone. I was in trouble now I thought, she could easily blackmail me for sexual harassment and I would be fired and kicked out of graduate school. I looked at Katie who was now absolutely beaming, and I saw my whole future vanishing before my vary eyes.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that…. It is very late… And I am very tired. Please forgive me,” I quickly stammered.

Katie seeing the fear in my eyes must have realized what I though she was about to do. She quickly got up waving her hands trying to calm me down. She came forward saying that she was not trying to blackmail me into passing her. That is when she tripped over her backpack, and came crashing down into my crotch. Since I had office hours and taught previously that day I had on light tan shear Kaki pants, and could easily feel her hot breath on my penis. By the time she regained herself it was to late and my cock started to grow and press against her wanton mouth. Finally, Katie got to her feet, and we were both beat red from blushing.

“Sorry. I am not trying to blackmail you or sleep with you to get my grade. It is just that when you passed out a little bit ago while I was working on the samples you were talking in your sleep and kept mumbling my name. I didn’t think anything about it at first, but than you started to kinda make out with your hand. I thought it was adorably cute of you, and I was already touched that you spent so much time and effort helping me that I don’t deserve. The only reason I woke you up is because I needed to know the last two samples. Then when you mentioned the cleavage my mind kinda wandered back to when you were sleeping. I couldn’t help it I just had to say it. Please don’t be angry with me,” Katie pleaded.

I was still in shock of the situation going on that it took me a while to absorb everything going on. Katie must have taken this as me being angry with her, because her water works started again. I quickly was snapped back into reality, and tried to sooth her. I quickly brushed my palm against her sooth cheeks. She was incredibly soft, and as I pulled her into my shoulder our bodies seem to meld together. I inhaled her intoxicating scent, and was drunk with passion. Katie then moved her head off my shoulder and moved into my face inching closer and closer gazing into my soul with those soft blue eyes. Finally it happened our lips collided with first a soft kiss that quickly turned into us ravaging each others mouths, fighting for dominance. I have never let myself go this far with any fantasy, but it was too late. I knew I fell for her as soon as I gazed into her eyes. We finally broke apart, and I came back to my senses. We were both breathing hard, recovering from our passionate kiss. It was Katie that spoke first.

“I know you are not supposed to be involved with me but it just seems so right. I swear to keep this a secret just between us, and will not try to use this against you in anyway. Thank you so much for your kindness and help,” Katie said in a caring confident manner I had not heard her use before. “I just wish you will allow me to properly thank you fro being there for me when no one else has.”

Katie then proceeded to lower herself until she was on her knees starring at my obvious erection. She slowly reached up to take hold of my member through the shear kakis, while starring into my eyes. She then leaned forward biting my zipper with her teeth and slowly dragged beylikdüzü türbanlı escort it down.

“Oh,” I moaned as she grabbed hold of my cock with her warm silky hands and pulled it out.

I could again feel her warm breath fueling my cock and making it grow even harder. My cock was so hard it felt like it was going to explode, but it kept on growing. It was now seven inches, and at full mast when Katie started to kiss the crown of my penis.

“What sample do we have here,” Katie coyly asked. “How am I supposed to identify this fine specimen?”

“You never know until you lick it,” I laughingly stated.

“Lick it indeed I shall,” moaned Katie as she traced her tongue under my shaft towards the crown only to engulf my penis down to the hilt. We were both lost with lust as she greedily ate my manhood. I now was in pure ecstasy as Katie bobbed her cute little mouth up and down my pole.

“Uh…Oh… Your mouth is so fucking sweet,” I shouted. “Keep going… Yes… a little more… Yes… I am going to come.”

With that Katie pulled her mouth of my cock, and lifted her shirt and bra up with one hand while jacking me off with her other hand. The sites of her perky breasts were to much as I shot my load all over her breasts and surrounding area. I must have emptied a gallon of cum for I never felt that much stress relief ever. Katie quickly cleaned her breasts and chest off with her fingers only to lick them clean. She then gave me a passionate kiss, and I could taste my salty seamen. She then packed her book bag, and left saying goodnight and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I put my flaccid spent penis back into my pants, and called it a night.

I spent the rest of the weekend at my apartment preparing for my exams and reflecting on the previous night. My mind drifted the whole weekend to thoughts of Katie. Monday finally rolled around, and I headed into my office. When I arrived at my office Brian was already there, and looking mighty pleased.

“Hey Jacob you must not have gotten my note, because I didn’t see you at the bars man. I checked everyone for you… well for pussy anyways. I didn’t see your pussy ass so I must not have found any pussy right. Wrong man…. look at my desk. I must have been lit up and took a chick back here,” Brian roared while pointing to his desk.

I looked at the desk with dried cum splashed all over the top. I had completely forgotten to check the office before I left. Though it appeared that I wasn’t going to be caught because Brian was sure his womanizing skills chalked up another notch in his belt over the weekend. That’s when I heard the knock on the door. I opened it to find Katie, and I just stood there speechless not sure of what to say.

“Dude… Earth to Jacob,” Brian mocked.

“Um, I was wondering if you could open the lab so I can continue to study the specimens,” Katie politely asked.

I more than happily opened up the lab to Katie, and left her studying still not sure what to say. When I came back to the office Brian was still there.

“I’ll tell you what… I have a specimen for that girl to study… shit she probably already has studied it, but if she wants a refresher I am more than willing to help her out,” Brian stated in a macho voice. “Now that is what you need to study Jacob, game, not reading your text books.

I ignored Brian the rest of the day, and took my finals for my Sedimentary Catchment class. I had a hard time sleeping that night knowing that tomorrow would be the last time I could possibly see Katie. My alarm went off before I knew it, and I proceeded to head towards campus. By the time I reached the classroom it was already full of people ready to finish their science requirement for good. I passed out the exams and noticed Katie was not there yet. With only twenty minutes remaining Katie burst threw the doors, and quickly started the exam. I wondered why she was late, but did not draw attention to it worried someone would find out what happened between us. With ten minutes remaining in the exam Katie was the only one left. She looked up noticing it was just the two of us and smiled.

“Times up Katie. I am going to need your exam,” I stated hoping and praying that she did well.

“Cum again,” Katie shouted pretending like she didn’t hear me, which caused me to blush.

Katie then came strolling down the isle to hand me her exam with her eyes sparkling. I hoped her confidence was justly placed as I glanced over her exam. From first glance it looked like she had a perfect test to match her perfect body. That was until I reached the last question to find her answer to be what I assumed to be her cell phone number. While I was reading her test she gave me a peck on the check and then turned to leave. Before she left for break she turned around at the door and blew me a kiss.

“Thanks for being so wonderful to me, and caring about me. It really means a lot to me, and I hope we can see more of each other next semester… that is if I did well on my exam. I had some intense one on one tutoring that made me really excited about geology,” Katie sheepishly stated.

She then turned and walked away for break. I graded her exam, and much to my surprise and relief she scored a 98%, which barely gave her the impossible B in my class. I am now spending my break waiting for grades to come out before I try her last answer on my exam.

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