Danielle’s Friends , Family Ch. 09

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“Jeez, mom, I still can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“You want to stop, honey?” Danielle asked over her shoulder.

“Fuck, no!” Jack grinned, slipping his big cock back into his mom’s tight pussy from behind. Danielle moaned as her son slowly fucked her again and she smiled as she thought how much her life had changed over the last day or two. She was fucking both her eighteen year old twin sons, had shared her niece with both of them and – after that afternoon’s session – had come up with a plan to get into her own sister’s pants as well as her brother in law’s. Things really had changed.

“You like that, mom?” Jack asked, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her cunt. He knew the answer; he just liked hearing her say.

“God yes! I fucking love it!” Danielle purred. She dropped her shoulders, folding her arms and resting her head on them, her ass high in the air. She wasn’t surprised at all to feel Jack gently pull his cock from her pussy and move it up to her asshole; both her sons were keen buttfuckers. “Go on, Jack . . . fuck my ass!” she sighed as the head of his cock slipped into her butt hole followed by inch after inch of his cock. “That’s it baby . . . fuck mommy’s asshole.”

“Go on, Jack: fuck your mother in the ass.” Came a voice from the doorway.

They both looked in shock at Tanya, Danielle’s sister and Jack’s ataşehir escort bayan aunt who stood, arms folded below her big tits, a grin on her face. Behind her stood Billy, Jack’s twin, who had been downstairs fixing them some food and had obviously let her in. Behind him, though, were Kayla and Steve, Tanya’s daughter and husband.

“Tanya . . . I can explain . . . “ Danielle said weakly.

“Explain what?” her sister said, walking over to them. “That you knew my daughter and husband were fucking each other? That you’ve been fucking your sons? That you’ve even been fucking my daughter?” She pushed Jack backwards, forcing his cock to pop free of Danielle’s ass. “What I want you to explain is why you didn’t tell me!” she said before bending down and sucking as much of her nephew’s cock into her mouth as she could.

“Mom found out about me and dad.” Kayla said to Danielle as she stepped into the room and peeled off her T-shirt, freeing her big tits. “Once I told her we were planning on getting her involved, she said no time like the present and we headed over here.” As Danielle looked on, still shocked, Kayla slipped out of her shorts leaving her naked. She climbed on to the bed and lay in front of her aunt, her legs spread wide. “You wanna eat your niece out again, auntie?”

Finally, Danielle smiled and, without escort kadıköy another word, dived into her niece’s pussy, licking and tongueing her.

Behind them, Tanya stood up and pulled off her dress. She climbed on to Jack and slowly eased her pussy down over his huge cock before looking over to the doorway.

“Billy? Fancy fucking your aunt in the ass?” she asked.

“Hell yeah!” Billy cried. He practically tore his clothes off and, fisting his cock to make it hard, climbed up behind his aunt. He spat on the end of his knob and then pushed gently against Tanya’s crinkled butt hole.

“Go on . . . fuck it . . . fuck my ass.” Tanya moaned as Billy pushed more and more of his dick into her butt. She was sandwiched between her nephews, Jack fucking her pussy and groping her big tits while Billy pummelled her asshole.

“Daddy?” Kayla gasped to Steve. “Auntie Danielle’s eating my . . . my pussy . . . come fuck her . . . fuck her hard.”

It didn’t take him long to get rid of his clothes and join the incestuous orgy on the bed. “I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted to do this for years, Danielle.” Steve said, easing his cock into his sister-in-law’s pussy.

“Fuck her Steve . . . fuck my sister!” Tanya moaned, watching her husband’s cock working in Danielle’s cunt. Behind and beneath her, Jack and Billy pounded maltepe escort their cocks into her ass and pussy, their big tools stretching both her holes.

“This is too hot!” Billy said as the family fucked away. “I ain’t gonna last much longer in your ass, aunt Tanya.”

“I gonna cum soon, too.” Jack said.

“Good. I want . . . you to cum . . . in me. Steve?” she gasped, calling to her husband. “Cum in Danielle’s pussy . . . oohhhh, fuck yes!” she cried, cumming as she felt her nephews shooting their huge loads inside her. Beside them, Steve speeded up, slamming his cock in and out of Danielle’s cunt until he came, thrusting into her as far as he could before unleashing a stream of spunk.

As the three men pulled their dicks out of their partners, Tanya moved to her sister and rolled her over on to her back. “I love you, Danielle.” She said, kissing her sister passionately, tasting her own daughter’s juices on her lips. She turned around and straddled her, the two women easily falling into a sixty nine. Tanya quickly began eating her husband’s cum out of Danielle’s pussy while she returned the favour, licking her son’s spunk from her sister.

“Damned if I’m missing out.” Kayla said, kneeling behind her mother and parting her ass cheeks before dipping her tongue into her asshole, lapping up Billy’s cum.

“I think we could be in for a long night, boys.” Steve said to his nephews as they watched the three women eating each other out.

Jack, Billy and Steve smiled.


That’s it for Danielle’s story for now; thanks for all the feedback and I’ll be writing new stories soon!

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