Cum Home Early Darlin’

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Ted left the office quickly, before he could have any second thoughts about taking the afternoon off. He started to call Jan, to let her know he would be there early, but decided instead to surprise her. Yes, that would be better he thought. He would stop and get her a bouquet of flowers also, that would really surprise her. He smiled to himself, as he thought of her delight, and pictured the beautiful smile of his lovely bride, when he presented her with the flowers.

After parking his car in the driveway, he headed for the door hurriedly, as he was so anxious to see his wife’s face when she saw him home early, as well as his gift. The door creaked its familiar “Welcome Home”, as he stepped inside to the silence of an empty living room. Realizing the stillness, and noticing the silence, Ted knew that his unexpected arrival home, had occurred during naptime for their busy, bouncy two-year old daughter, Lizzie. But what about Jan, he puzzled to himself, as he quietly made his way up the stairs. Continuing through the hallway, he approached the door to Lizzie’s room, and gently pushed it open, just enough to peek in. Yes, he was right, there curled up sweetly in her crib, slept Lizzie.

Still registering the perfect quietness of his home in his mind, Ted became even more puzzled as to the whereabouts of Jan. Approaching their bedroom door, which stood slightly opened, he quietly pushed his way inside. There, laying crossways on their bed lay Jan, sleeping peacefully on her tummy. She seemed almost childlike as she slept, but as his eyes trailed the length of her body, it was very obvious, she was no child.

Her long, brown hair fell in loose locks, across the bareness of her soft shoulders, while wisps of it lay effortlessly upon the bakırköy masöz escort partially exposed skin of her back. The supple skin seemed to glisten from under the darkness of the loose strands, and Ted could see the thin, pink straps of her sundress, hugging the silky shoulders, of his wife. The smooth curves of her hips, lay outlined under the sheer dress, and the two small round mounds of her ass, seemed to beg to be squeezed.

Carefully he moved closer, and then gently positioned himself on the bed beside her. Looking down upon the sleeping body of his wife, his breath caught inside him, and refused to be expelled for a moment. Jan stirred in her sleep, adjusting herself slightly, pushing one leg up, while pulling it away from the other. Ted watched as she moved gently in her sleep, his eyes taking in all they could, visually inspecting the tanned, smooth skin of each of her shapely legs. Slowly, he touched the silky skin, and began to caress the firmness of her thigh. She squirmed, and moaned low, as she felt his touch, but failed to awaken to it. Her stirring infused the air with the familiar smell of her favorite perfume, and heightened the sensuality of her sleeping presence for her husband.

Continuing his gentle massage, Ted felt a tingle deep inside himself, alerting his cock to the possibilities. His cock answered, becoming thick and rock hard. Slowly he caressed his way to the inside of the parted thighs, and upward toward the satin crotch of Jan’s panties. Moaning louder now, Jan awakened to the pleasing, warm sensation pulsing from between her legs. His touch felt so good, and she was becoming so wet, she decided to keep her position, and hoped he would continue his caressing. She bakırköy otele gelen escort couldn’t resist however, wiggling her ass to meet his touch, to inspire him just a little more.

Ted lowered his lip, lightly kissing the soft skin. He kissed, licked, and nibbled all the softness his lips and tongue discovered, as Jan moaned softly, in appreciation of his every effort. Gently Ted reached under her dress and stripped the satin panties off. She assisted by him by pushing her hips up off the bed, and as the panties slid off, Ted watched the firm cheeks of her ass jiggle free of them. As she raised herself, he caught a glimpse of silky pinkness, the soft, full lips of her pussy, and felt his cock throb with desire for her. Reaching around her, he pulled her to her knees, and buried his mouth and tongue into the silky wetness. Jan moaned, and shuddered uncontrollably, as she welcomed his hot mouth, and the firmness of his probing tongue. She arched her back slightly, raised her hips, as she pushed her wet pussy into his face, burying it completely. Mmmmmmmmmmm, he groaned, as his mouth filled with her sweetness, and the satiny wetness pressed against his face tighter.

He inserted a finger inside her, and she shuddered inside and out, enjoying the hardness filling her hot wetness. Ted continued to lick, kiss, and suck her pussy as he pushed his finger in and out, sending waves of pleasure deep within her, until she knew she must have him. “Please Ted, fuck me, I want to feel you inside of me, fuck me”, she half spoke and half groaned to him. With that, Ted stopped just long enough to remove his pants, throwing them aside wildly. His hard cock saluted the air as he freed it, and he could feel bakırköy rus escort it throbbing in anticipation.

Positioning himself behind his wife, he pushed himself slowly into her hot, waiting hole, as her pussy enveloped the fullness of him. They both shuddered, and began to thrust together in methodical, rhythmic movements, that intensified in their urgency and forcefulness with every stroke. He felt her hot tight pussy milk him, as she achieved an orgasm, and moaned his name loudly. Her pussy quivered, and enclosed tighter on his cock, before relaxing, and bathing him in her hot juices. His thrusts became harder and faster, as he pushed himself into her deeper, and then reached his own climax, releasing a deep groan, and his own hot cum deep within her throbbing pussy.

Falling together onto the bed, and both breathing heavily, they lay collapsed together closely, as individual beads of sweat mingled, and were serenaded by the loud thumping of each their hearts. Beside Jan’s head, lay the bouquet of spring flowers delivered to her by her lover. She opened her eyes, and saw them for the first time. “Oh Ted”, she said, “How lovely, you are the sweetest thing.”

“My pleasure darling”, he replied softly. Turning over onto her back, Jan took Ted’s head into her hands and gently guided his mouth down to meet hers. Licking him across his lips first, teasing him a moment with her tongue, before pushing it between them into the softness of his hot mouth, they shared a long deep kiss.

“Mommy”, a tiny voice called out from down the hall, ending their kisses, but provoking a smile for each, from each, as they heard Lizzie’s call. “Mommy”, she called again, in a slightly impatient voice, “Nap time over.” Jan jumped up quickly and pulled on her panties, while Ted remained quiet and still on their bed, unable to convince his legs that they could move. Before going to get Lizzie, Jan picked up her bouquet, lightly sniffed it and, turned to Ted smiling. “Thanks baby”, she said sweetly. “And the flowers are nice too”. She giggled, before disappearing through the door.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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