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Janet fidgeted at her desk. She had not been able to concentrate on work since Don had called. He had told her to meet him at the usual place at 5:00 PM.

It was always the same; she was addicted to him and to the sex. She needed it; no, she craved it. They hadn’t fucked in almost a month and, since his call, fucking him was all she could think about.

The affair had been going on for over a year. Don was married as Janet had been when it started. They had met online and chat had led to phone calls and finally meeting. She loved the sex with him, loved his beautiful cock and the way it made her feel when he fucked her. She knew he was not about to leave his wife, but she treasured the times he could get away and they could fuck.

The clock seemed to be moving in slow motion, exasperating Janet and her desires. All she wanted was for the work day to be over and to be in Don’s arms.

Finally it was time to leave. She hurried to the parking lot, jumped into her car almost colliding with a co-worker in her haste to get moving. The five miles to the motel seemed like a hundred and Janet cursed the rush hour traffic that seemed to crawl along the highway, keeping her from her rendezvous.

As she pulled into the parking lot at the motel her Blackberry vibrated and she saw it was a message from him.

“Running late, meet me in the room, it’s booked in my name,” read his text.

She parked the car and headed into the motel office. The old woman behind the desk smiled knowingly at her and just handed her a key. She and Don had been using this place for months and it was no secret to the woman why Janet was there.

Janet quickly headed into the room. She wondered how many other lovers might have used this place to consummate illicit affairs.

“If only the bed could talk,” she thought and smiled to herself.

She beylikdüzü ucuz escort remembered the first time she and Don had come here and how good it had felt when he fucked her. She wanted that now and pouted because he was late.

Janet stripped off her clothes and stood naked looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She was always critical of her own body and the fact that she had put on a few pounds over the years. But, she remembered, it was because she was “curvy” that Don had been attracted to her in the first place. She smiled as she slid her hands under her double D cup breasts, pushing them up while thinking of how much he loved burying his face between those mounds of soft flesh. She turned and looked at her round ass; giving it a slap and seeing the white flesh redden as it would if he spanked her like he sometimes did. She slid her hand down between her legs and found herself already wet with anticipation. God she was horny, it had been far too long since their last meeting.

The blinds were closed and she turned out the light and slipped naked into the king bed to await his arrival.

“I’m a slut,” she thought, “and I love being a slut for him.”

Finally after what seemed an eternity she heard him at the door. As he entered the darkened room and closed the door she leaped from the bed and moved to him. His strong arms wrapped around her as they kissed and quickly she began removing his clothes. She pulled his shirt open and her lips moved to his chest, kissing and playfully biting his nipples while her hands undid his belt. She slid to her knees, bending down to take off his shoes and socks and then sliding his slacks down his legs. She loved undressing him, revealing his body, excited like a kid opening a present on Christmas morning.

Finally her fingertips beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort were in the waistband of his briefs and she slowly slid them downward allowing his beautiful big cock to spring free.

“Suck” he whispered as she tossed his underwear aside.

She took his hard cock into her mouth. First just the head, letting her tongue slowly circle it as she savored the taste of his flesh. Then slowly he fed his shaft to her, until she felt him touch the back of her throat. Her head bobbed as she ministered to him, her long nails lightly raking over his heavy sac. She loved sucking cock and especially Don’s beautiful cock. She had always loved sucking cock, ever since that first boy when she was just fifteen. She knew she was good at it and loved to hear the moans of pleasure as she worked her magic. Sometimes she wished Don would cum in her mouth, because she loved taste and feel of a spurting cock, but he never did. She found this strange because most of the guys she had been with loved getting off that way, but he preferred cumming inside her and she wasn’t about to complain.

Janet’s pussy was absolutely dripping as Don slowly began fucking her mouth. His hands gripped her hair and his hips rocked. This felt so good she thought, and she knew it would feel even better in her hot wet pussy.

Don pulled back, his cock slipping from her lips. He pulled her up and kissed her deeply before moving to the bed, lying back and telling her to “fuck me!”

She straddled him, the slick lips of her pussy engulfing his hardness. She lowered herself slowly onto his beautiful cock, a groan of pleasure escaping her lips as she felt him deep inside her. She began to fuck him, her cunt gripping his long hard cock as she moved. Her big breasts bounced and she beyoğlu escort felt his strong hands slide up to cup and squeeze those magnificent globes of flesh. This is what she loved, riding his cock, feeling it deep inside, enjoying the tingles of pleasure building as she rode him.

“Oh fuck baby, yes” she exclaimed, “Your cock feels so good!”

She could feel that familiar tingle beginning to build as she rode Don’s cock. It was always so good, tiny jolts of pleasure becoming a crescendo of sensations that overtook her entire body.

She felt him lift his head, bringing his face to her bosom, his tongue washing each rock hard nipple, his teeth lightly nipping the sensitive tips. She heard his soft moans and could tell he was nearing the point of no return. Her muscles contracted around his shaft and she felt his strong hands grip her hips as he cried out, “I’m cumming baby!”

His cock pulsed and his hot semen shot deep into her. She pumped his cock, milking it as her own body slid over the edge and she was enveloped by a powerful, beautiful, wonderful orgasm.

She rode his beautiful cock as long as she could, until her body was spent, she fell into his arms and he held her tight. Together they basked in the sweet afterglow of their lovemaking. She loved this time, still locked together, Don stroking her hair as their bodies came down from the magnificent highs they had just experienced. She smiled as she felt him soften and playfully clenched his flesh as it slowly slipped from her.

She closed her eyes and imagined them falling asleep this way and spending the night together in each other’s arms. But she knew that was not to be, so she just enjoyed the togetherness for as long as she could.

After a time Don stirred and they disengaged. Janet lay quietly in the bed as he moved to the bathroom, listening as he showered and prepared to leave her. She was happy and sad all at the same time, but she savored every moment they were able to share.

He came to her and kissed her softly. And then he was gone, leaving her alone in the darkness. Her hand slid down between her legs and she touched herself wanting more, more of him and more of that beautiful hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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